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(2013-06-19 - 2013-06-19)
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Helena Celba The sewers...

The sewers of Rabanastre are accessible from many points, but because of calling ahead, you've managed to avoid a annoying four hour quest system to try and win the heart of the ruler of lowtown. Murasame Zaibatsu has split the bill, paying off the locals and gearing up the expedition...

The sewers are more like large waterways and underground aqueducts. Despite being in the desert, this place has LOTS of water. A surprising amount of water...but it is likely here because this is a sprawling city in a god forsaken wasteland.

Infact, this leads into the waterways...which are even larger.

Rumors, based on the activity of the Flans, and sighting of 'something huge' would put it at one of the deeper levels...more to the point, a large open area. It would make sense, a queen has to rule from somewhere.

Here is where you start, the trip to the waterways were quiet...but here you stand where the flan is supposed to be at. The room itself is /huge/. Water flows down the walls and into large pools, which go down into the large undercurrent below...

Maybe something needs to draw the flans here...the AIR is thick with mist though...not shockingly so, but it is definitely hostile. Maybe something to threaten the flan's home might drive it into action.

There are, oddly torches that are out here.

Tifa Lockhart "You know, I wonder why cities like these make aquaducts and sewers that seem bigger thant he city themselves. This isn't just a service access... Its like inviting people to come to party down here."

And this is Tifa's wisdom for the current situation. No wonder flans appear in here, look at the size of this place. Its to wonder if there's ever been enough rain in Rabanastre to fill this place ever, honestly.

But when she gets in position, she stops talking... not wanting to attract the flan over before they are ready for it. Better if they could get the jump on it, really.
Fran This is not the first time that Fran has found herself amid dark and musty tunnels where no self-respecting person, pirate or no, would ever tread had they a choice in the matter. Nor is this the first time that these particular sewers have been graced by the passing of her clawed stiletto boots.

Her mind wanders for a moment as she passes through the sluice gates that control the flow the tepid mixture of water and human waste that runs in dirty rivers through ancient stone aqueducts. It was here that she and Balthier had fled during their ill-fated attempt to aquire one of the most famous royal heirlooms of the Rabanastre's ruling family - an escapade that had left them not only without their prize but saddled with the care of a young hume child who seemed to attract trouble like moths to a great flame.

The sewers remain largely the same as she remembers them: infested with all manner of oversized vermin and a stink that could overwhelm the senses of even those with an iron-clad gut. The denizens of the deep demense seem unafraid despite the difference in size between their furry bodies and the tall woman, emboldened by an environment that lacks many predators to threaten them. The journey to the center of this labyrnith will be slow and tedious. Nevertheless, it is here that she will find her prize, and thus the pirate presses on.

Several hours later, she arrives at her destination. The expansive room causes her gaze to drift upwards as she takes in the elaborate system of waterfalls feeding into the deeper channels far below. A thin froth of moisture drifts outwards from the roaring water creating a faint white mist that clings low to the slime-slicked stones but it is the presence of another type of mist that gives her pause.

Fran holds up a hand, signaling for the others to stop as she allows her heightened olfactory senses to do the scouting. "The mist is stronger here," she informs them in a soft detached tone. "Be on your guards now. This place sets me ill at ease."
Kyra Hyral Ugh. Sewers. Why did it always have to be sewers?

Kyra Hyral hates sewers, even if they are large and relatively free of filth and waste. She almost straight-up bypassed this mission because of that particular parameter. It didn't help that it was filed by the Murasame Zaibatsu, whom she was on dubious terms to begin with. However, someone made a personal request for her to attend to it and she didn't want to let that person down.

Kyra brings up the rear of their little group all too happily. Rats or not, she is not the type to get too close to anything that came out of a sewer. Their mark included. She makes this completely clear by her choice of weapon, which is a handgun. In fact, it looks like she has at least three different guns on her, though only the one in her hands looks like a "normal" one. If Manhattan could be considered normal at least.

