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(2013-06-18 - 2013-06-21)
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Souji has been invited to speaking the Judge Magister Gabranth who is the head of Judges and working directly under Vayne's watchful eye. Where was this meeting taking place? Not on the ground no, but up in one of the Airships, in a private room that has a round table, some Archadian wine, cheese, water, and other little assorted things encase their guest would like something.

Judge Magister Gabranth himself however was not sitting at the table, he was standing by the bay window staring out across the sky with his hands behind his back, hidden by his leathery cape with the Archadian Symbol of House Solidor marked on it in red. He also still had his helm on.
Souji Murasame Souji also has his chosen battle gear on. They consist of a fine tailored suit, tie, his technologically augmented glasses, and a suitcase. The Murasame heir has been courting Archades since the assault upon their land, offering the services of the burgeoning Murasame Corporation to augment Archades' military power.

Souji himself steps into the room, setting the suitcase on the table and appeoaching to the side of the Judge, looking out upon the view. "I am here to assist, Judge Magister."
Gabranth continues to stare out the window, before he at last turns to face Souji. "Souji Murasame of the Murasame Corporation, I presume?" He cants his head and then with very easy steps starts to make his way to the table.

"I have heard of your desire to aid us from Judge Constantine and so has His Majesty, Lord Vayne Solidor." The Judge Magister then motions for Souji to sit. "We are interested in some things you have to offer, however there are some.. facts.. I have been running over which is why this conversation has taken some time to be addressed."
Souji Murasame Souji follows Gabranth to the table. "I am." He confirms, and sits when bade to do so. "I am sure the situation has been quite complicated. One does not prepare a campaign of justice against aggression and handle a transition between Emperors in a single day. How can I address your concerns?"
"We need to know we can /trust/ your corporation, Mister Murasame. As it has come to our attention that one of your employees may be working for the other opposition." Gabranth asks calmly as he stands there, not sitting. His stance was cool and calm. Those blue eyes gazing past the darkness of his helm that hides his facial features from the light.

"I believe our contacted stated the employee's name is Feige Abramson." Gabranth continues to keep his voice very calm. "Who not only created a cyborg that attempted to kill a woman under /our/ protection, but also at the end, which Judge Constantine also heard.. Long Live Alexandria, and that sweet black mage tech."

Judge Magister then tilts his head silently. "Do you or do you not know anything about this?"
Souji Murasame Souji does not appear to be concerned about the questions. He smoothly folds his hands before him and nods. "An understandable precaution, Judge Magister. It would doing your people a disservice if you were not practicing due diligence with those who offered to assist."

He raises a hand and gestures. "The woman, Alma Hyral, was until recently a member of my own company as well. She was dismissed for gross insubordination and for attempting to damage corporate assets. Ms Abramson was attempting to test Ms. Hyral, especially considring her later continues actions to damage and destroy our corporate assets. Surely you cannot expect such actions to go without reprisal, Judge Magister."

He leans back in his chair and steeples his hands. "We had recently acquired a... sample of the Black Mage technology and are working to adapt it to some of our own work. That, combined with the declaration, was an attempt to evade Alexandrian scrutiny. Most of their troops are mostly mindless and easily evaded if one takes minimal precautions."
Gabranth nods his head softly as he listens to what Souji has to stay over one of the major concerning issues. "And Alma is now under our employment and protection. Which means that any further attempt tried by your corporation after this point hence will place you also enemies before us." He pauses in thought, "So please, attempt to keep any further.. reprisal.. from taking place, Mister Murasame. As we would like to have some form of business partnership."

The Judge of Ambition lowers his hands and then takes out a pad of some kind, resting it on the table before he slides it over to Souji. It seems much like a data pad, but powered by magicite by the looks of it. "We need some things you may be able to offer, but for now, we are going to keep this simple until we know we can trust you and your firm. What we are looking for from you is Medical supplies."

He motions at the tablet. "On there is a list of different forms of medical supplies we use. We are willing to accept an equivalent too." Gabranth then places his hands once more behind his back. "I also again send apologies for placing you under investigation. We Judge Magisters, including my own, are responsible for finding things and.. Not.. Overlooking any information when possible. No matter the death toll, city destruction, or the passing of our former Emperor."

"After all, times of war is when many would slip up and we already have made one grave slip up by not taking something seriously as we should have." Gabranth's eyes could almost be seen turning an amber gold color. "Not something that shall be repeated again."

"So what that all said. Is there any questions or any problems with the requested order?"
Souji Murasame Souji frowns slightly at the very... pointed warning placed before him, but he says nothing as the Judge Magister lays out his desire. Souji picks up the pad, looking it over for a moment and examining the contents. "Medical supplies are easily provided. We can have the requested amounts manufactured and delivered soon. We have substitutes available for some of these which you should find of acceptable or superior quality. Once our biotech division is more firmly established we may be able to improve upon it yet more."

He looks back up towards the Judge Magister. "I cannot fault you for your diligence, Judge Magister. But I admit, I am curious. What is so valuable about Alma Hyral, a known dissident and malcontent, that she warrants the direct protection of the Judge Magisters of Archades? What can she possibly offer you that I cannot offer equally or better?"
Judge Magister Gabranth gave a small nod of his head as he listens once more. "Very well and thank you, Mister Murasame." He gives a polite bow of his head. "We are looking forward to seeing what your firm can provided to us."

"Including this.. superior quality you speak of." Gabranth then goes to step to the side, since they were, far as he was concerned done speaking. Though Souji decides to ask about Alma and the Judge Magister peers over to Souji. There was a hint of gold in his eyes for a moment and a slight flicker of light hidden from under his armor; if one was observant enough to catch it for a moment.

"Alma Hyral's reasons for being under our protection is for us to know and us to know alone. It is classified information, Mister Murasame." Gabranth says with a slow, low rumble almost hidden in his words. "Is there anything further?"
Souji Murasame Classified. A pity, that. Souji nods, smiling to the Judge Magister. He understands the hidden threats there. "There are no other questions, Judge Magister. I look forward to providing service to Archades."
Gabranth gives a nod in return, "And we yours, Mister Murasame." He then gives a proper bow to Souji at last, which about that time the doors open and two Archadian soldiers walk in to escort Souji back to the landing craft which could either take him back to the ground or to his own airship really.

"Good day to you, sir."
Souji Murasame Souji bows himself, to Gabranth. "Indeed. Good day, Judge Magister." He turns and heads out, travelling back to his ship.

The deal is done. Now it's time for the /other/ work.

This scene contained 12 poses. The players who were present were: Gabranth, Souji Murasame