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(2013-06-16 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Emi is distraught enough as it is. She was not really aware she was being used as a spy and especially as it pertains to certain secretive members of the TDA, as in, the people in the TDA Emi largely feels closest too. They ended up paying the price more than anyone. If Feige Abramson cared to, she certainly would abuse this knowledge to the best of her ability. So far, she hasn't bothered Max--but she has a strange fascination with him. It's a matter of when, not if, that she goes after him in some manner.

Same with Will Sherman. She doesn't obsess over him, but he has been a particular thorn in her side. She might be getting determined to end this issue more permanently if she can figure out how.

And maybe worst of all is Isaac. Isaac /is/ going to have to reveal at least some of his secrets and that may entail more than just being embarrassed. She believes the TDA will weather it, but that's not the only issue. What if it affixes them karmically?

So in short, Emi may be weathering the situation with her new 'sister' well, but everything else...

Well she has been staring at her 'sister's' door for the past hour, biting at her lip. She has a lot to think about.
Phantom MARS Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne is not the kind of man to avoid someone just because she might be a spy - especially not someone important to him, and especially not someone important to him in need of him. And Emi...well, Emi is feeling all sorts of guilt right now. So Max...well, Max may not be doing the intelligent thing, but he is doing the right thing. He always tries to do the right thing, even at great personal risk to himself. Like...right now.

Max is very good at not being noticed if he doesn't want to be. It is, in fact, his chief skill; his primary ability, one might say. When he spots Emi in the halls, he stays to the side, silence falling around him like rain; a few moments later, he wraps his arms around Emi and gives her a tight hug. "Bonjour, Petite. You have a lot on your mind, I suspect; would you care to share it with your older brother?"
Emi Dennou The 'spy shit' in Emi is in theory dealt with, but can one really say for sure? More importantly, it could happen again. Every time Emi is knocked out, there's a risk. It's a profound weakness.

Emi doesn't notice Max's arrival until he's nearly on top of her. She barely manages to look up before his arms are around her. She shakes once, tremorously, and then gazes down at her feet.

"Max," She says, fondness only masked by guilt. "We have hurt you." This is not everything but it is a good chunk. She is The Network. She can experience many pleasures at once, but also feel bad about many things simultaneously quite easily.

"I love you, Max." She says. "You make us feel safe. And cared for."

She raises her arms up and then rests her own hands on Max's.

"Again, we've hurt you. We've proven ourselves worse than useless, but hazardous, again." This is clearly one of Emi's major hangups.

"And in return, again, you have delivered us."
Phantom MARS Max wouldn't care even if it wasn't; that's what he's telling her, just with that hug. Max has always been very good at telling people things with nothing but body language; it's another of those skills a very social man develops, especially a man who flows through society the way Max does. Even if she's a danger to him, his feelings towards his sister haven't changed even a moment.

"You have *not* hurt me," Max replies firmly, tightening his hug behind her and pulling her against his stomach, "You were used to hurt me, but you are innocent of all wrongdoing. How could you have known? What choice could you have made that you believe would have made me happy?"

Emi takes his hand, and Max smiles. "And I love you, petite. You are, as far as I am concerned, an irreplaceable member of my family; all of you are, but you perhaps most of all. You are safe with me, and you *are* cared for, and if there is anything you ever need, I will make sure to take care of it."

He turns her around, reaches down, and tilts her head up to look at his eyes. "You will *not* think of yourself as a hazard ever again, petite. You cannot help what was done to you or with you; you are not the one who hurt the TDA. That person will be dealt with...both because of what was done to us..."

"And because of what has been done to you. No one is permitted to hurt ma petite souer."
Emi Dennou Emi does not suddenly flip out and stab Max which--well okay, even if Feige was in control she wouldn't do that, but she continues to behave Emishly so far.

She has thought about it, over and over again. She could have zigged instead of zagged, certainly, but failing in a combat situation--fighting is unpredictable, that's one good reason to be a pacifist all in its own.

"I understand that logically." She admits. "It has not helped me feel much better."

Hugs never hurt, but talking frankly with Max may have the bigger effect. Knowing he doesn't hate her now is certainly a load off, but guilt wouldn't be guilt if it could be logiced away so easily.

She is forced to look into Max's eyes. Uncharacteristically, they are a bit red, a bit wet. Dennous are not known for extravagant displays of emotion unless their name begins with a U or S.