"...mist..." Kyra repeats, well acquainted with the concept behind that word due to her own independent research into Ivalice and the history of Archades.
Caran Steel Caran can deal with the smell. He magically puts a strong minty scent on a bandana and ties it around his face. At Tifa's observation, he looks over. "Room for expansion. What if your city gets bigger and you need more infrastructure? Also, it makes a good dungeon for newbies to learn in." Caran observes. Flans? As a Red Mage, magic is just one of many skills he has covered. Flans should not be a problem. Caran looks around. "I recognize my classmates, but I don't think I've seen you before. Are you new to adventuring?" The red mage asks Tifa.
Montag Montag had picked up the job, he needed the money after all and also polishing his skills would never hurt. He adjusted his new helmet and didn't like it much the other he'd had for years and had it broken in right. He checks his weapons again and kooks over to Tifa for a moment. "Building over the ruins of a larger city and honestly? have you seen how much water a city can go through? Seriously Miss Lockheart. I hunted things far worse than monsters down in places like this."

He tilts his head over to Fran and looks her over for a moment nodding once. Montag hadn't had much experience before the world was eaten with non humans that were not slobbering monsters or things like the snow women up north intent to likely charm people to their doom.


he pulls a re-breather out and puts it on.

"I have a few more if anyone wants it. You really don't want to be sucking down the stuff in here. Oh ya the name's Morgan Montag, just call me Montag. Not like I?m on the job today."
Helena Celba The mist starts to thicken...

You can hear burbling..

Looking around does not see anything...

However, looking straight up...reveals a bellowing mass of Flan. This thing, is /huge/ and it falls to the ground, shaking the sewer and trying to send everyone down to the ground. It bellows, screeching even as it sees intruders...

Intruders in /it's/ kingdom!

Flans fall from the ceiling, many different colors as they start to help their queen. They swing their bodies, as the Queen leans back, as deep inside her something can be seen, a red hue spreads through her, as the flans all around you start swinging their arms...

Leaving BURNING marks in their wake should they hit. Their attacks are coordinated...well too coordinated for normal flans. Their intelligence is massively increased, as if being near the Queen itself!



Reduce the Flan Queen's HP to critical!

Bonus Objective: Collect Royal Jelly!
Bonus Objective: Kill Royal Guard Flans!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart rolls her eyes a bit at Montag's answer "It just seems excessive, and furthermore this is a desert city. It musn't rain enough to ever fill this place up, and unless its severely clogged and backed up, it'd take a while for people to fill it with waste water..." She looks over to Caran at his questionning "Been adventuring for the better part of the last year, since the world merge at least. When not holding the bars in Goug and Traverse at least." She's seen her lot of monsters, treasures, and troubles.

She pulls a cloth that serves as a breathing mask up over her nose and mouth. Not for the smell as much as the mist here. She smell you get used to it after a while, although its going to need a good washing out. Mist, not so pleasant.

But that's when the flan appears. Less talking, more fighting. She manages to get out of range of the belching, by chance. Ew. Firey breath not cool at all. But she's there to pound some flan, so that's what she's going to do. Punches flying.
Caran Steel Caran rolls a 1 on his Spot check and /doesn't look up/. Suddenly, flans are ALL OVER HIM, beating him down! "Agh! Ow! It hurts and stings! Ketan!" The winged cat climbs out of his bag, and its forepaws glow white before the glow washes over Caran's body, healing him slightly. And then Ketan takes off, flying to the edge of the swarm. With a grunt, Caran stands up, and gestures, forming a doorway in space next to him, and next to the cat. He and his familiar trade places before the door closes, and then... Ketan, being a flying cat, just takes to the air, while Caran uses his newfound breathing space to cast his trusty protective spells. "Ambushed... by /slimes/..." he hisses. How embarassing! Now who looks like a newbie adventurer?
Fran Fran reacts on instinct, her shield coming up to protect her as the ceiling begins to shift in an unnatural way. The queen flan's dramatic entrance sends a quake through the sewers as its gelatinous bulk crashes down followed swiftly by smaller smudges of the same oily goo.

The impact staggers the pirate and she stumbles momentarily giving their ambushers a clear line of fire past her defenses. Sizzling sludge assails her from multiple angles, the worst of the barrage being focused upon her as the vanguard of their small party. A muffled cry of pain escapes her before she manages to bite down on the weak outburst, grinding it away beneath cold determination born from decades of experience. The creature has landed the first strike but she will not allow it to hold that advantage for long.

Raising her guard once more, the swift viera dashes into the enemy lines, boldly attempting to draw the ire of as many foes as she can. She does not know what skills the others may possess but from the looks of them, many are quite young and not likely to share her wealth of experience. Also, none of them seem to be particularly well-clad in armor, so that leaves the duty of absorbing the worst blows to her.

