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(2013-06-17 - 2013-07-19)
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Seloria Delacreaux FIVE MINUTES AGO:

Seloria Delacreaux looks around her clean room for once, satisfied. All of the made clothing is stored away where it won't get wrinkled, all of the half-made stuff is neatly folded onto the table, the ice box got cleaned out, and so on and so forth.

"Right, it's nap time."


Helena Celba Helena taps on the door lightly...


She lets herself in, looking around only to find...a sleeping Selly.

Helena thinks about this for a moment...Sel never seems to get enough sleep...buuuut...

Helena drops onto the bed next to the sleeping Seloria, just staring right there. She could do this all day, because it is hilarious. She waits.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria rolls around a bit on the bed, running into Helena where she's sitting on the bed next to her. She gives a little sigh, opening her eyes when she does so. She peers out sleepily at the other girl. "H'lo, Helly." She yawns, before rolling back over to go back to sleep.


Seloria sits straight up in bed, tangled in her blanket. "Helena?"
Helena Celba Helena chuckles a bit, and the laughs as finally Seloria bolts up in bed. She leans up, hugging her little derpy girl to her and pulls the blanket off of her head.

"SOMEONE isn't getting enough sleep at night, has it been SO long sense we've had a fling, Selly?" She asks, mischevious as she lets go and leans back on the back of the bed, making herself nice and comfortable. "Really, you need to take better care of yourself.."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria gets hugged, looking slightly off-put as she gets de-blanket'd. the young Levitani stretches, shifting left and right even as Helena accurately notes she's not getting enough sleep, nor is she taking good care of herself.

She sighs. "I am /fine/." She declares, reaching out to snatch her blanket out and wrap herself back up in it, comfortably.
Helena Celba "What's on your mind, Sel?" Helena asks...curiously, moving to lay next to her friend slash lover on occasion. Sel is someone she's come to care about, so her health is moderately concerning to her. Her arm manages to wrap around making sure to try and keep the Levitani close to her body. "Because I'm not buying that you are fine."
Seloria Delacreaux "Hmm?" Selly blinks. "Well, actually, nothing, but the fact that I need a bigger bed." She notes, dryly. It's true. The pair barely fit on it as comfortably as they are, even as she eyes her radio for a moment, thne cranes her head to eye Helena.

Eyebrow raise.
Helena Celba "Whaaaat? I can't have other dates." Helena puts a hand on her hip, "Besides, you're off with Draconis...I was pretty sure we weren't exactly opposed to doing other people." She grins, and puts a finger on her nose. "I don't think either of us does monomagy...though I wouldn't mind a large harem of cute people..." She giggles again, "I suppose I could handle such responsibility..." SHe says, "And no changing the subject...what's wrong."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria rolls her eyes at the thought of Helena having a large harem of cute people. Then she smiles and admits, "I was about to argue that we weren't exactly dating, but then I realized you specifically said 'doing other people, which is much, much more accurate."

She shrugs. "Just tired of all the arguing... and wanting Alma to just... you know, be a little more forward and confident."
Helena Celba "Feh, I've given up hope on that." she says, and leans back...maybe a little colder, "She's not my problem, nor should she be yours. She wants things to happen in her own little way in her own little world. She will emotionally abuse people to get what she wants...playing the victim to hide the fact she is trying to be a player."

