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(2013-06-18 - Now)
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Maira Camped out on the edge of the forest is Maira and Perci. Perci however, is currently asleep, which means he is a statue and not terribly good for conversations.

Alone, Maira is taking this time to mope while no one is looking. She sits beside a camp fire, legs hugged to her chest as she stares into the flames, idly, flicking her hand gently to beckon to flames and shape them into various forms that follow her thoughts. Angantyr, Avira, Perci, Uist....Uist. She focuses on that image, her magic animating the flame in a remarkable display that is almost effortless to the fire mage, her expression meditative.
Minerva Minerva has been seeking Maira out for some time she'd been concerned about her friend. She'd not been good friend, she'd known something had been going on to some extent. She wouldn't be surprised if she's well not in Maira's thoughts much but she'd managed to track her. Her experience as a sell sword had suited the run away noble very well in this case. She enters to the edge of the radius of the light.

"Gil for your thoughts my friend. It's been far too long since we sat a while and talked."
Maira Maira looks away from the fire with a gasp, unfolding and ready to defend herself until she sees Minerva there. The girl lets out a breath of relief, smiling. "Minerva! How much gil for my thoughts? I could use some," she jokes, motioning her over to sit by her. "What are you doing here? Did you come looking for me?" she asks. "Are you hungry? I have some things in my pack, some bread, cheese, know, travel food."
Minerva Minerva smiles a little bit and laughs before throwing her at least one gil easily enough for her to catch it. She pauses for a moment at her friend's questions and resolves to answer them. "Yes, there's been much going on for you and I not been there to lend you my aid. I which to come make amends for that state of affairs. I would not refuse no." Given Maira's world was far better at preserving food than her's she'd it be high travelling dining for her. Though they got her's beat on fresh but that thought passes quickly enough.

"So yes I did come looking for you." She'll find a spot to sit down and move to start removing the mythril gauntlets she wears and stretching a little bit as she does so. "Tis funny once I was so weak I?d not have been able to carry once of these with both arms without labouring."
Maira Maira tilts her head questioningly, reaching up to catch the gil thrown her way. She looks at it with a small laugh, shaking her head. "Minerva you don't have to apologize for that! Yes, a lot has been going on...but I'm making my way. It is always good to see a friend, but you don't need to follow me around or anything..." she says, glancing away briefly, her cheeks blushing a subtle pink.

Maira reaches for her pack and pulls out some of the food she'd mentioned, along with a back of cheese doodles from Manhattan, passing them over.

"Heh...I'm really not even sure where to start Minerva...kind of found out I wasn't even born in the same world I thought I was. Apparently, I was born in Palamecia. Do you know it?"
Minerva Minerva says "I think I do and I have. Well you do need to seem seem aid and there are strong things to test my metal against." She grins wildly at this. "So if you wish to take it that way I can live with that. I have been in a situation I never asked for. I was forced to make a choice for what I wanted and leave everything behind. Or end up in a state of life where I'd have been miserable for the rest of my days."

"Tis that possible you were able to fall from one world to another before the Heartless came? Or have they been accosting reality for longer than we thoughts?"

She thinks a bit more and says "Palamecia yes, I am aware of them. I know little save they have Dark Knights who are not insane like Barons and more like those of my world. They tend to be cold, and ruthless but not mad dogs." She wonders about a certain infamous merc of a Dark Knight and what happened to him when the world fell. All she knew is that man would not have gone quietly.

"I know also much of it survived here but that is the extent of it all."
Maira Maira nods to Minerva, listening intently, her eyes filled with empathy and understanding. "Everyone has had a hard time since the worlds started to fall to darkness. There are so many stories..." she says, shaking her head.

"Well, it see, my ghost companion, Uist? He is apparently the spirit of my father. He was a Palamecian soldier in life, and was sent out when certain people were just beginning to experiment with the corridors of darkness. He met my mother in Midgar. parentage crosses worlds before they were united, strangely enough."

"Its Palamecia...that I'm the princess of heart for, I guess," she confesses quietly. "That's why I've been running so much, and why I keep getting attacked, having people try to kidnap me etc. That, and Garland," she says, looking into the fire. She scoffs then, bitterly it would seem. "Maybe that won't be a problem now. I think he only wanted to hurt me because he thought Angantyr...w-well, we're not together anymore so--" she falters, looking away. She doesn't want to talk about it.

At mention of the dark knight, Maira's expression falls to complete despair. Oh, Leon..."The Dark Knight...his name is Leon--I failed him..."
Minerva Minerva Says "Then again we also met many people we'd not have otherwise. I wonder though if we can restore our worlds some day like Manhattan was...will we all be forced to part ways." She listens intently however and blinks in surprise at this for a moment. as he hears a tale of cross world lovers and she's not sure what to think. She sits there listening to the tale some more and thinks on it for a moment "So wait ... this would explain why the Heartless hound you like the rabid hounds of hell itself."

It makes sense and she pauses for a moment at that name and starts to manipulate the fire a little for a moment causing some o the flames to pull back for a moment sh frowns for a bit at this.