Frigid blue magic crackles to life in her hand as Fran swings a hefty mace about into one of the smaller flans. There is a sharp crack as a wickedly curved sickle of ice lances out from its flanged head and she attempts to bury the crystal blade deep into the glowing red core of the slimey beast before moving on to another. Hopefully, the others will follow her lead.
Montag Montag is not so lucky this time he's able to get a shot off but he's caught very hard with the huge Flan okay this thing was big and he's lucky his gear is at least fire resistant or he'd be really bad off. She can get the idea these things are working out too well and fire. Damn it he's got no idea what to do there.

"Damn...not doing so hot!"

Montag falls back and pops open a potion downing it's content while he prepares for a further assault.

"We'll talk later looks like the mark found us first!"

Montag falls back not out of being a coward or trying to run it's clearly he's preparing getting a feel for the flans and then calls out


It's a guess given the monsters are shooting flames at the moment, right? They likely love fire and hate ice.
Kyra Hyral "Ice?" Kyra frowns. "Blast, I didn't bring any with me-" With incredible reflexes, she darts backwards as a flame-covered flan drops down from the ceiling and nearly lands upon her. Knowing she doesn't command that particular element (at the moment, hoho), she resorts to doing what she does best.

Green-glowing darts are loaded into a second gun she has, clearly designed just for that particular projectile, while the regular gun is slipped away. Normal bullets typically do not do anything to flans, after all. (Sorry Montag).

Speaking of Montag, though, he gets to be the lucky target.
Helena Celba The Flan Queen burns EVERYTHING...even while you self buff!

Fires rage, but luckily for some of you, you are quick little bunnies...

Except for Fran, and she is giant tanky bunny. She is credit to team, in many ways.

ICE blasts into the flans, disbursing them, and causing the queen to shreak. Can you speak Flan? I doubt it. You are sure it is not pleasant, however.

Tifa beats into the Flan Queen. It looks down at her, it was like punching the Blob, you can not hurt da blob.

Something strange happens, adapting to the cold, a different color spreads throughout the Flan, a soft blue glow...and the other Flans, the soldier flans, start to also do something odder...

They also glow blue. Is this some sort of hive mind?

The soldiers rain down their attacks, aiming to smack them with their long stretchy arms, or running you over with their large bubbly bodies. However, it is quite COLD now.

Aren't you cold, Kyra...

Aren't you...cold?
Tifa Lockhart Sadly, Tifa doesn't have much more than her fists... so as long as she can get its attention, that'll work for now. Blob or not, it would probably hate getting punched in the eye, right? She'd club it with something, but there isn't much around her for that purpose either.

It probably wouldn't care either.

If she was able to avoid the fire breathing, looks like ice breathing manages to get her... maybe because there's so much water around her, freezing the water at her feet, making for a very slippery surface that doesn't allow her to get away in time. "It doesn't seem like ice is the solution right now!" She doesn't have any kind of magic or elemental attack herself, so there's not much she can honestly do like this... Except annoy it more. Maybe take a hit for some of her companions. She kicks at the smaller ones, trying to boot them out of the playing field "Go away!"
Montag Montag has no magic save a few material he makes use of in his hunting and stealth operations that's about all he can manage elemental spells are not something he's able to pull off at all. He wonders how much a hindrance this makes him to the party.

"It shifted again..."

Montag manages to get up a bit by grappling up on to the ceiling but it doesn't save him from harm this time. No he's caught with the full fury of the Flan's attack. Perhaps today the people are what's for desert and not the flans. What a twisted world this has become, he is not about to be food for what should be dinner! Okay it's more they are called Flans because they look like said food but that is beside the point.

He draws a bead on the flans and lays down several shots wishing he'd brought some elemental rounds with him, that will teach him for not doing so.
Fran The magically formed ice snaps off with a resounding crack, leaving the crystalline wedge embedded through the fat torso of the unfortuante slime. It burbles and jiggles about as the frigid magic seeps into its malleable form, quickly converting its watery body into one large ice cube that shatters apart into a hundred pieces from a swift smack of the viera's shield.

It's death fills the air with a strange cloud of particles that seep into her body, the strange anatomy of the sentient goo mixing with the soft clouds of mist that drift across their feet. It is not an unpleasant sensation but she does not get the chance to enjoy the unexpected boon.

