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(2013-06-18 - 2013-06-23)
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Katyna Katyna had been sticking around Fluorgis for a while now, simply wandering about, checking out that mysterious tower and the other wonders of the city. It had been more or less peaceful lately, which really could be quite boring..Hey, she actually enjoyed all the heartless fights, and lately things have been way too quiet.

Kat had been trying to track down Sister Felicia as well, but to no avail..Where could she be?
Hati As of late, Fluorgis was anything bot a quiet place, though. With the opening of the new cathedral, and the mysterious healing power of the chalice there-in, many have flocked to the city. Some are faithful, some are curious about the goings on. Of course, the two places that seem most active are the cathedral itself, and the home of the Shard Seekers, as many gather to try to get a sight of the Templar who was so blessed by Faram that his wounds had been healed.

This... is not Hati's idea of fun. Okay, in other circumstances, she might have been able to tolerate the religious furvor, even if she didn't share in it, but the fact that it revolves around someone she cares about is trouble. More troubling than that is the fact that while she had thought his 'ressurection' was fishy, she now had others affirming the fact that there was something going on, and he is at the center of it.

So, the wolf is lurking.

She's been lurking with little sleep lately, prowling about in dark places rather than confronting things directly. Oh, there's visits now and then - she'd brought Faruja some of his 'requests' during his recovery, but just now... Her mind is too full of the darker possibilities.

That is where she would be found just now, crouching on a rooftop, lost in her own thoughts. All it would take is for someone to look up, and most people don't. Then again, there is that 'feeling' that some people who work with darkness have. Enough to just maybe draw Katyna's eye. Maybe.
Katyna Ahh yes, the recent rumours. Rumours of a miracle. Kat hadn't paid too much attention to them, although she'd probably heard about this miraculous healing chalice. She'd probably learn more if she didnt lurk so much on the outskirts, and instead took a gander closer to city center..

As she ponders how to spend the rest of her afternoon, Kat does indeed get the feeling that someone of darkness is nearby..Or was it just her imagination? As a former Shadow Knight, sometimes it's hard to shake off such associations with the darkness, even if she is trying hard not to rely on the heartless or the dark portals anymore..

Instinctively, Katyna glances upwards, spying the familiar form of Hati on the rooftop. Wow, it's been so long!

"Hati!" She smiles and waves to her, hoping she hears her..She could probably just port up there herseful, but...
Hati The sound of her name causes the wolf's ear to twitch. When she was working for the Shadow Lords, there would have been relatively few who knew that name. Most knew her as Pyre. Now, there were at least a handful who knew her well enough to call out to her. Yet, this voice is one of those familiar before and after.

The wolf's head turns, looking down from the rooftop. It would be a waste of magic to make Katyna join her up here, so instead, Hati leaps. Her acrobatics have always been impressive - catching herself on a lamp post, launching off, rebounding on a wall, and then landing in a crouch on the ground, tail back, ears up, mismatched eyes alert.

"Well, aren't you as sight for sore eyes." Hati muses, rising to her feet with a canine's usual languid grace. "You aren't really avoiding me, are you? You know you'll hurt my feelings." Though the words are said in a teasing tone, there is a hint of truth behind them. Katyna had been one of the first she had grown close to, and her absence was noticed more than one might expect.

"Come to see the show?" She asks, motioning towards a small gathering of faithful who have decided to camp out in hopes of seeing the famed Templar.
Katyna Katyna watches Hati's impressive leap with a slight smirk - she always was the more agile of the two. "Heh, I see you haven't lost your touch.." She steps towards her, her eyes sparkling with mischief as if she were about to make another smart alecky quip, but instead, she just draws a deep breath.

"Hati..I really missed you too..I guess we keep missing each other. For a while, I was helping out VALKYRI here and there, trying to regain their trust, and then I've been trying to track down sister Felicia. She sent another minion..Jasmina, to try and kill me. Fortunately, VALKYRI came to my rescue.." she chuckles, "Can you imagine that? crazy, huh? I guess maybe they still DO care about me, but..What you been up to?"

