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(2013-06-19 - Now)
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Sarafina Carenze The Red Chocobo has landed near a recently opened cave in the Golmore Jungle. There is a small hole punched out through the airship's side and men and women are going into the jungle and bringing back lumber, each guarded by an armed mercenary. Sarafina herself has hopped out in front of the ship and is, even now, mowing down stray zombies with her chainsaw. It's been some time, though, so it's getting tiresome. Individually the undead may not be too much, but they've got numbers.

They have sent out calls for backup with their radio system, but they have no way of knowing if anybody's coming.
Ulharisk was flying through the air. His deep blue wings catch the sun light showing off the dark crimson stripes that run through the membranes of the wings and over his body. His violet eyes scanning the area below, until he picked up something odd off into the distance.

Those keen draconic eyes start to focus on what it is, as he pulls up slightly in his flight. He huffs out a bit of fire, before he starts to flap his wings to hover where he is. His ear fins expand out slightly, before he then suddenly swoops down, with a breath out of fire as he does so until he gets to lower altitudes where his fire becomes smoke and soon nothing escapes from his now closed maw.

If anyone was looking to the distance they may see something swooping down, and then see a bright flicker of blue light that blasts up into the sky before seeming to vanish into sparkles of blue dust. Including following after a sudden shift in the wind for a moment following after.

Soon what comes out from the jungle to where the crash site is, is the draconian himself. His dark tan scaled skin easy to spot where the light touches it and those violet draconian like eyes glowing gently in the dimmer light. He stares at the crash, before his eyes then suddenly notice someone fighting undead?

"By the great Xur'shio.."

Ulharisk then growls lowly before he makes a gesture with his hands creating a red rune in the air before he then snatches it from the very air he wrote it into and then blasts a fireball at one of the zombies. Though not powerful, it should maybe get their attention right?

He throws a few more for good measures, before creating another rune in the air and then snatches it which then forms into a metal rod with blue flames that start to create the form, before it becomes his Glaive, which he spins and then continues to make his way over.
Deidra Deidra had been out hunting for more Gummi Blocks for her own research before Will eats them all, seriously Will was eating every last one of the darn things. So she'd been out for a flight even though the hour made her feel groggy and she needed to down a few mugs of coffee before heading out. It was a joyful thing it worked just as well on Gargoyle biology as it did human. She'd be a lot worse during daylight hours, if it did not effect her.

She got a call from the Red Chocobo a little while ago and had made her way to the ship and just now was setting down on part of the ship itself before leaping down to meet up with Sarafina and the crew.

"I hear you could use some help...also been a while Sarafina."
Maira Maira, riding her fiery red chocobo suddenly burst through the jungle, already slinging fire. She throws a small fireball at a zombie nearby Sarafina, come to aid her friend! She'd actually been nearby. Her and Perci were making their way toward Mullonde. They may have taken a wrong turn somewhere...

Maira stays astride Mao, the bird fairy fearless by now after a lot of training and experience. The bird trusts Maira completely. Least someone does!

"Hey Sarafina! Ulharisk! Deidra! Lets kick some zombie butt!" she yells, apparently oddly into this?
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina looks up and towards Deidra, throwing a wave her way. She is pretty distracted, however because--you know--zombies. There's a small enough lull that she can stop fighting long enough to say, "Long time no see." to Deidra.

She lowers the chainsaw to give a small duck when she sees a freaking draconic being flying about--but it seems like it's an ally so she calms down quick.

"Maira! You know that guy?" She calls out to her, still rather shocked by the sudden appearance.

"They came out of that cave!" She points towards it. "FEels like there's no end of them!"

She pauses and then adds, "But we just need to hold on until we can get the hole fixed up. Maybe take off before if we gotta, but I'd rather not risk it!"
Ulharisk peers at the cave Sarafina points over too, he then spins his Glaive and then chops off one of the Zombie's heads. "You said they are coming from that cave?"

The Draconian peers at the cave, his brows furrowing. "Is there anyone in that cave beyond these.. things?" He then goes to move to slash at another, then another, in quick twists, rotations, and movements. "..also what are these things normally weak too? If anything?"

He had an idea, but he need to double check before he did it.. and well.. it was going to drain the crap out of him. But if it would give these people time...
Maira Maira nods to Sarafina, grinning. "Yes! Sarafina this is Ulharisk! He's a dragon! Er, Draconian, er--he's awesome!" she replies. "Ulharisk, this is Sarafina! She is also awesome! And Deidra. All pretty awesome!"

