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(2013-06-19 - Now)
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Evja Once the two of them had made it towards Luca, with their plans to head towards Carwen and eventually Macalania, Evja had decided that he should actually make a quick stop elsewhere on his own to add one more to the party. One who may also have business in Macalania.

Tifa. He knew she had an interest in Chocobos and he did have his side quest in mind.

Which is why he asked Luso to give him a day to go there and come back to Luca after. Which is where Evja was now, actually, just getting back to Luca and heading towards the central square where 'she' was to meet Luso. Only the Viera didn't seem all that well. They seemed like they hadn't gotten much sleep, and indeed had been roughed up a bit(remnants from the Black Beast). Not to mention simply having gotten no mental relaxation at all since and no time to reset since the ordeal due to Evja's own inner... issues regarding the situation. As ever the Viera was atop her light-blue Chocobo though, so pretty hard to miss in these parts.
Luso Clemens Luso didn't have much of a problem with Evja taking off, and instead used the time to convene with Clan Gully. Adelle and Cid had some interesting tidbits to share regarding their other endeavors. Especially those about Khamja. Word on the street was that they were planning to make some moves soon. ...He would need to be on top of that. After this of course!

Spending the free time as he wished, Luso and some of his clan mates also tackled a few local marks for the city. It was good to make some extra gil here and there. Especially with free time! But now that time had passed and Evja was due to return soon. Bidding his clan mates farewell, Luso left the inn he had booked, stepping out into the streets of Luca all ready to face the day. He stood out front and watches for any sign of the Viera.

Which reminded him. He had heard mutterings of an incident in Goug...wasn't Evja headed that way? Huh, well he'd just have to ask when they met again! And eventually he did catch sight of her. "Heeeey! Evja! Over here!" Luso called, waving an arm rather energetically and he moved to approach the chocobo. "How'd your trip go? Was it..." The boy trailed off upon seeing her general condition. Something "...Worthwhile?"
Evja "..."

Right on time. And cheerful as always. Evja couldn't help but smile beneath the veil before letting out a small sigh and shifting his weight to get off the Chocobo. "That depends on your definition of the word. It was only worthwhile in that..." a pause, then a slight hint of worry in his tone, "I have possibly discovered something. Someone... who might be able to make something that can destroy the heartless and save worlds. However, the cost of it is lives. I am torn."

Simple as that.
Luso Clemens Luso just stared after hearing her explanation. "...Wow, that's a bit too heavy for my pay grade!" He then joked, grinning and rubbing his nose with a finger. He was remarkably good and ruining the moment, wasn't he? Still, Evja's words didn't bring him down.

"Not sure I want to touch that just now! Anyway, putting that aside for now, we've got a bit more traveling to do before we reach the Macalania Forest." That said he crossed his arms and looked off at the distant sky. "Is there anything you need to take care of in the city before we leave? I've got myself all figured out, so I'm ready to go at any time."

The boy nodded at that and then jerked a thumb over towards the inn he had come from. "And some of my clan buddies are in the city too on other business. If anything goes wrong, we can just give them a call on the MaBelle. But I don't think it'll come to that!"
Evja "..."

Evja was getting pretty good about simply staring at people who confused him, saying nothing, and looking... well, confused. Which is why he didn't do much beyond that for a bit. Perhaps asking this kid really wasn't the most prudent thing to do. Someone else probably had a better answer and there was no point in ruining his mood. "No... I had nothing else planned." Evja admits softly. Though... that was right. He did need to stop briefly by the Sphere Theater. "Other than stopping at the Sphere Theater to pick something up that has been waiting for me for some time. I can always do that on my own time, though, if you would rather be off?"
Luso Clemens "Sphere theater...huh." He had heard of such things, but never took time out to check it for himself. The life of a Clan leader was a busy one. Apparently anyway. "Nah, I'm not in that much of a rush." Maybe he was though, Khamja business and all, but Luso just smiled his usual idiot smile and let things be.