She quirks a brow when she speaks of seeing the show and smirks, "Heh, seems quite the gathering. I hear there was some sorta miracle performed here a week or so ago..Something about a mystical Chalice?"
Hati "I try." Hati replies, inclining her head, and then offering a faint smirk. The wolf has never been shy about showing just how skilled she actually is. In fact, hunting, fighting, and acrobatics are probably the three things she gets the most enjoyment out of... although her rare few friends and family are starting to edge up on these persuits. "You'd best not have lost yours." She warns, aiming a clawed finger at her Katyna.

The playful challenge in her voice gives way when that familiar voice speaks about missing her. Hati's ears droop a bit, all boasting gone as she blows out a breath. "Yeah. Missed you, too." She murmurs. Admitting feelings has never been easy for her, although she is getting more used to such things over time. "It took a while for me to recover, longer than I would have liked." Her dark tail swishes behind her, arms folding across her chest as she leans lackadaisically against the wall.

"Did some treasure hunting, ran into Avira. Promised to help that russet gargoyle, Percival with some problem of his that has to do with darkness." She shrugs, as if her adventures hadn't been particularly interesting up until recently, "And then got dragged into this nonsense." The wolf huffs, eyes narrowing at the horde of people. Part of her wants to just wolf-out and drive them off, but somehow she doubts that would put her in a good position with the church.

Her mismatched eyes turn deadly serious. "I went to the dedication of the church, because I had a bad feeling that something would happen. Faruja has a bad habbit of getting himself in over his head and ending up hurt." Her tail thumps against the wall. "Assassins and heretics showed themselves, and it ended up with a fight. One of the lead assassins tried to shoot the old priest, but Faruja had to be stupid and get in the way." Her voice darkens then, fueled by anger. "He should have died there, but that chalice healed him."

Which, at first, does sound like a miracle, until Hati continues. "I felt the darkness that the chalice gave off, but he wouldn't believe me. Apparently, your friend Beoulve believes it has something to do with a demon, who's now posessing someone I care about." She growls under her breath. "The thread-seer, Will Sherman, confirmed it as well."
Katyna Kat smirks. "Me? Lost my touch..Heh..Maybe a little. I've been pretty lax, since I'm not really working with VALKYRI anymore, just keeping undercover.."

She listens intently as she continues to talk of her adventures, nodding slowly, "Huh, treasure hunting, hmm? Find anything good? And what about this ever elusive Percival I keep hearing so much about, but still havent met? I hear he's part of VALKYRI now too..Oh yeah.." She smirks, "I guess back when I was Ember I met him briefly. Seems a chivalric type." Just one of Maira's suddenly very large and surprising entourage of guardians and protectors. Being a princess sure makes you popular!

She frowns a bit at mention of Faruja, "Heh, sounds like Faru..So did you two hit it off then? Y'all seemed pretty cozy the last time.." She grins and winks teasingly.."

Her smile fades though, when she mentions that darkness around the chalice. "Huh, is that so? Then..He could be in danger..I'll talk to Ramza about that, havent seen him in a long time.." She arches a brow at the mention of this Will. "Thread seer, huh? I recall hearing him talk about something like that on the radio..Something about some thread attached to the chalice, controlling both him and some Zack guy, that they think the real purpetrators were not members of the heretics, but possibly churchfolk, dressed up and trying to set up Ramza and the others.."
Hati "You should come back. VALKYRI was a good place for you." Hati replies, shifting her weight slightly, her tail lacking the animation that Skoll usually has with his. Though the wolf is still not an official member of the adventuring group, she still lingers on the fringes. Her talk with Avira had settled some outstanding issues, but the wolf still remains an outsider. It's not a fun place to be. "As much as you've screwed up, they do seem to care about you."

Hati pauses a moment when a random passer-by comes a bit too close to them, offering a growl which sends the human scrambling. Sometimes, it was good to strike fear into the hearts of men. "Nothing worth writing home about, a few coins. Something strange about that place, though. Like it has hidden secrets." The lure of treasure is one hobby she shares with Katyna.

"As for Percival... I can't say I know much, really. He came to me looking to try to find a way to defend himself from his own darkness. Haven't had a chance to see just how far down it goes." Hati waggles her fingers in the air, as if this were something amusing rather than something serious. Then again, she had agreed to teach the wayward squire, so that's something.