"How...did...wait tis that what is vexing you? I see now a wounded heart is no easy things and ...wait The beast was LEON!?"
Maira Maira nods. "Yes, that is why. We suspected it ever since Leon--the dark knight who attacked me on the beach that time when you were ah--fishing. Having now met Emperor Mateus, he has confirmed it," she replies, quiet still. It is a very strange thing to be talking about for Maira, who for so long was an invisible sort of girl, hanging on the fringes of not only society, but of life.

At the comments about a wounded heart, Maira looks away, nodding. "Guess some things...are...just not meant to be. I was silly to believe it could have been otherwise."

" know Leon?" she asks then, eyes widening.
Katyna Katyna had been hovering around the VALKYRI sometime, while trying to keep her distance. Noticing how much Maira was being stalked by all manner of shady types, Kat was growing increasingly concerned, especially after hearing rumours that she was another princess? Could it be...?

She frowns at the possibility as she wanders through the plains in search of her and the other VALKYRI. Hearing familiar voices up ahead, she quickens her pace to catch up to the familiar figures..
Minerva Minerva Says "Then again we also met many people we'd not have otherwise. I wonder though if we can restore our worlds some day like Manhattan was...will we all be forced to part ways." She listens intently however and blinks in surprise at this for a moment. as he hears a tale of cross world lovers and she's not sure what to think. She sits there listening to the tale some more and thinks on it for a moment "So wait ... this would explain why the Heartless hound you like the rabid hounds of hell itself."

It makes sense and she pauses for a moment at that name and starts to manipulate the fire a little for a moment causing some o the flames to pull back for a moment sh frowns for a bit at this.

"How...did...wait tis that what is vexing you? I see now a wounded heart is no easy things and ...wait The beast was LEON!?"

She'd fought Leon before and it was quite the shock to hear that Leon was the monstrous Dark Knight she'd faced in battle.

"You met ... impressive."

She seems amused by something else as she laughs for a moment but it seems like at her self.

"My kin be bumpkins compared to the likes of that."
Emperor Mateus Matthew has not been seen lately, but it seems today is a good day to be out and about in a location he has seen little of. He has heard of Balamb Garden once in a while, but to see it... well, that's proven to be a minor disappointment, as it seems to not be taking unexpected visitors on their grounds.

A pity, that.

He seems to be enjoying the mix of plains and forest despite the missing destination, unaware of others who happen to be in the same vicinity. His attire is distinctly Manhattan modern--a business suit that doesn't seem to be bearing any ill effects of travel, his blonde hair pulled back in a windswept ponytail--yet riding a black horse whose hide almost glimmers a purplish reflection of light. This is odd in and of itself... because in a world of chocobos, who the heck rides a horse anymore?
Maira "You'll have to tell me your story Minerva--I don't really know much about where you come from originally--I remember when Avira and I found you though, heh."

Maira looks up then as she hears another approaching, on edge until she discovers Katyna in the golden glow of the fire's light. "Oh! Katyna! ...Don't tell me, were you looking for me too?" she asks, beginning to feel rather guilty!

Nearby, Perci just keeps on being a gargoyle statue, hidden by some bushes, la la la...

Blinking, she then hears the sound of a horse. "...A horse? I didn't think to run into so many people! Um...Minerva, do you think you might...go see who's out there...?" she asks, summoning a little globe of fire to rise into the air, which would float around above Minerva to give her light.
Katyna Ooh, there she is, Maira and Minerva! Kat has yet to spot Matthew though..Although she sure has questions for him if she does! She beams at Maira, running towards them both, "Maira! Minerva! Heh, good to see y'all again..How've you been? I hear you're a magnet for heartless these days, Maira.." she smirks, "I guess I just got lucky, running into you two, but Maira, is it safe out here?"
Maira Maira grumbles as Katyna practically scolds her. "It's as safe as anywhere else, really. The last time I was attacked I was surrounded by hundreds of people and that didn't seem to matter. I have my protectors," she says with a smile then, indicating Minerva and the stone gargoyle. He's wake up soon, surely. She's been keeping watch for a while, and the sun had set hours ago. She knows his sleeping schedule is thrown off by the oddness of the world of ruin.

Well, the horse and rider are nearby enough she can hear then, so she may as well call out. "Who goes there!" she calls. Hey, it seemed like the thing to say, cliche as it was!
Minerva Minerva says "Tis not a tale I actually told a soul to be honest. VALKYRIE knows the most and it could draw you all into complications where if you can not honestly plead innocent I do not wish to ... drag you into such trouble."

She cannot help but laugh.

"Yes the snow demon bounty."

She keeps laughing though she does wonder sometimes if she really is one one or no for all her power's affinity the ice has always called to her outside of her own light and dark abilities. She wonders if she should pursue it more.

Matthew's arrival is perhaps noticed as Minerva gets up, pulls both gauntlets back on flexes her hands for a moment and stalks off to see whose there.

"Right! Who goes there!"