Maira starts gathering her magic, her whole form igniting as she summons a rather giant fireball, glowing and growing in magnitude and intensity before she sends it dashing forward right into the mouth of the cave to explode within--hopefully doing spectacular damage.

Maira hops down from her chocobo, sending Mao off to wait somewhere safe until they are done here.

Maira turns to Ulharisk then, grinning like a mad little fire sprite. "Lets see your fire! The undead are weak to fire and holy!" she replies, which ought to explain the fae smile.
Deidra Deidra says "It has been we should catch up also Hey Maira!"

She pauses at the other guy wait that's Ulharisk she's met him before and she calls out "I see your here as well. Zombies generally healing magic and holy magic. Failing that fire. Though Sarafina would know best about the weakness better given she's been fighting these ones."

She's already got her pad out and she looks over to Ulharisk and Maira then to the cave.

"Looks like we're going in and it's a good thing I brought something extra." What is that you might ask? It seems the Gargoyle also has a shotgun.

"Sometimes these work pretty good too. Still this isn't the way I hoped we could all catch up on things."
Sarafina Carenze Drain the crap out of the undead?! Well, they don't have much 'life' to drain, but Sarafina shakes her head. "I doubt it. Anybody alive, anyway." She is taking this moment to explain and recover. She's been fighting for a while. Zombies aren't that bright otherwise she'd have been dead by now most likely, just from exertion.

She jerks a thumb to her ship. "The black gummi blocks--they just burst out through the ship when I entered the Jungle. I'm not sure what caused them to 'activate' but they were inert before I entered this area. I'm not sure what's up." She frowns. "But I did learn one thing. Those black blocks guide momentum. That's why they blasted off like that."

She chuckles faintly, apparently pleased with the result.

A group of men start dragging lumber over to the ship. "We don't need to take out the undead--just make sure they don't get too close. The cave can be checked out by another team, if that's what folks want to do." Sarafina adds.
Ulharisk ducks slight as the sudden massive fireball explodes by. Though he was pretty fire resistant cause of the nature of his kind, he wasn't all that well fire resistant in this form. He peers over at Maira as she says what they are weak too and smirks. "I believe you are reading my mind." He says tapping the device clasped to his ear. Yeah. He has figured /some/ tech out. At least the small things.

He still doesn't get TV or Movies.

"If I do this Maira, I can only stay in that form for a short time. If I expend all my fire, I will be.. unable to be of much help in either form. Understand?" Ulharisk looks over at her. He wasn't sure how much he had explained to them about his kind; if anything. There was trade offs for power, or so Whe'ir made it when he played with what Mit'ir had already given them.

There was always a price in everything.

Ulharisk then listens to what Sarafina has to say. They don't know if anyone is in the cave or not, beyond the zombies and that could be troubling. His Dragon fire is rather hot and it could possibly hurt someone if he isn't careful.

He gives a faint nod. "Gummi Blocks?" Then a blink of his eyes. "I-- never heard of such things." He then slashes at another zombie before he flips backwards. "Either way. You people need time to gather those blocks, right? Along with supplies.. so.. I hope no one is in the cave."

He then seems to summon back out his Glaive which is taken back by blue flames before it vanishes, then the wind starts to kick up around him as he closes his eyes and brings his hands together. His body then starts to glow a blue light around him as electricity seems to charge around his feet in magical bolts as the wind seems to spin around him.

Any zombie that tries to get in close, would find themselves being shoved back by some magical field that starts to become visible. Then his violet eyes snap open when are glowing solid, before he suddenly lets out a battle cry like roar, followed by a bolt of bright blue light from the heavens. The light impacts him and an explosive air blast would knock anyone back who close enough to him a few feet.

Where once stood a man, was now a dragon slightly larger then a horse. The very drake snarled his teeth, before he swung his tail around to smash a few zombies aside. He then turns to look at Maira. "Maira!" His voice echoed with that of his tenor British voice as a 'human', but now with a deep throttling of the dragon. "Get on my back! Lets go say hello to some zombies at the source!"
Maira Knowing that Sarafina has been at this for a while now, Maira takes a moment to send a few cure spells her way. "Sarafina! Why don't you fall back for a bit? We've got this for a few! Things are going to get very /heated/!" ba dum tish?