"Hrmph." The wolf huffs once. "I care about him." She's still hasn't used the 'L' word, perhaps still trying to come to grips with what it means for herself. "I should have ripped the throat out of that assassin." Hati runs a hand through her hair, "But I hesitated... I thought Faruja was going to die, and I couldn't do anything about it." It's one of her frustrations. Her darkness made it so that, more often than not, she couldn't help those she cared about.

"That's what your heretic friend was saying. I don't know how much truth there is to it. I told him that if he can get the evil to show itself, then I'll fight. But I won't go against the Church unless I know it for certain." She laughs once, but it's a sad sort of sound. "I'll likely lose Faruja then. Isn't that the way of it, though? No good deed goes unpunished." Her ears tuck back.
Katyna Kat smiles and nods. "Yeah, thanks. I'll try and see Avira again. Seems I keep missing her. Or maybe VALKYRI's just really busy lately with all the attention the darkness is giving Maira recently.."

She arches a brow at the mention of the ever-elusive Percival. "Hmm, he some kinda dark mage, or something? I guess if you dont learn to control it, it'll consume you. An old friend once taught me..No, showed me that.." She shivers at the memory that Riku once showed her.

"Well..I guess Faruja's lived, and he's okay..But where is that chalice now? I'd like to take a better look at it myself. That will be tough, though, and.."

She sighs and nods, "Yeah, Faruja's pretty darn stubborn. I consider him a good friend too, but I know that if push comes to shove, he'll likely side with the church, should we declare that chalice really IS touched by darkness.." It's a tricky dilemma. "Of course..If it were somehow stolen..."
Hati It was about time that Hati caught up with VALKYRI again. She had promised to show up for one of their adventures, but there would be time enough for that. Right now, with Faruja in danger, she's averse to going too far from Fluorgis, just incase something /else/ goes wrong. "Hrm. I hadn't heard about Maira. Then again, I've been out of the loop on most things."

The wolf shakes her head then, "I'm not sure exactly what it is. He's no sorcerer, but there's something there." With a shrug, she turns her attention back to Katyna, a smirk toying the edge of her lips. "Well, another certain someone /tried/ to tell you that, too. But you were too stubborn. Hard-headed girl." Hati teases, her good mood returning briefly, at least until...

Damnit. "He's alive, but ressurection like that always comes with a cost." Now, the wolf's tail twitches with irritation. Why couldn't /he/ see that this wasn't some great miracle? Maybe it's the demon twisting what he thinks, or maybe he's just been searching for something to reaffirm his faith. "I don't know where it is. I'd check the cathedral first, or talk with your heretic friends." She huffs again, "I've got a lead through Will. He's going to get me something to Scry. See if I can't track down one of the assassins."

The idea of stealing the chalice seems an interesting one - if only for the challenge. She is a thief, afterall. Then again, it might not help free Faruja, and it wouldn't help them find out who is at the heart of it. "Talk with the others. I worry that such an open act might just make matters wose rather than better. If it is some vessal of a demon, they'll probably kill to get it back."
Katyna Katyna sighs wistfully, "Yeah, I really miss going on adventures. And Ramza and them are often on the run too, so I keep missing them too.." Yeah, Kat's been pretty lonely lately, and she's usually pretty sociable, so it sucks big time.

"Well, remember all the attention and trouble Avira got into in Manhattan? Looks like now Maira's getting lots of attention, and trouble too.."

Phew, Kat certainly doesn't run the risk of being a princess though. It's not like she's terribly pure-hearted or lovable..She makes a face as Hati draws attention to her own warnings for the girl, "Heh, well..That doesn't mean I've stopped trying to find a way to be strong, just means I wont be manipulated by others.."

Back to talk of Faruja causes her frown to deepen. "Well...We'll see..I dont wanna make myself an enemy of the church, afterall, they DID help me back when I was down and out. And I still haven't seen proof from the Heretics that the church really IS evil, although I trust Ramza with my life. STill, this Chalice would answer a lot of questions..Just gotta find that elusive guy and talk to him.."

