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(2013-06-13 - Now)
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Deelel TRON and Deelel had plans, notably they neded to clean up the old Arcade and get it operational once more. Having a job, a function was something they both really needed given as like their makers as they were? They still needed a purpose a function. Also they needed a place as cover for the Laser and whatever system that TRON had managed to get from the Shinra as well.

SO here Deelel was on the main floor of the Arcade holding a mop in one hand, a bandana on her head as she's realsied just how much dust got into thing. Why did things break down so strangely in user space? Also there's like a crate full of cleaning supplies she's likely go overboard with what she's getting here. She fears she may not be prepared or have enough.
TRON TRON took a few days off to have a long, uninterrupted rest cycle. Badly needed, after almost two weeks of tense frustration and little rest. He is actually looking forwards to the spring cleaning and actually looks the part with what looks like a smock over his black body-suit.

Ever get dust in your circuitry lines? He hasn't yet, but doesn't want to find out.

As it stands, he's weaving around the game machines, pushbroom in hand with piles of dust, dirt, and other ancient debris piled high in front of it. He doesn't seem to mind how the dust has turned his dark hair and chosen cleaning clothes into a nice shade of silvery-gray that won't look out-of-place on their... sorry, HIS home Grid.

"You seem confused, Deelel," he remarks over his shoulder fairly lightly, a grin trying to split his face.
Deelel Deelel Lis in a good mood she's made sure all the game systems are operatation still which they are. She was happy about that and she looks over at TRON for a moment. "It's just so dirty, I mean something unused falls into disrepair but ... this?!" She runs a finger along some of the dust and peers at it.

"This stuff is everywhere, like right out of nowhere!" She almost flaikls but is getting to work now. Deelel was dusty at this point and contiuning to work as she talked.

"I just hope we don't make anything go wrong." This is something that's a bit behyond her, her experiances with the arena make sense now she'd played non lethal games for fun back on her own grid before she fell on to TRONs home.

"This world is amazing but even so it's humm has some more things in comon now that I go over my memories... well in comon with my grid. We actually had rain there..."
TRON TRON laughs a bit. "It seems to be uniquely Userspace-related. Not too terribly bad usually, but this place must have been closed for..." He pauses, searching for the appropriate measure of time and falling short. "...Well, for a long time."

His smile strains a little bit when Deelel begins comparing her home Grid with Userspace, and he ducks his head to focus solely on his drymopping. "Was water still fatal in your Grid?" He asks.

He's doing his absolute best to remain interested at best, neutral at worst. He /will not/ allow Deelel (or anyone else) see just how shaken he is at the recent revelations.
Maira Even with the worlds merged as they are, a girl riding down the street on a chocobo kind of draws a lot of attention. But really, was she going to walk the whole darn way? That'd be silly.

She shows up outside the arcade, hops down off Mao, and ties his reigns to a bike rack next to a wide-eyed adolescent with a mountain bike. She gives him a quick, shifty eyed smile, then hurries on inside.

Distraction time go.

"TRON....?" she asks, eyes scanning.
Deelel Also the old arcade games are on there's beeps bos and did someone shout something or another it's hard to tell what the game said.

Deelel meanwhile nods to TRON. "Also the fact things don't ... die cleanly here is kinda creepy. I had to sweep up a whole bunch of userspace grid bugs a while ago. As for the rain no I don't think it was. My phobia water came from you home." She shudders "I still don't like it though after my experiance on ENCOM OS."

she pauses as someone else enters

"Maira! Hey there!"

Deelel would be acting prehaps a bit stranger than las so far as in she has mannerism a bit more like a humans even how she speaks has changed where it flows a lot more naturally in a way a user would be used to.
TRON TRON ducks underneath one of the stairs, where it seems like a whole lot of stuff has collected over time if the clouds of dust suddenly billowing up from that area is of any indication. "My apologies for that, then." He doesn't know what he's apologizing for, but it's reflex at the moment.

Just as it's reflex for him to raise his head at Maira's unexpected voice--and immediately bonk the back of his head on the underside of the stairs.