The flan army surges forth anew as their bodies shift with chameleon-like reactions to the icy attack. Fran spins about, slamming the flat surface of her heavy aegis into the first of the onrushing tide and sends it sailing over the edge of the sharp precipice and down into the depths of the sewers below.

Another comes at her from the side, battering upon her armor with flat paddle-like arms that leaves traces of rimefrost on the slick black metal. She turns aside the worst of these strikes but its fellows swiftly join in the assault and she is forced on the defensive for the moment.

She takes this time to impart some of her wisdom to the others, having faced such creatures in the past. "Take heed of its light! It will react to our magics and attempt to adapt. We must counter its efforts and keep it off-balance."

As if to make her point, the pirate's mace suddenly bursts into flames and she lays into the flans once again. Even as she swings, her mouth moves in muttered incantation and a thick burst of black fluid explodes into being at the center of the room, raining down a viscous oil upon the gathered monsters. She strikes again, touching the tip of her mace to the fresh flamable substance and the entire room lights up like a bonfire as the flames spread hungrily to devour the oil.
Caran Steel Caran gets himself some breathing room, but the slimes keep coming after him. "Back, back!" Caran has to keep moving. He blinks and distorts and jumps slightly from place to place, the Invis spell causing the flans to strike empty air. "Ngh... still hurts..." He holds a hand to his chest. 'Life's refreshing breeze... ngh... blow in energy...' Another pulse of healing energy washes over him. /Now/ he's looking better.

In the meantime, Ketan spots Fran in the middle of the flans. "Wow, she's /pissed/!" the cat comments upon hearing... whatever it is the Queen Flan just said. "Healing incoming, miss bunny person!" He spreads his wings and dives, paws glowing again, landing on Flan's shoulder just long enough to channel healing energy into the Viera.
Kyra Hyral Well now, this was interesting flan behavior. Kyra remembers her Monster Studies class. For flans, puddings, and jellies, coloration was extremely important. Not only did it help identify the particular species but it was quite telling about how it would respond to certain types of elemental magic.

It turns blue. On top of that, it grows very cold. "Steel! Switch to fire!" she calls out, "I think it just reacted to your magic!"

Cringing, she shies away from another flan, frost spreading over her skin. Oddly enough, it made her feel quite sick to the stomach.

Another white-glowing mixture is slotted into the dart gun. One is immediately shot into her own arm. A second is withdrawn and she aims it over at Tifa, who is not entombed in armor and has plenty of skin available to shoot at.

What was said by the Flan is something that can't be repeated because there are kids at home, Caran. However, your pet probably regrets being able to understand it. Ignorance was bliss.

Because BOY she didn't wana hear about what it was wanting to do to the pretty looking sword mage.


Fire BURNS again, as Fran adapts quickly, proving her adventuring skills by following basic patterns. As others focus on cleaning debuffs and healing, Montag steps up, and provides a practical solution to a practical problem. How do you stop a mean old Queen Flan from tearing you a new hole?

Use more gun.

Gun seems to work, the flans are hurt, being driven back, others are regrouping as others take time to reform. Others are knocked out of cohesion. Literally.

However, you can tell a Midgarian, but you can't tell them much. Tifa's fists strike, and finding they don't hurt as they should...worse, it seems to ABSORB the energy from the blows. Uh oh.

The Queen roars in pain, and starts doing this again. This's yellow.

The other flans follow suit.

What now, Trebeck?

The flans, rally behind their queen, and start driving in towards the hero, this time trying to BOUNCE on them!
Caran Steel Caran holds his hand out, and the flans slam into a briefly-formed barrier of magic. "Alright... /now/ things get serious! Lightning, coming u'Swirling bolts, come to my hand and strike out at my foes!' He makes a whi'THUNDERRRR... LAAAANCE!' He cracks the whip over the flan horde, sending out a shockwave to stun the flans... and then it straightens up and hardens, like a giant spear, which he swings to /sweep/ across the flans, trying to electrocute them all!
Fran A rush of heat surges outwards from the now burning lake of oil that has settled over the center of the room. Annoyingly, the flans manage to avoid the worst of the flames, sloughing off the black fluid in piles of sticky mucus.

Fran interposes her shield between herself and the deadly explosion, bright scarlet fire parting around the solid bulwark. The burning wall forces them to once more regroup and shift tactics. She does not waste this opportunity, calling forth healing magics to soothe the burns from fire and ice that have singed her flesh. Gentle green light plays across her body providing a balm to her injuries and renewing her vigor to fight on.