She shrugs ,"As for this Will guy...Lemme know if you hear any news from him. I guess he's also working with the Heretics...But like I said, I'm not exactly sure where they are at the moment.." Seems everyone's leaving Kat behind these days..
Hati "Well, make your own adventures. It's not like you and I haven't been able to find dark places to go treasure hunting before." Hati muses, her eyes wandering back towards the crowd. "Maybe I could do with getting away for a few days." She'd been following Faruja like a ninja for a few days now, and it is getting tiring. How real life 'stalkers' don't get bored, is beyond her. Most of the time, Templars just weren't that interesting when they're just standing around being Templar-ish.

"Maybe we can dredge up some of your VALKYRI friends. Line our pockets while we're doing so." The thought that Maira might be gaining attention like Avira once had is curious. There is a part of her that still considers how much that knowledge might be worth in the right hands. It takes a small growl and a shake of her head to dismiss such thoughts. Old habits die hard.

"I also owe you a spar one of these days. Need to test if you really have gone soft." That's the point when Hati reaches to nudge the Ember knight with a finger, right in the belly. "Best be on your guard, little knight. The big bad wolf can come after you at any moment." Rawr.

There seems to be some excitement from the faithful, but it ends up being some other member of the Shard Seekers coming out, which ends up with the group doing a collecting 'awww' and ignoring them. It has to suck to be living there just now.

"Well, I have Ramza's number, and Will has mine. That's about it." She smirks darkly. "I doubt they're going to let someone like me into their inner circle. Poor Ramza was afraid I was going to call in the guards on him just for talking to me. Hrmph." The wolf huffs again. "Right now, I'm waiting on them as much as you are. Of course... if I find out they had anything to do with Faruja being shot... well." Hati cracks her knuckles, and perhaps Katyna might have some idea of what sort of damage this werewolf can do when pissed off. Afterall, they used to tag-team evil deeds as Ember and Pyre.
Katyna Kat smirks and nods. "Yeah, you're probably right. I'm still looking for clues about Sister Felicia..That reminds me, Jasmina dropped something interesting after we defeated her..I really need to catch up on Emi to see what it was..Maybe TDA has discovered something on it." She chuckles, "What, take a break from Faru? But you guys should totally spend more time together, plan a romantic trip, just the two of you!"

She chuckles and nods, "Well, I'd like to explore this world more, but I'm hesitant to use those dark portals..I've noticed that Riku seems to misfire a lot more, now that he's turned his back on the darkness. I wonder if it'll be the same for me.."

When she mentions a sparring match, Kat beams, "Oh yeah! It's been a while since we trained together, and I've been getting pretty rusty, y'know?" she scratches her head. "Gee, that could get complicated. But..I'm not about to turn against you, even if Ramza wants it that way. But it seems Ramza at least, trusts me.." she doesn't know anything about this Will character, except that he was a bit sharp with her on the radio..And not terribly friendly, either.
Hati "Felicia." Hati just about growls the name, her heckles rising. It's bad enough that the witch had tried to kill her, but messing with people she cares about is enough to earn more than a little of the wolf's ire. "When you know, take me with you. I owe her for my father, and for Lillian, and for me." Her clawed hands clench into fists, eyes fierce with anger that courses in her veins. It's been a long time since she'd been able to let loose the fury that lurks within, and at least that would be a good target.

The thought of going on some romantic trip stops Hati's anger short, causing her to make a confused sound. "I doubt that's the first thing on his mind just now. Besides... if he really is posessed, how do I even know it's really him, anyways?" It's a confusing thought. Though he'd seemed like himself in the aftermath, something didn't feel quite right, either. "Don't ever fall for someone, it's confusing." Huff.

Hati begins to pace, feeling restless. The wolf inside her wants to /do/ something. "It might take a bit longer, but the world is out there waiting to see. As for portals... I'm not sure what to tell you. I'm not about to go cold-turkey on darkness. It's too much a part of me to give up. Maybe talk to Skoll. I've heard he went and got free of his darkness. Maybe he has some advice." She shrugs then.

