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Princess level Awkward.
(2013-06-17 - 2013-06-22)
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Alma Hyral Tycoon.

In a way the nation was as backwards as Cornelia when it came to what the youngest Hyral /should/ have been used to. Quaint and humble folk, with a majestic, albeit archaic castle. After living almost all of her life in a sprawling continent wide city, and on the hyperadvanced civilization on Chocobo, her world's moon, it should have been that she found the place antiquated, right?

Wrong. The girl found the nation quite charming. While she didn't express it often, the ideal vision of her life was living out some sort of fairy tale fantasy, or a romantic ideal. She was just afraid that most people would find her ideas laughable, and that they would treat her like an even younger child with her head in the clouds.

What she found most fascinating about the world Tycoon came from, however, were its star charts. They were quite extensive, and Alma found she had a great admiration for the astronomers of the world already. She read the accounts on the meteors landing before their world fell, she gathered up what navigation charts from the old world that she could in the marketplace, and she marvelled at all she learned... She had no idea of the eldritch horrors of the void that had spurred on this world's studies, astrology, and discoveries. In this world.. there were rather unpleasant things beyond the stars, but thankfully she had no concept of that.

While she bustled about the marketplace, two Archadian guards followed her at a good distance. They had settled in to the idea that they were following a little girl around in her worldwide travels and didn't complain.. much.. any longer. Especially after they tasted her cooking. Hey, it wasn't all bad!

And so, as the evening sun started to set into twilight, Alma started to finish up in the market, with one last merchant hawking their wares to her. In her arms, she was carrying those rolled up and furled maps, charts, and scrolls in a manner which left them precariously balanced. She never dreamed of asking her guards to carry them, that sort of work was beneath them.

While her youth may have belied it, she was nevertheless the picture of some wandering mage scholar, as she remained dressed in those dowdy white mage robes with a red triangular trim(She'd bought new ones, sorry Seloria and Shida, you don't divest her of such traditions so easily!), her hair bound up tightly in a bun, with her glasses resting comfortably on her nose.
Faris Scherwiz As twilight comes, there is a commotion from those still in the market place, which is lively at all times. Looking around, it is not hard to understand or see why - many of those closest to the woman causing the commotion are bowing or genuflecting towards her.

Sarisa smiles, slightly uncomfortable, although her green eyes do fall on a familiar sight - while white mages are not uncommon here, many do opt out of the restricting and hot white mage robes.

"My dear-" Sarisa walks up to Alma.

"Is that not too much for you? Do you not have assistance for those papers in your arm?" She gives her a charming smile. Princess Mode!
Alma Hyral /OBLIVIOUS/!

While her two guards at a distance may have realized what was going on, they weren't going to contribute to an international incident by approaching..

Alma on the other hand tried to turn around all of a sudden, the hem of her robes swishing precariously close to the cobbles. She tries to crook all of the scrolls, charts, and papers under her arms and between her hands both offering the approaching Princess a shy smile. She obviously had no concept of who she was. The timbre of her voice was nervous even with the ignorance that she was in the presence of a Princess, "Um, w-well.. I w-wouldn't mind the h-help Ma'am."

She tried to take a step forward, and unfortunately this led to her stumbling half a step with a muffled gasp. Which then led to everything in her arms collapsing like a veritable house of cards.

Watching everything she'd bought scatter all over the ground led her to looking down at her feet, closing her eyes, and taking a deep steadying breath, as she suddenly looked very embarassed. "I'm uh.." She immediately got down, and started to gather up the scrolls and parcels before everything went everywhere. "But uh, w-where are my manners?" As she reached underneath the bottom of a stall to grasp one of them, while down on her hands and knees, "My name is A-Alma, Alma H-Hyral. It's very nice to m-meet you."

Her guards might have been facepalming in the distance.
Faris Scherwiz Archades already has enough international incidents going on to cause and/or walk into another one with the land of Tycoon.

It's probably a wise idea.

Faris waves a guard forward - it's a older man with rough looking features who looks entirely awkward in his outfit. (It's actually one of her pirate crew members. They love their captain, after all.)

