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(2013-06-17 - 2013-06-17)
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Clayton Clayton sits in his makeshift camp, a fire crackling in the center as smoke rises through the trees. He stares into the fire, as he is surrounded by the Powerwild Heartless and the giant Stealth Sneak, who is presently curled up around him. The remains of a hunted and killed animal are nearby. He takes a deep breath, as if taking the flames into himself. Otherwise, it was quiet aside from the heavy breathing of the giant chameleon.
Seith A portal opens nearby amidst the dark of the trees, revealing the presence of the same armored elf that had approached Clayton not long ago. In fact, it'd been exactly one day, to the hour. The gate closes behind him almost immediately after his departure from it. Seith is... well... midly surprised by the heartless around, as well as the Stealth Sneak. The man patiently draws a breath, before opening his mouth and stating just one thing;

"Where is the Tiger?"
Clayton Clayton has not slept since then. He turns to regard the armored elf coolly. "Ah, the fair knight returns," he says in his usual baritone. He sounds more confident. "Ah, the tiger, yes. A tough beast, that one." Closer inspection reveals he's sustained more than a few wounds. "I did manage to best it. You'll find it on the outskirts of my camp here."
Seith "I am hardly a knight, I am afraid." Seith answers Clayton, crossing his arms and shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He then casually stares out at the distant parts of the camp. It takes some squinting, but he finds nothing. But then, that's to be expected. When a Heartless is destroyed, nothing remains but some little orbs of green and an alchemy item of some sorts. Seith makes a little handmotion, and suddenly a series of small black rocks float from where Clayton had destroyed the Tiger, back to himself and into his hand.

"Pity." Seith points out, before regarding Clayton. "Fought it yourself? What a waste. Didn't I tell you to command the Heartless?" Still, telling by the Powerwilds around, it seems that you have found 'some' control. Now tell me... Clayton - was it? What... is it you seek to do with your life?"
Clayton "I did. Just my own, not your little pets," Clayton replies. "Besides, I felt the need for a bit of sport. What do I seek?" He stands up. "To continue the thrill of the hunt. To crush the weak and the stupid under my foot. I want to spill the blood of beasts and lower beastmen." His mouth stretches into a grin. "I don't expect many to understand, of course/"
Seith "No, no I understand. The desire to be powerful and prove one's worth is quite common in fact. You are just... further along than most dare to go. Or... are capable of going. But is that really as far as you will go? Spilling the blood of beasts and beastmen? What if I could give you something far more... interesting to hunt? Something far more of a challenge?"
Clayton Clayton's eyes glint. "I do enjoy new challenges. Do tell, old boy."
Seith Seith nods patiently. "There's a boy out there. A simple boy, who possesses a blade unique only to him. A so called 'Key-blade'. It was reportedly that which opened Manhattan. But more than that, he's more than capable of fending off quite a few of those." Seith points towards the Heartless. "I want you to hunt the boy and retrieve his blade."
Clayton CLayton clutches his shotgun tightly. The Stealth Sneak gets up, stretches, and peers its big head over CLayton's shoulder, bugged out eyes moving erratically. "Ah, the most dangerous game...more and more I'm starting to realize how FUN hunting man is. Remind me to tell you all about eugenics, sometime." A Powerwild extinquishes the fire. "But enough of that. Any more 'tests' for me?"
Seith "Ah, I think one test at a time is fine. How about you hunt the boy, and we'll see how things go from there?" Seith grins, smirking. Poor Clayton, and Seith, both have no idea that it is rather 'difficult' to take the Keyblade away from their wielder. But then, how else is anyone going to find out?
Clayton Clayton smiles broadly. He almost looks like a normal human being again. Of course, what the Darkness has brought up from his innermost being is not something you can put back again. "How shall I contact you? Are there...others like you? It's clear to me you are one of those 'Shadow Lords' they talk about."
Seith "Yes, I am indeed a 'Shadow Lord'. Though my name isn't something I am going to give you. Instead..." Seith throws Clayton a small Ma Belle. "This way you can contact others like me. You are a minion - nothing else. Behave like it, for it is easy for me to snuff you out and remove you if I so see it fit." The man points out. "There's however, no 'others' like me. I am as unique as every great hunt." The elf eyes Clayton's shotgun in the meantime. Where'd he get a new shotgun from?
Clayton "Fine. As long as you pay well, too," Clayton remarks. "I still have to support myself. If that's all, I'll be taking my leave. I'll be at the ready for whatever you need...sir."
Seith "I will see that you will get paid for anything useful you bring us." Seith answers him. "But let me make one thing clear. You are never to declare yourself a Shadow Lord, unless we give you permission. Do you understand?" The armored elf then opens a dark Portal behind him, clearly intent on leaving again.
Seith "Don't fail me." Seith adds, before he leaves through the dark portal and lets it collapse behind him.

This scene contained 15 poses. The players who were present were: Seith, Clayton