"Ow." He sheepishly emerges from under the staircase, rubbing at the back of his head ruefully with one black-gloved hand while holding a dustmop in the other. His entire form is covered in silvery-grayish dust from head to toe, even with a smock covering his torso from neck to knees. "Hello, Maira. It's good to see you again."
Maira Maira waves to Deelel, giving him the best smile she can, which sadly is fairly damaged at the moment. She is trying though. She notices Deelel's change, but isn't sure what to make of it right now. So, for the moment, she says nothing and just hopes it will be explained.

Upon seeing TRON, she walks right up to him, filthy or not, and hugs him fiercely. "You too! Always, always good to see friends," she replies.
Deelel Deelel pauses for a moment and boots up some music by turning on the juke box, yes it's seperate ways but have no fear there are other songs on it. She grins a little bit. "Don't worry about it and hello Maria! Are you here to help us clean?!" She seems amused at the hug.

"Seems you been missed Tron."
Maira Maira looks to Deelel. "Clean? Oh, yes. I can clean. I can totally clean. I can clean really well," she replies.
TRON TRON's eyebrows pull together as Maira gives him a big ol' bearhug, a concerned look crossing his face. "Affirmative."

He returns the hug, though not quite as fiercely, and tilts his head to the side. "I know I have not been around as of late, Maira... but has something bad happened?" He knows Maira has been through a lot lately, but he's been too far out of the loop to know details. The fact she's here, though, means that his message got through to the rest of VALKYRI, so that makes him feel a bit better despite the guilty conscience starting to speak up now.

He puts aside the dustmop for the time being, getting nowhere fast with that, and motions around. "Well, here it is. Flynn's Arcade." He grabs a rag off of his smock's sash and tries to wipe off some of the dust from his form. "Not much now, but hopefully that will change." He smiles a bit, nodding over to the stack of cleaning supplies Deelel had gotten. "Take your pick, but mind the dust."

Understatement of the night, Program--well done!
Maira Maira lets go with reluctance, but she has something now to put her fury into. Cleaning. She plans to do it until she's absolutely exhausted or the place is spotless. Maira steps back and shakes her head. "I...I don't want to talk about it right now, okay?" she says, then turns away and grabs a mop. She casts a quick water spell, splashes the bubble onto the floor, and gets mopping, moving with extreme focus that borders on anger.

Deelel Deelel looks at the dust. "I think it may combine into some horrible creature knowing our luck yere." She's busy cleaning off the moniotrs of severl games. She pauses to watch Mario try to get up to his kidnapped girlfriend for a moment before she moves on cleaning and the music has her dancing a little bit.

"Tron?! I'd like to add some new game units before we reopen. A lot of these games will be liked on nostagla but we might want to get some newer ones too to help keep things going." She also saw DDR, your totally doomed people, so darn doomed.
TRON TRON blinks at Maira's response, more surprised than hurt. Must be very bad, then. "All right," he replies to Maira with a lopsided attempt at a smile. He moves the dustmop aside and grabs a broom and dustpan instead, hastily sweeping up the piles of dust and debris before the sopping-wet mop gets to them first.

He can multitask! Really!

"I think you're right, Deelel. Some of the games won't even come back online even with power restored, so they will need to be replaced anyways." He motions over to the Q*bert arcade game in particular, still absolutely dark even though it's plugged in. "I was planning to look into possible new games after we got the building cleaned up first."
Maira Right. Sweeping. Dust. Right.

Maira stops the mopping for now, grabs a few rags, and goes about dusting as if someone has cast Haste on her. She dusts every game she finds, thoroughly, using magic when appropriate and expedient. Indeed, after using some air magic to blast off one of the games, she purses her lips and moves to the center of the room. "Close your eyes, hold your breath," she says. Do programs need to breathe? Probably not.

Maira starts summoning a much larger wave of air, swirling it around the arcade to gather dust in the an ever growing funnel. The inside of the arcade is the sight of a tiny tornado for a few minutes before Maira directs the cloud out the door and into a nearby sewer to deposit the dust.

"There," she says, then picks up the mop again to continue beating the floor with it.
Deelel Deelel says "We should make every effort though to get the older ones working again if we can, though. We migh want ot put some security systems in however. Just as a precaution. We had uninvived visators before. Thankfully it shouldn't happen again we have nothing of value that anyone would want."

She looks at the game and frowns.