He kneels down next to Alma and offers her a sturdy bag to store everything in, that way she can carry them herself and doesn't have to worry about dropping anything. Paperwork is fragile, after all, even if they don't know why she is needing it.

"A pleasure to meet you, Alma Hyral. You are a white mage, it looks like." Faris notes, appreciative. She likes white mages, they have saved her butt quite a few times, all things told.

She then inclines her head. "I am Sarisa Highwind Tycoon."
Alma Hyral As the gruff looking older man starts to pick up her things, she just offers a grateful smile to him, "Oh t-thank you!"

She then put the few rolled up scrolls and charts she had managed to retrieve in the bag, before standing up and starting to brush her knees and robes off as the woman starts to address her, "Oh um, y-yes I'm a white m-mage Ma'am."

She continues in this action for a few moments, trying to brush herself off fully before she freezes. Sarisa, Highwind, /TYCOON/?

Her movements were stilted as she looked back up to regard the woman, her eyes widening as she finally seemed to notice her intricate gown, and the crown on her brow and...

Well all that cleaning herself up after being on the ground might have been for naught, as she immediately was back down on her knees, her words now coming out as a nervous rambling mess with her head bowed, "OhpleaseforgivemeyourhighnessIhadnoideaitwasyouandIreallylikeyourdressitslovelyifitsnottoopresumptuousformetosayso."

Her guards were definitely facepalming, from their kneeling position a good fifty feet away.
Faris Scherwiz Yes, Tycoon.

Sarisa looks back at Alma as the girls' eyes widen and she goes up from her bottom, to her dress, to her crown, and then Sarisa smiles faintly, her pale lips curling into a gentle smile.

One of her guards also notices the other pair of guards, and makes a minute gesture to draw Sarisas' attention to them for a brief moment.

"Please, stand."

"Thank you for the compliment, it is a lovely dress, isn't it?" Beat. "I do hate wearing it."
Alma Hyral The expression on Alma's face might have been /<GOOSEHONK> my life/ up until now.

She took the time to try to steady her now frazzled nerves which seemed to be popping and crackling with neurochemicals of pure AWKWARD. And then she stood up, keeping her gaze demurely downcast, mumbling, "T-Thank you your highness."

On her world, while she was considered a noble, there was no real /concept/ of monarchs and sovereigns any longer, so her mind raced to figure out what the proper thing would be to say despite her informal manner. After a short while she finally decided upon just.. being forthright, which probably scandalized her guards to no end, "Y-You're welcome, but if you d-don't like it, why wear it? Is it b-because it's e-expected of you?"
Faris Scherwiz Sarisa nods. "I really, really do wear it because it's expected. My maids all gasp and they twitter about whenever I want to wear proper pants. Do you know how hard it is to wear a dress when you're going horseback riding? Like, proper riding, none of this silly sidesaddle stuff."

"Or chocobo riding too, which is hard even in a regular saddle and pants!"

Sarisa gestures towards the two guards nearby. "Are they yours? They have nothing to worry or fear about, let me reassure you that, on my honor as the eldest Princess of the land of Tycoon, and the heir to the throne."

Oh yeah, not just princess, but /heir/.
Alma Hyral If there were a moment in her life where she might consider actually fainting, this would be one of those times. However, despite her nervous demeanor, she had never /actually/ fainted. Passed out from exhaustion once, but she wasn't such a delicate flower that she was prone to fainting spells.

"I um.. well I do s-sometimes wear pants under the r-robes if I'm g-going to go riding or in c-colder climates.." Wait, why was she talking about that publically again!? With a Princess!? In the middle of the Marketplace!? Suddenly her embarassment caught up to her and she looks rather sheepish, especially now that she knew she wasn't dealing with just a Princess but a future /Queen/, and they were both talking about /pants/.

"Uh, r-right. T-They w-were sent by the A-Archadian Empire to p-protect me. I'm a g-guest under the protection of House S-Solidor, but I c-come from a world named G-Galianda your highness..majesty...highness..." She seems confused on which terminology to use, eventually just settling on highness for now.
Faris Scherwiz Sarisa considers Alma as the girl stammers and goes so adorably confused. She then lifts a hand. "Please, then, come. As a guest under the protection of House Solidor, a house of royalty and nobility, then I shall treat you as one of their own." Beat.