"It's annoying."
Seloria Delacreaux "Hey, warm up, you warm-blooded mammal." Selly says, poking Helena's side when she goes a little bit colder than she was before. "Sorry for bringing it up, okay?" She nestles closer to the other woman.
Helena Celba Helena hugs Seloria to her, "No it's fine...she's just...frustraiting.." She rolls her eyes, " shouldn't be care about need to worry about you."
Seloria Delacreaux "Sorry, that's impossible. The Delacreaux family has a thing where everyone else but me is obligated to worry about themselves alone, and I got stuck with the worrying about everyone else but myself rule." Seloria notes.
Helena Celba Helena pulls her closer, runnging a hand down her side, "You need to think more about yourself...your wants, your needs...not everyone else. Especially, not ones of divine inspired...that's your power, not it's whims.." She says, soothingly.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria shrugs. "I .. I want to run a seamstress shop, and to do my wants, I have to ignore my needs." She points out. "I can't ask anyone else to help me out, not if I want to live by my qualifier that I do everything myself."
Helena Celba Helena frowns, "Well. that's a thing.." She says still massaging her back, "Why do you wana run a seamstress shop anyway? Buisnesses are so hard to get off the know? Many close down a year or so after getting open." She says, sagly, "It'd be easier to get in with a good company...and rule over the department yourself," she points out.
Seloria Delacreaux "... because I like sewing and stuff." Seloria says, quietly. "I have a natural talent for it, and it makes me happy to make people happy by creating outfits for them that they enjoy wearing. The personalization is a big bonus. So ... I want to own my own place, not just run something."
Helena Celba "Hmmm..." Helena says, poking her sides, "Well, that's something, can get all that without the worry of running the realize you'd spend more time RUNNING it than actually sueing." she points at, "Just because it's not your money doesn't mean it's not yours..."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria sighs. "It's not about the /money/, it's about the joy I give people, Helena!" She explains, her voice soft. "I could care less around the money, so long as what I did made everyone happy..."
Helena Celba "Lets be realistic." Helena says, "Without money, you can't run your place...without money, you can't get supplies...without money you can't live or eat." Helena continues to poke, " can't do everything on dreams alone."
Seloria Delacreaux "Stop poking me!" Selly demands, trying not to giggle. "And I know, but ... sometimes I worry about the fact material wealth is such a gigantic focus."
Helena Celba "Humans, they create beautiful works of art...and then systems of such complexity that they turn into a rats nest." Helena keeps poking. "To get, you have to give...we wouldn't want you turning into Nik on us.." She giggles, "Besides...there is so much freedom to find in the just gota know how the system works...and how to make it work for you to find happyness. Not everyone is like're successful, your beautiful, and your smart...things she is never going to be."
Seloria Delacreaux "Minette is smart, in her own specific way. Maybe she won't be beautiful, but I think she could at least be lovely if she tried. She also is very successful, working for Souji, even if it doesn't look like it." Seloria notes, not exactly a counter to Helena's comments. She then smirks.

"I couldn't be more like Nik if I tried!"
Helena Celba Helena sighs, "Well...things are going to happen son, I imagine. Nik is going to throw a fit, because Nik hates and can not tolerate Souji..." she sighs, "I am...just wondering if you are going to stick with him, or if me...if something came up like that."
Seloria Delacreaux "..." There is a deep quiet, silence for a few long moments as Seloria finally manages to comprehend what Helena is saying. Then she says nothing, her fingers gently fraying the edge of her blanket, in quiet worry. "I ... ... I."
Helena Celba It is an important question, and Helena listens...she doesn't push her opinion, or what she wants, right now...she wants to know what is in Sel's heart. Her expression is interested, but not needy...
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria hesitates. "I don't know, Helly." She finally responds. "I love both of you very much, you know that, and if there's something that means there's going to be a very decisive rift, then ... I really, really don't know." There is a undertone of panic in her voice at the thought.
Helena Celba "Well..." She sighs, "That's well and good, Sel..." she frowns...and pats her on the shoulder once, "But you can't stay indecisive forever..."
Seloria Delacreaux "I know." Seloria says, in a quiet voice. She rests her head on Helena's shoulder, sighing. "Trust me, I know."
Helena Celba Helena pulls her close in, "You mean a lot to me, alright? Just...I can't not stop from my path...someone has to be there for Master Murasame...and I will be. Because I want to.."
Seloria Delacreaux "I know. And I'm not going to stop you, Helena, I'm just in a curiously /bad/ place right now, with my love towards the two that I have." She looks forlorn. "If there was some middle road I could take, well... I'd do it." Seloria admits. "I don't want to lose what I have with either of you."
Helena Celba "...Nothing stays the same...everything changes, everything grows...or dies." Helena says standing up and patting Seloria's head. "You can't go back...and you can't stay in the present..."
Seloria Delacreaux Helena stands up, and Seloria frowns at her. "Are you leaving so soon?" She asks, quietly.
Helena Celba "I thought you wanted to sleep?" She says, turning back to her lover. "Or were you lying to me?"
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria looks down at her lap, then back up and smiles at Helena. "Naps can wait." She says, the smile turning into a grin.
Helena Celba Helena grins, and moves towards the bed again, moving to embrace Seloria.

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