Maira looks to Ulharisk, smiling widely as she watches him transform. It is quite a sight, a marvel like none other. She had never though to see a dragon before, never mind be friends with one! When he beckons her aboard, her grin widens. She climbs on up, laughing almost maniacally. "Don't worry Ulharisk! I've got your back!"


"I am /terrible/ today!" she cackles, then holds out and signals toward the cave.

"LETS DO THIS!" she shouts, her flames brightening around her, the light of her heart seeping through the make the aura that surrounds her a brilliant white. Forget Hammer Time. It's Holy Time!
Deidra Deidra says "It has been we should catch up also Hey Maira!"

She pauses at the other guy wait that's Ulharisk she's met him before and she calls out "I see your here as well. Zombies generally healing magic and holy magic. Failing that fire. Though Sarafina would know best about the weakness better given she's been fighting these ones."

She's already got her pad out and she looks over to Ulharisk and Maira then to the cave.

"Looks like we're going in and it's a good thing I brought something extra." What is that you might ask? It seems the Gargoyle also has a shotgun.

"Sometimes these work pretty good too. Still this isn't the way I hoped we could all catch up on things."
Sarafina Carenze Spelling is pretty damnable.

"Mm, well, I don't know if they have an official name or not. But they're blocks, and they sort of have the consistency of gummi candy until you form them together and--" MAybe she should have used the term Lego Blocks instead. Sarafina shakes her head. "We just need to get the hole patched up. Safety. The blocks, well, if you can find any we'll be happy to take 'em off your hands--I think we can make a vehicle with 'em if we get enough together."

The zombies are scorched and shoved by Ulharisk, but a few get through--long enough to get burnt up by Maira's aura. Shotguns continue to be effective, but Deidra may have to fire up to three shots before downing a singular zombie.

"H--hey, you don't have to go that far out." Sarafina says. "We don't know what's in there!"

Inside the cave the undead and monsters therein are much more dangerous. Sarafina isn't following the group in--there's Oversouls and Baknamys milling about, among others. A pair of Oversouls mill near the entrance, threatening to drain MP away from those who get too far in.
Is MP like energy? Ulharisk doesn't know these Final Fantasy Worlds terms! However he also doesn't have to get close, instead he lets his dragon fire be the one to get in close.

The Drake rears back his head as his fins expand out for a moment. Then as his ear fins collapse and his wings spread out a bit. He blasts out a massive fire cone of dragon fire out in front of him with a draconic roar that echoes through the cave.

Once he does this, he growls lowly, takes a step forward and then does so again. Smoke seeing rising from his nostrils as he closes his mouth once more and his violet eyes glowing brightly.

Sadly he wasn't watching his rear, which could be problematic.
Maira Don't worry, Maira is watching Ulharisk's rear!

Er...watching his flank...

RIGHT. Shooting fireballs! Maira aims a few attacks as some of the creatures try to come up behind Ulharisk and Maira, before turning forward and blasting a fiery holy down into the cavern.

Indeed, they are not going in deep, they're just basically taking a flamethrower to the entrance than pulling back. At least, that's what Maira thinks the plan is!

"Woo! Alright, lets pull back! That should keep them busy for a bit!" You know, busy being re-dead.
Deidra Deidra has been studying them herself but she's got to wonder about these tying either way they seem like they might be useful to them one way or another. She continues chewing through the supply of shell's she's brought with her. She's learned sometimes you need another weapon even as one gifted as magic a something might prevent you from using your talents.

"Isn't that how it ways go?" She's not sure but she's not going in deep even though perhaps they should come back later to clean house. Still for now she's making sure they can steam the tide from the cave.

"What did we land on some nation's main graveyard?!"

The lumber makes it to the ship, Sarafina immediately rocketjumps over (buster buster shot, buster buster shot shot) and grabs a log from the men, swiping at it with the chainsaw carve it into a proper shape. "Alright alright..." She murmurs to herself. "Just a few more minutes!" She shouts over her shoulder.

The Bakany is easily destroyed by the waves of fire, but the flames seem to pass through the spectral entity known as the Oversoul.

It floats forward, trying to--TOUCH--MAira and sap her dry!

"I don't know!" Sarafina shouts back to Deidra. "I'm not sticking around to find out! I'll come back later when I'm not carrying a Gummi Payload! Last thing I want is any of these other blocks to activate!"
Ulharisk continues to rain on some flames for a bit more, until one of his ear fins raises up as he catches movement in the corner of his eye. He then rears his head around to stare at the Spectre force moving toward Maira.