"Your guards as well, my dear."

Sarisa gently lays the hand down on Alma's shoulder, then attempts to steer her to a nearby inn with a secondary common room that the Princess promptly requests for, and then secures off so it's her guards, Alma, herself, and Alma's guards.

With good food.

"Galianda? Can you tell me more?"
Alma Hyral Oh sweet Cosma she was now a guest of Tycoon's royalty, representing the Empire.

This made her even more anxious all of a sudden. Now her actions wouldn't just reflect upon her, but an Empire that was struggling in the wake of a devastating attack.

She allowed herself to be led away, but Sarisa would notice that she was trembling ever so lightly under her touch. Once they're at the secondary common room at the nearby inn, her guards stay at a distance, idly socializing with some of Sarisa's fringe guards. They even dropped the usual military swagger given that they were the guests of royalty, but kept their eye on the Princess and their charge at all times.

When the food arrived, Alma tried to be partake of her hospitality, which she knew would be expected of her, but her stomach was fluttering and she suddenly had very little appetite. So instead she'd pick at her food, trying to keep to good table manners, while taking a bite every so often. "W-Well... I g-guess to start, the H-Hyral family is n-nobility from Galianda.." You certainly wouldn't guess that by her demeanor. She certainly didn't seem like a spoiled diva, but was more a mousey and conservative scholar, "...and most m-members of the family are h-high-ranking clergy in our f-faith, C-Cosma Naturalis. We c-come from a sprawling continent wide c-city known as Ramuha, named for one of the f-first gods whose b-bodies make up the land's.. swathed in c-constant s-storms, fierce ones. You c-can rarely ever see the s-sky." That would certainly explain why she appears to be a sickly shade of pale, at least.

She swallows, before working up the courage to continue, "...m-most of the survivors from my w-world all came from a place k-known as Alexander A-Academy, it was a school upon our m-moon, Chocobo for the 'elite'." She even states that as a /quote unquote/ manner, but without actually raising her hands for the air quotes.
Faris Scherwiz Poor Alma.

"Ah, my apologies, Lady Hyral; so not only are you a guest of House Soldior, but you are also a guest representing your own noble family, the Hyrals'." Sarisa continues to make things worse.

She listens in to this information about this strange, interesting new world. She gets the quote-unquote section; Sarisa-as-Faris has used such a thing frequently to get things across to Bartz and Galuf without Lenna noticing, because Innocent Little Sisters Must Stay Innocent, Or Else.

"How interesting!" Sarisa says, her head tilting to the side curiously as she considers the other girl sitting by her.
Alma Hyral Sarisa might have noticed Alma shrink into her chair even further on the comment that she's representing her own family.

She'd mumble to herself, "W-Well yes. I'm a g-guest of House S-Solidor because my r-research allows me to p-predict the locations of w-world shards.." She states the next part rather gloomily, "...the H-Hyral family..there isn't m-much left of us any l-longer."

Pick pick at the food, take a bite every now and then. "Um..b-but I'm g-going on and on a-about myself. C-Could you tell me something of y-yourself, your h-highness?"
Faris Scherwiz Alma gets looked at, before she nods. "The only people of my family left are myself and my younger sister." She says, in a soft voice. "My ... my father, the King, he disappeared, and we - no one - has been able to find him again." Strange, how the Hyral and Tycoon sisters share such a situation.

Faris settles her head into her hands, stretching slightly as she does so, working out a kink in her back. "I am the eldest sibling. We have no brothers, or other sisters, so ..." She shrugs, thoughtfully.
Alma Hyral The similarity isn't lost on Alma, as she kind of looks down at her hands glumly, "M-My older sister and I are the only m-members of my family l-left. T-The rest...were all lost to the d-darkness. I'm the y-youngest, of my f-family..." The baby, really, though she hated to think of herself as that.