"All I can do is wait for now. Maybe you can find out something more from your side. If they trust you, maybe they'll at least talk to you. I'm being kept at arm's length because I'm an asset for how close I am to Faruja, but I'm a danger to them." She laughs again, "As if I'm not used to being distrusted. It seems to come with the territory."
Katyna Kat nods with a slight frown. "Sure thing! I'll catch up with TDA and see what they found, if anything. I also need revenge..And..maybe there's a chance that we can see Lord Fessner and Serrak one last time...Maybe..." Seems she has her sights set on searching the farplane one more time for them. If just to say goodbye properly.

She chuckles again at Hati's reaction, making another face. "Hah! I'm only kidding! But I think Faru really is good for you, even if he is a bit of a Zealot. But, I suppose you have a point. If he really IS possessed. Just keep on your guard. We wont know for sure til this Will guy can do a..A reading, or whatever. Meanwhile, I'll talk to Ramza about that chalice. Maybe all it needs is to be broken." Of course that will cause problems but..

She smirks and shakes her head, "There was only one guy I ever liked...And I doubt I'll ever see him again. It's very frustrating that Reize is the spitting image of Razan, however." she seems a little sad at that in fact, and her attraction to Reize, made further complicated by the fact that she knows he has a fiance and all.

"Heh, did he really? He's an odd guy, didn't seem to have any issues with the darkness last I heard..Ooh, he made me this cool keychain!" she points to her sword hilt, from which hangs a silver mickeymouse figure on the end of a chain. "Haha, I guess he really likes this guy for some reason, although I wonder who this mouse is? Doesnt really look like Faruja.."

"Alright, I'll keep you posted once I talk to Ramza, and I'm sure you'll do the same for me. The Church probably doesn't trust me either.."
Hati Though Hati doesn't say so, she has little hope of being able to find her father or Fessner. She knows enough of the Farplane to understand that the phantoms that appear there are little more than shadows, created by memories. Yet, she nods none the less. What good would it do to say goodbye to someone already gone? Maybe not a lot for the dead person, but perhaps she can put some things to rest for herself.

"I'm always on my guard." The wolf replies with another huff in her voice, "But I'll be careful. I somehow doubt it's as simple as trying to break it. Things like this rarely have easy answers." A good number of years working with a one of the Shadow Lords certainly left her with a few insights.

She does squint at the keychain though, "I'm not sure." Though she fought in Manhattan, Hati never met King Mickey, although certainly a number of the heroes might recognise his form in the keychain. "My brother has a thing for keychains, it seems."

"I doubt the Church trusts anyone. If half of what Ramza believes is true, then they very well may be misleading their own. Then again, earning their ire like him and his heretics doesn't help matters." Hati's tail swishes again. "We need to be careful, lest we lose a valuable chance at finding out what's really going on."
Katyna Katyna frowns. "Hmm, if it's some sort of mystical relic that's cursed, I dun' have much experience in that area, but I wonder if Seith would? Oh...Right.." She frowns, shaking her head. Seith was never all that helpful, and now that she'd betrayed the shadow lords, she's pretty sure he'd kill her on sight. She never really liked that guy..

"Of course, if you are still in contact with him, maybe you could ask him for help?" She shrugs. "I dunno much about the church but there ARE good people in it.." she nods and grins, "Heh, I'm always careful, arent I?" Well no, not really.
Hati Seith. While Hati no longer worked for the Shadow Lords directly, she sometimes still did do 'favors' for the armored Elf. She'd had to call in on part of what he owed her when she'd been cursed by Lillian, and the last thing she wants is to end up in debt to him rather than the other way around. "I think about it, but I'd rather not involve the Shadow Lords if I can help it. If the chalice is dangerous, they'll find a way to use it to their advantage."

Hati shoots the other girl a look, a smirk finally returning to her features. "Careful. I'm not sure that's a word I'd used to describe you, little sister." Little? Coming from the tiny werewolf, it is an amusing term of endearment. "But try for my sake."

Her eyes flit to the crowd, which has calmed significantly. It's sign enough that perhaps Faruja found other ways of leaving the building while she'd been distracted. "I should go. I've got boring men in robes to watch for endless hours." Hati rolls her eyes then. "Let me know how your investigations go."

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