"It shouldn't have been possible." Emi says eventually. "Our brains are still brains. They are simply modified for the purpose of storing and sharing information. While a virus was not inconceivable, I imagined the sort of process neccessary would have been lost with our world. Except maybe Isaac."

And there's no way Isaac helped Feige.

Emi makes assumptions on what Max means by dealt with. She is about to comment when from behind the door...

"Nothing..." Legion BLOT says. "Or if there is anything, I can't sense it..."
Maximilien Max doesn't jump. He's not a man who loses control of himself from surprise; only very, very specific emotional stimuli can break Max's concentration. People speaking usually isn't one of them.

"However it is possible is not the concern. Only that it is stopped, and that none of you - /none/ of you," Max looks meaningfully at the door, "Feel responsible. None of you are. Even if you do not believe it in your heart, you know it to be true, and eventually you will accept it as truth, too. All of you will. You need time."

Max's hand moves for the door. He deftly moves to unlock and open it, without releasing Emi from one hand; then he swiftly reaches out to drag the other Legion into his other arm.

He doesn't say anything about 'nothing'. That merely brought up suspicions and worries of his own. He would probably have to go back inside Murasame Corps and investigate more thoroughly what was done, if anything, reason to alarm them. Not right now. Not when they needed him to be calm and matter how angry he was underneath at Feige Abramson.
Emi Dennou Nothing can stop a Phantom Thief from coming into a room. In fact, the door wasn't even unlocked. Max just locked the door then UNLOCKED it, from the outside, just to prove a point. How did he do this? He's a Phantom Thief, he can do it. This is the sort of ridiculous maneuver Emi can anticipate. What she is not anticipating is Max literally dragging her into the room with the corrupted clone. Her eyes widen in terror. She squirms, but she cannot escape the grip...of PHANTOM THIEF MARS!

He steps inside. Legion BLOT is on the bed--she must have caught some of the words through the door, but not a significant chunk. She is wearing an eyepatch over the eye which was serving as Feige's surveillance feed.

She scooches back on the bed, struggling--she is not exactly in the best shape. Does the fact that she's in a bed make the hug difficult for Phantom Thief MARS? Of course not, he has dexterity up the wazoo. He can take ten on the check to get Legion BLOT in a hugging position without being too awkward about it even while engaging Emi in a huglock.

"W-wait--" Legion BLOT manages. "I don't dislike... I don't know what to feel--" She scooches back--BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH FOR PHANTOM THIEF MARS


Legion BLOT freezes, like someone who just saw a giant bear explode out of a toilet.

Max has given Emi a reasonable comment as to how to deal with her latest issues, though. Namely: Time. She'll need time to get over it. It makes sense. She wishes it was now, but Emi likes reasonable and mature behavior. She gives up trying to 'escape' quickly and hugs back tightly.

Maximilien Max is, indeed, far too fast and far too dextrous; he manages to snag the other Legion into his arm, giving both of them the hug he knows at least one of them needs. He doesn't say anything; he doesn't NEED to say anything. They're cared for; they're loved. That's what they need to know, right this instant; that there is someone in the world who does not care and does not blame them for what happened, someone who only worries for their safety and health.

Why he bothered to lock the unlocked door before unlocking it again is substantially less important in the face of things like that.

Substantially less important.

"This is much better, non?"
Emi Dennou Maybe one day the clone will get her own name, but Emi does not grant one. The others picked their own name and maybe Legion BLOT will pick her own one day.

Legion BLOT's entire mindset was forged by the negativvity within The Network which, while often quiet and hidden, is not nonpresent. Maturity is often about setting aside those thoughts, or recognizing the fallacy in them. For a time, these feelings hit her super hard--not unlike being struck by a mental railgun--which explains the psychotic behavior. And much like most psychotic natures, it isn't entirely gone, even with the insane magic of Isaac--and the great risks taken by Will Sherman.

But there was never anything negative about Max. Not REALLY. Nothing that could reach. So she didn't know what to think. It was an unknown. Uncertainty.

The protests from BLOT quiet down and she settles into the hug. She is too proud or uncertain to hug back, but the terror subsides, her body stops shaking. For what may be the first time in her life, she's at peace.

And she may have even nodded a little to Max's question (she'll deny it). It was so tiny anybody else would miss it, but really--Max is perfectly suited for dealing with women in this situation. At least, he has a lot of practice.

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