"If you've got to go there and get something, we can do that! It's your time after all!" Or so he said anyway. "So what've you got to pick up anyway? And..." He paused and checked out the surrounding area. They were somewhere around Central Square. "...Which way to go?"
Evja And another tiny grumble was given. How was this kid always in such a happy mood. It'd be another 'above his paygrade' moment to simply out and say exactly what they were and why he was getting them, so Evja thought quietly to himself a moment as he turned and began to walk before finally saying, "I have a story... that I wish to tell. Certain Spheres can be created from memories. From events that happened. To always remember. To show others."

Another pause.

"To prove the truth undeniably."

That was actually Evja had done this. To have a way to show in case it was the only legacy he could ever leave, the truth to things that none believed him on. "I also wish to be able to leave a story, perhaps one day, that others can enjoy. Enjoy as I do books."
Luso Clemens "Ohhhhh...that's interesting." Luso commented lightly, nodding to himself as he followed after her. "I read in the news a while ago about a Memory Sphere or something being used to show something that happened a while earlier. And then again to play voices..." Chuckling to himself, he rolled his eyes. "Seems like funny things are always happening with these spheres..."

Thankfully he hadn't been involved in any of that nonsense just yet. They certainly didn't need Clan Gully's name plastered all over the news in such a way. The PR handling on that would have been a nightmare. And they didn't even HAVE a PR department! Hah!

"Still, it's pretty cool to see how certain worlds use things like these to compensate for technology." He must have been talking about his own world. And that just reminded him that his grimoire was missing still. His only way home.

...Gah! Positive thoughts! Positive thoughts! Luso wound up patting both cheeks with his hands to shake off the feeling.
Evja "I know. There are some things in this World of Ruin that never cease to amaze me. Things that we do not have in Jylland. And you are welcome to view the spheres... if you so wish. I suppose at this point in time I have almost nothing to hide from anyone." Other than the Viera's actual gender. Which he had considered telling Luso about as it was. With the boy helping him so much... surely he should know something so simple.

Maybe another time.

"Do you have anything you may wish to record so it is never forgotten?"
Luso Clemens "Yeah, back in my world, we use computers for a lot of things. All this magic stuff is nonexistent as far as I can tell. But..." Luso spread his arms a bit as he walked, indicating the world around him. "...Here, it seems like it's the other way around. Even on Jylland. It was all magic and not as much tech!"

He brought a hand to his chin after that, seemingly thinking on something. "But still, they've got those crazy air ships...Man, I'm still amazed at them!" Which also reminded him of the Clan's personal Air Ship project that he had yet to finish up on. Ah, so many things to do and so little time to do them in!

At the question, Luso's gaze turned over towards Evja and he lazily crossed his arms behind his head, turning his stare skywards as he pondered. "Anything I want to record, huh..." A few seconds...a few more...okay, how about a minute. DING! Thoughts finished baking.

"Nope! Not a thing!"

He grinned as he said those words and went on. "I already have something that does that for me!" Which was missing right now, but regardless. "And besides, if you work your hardest to do good deeds, you'll leave your mark and people will never /really/ forget you, right?"
Evja "Ever an optimist." Evja chuckled before falling quiet for a bit. When the got closer to the sphere theater, though, Evja said softly, "But no... while I would like to think that, I have been trying that since the heartless first appeared in our world and I have received nothing for my efforts bit mistrust and hatred. Even now this was from an effort to help keep a world safe that I am now having to seek out the sage Lezaford."

The Sphere Theater was as popular as it ever was, though, perhaps even more popular now that the offworlders found out about such. Evja stood there silently otherwise for the time being as he tried to recall where he needed to go to since he got interrupted last he was here.
Luso Clemens "Huh...that's a shame. But I don't think that it only ever goes one way! If you keep at it, then I'm sure that someone will recognize your efforts for what they meant all along!" Luso exclaimed, jerking a thumb towards himself as he said so. "And he, if no one else believes in you, then know this; I believe in you, Evja!"

If it were possible, he probably would have emitted sparkles from his body. But...nope. Having arrivd at the Sphere Theater, the boy's attention was captured by the rather busy nature of the establishment. "Wow, look at all the people here... I had no idea it was THIS popular now..." Somewhat dumbfounded, Luso just stared left and right, watching people waiting, flitting about and such.

"So-" He started, looking over at Evja. "-Where do we start?"

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