He gives a growl, before he suddenly rears up with his pawed hand and attempts to slam it away with a quick swipe of his paw. He was indeed backing up, as it wasn't a good idea to go in to deep and all he was /trying/ to do was buy the people time.

The Dragon then blasts out a few more flames as he takes another step back, peering over at Maira. "Watch yourself. My flames have no effect on those spiritual creatures." Was the only warning he could give before he took another swipe at one.

Well, if they drained mana, then they probably drain his life essence. Cause for him, its kinda one and the same. Yay for being a dragon.
Maira Maira's eyes widen at the Oversoul. A ghost-like creature? Well, she's familiar with that alright. Fire may not work, but a good blast of Holy certainly should! She replies with her own ghost, Uist appearing with his spear in hand, glowing with holy light from Maira as he pierces the incorporeal form, then promptly disappears. He can't remain close too long, or he will be even worse for her health than the monsters.

"Alright, hopefully we've bought some time then! Back out we go!" she says to Ulharisk, knowing he can't just keep breathing fire all day either.
Deidra Deidra always carries a few Ethers since she discovered them, and she now is about out of ammo so now comes the magic she holds her Shotgun off hand while the magic comes as she hands on to her Itome and starts sending lances of ice to slow the undead down then she gets a better idea freezing the ground under their feet to make them have a harder time being able to get about. %R "Right!"

She keeps trying to slow them down and if it comes to it she can engage in wind magic to force them back and keep them away hopefully long enough for them all to get the heck out of here.
Sarafina Carenze The Oversoul does not react well to the holy magic. It seems to reach out to Uist before it is finally eradicated by his power. Ulharisk and Deidra take out a few more zombies as the team welds the wood into space. It's a patch job, but it'll last until it manages to get back to a city with an airport. Or seaport for that matter.

Sarafina wipes at her brow, jogging forward. "Alright! We're all ready here. We really owe you one!" Sarafina looks at the team that was out front and sees they're all okay. "If you hurry, we can take you on the ship. Shouldn't smash any more holes through it!"

The captain pauses for a moment.

"...Probably! Decent odds I say! Come aboard if you're gonna!"
Ulharisk moves back and then blasts a few more fire balls in the caves direction. He rears his head around slightly as his ear fins expand out. He looks at Maira. "Maira. Go with them on their.. ship. I will make sure these creatures do not interfere."

He then looks at the cave, before his eyes narrow. "I will catch up with you in the sky. So go!" He then lets out another roar before blasting more flames in the caves directions.

After all, he had wings after all. They were not just for looks!
Maira "Got it!" she calls to Ulharisk, jumping down from his back and restraining her magic--very important, that--before coming aboard. "Woohoo! More airship rides! Be careful Ulharisk!" she calls, then grabs onto something to prepare for take off.

Then, she lets out a loud whistle, summoning her chocobo. Mao comes running, leaping on up, wings flapping, to the land on the deck. Can't leave him behind!
Deidra Deidra thinks it's time to go at this point she turns about and make a run for the ship before taking flight again she's going to quickly aim to land on the deck trying to not do anymore damage but seriously she doesn?t want to stay here once the ship is gone. Seriously she's want Will here for hunting something like the source of the undead.

"Come on Maira it's time to go!"

She comes in for a landing all right and calls back to Sarafina.

"Don't worry about it you'd do the same for us!"
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze waits till everyone's on board. Well, everyone but Ulharisk. Ulharisk seems intent to stick around a bit and rejoin them later which Sarafina presumes since he is a Draconian--well okay she doesn't really know what a DRaconian is, but from what it appears Draconians are pretty great for flying around and being dragonny. She's not terribly worried.

"Alright...let's go and hope it holds together!"

She goes to the wheel which, since it's a BAron ship, somehow controls it's upward lift. She spins it around once and the ship begins to rise--and then rapidly hits the skies as the upper propellers spin rapidly. Hopefully Ulharisk can make it!

"Still..." Sarafina murmurs. "As a testing ground--we'll have to come back Seems to be the proper place to try and practice some configurations on the Gummi Blocks, eh? Since I owe y'all one, I'll be happy to share what else we learn!"
Maira Maira smiles to Sarafina, moving over to hug her, careful not to interrupt her piloting any. "Alrighty! Any time Sarafina. It is always good to see you! I'd like to see you more often!" she says, then moves to the back of the ship to watch Ulharisk, biting her lip a bit with anxiety. She'll feel much better when she sees his form take to the sky after them.

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