She looked over to Sarisa, managing a sort of sad smile as she too leaned forward onto her hands, "B-Being P-Princess... and Q-Queen someday.. it doesn't s-seem like it'd be a h-happy role for you, given t-that. All of t-that responsibility...and only one m-member of your family left to rely on. I b-bet sometimes you wish.. you c-could just.. get away from it a-all."
Faris Scherwiz Sarisa gives Alma a sharp, thoughtful look. She sees much of someone like a much younger Lenna that she barely remembers in Alma, but she also notices a little something else that makes the Princess sigh.

"It doesn't make me happy, sometimes." She admits, glad her guards are her pirates and not actual Tycoon residents that protect her.

"However, you have to do... what you have to do, even if it's not something that makes you happy. I'm not letting my land fall further, not after the loss of my father." Sarisa says this firmly.

"It's my royal duty."
Alma Hyral Alma has a ruminative look about her as she watches Sarisa. Nodding in turn, she can understand not.. wanting to carry out the duties laid out for her, especially given her sister... Kyra and Sarisa would probably have a lot more in common. However, Kyra wouldn't have cared about her /duty/ any longer, except to other members of her family. Alma..

She nodded to Sarisa, "I u-understand. T-That's why it's my r-responsibility to try and.. f-find the pieces of the w-worlds, to try and restore all w-worlds."

And now onto the other side of it, that Sarisa would also understand all too well, she tried to put thoughts of possibly /choosing/ out of her mind... given that she hadn't exactly had spectacular luck lately, "...and to one d-day be b-betrothed, marry...and to r-raise my family under the t-tenets of my faith." A faith whose tenets she didn't wholly believe in any longer.
Faris Scherwiz "May the light guide your work, Alma Hyral." Sarisa says, softly. "There is nothing more you can do that is more dangerous than to try to restore the worlds, after all ... someone, whoever, whatever, worked so hard to make them fall."

She then smiles. "For a royal heir, I got off lucky on not having a betrothal, and instead.. I have a lovely knight that I've fallen in love with. I believe I will eventually convince the nobles and the commoners that he'll be a good king and husband."

That is /impossible/, in the end. Gilgamesh.
Alma Hyral She manages a sort of resolute look, despite the sort of timid, nervous anxiety in her tone, "I k-know, but it has to be d-done. And I h-have to do my part, no matter the c-cost."

...And she thought she had problems with figuring out Riku. Trying to sell Gilgamesh as a proper king to a nation of stuffy nobles..? Fortunately Alma had no idea who Gilgamesh was.. thus spurring on...

She leans in forward when Sarisa speaks of the Knight she's fallen in love with, one hand under her chin, as her eyes almost look, dreamy? Like she's imagining it, her voice seems a little less nervous, "That is so romantic! I know you'll manage it your highness. After all, if he's captured your heart then he /must be/ a good man, and a charismatic leader."

A short pause, and the anxiety creeps back in, "W-Well...e-everyone keeps t-telling me that I should you know...c-choose, but I'm..."

She looks back down at her lap, "..r-rather hopeless.. t-there is.. someone though...he's r-rather sweet and...has p-promised to try and protect me but I d-don't know...if he likes me, like t-that."
Faris Scherwiz Sarisa stores the act of someone actually calling Gilgamesh a good man and charismatic leader. Alma must really not know much about who she is involved with, if she's ever even heard of the man known of Gilgamesh at all. She finally leans over and pats her gently on the shoulder.

"Everything will work out."

She looks at Alma, her green eyes calm but full of that fierce determination that has allowed her to do everything she has ever done at all the times ever. "I know it will. For all of us."
Proxy-Alma Nope, totally oblivious. The girl really does have stars in her eyes sometimes. Especialy when it comes to romance. Especially since she didn't think she'd ever /achieve/ anything remotely close to romance. She tended to live vicariously through others in that sense.. It's why she meddled.

She offers a small smile to the Princess, but she seems a little...taken aback, she'd only state, "I h-hope so..I'm n-not expecting much..."

She'd glumly stare off into the distance, "....the r-road seems more p-perilous all the time...t-though at least I have f-friends who are w-willing to h-help me shoulder the b-burden."

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