The first of the bouncing jellybeans comes soaring at her through the veil of smoke and flames and only her swift reflexes save her from being smashed to the ground. Once more the wall of steel on her arm intercepts the attack, but its metal frame does little to prevent the burst of crackling lightning that flows out from the flan's gooey hide.

Spiderweb sparks and forked tongues of electricity dance across her armor, seizing up her muscles and twisting the placid expression on the viera's face into a mask of pain. With a grunt of effort, she tosses the creature away and menaces the others with broad sweeps of her mace, describing wide arcs through the air to try and keep them at bay.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doedsn't know what's worse. The curse or the cure in this case, considering she just got shot by her teammate to cure her... Well it could be worse, but its surprising! Yet it doesn't take long for what she had recuperated from the healer... that she gets shocked for more than she bargained for. Especially with wet feet like this. What's worse, Kyra or the flan? Can't be sure.

But one thing is sure, she can't let the flans loose either!

"I can't seem to hurt these things!" She steps back or a second, wiping the corner of her, her mind running with possibilities. If she can't hit with physical attacks... elemental attacks would probably be better, right? That's what the others said, but her usual array of techniques usually are enough. Not today it seems, those blobs are not feeling it.

"What can I do to hurt them?" She asks mostly herself, which she kicks one of the smaller ones away, using it as a projectile toward the queen one. Maybe two bouncy can nil each other?
Kyra Hyral Hey, it might be painful, but Kyra's healing works! She will take her thank yous later, by the way, because everyone is clearly hard at work fighting the flans.

Careful (obvious) observation alerts Kyra to the fact that their color changes again. Yellow. Lightning! SO CLEARLY THE OPPOSITE OF THIS IS-

"Screw it." Kyra mutters, slipping a dark green dart into her gun. Fortunately, this isn't aimed at any of the brave adventurers here, but the queen flan itself. "Let's see these monsters deal with cold, hard, /science/."

Genetically engineered infectuous bacteria is sort of nature, right? She did harvest these samples originally from the soil before she rearranged their DNA in dangerous ways.
Montag Montag looks as the Flans are adapting and changing or is it there's just so many of them? Rither way he keeps up at his perch for a moment longer before the flans figure out where he is? He's certainly making use of Gun, but it's not enough they keep coming and now they are all yellow? That means one thing it's going to get shocking for him.

Montag quickly fires his other grapple off and moves seconds before the attacks come his way thankfully he avoid both he magical and physical end of things.

he's almost ready for a good shot but he's got to set up, he fires off a few shots to keep the beasts busy but he's he's got something in mind, as he switches ammo clips loading up a clip of breach rounds. Either exploding these things will make it harder for them to for or they will be facing a whole lot of little ones, the questions is, will it be an idea when he deploys it.

"Just watch the magic! Come on this is magic 101! The sort of thing we learned in basic!"
Caran Steel 0 MAGIC

Caran's player blinks at the menu. Wait, no, that would be stupid. He chooses something else.

Seeing the flans turn Yellow, Caran ducks and slams a hand against the ground, and the ground rises up into a short wall in front of him! "Oh no, you're not getting me again! Now, I'll show you what someone who's mastered /all/ the elements can do! That trick won't protect you!" He stands again, "The earth shall devour my foes whole! Hungry Pit!" He points at the flans, and a large hole starts to open up, water flowing in likely sweeping in the flans before the hole contracts, trying to crush them. "A thousand glittering shards! Glitterdust! Rocks fall, everyone dies! Hail of Stone!" Caran snaps his fingers and makes sweeping gestures with his hands, almost dancing as he rapidly throws out magic.

When the hole closes, a single shard of rock is catapulted into the air and then explodes into shining, glittering powder. Now the slimes look like a little girl's craft projects. Which will hopefully make it hard for them to see their targets. And then, rocks just fall from the ceiling, pelting the flans from above!
Helena Celba The Flan Queen was being pressed hard...

It's minions were being murdered, it's followers starting to be wiped out, and it's /BEST BOSS PATTERN/ is being predicted! How dare these...things do this to her!

Kyra's magic cooking hits the thing, causing it to SCREAM in agony as it reals covers it's body, trying to get it off...GET IT OFF! It turns green...but not because of elemental shift.