Things are still frosty with her and Katyna but she's polite however. "Greetings I take it you come in search of Maira as well and yes, but there have been things we seen. A world being devoured yet hanging on and a Heartless... so huge it may dwarf..the moon itself. It felt like it could destroy the stars themselves."
Emperor Mateus Matthew looks genuinely surprised to hear Maira's voice, lightly tugging on the reins to bring his steed to a full stop. Minerva's approach is only icing on the cake, and the horse backs away with an aggrivated snort at the monk. It doesn't seem to faze the rider, easily keeping the horse under full control.

"Oh dear, my apologies. I hadn't realized I was intruding on someone's conversation," he replies in genuine sincerity. His voice is easily recognizeable as Matthew, errant street entertainer, and perhaps even more than that. "I will take my leave, if I am interrupting?"
Katyna Kat frowns a bit. "Gee, that sucks. But, maybe it'll be different this time.." she bites her lips, "Hmm, but I wonder, does that mean they'll forever be after you til they find you?" That's an unsettling thought, it's what Avira went through too..

Then Minerva speaks of some snow demon bounty and she arches a brow. "Oi? Bounty? What's this snow demon then?" she's not sure what that has to do with anything but..It's then that Kat notices a vaguely familiar form riding a...Non-chocobo? "Ooh, what a strange creature. Is that a horse? I've heard of them but never seen one.." She waves to the newcomer, still far enough away for her to not yet recognize him..
Maira Maira's breath catches as she hears the voice, recognizing immediately who it belongs to. What is /he/ doing out here? Sounding surprised to see them, no less! Was it truly a coincindence? Was it some kind of fate that strung the people of the world together? Either way, he's here now. She makes a snap decision, and speaks up. "Interrupting or not, you are here now. Come join us by the fire," she calls to Mateus. Peric is going to have a fit when he wakes, probably. At least Katy and Minerva were here.

Maira looks to Katyna, her eyes turning sad as she nods. "Yeah...I think that's what it means."
Minerva Minerva looks to Matthew and greets him with a slight nod. "You are not intruding if Maira does not object to your presence."

She looks at Katyna "Part of their royal family managed to make their way here to seek aid from what I was able to understand it was rather chaotic given we had been for a time trapped in the place between worlds."

Sora why did you unlock the door? WHY DID YOU DO THAT! On some level she now understand Riku's pain of growing up with the lad. It must have been quite the experience.

"We shall see we need to find the trunk and pull it out all the ways down to the roots."

She now stares at the horse for a moment "To see sane mad ponies is a ... strange thing perhaps the strangest thing I ever seen.
Emperor Mateus Matthew smiles at Maira's offer, a warm smile that completely undermines the reputation he has begun to get in another identity. "Very well. I thank you for your hospitality."

He dismounts from the horse's back and leads it to the nearby tree, tying the reins around a low-hanging branch to keep the steed from wandering off yet still able to graze. He then walks over towards the campfire, his steps and balance unhindered by the terrain.

He does pause for a moment to look back at his steed--built not for speed like a thoroughbred, but not a heavy Clydesdale either. If any breed would apply, it is more akin to a Quarter Horse. "Ah yes, I forget horsemanship is a novelty in this brave new world." He doesn't seem to mind, clearly amused by the attention. "Of course, chocobos are a rarity on my own, so who am I to talk?"
Maira Maira looks to Minerva, shivering. "Yes...I heard. I was fortunate? I guess, to be scooped up by Alberic, for I did not see what lurked behind that door with my own eyes--I'm okay with this. I have enough nightmares already," she replies.

Maira looks to Mateus then, her expression wary but stubborn. "...How is Leon?" she asks then.
Emperor Mateus Matthew's warm smile doesn't waver one bit, his eyes half-closing as he takes a seat on the ground and welcomes the heat from the fire. "He is readjusting well," he replies, his voice casual yet almost going out of his way to avoid sparking a confrontation. "How have you fared as of late, Maira?"
Minerva Minerva says "I have only seen such beasts perhaps in two worlds and spoken of in a third." She admits honestly before sh relaxes down given Maira knows these people. She swiftly once more removes her gauntlets given there is no concern for a fight at this point. She looks at the horse for a moment longer. "Tis true, all worlds are alien yet there seems to be many things strangely alike though some like Manhattan stun me or Archades. Such massive worlds made by man and often without an drop of magic. They also speak of their world sometimes in Manhattan it was part of a vast city perhaps containing more souls than there were in my entire country in such a small area."

She looks over to see Matthew for a moment and nods again "I am sorry Sir, I am Minerva. I am from the port city of Warjillis in Ivalice."
Maira Maira looks down. Readjusting well? That's...not a good thing, she doesn't think. Her anger is obvious for a moment as she looks to Mateus, then looks away. "I hope you know I'm not going to give up on him," she says quietly.

"Ah, how rude of me, introductions. Minerva, this is Emperor Mateus. Mateus, Minerva. Katyna you know, and likewise," she replies. What? Why pretend anymore?

"I have been fine," she replies then. Maira is a terrible liar. She's paler than usual, looking tired and simply...dimmed. The light of her heart still burns brightly, but the expression of that light has had several shadows casts over it as of late.

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