GLITTERDUST happens, pounding into the Flan, throwing it into the air, and then back's pattern discovered...oh nos!

Tifa beats the <GOOSEHONK> out of it...but it's like punching jello. Montag takes shot, but...again, it is shooting jello, it's hard to find a weak point, or something solid to hit that isn't just...jello.

However, it grows...and grows...and shifts, as SUDDENLY it starts to shrink. FLANS split from the queen, flying in suicidal directions, before EXPLODING as they land.

Caran Steel FLANS EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, Caran can cheat his way out with ridiculous magic! He opens another door to Ketan's position up in the air... and then a flan hits the door and goes through. The sudden unexpected drain on his magic (without the master-familiar connection to ease the teleport) leaves him stunned, and the flans pile on, the door disappearing after a few more go through. The now-glittery slimes eat through his wards easily and begin dissolving him. "Waaaauuugh! No, no, no, no, NO! Get OFF me!" Caran flails, brushing flans off and getting to his feet, channeling more healing energy into himself and restoring his defenses as he tries to see a way out of the flans. Gnh... he's going through a lot of magic, but adreneline sustains him. That and the thought of how /stupid/ it would be to die here to a bunch of /slimes/.
Tifa Lockhart Fire, Ice, Thunder... now Air? This thing is like a rainbow of everything! She manages to run around the corner of the one those large waterways, just in time for the worse of it to blow past her (pun all intended here). Okay, time to put the final touch to this game, and when the barmaid goes 'final', you know what's coming next.

She was surprised by the sudden influx of power that surged up through her body. Looks like they did something right at least, as she feels much stronger. Maybe that's what made her move out of the way faster too. Well, time to use that power on them.

Jumping back out of hiding, she zips straight for the queen. Fists raised, she drives the two straight into the Queen's mouth. Her fists glow, and then releases out her stored ki into a single, double blast, Final Heaven from the inside. Before the queen can react, she kicks her way backward, hoping to keep her arms in the process of course. This isn't quite like putting your head in a lion's mouth, but still.
Montag Montag sees what''s coming at him as the Flan come for him he detaches his grapples and drops back to the ground he lands in a crouch and moves aster than one might expect a Shinra trooper to be able to even then as he goes he makes sure he's weapons are ready he's got h round load and he's got the weapon op scaring down it's scope at the Flan Queen.

The high powered rounds are loaded and he takes aim he takes another moment then fires three times in rapid succession one at the queen the others into any remaining ,minions of he?s and then he's one the move again firing again pausing only long enough to fire and avoid hitting anyone else who happens to be in here fighting. As Tifa and Caran go at it he continues to make use of the distraction to take another second to aim a bit better and fire once more.

"Come on you over grown snack food! GO DOWN!"
Fran The sea of slime bodies parts as the queen lets out a warbling call, warning its minions of the impending wrath that is about to be unleashed. Her body jiggles violently like a tall mound of pudding atop a shaking table and Fran tenatively begins to approach, unsure of what this strange behavior could herald.

The first wave of kamikaze projectiles sails past her with wet pops and she turns her head in surprise, tracing the ballistic arc of one of the deadly flannonballs. It crashes into the far wall with a horrendous explosion, buffeting the pirate with a wave of overpressure as the concussion wave rebounds off the confined space with redoubled fury.

Fran struggles to keep her footing and manages to regain balance just in time to intercept the next volley. Her shield batters aside two of the monsters in quick succession, their bloated bodies digging deep craters into the weathered stone floor as they detonate, showering her with shards of sharp debris. A few find purchase in the wide open spaces where her tanned skin is exposed along her legs and back. Thin trickles of blood stain her body but she ignores the pain, pressing on to the source of these attacks.

The viera weathers the worst of the storm of flan bombs, carving a path ahead with mace and shield. She breaks through as the queen's energy begins to wane, rushing across the still smoldering craters and crushed stone to lay into the beast. Sparks burst into life at a word, dancing from her fingertips to gather in an ethereal cage about the flanged protrusions of her weapon. There is a sharp crack as she swings the mace down from above, the smell of ozone and the metallic taste of static filling the air as the thunder explodes with controlled fury into the blubbery hide.

She strikes again immediately, crimson flame igniting like a torch in the wake of the missing electricity, and her weapon leaves a shimmering trail of heat and flames as it fulcrums around in a dazzling display of agility and skill within a heartbeat of the first strike.
Kyra Hyral Infected flans might start bleeding out their orfices right now. But since flans do not have blood or orfices, they might just kind of melt as the bacteria wreaks havoc upon it. Kyra seems eminently satisfied.

But the response from the flans for their combined assault...damn. Rather than relying on physical agility to win the day here, she lifts her hands to form a Shell over her. Flans splatter against it like gigantic, hideous snowballs, sliding down the invisible barrier and piling up around her. Her dart gun is (thankfully) slotted away.

Calmly, she presses her palms together. Those attuned to magic will feel it suddenly swell within the white mage to dangerous-perhaps even catastrophic levels. Wind swirls around her and a corona of mutlicolored energy spirals out from her feet. "...get out of my way..." she warns as it suddenly explodes outwards all around, though the bulk is directed out in front of her as it tears through the ground towards the Queen Flan.

When it strikes, it suddenly spreads out beneath the creature in an X-shaped pattern in the ground, then blasts upwards.
Helena Celba The Flan Queen is BLASTED to hell and back. Tifa beats her fists into it, despite it being made of J-E-L-L-O (it's alive) her fists break through it's barriers...

Even as Caran HEROICALLY heals himself, instead of killing the builds back up.

Fran unleashes her pain, she hits it's massive bulk seemingly doing nothing...but taking up on that is Montag, putting a bullet right where Fran struck, shattering the Queen causing it to reel back. It mutters something incomprehensable..


Kyra takes that bet...

A crater remains of where the Flan once stood, now it is imbeded into the wall, loosing consistancy like a melting bowl of ice cream..

Better send it off Fran, before it dies.
Fran A pirate knows an opportunity when she sees one. Unfortunately, her overzealous young partners seem to have forgotten that their objective was to /capture/ this massive booger, not melt it into candles. But she came prepapred.

Sliding the mace into a simple metal ring on her belt that functions as its holster, she reaches into a satchel besides it and withdraws a strange looking device. Being rather technologically savvy herself, Fran has some inkling of how the thing works, but thankfully the designer made it rather simple to use incase a trained engineer happened not to be around.

She depresses a button on the surface of the fist-sized sphere and tosses it at the sloppy mess that used to be the queen flan. The contraption explodes into several pieces in midair, four slender spikes rivetting themselves into the stone with shaped charges. A thin net stretches taunt between the buried nails and a bright burst of light flashes before the eyes of those gathered as a single powerful charge of electricity fills its criss-crossed frame.

The shock seems rather unnecessary to bring the half-dead flan into a submissive state but it's not like there was a switch to turn it off. Once its short lived power source is exhausted the sparks flicker then die out and a wash of distorted air quickly replaces it, bending the space within the net's confines in unnatural ways at a preprogrammed teleportation spell carries the target off to a waiting cell somewhere within the confines of one of Murasame's labs.

Fran watches the lightshow quietly, her emotionless gaze ensuring that the device functions properly before she turns and begins to make her way back torwards the tunnels that brought them down here. Mission accomplished. Now they get to look foward to another couple hours of trudging back through sewer water and diseased rats. She's seriously going to need a drink when they get top-side.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as she leans against a wall, a bit tired after the fighting "Well, mission accomplished..."
Montag Montag watches as his allies just lays down the the pain on it he seems to be in a good mood as he chugs a potion till he can see someone else about his injuries and looks the others for a moment and smirks "Not a bad run ... though I think we over did it on the Flan." Well it's not dead at least. "Come on I don't want to spend another moment down here and I doubt the rest of you do either."
Kyra Hyral So Kyra was just a little enthusiastic! Just a little! So enthusiastic that her magic leaves permanent marks all over the inside of the sewers. When the multicolored lights fade and Kyra sees the damage done to the flan, the white mage makes a face.

She can follow directions. She knows what the objective of this excusion is! The horrifying thought of /failure/ starts to creep into her at this sight.

Fortunately, they have Fran to thank for the save. "...whew."
Caran Steel Caran HEROICALLY HEALS HIMSELF! Stumbling a bit froim his wounds, he draws his sword and faces the flans dramatically...

They're defeated. Oh. Well. Huh.

Good thing everyone who participates in the fight gets XP, right?

This scene contained 37 poses. The players who were present were: Tifa Lockhart, Montag, Kyra Hyral, Fran, Helena Celba, Caran Steel