"It kinda feels like a world being snuffed out, doesn't it..."
TRON TRON immediately pauses what he's doing when Maira requests eyes closed and breath held, the necessity of such irrelevant, and he does so. It isn't until the double-doors swing open to release the magical dust-devil and shut again does he peek, brown eyes taking in the suddenly substantially-less-dusty main floor. "That helps a lot," he remarks appreciatively, tossing aside the broom and dustpan with more care than it seems.

He nods over to Deelel. "I've already dealt with the security issue." He took care of that back when they first returned here after Manhattan was restored. Kinda goes with his function.

He pauses at the Tapper machine, staring at the replaying 'game scenario' with a frown. "I do not know." It clearly sounds like the thought really bugs him. "I hope not."
Maira "Good," she replies to TRON, otherwise quiet, listening to their conversation (or not) as she mops the floor with barely repressed fury. The air around her is /very/ warm. So much so that the mopped floor is beginning to steam around her. Maira just keeps going. She'll pretend its on purpose. Steam cleaning. Yup.

Apparently, she finds something on the floor that needs to be thrown away, but instead of throwing it away she sets it on fire with a thought and incinerates it.

All the while, she is humming.
Deelel Deelel says "Oh! TRON, Maira I been working on some new songs and It hink I have one i'm going to be ready to share soon." Deelel is noticing the heat and pauses as Maira is being a living steam cleaner that's kinda cool but she wonder does it have something to do with something going on.

"Ah good, facing down LEXUS alone because he wanted something form here is not something I want to do...again."
TRON TRON watches Maira for a time, deep concern darkening his face--but only when he's certain neither female could see him. He does his best to not 'wear his heart on his sleeve' so easily in a situation where he could very well need to be the leader or 'big brother', or at least act like one.

He grins over at Deelel at her news. "Good to hear! I was beginning to wonder if you would return to that sometime." He nods slowly to himself and moves away from the games as a whole, careful to not step where Maira had recently steam-mopped. He does reach over to pat her shoulder for just a brief moment as he passes by.

If the heat is bad enough to bother him, he gives no sign of it.

"Hopefully, LEXUS will never come here again." He grunts as he crouches down and digs around in the cleaning supplies for some metal-cleaner, aiming to deal with the upper level. "Not that I'm holding my proverbial breath, but it's a nice thought."
Maira Maira has begun singing lowly. "As the wind up toys wound down, muffling the sound, of a life hidden underground...believe...believe in me...believe...that you can change, that you're not stuck, we're not the same, we're different tonight..."

She looks up over to Deelel as he says her name, nodding to him. "LEXUS...yeah. Hate that guy," she says, then looks back to mopping.

Upon putting his hand on her shoulder, Maira's skin was like touching a hot iron. She looks up toward him, never being able to hide her emotions. Heart on her sleeve? No, its just flopping about like a fish on the floor.
Deelel Deelel is now taking to mobing about as she does so. "He never will again, I hope. You know he offered me to let me go if I just got out of his way." She pauses, "I told him to go to hell."

She sighs and gets back to humming as she works. She smiles at Maira's singing for a moment. "Some people would call TRON and I wind up toys sadly buyt what can you do."

"Maira.... are you all right? You seem steamed..."
TRON TRON finds what he's looking for and stands back up, readjusting his smock as if he doesn't really know what to do with it. He tucks the cleaner into a smock pocket and walks back over to Maira, lightly grabbing the very top of the mop's stick to stop her furious steam-cleaning.

"Maira. Please, just... tell us." TRON really hates pushing subject matters, especially after she already said she didn't want to talk about it, but he can't stand seeing her like this. There's no hiding his concern at this point. "What's wrong?"
Maira Maira stops, looking to TRON, trying to control herself before she just ignites. Anger seems preferable to feeling like everything was terrible forever. She begins shaking all over. "Just...just messed up. Got....broken up with...just trying not to think about it--really tired of crying, really tired of feeling--tired of making mistakes. Just going don't know," she says, shaking her head.

She tries to go back to mopping.
TRON TRON does his best to piece together what Maira is saying based on what he /does/ know of recent events. He knows that Ang and Maira care for each other--or did, if what Maira says is true. Her emotional state, both what she said and what he sees, is completely understandable given that, then.

So, he does the only thing he can think of--he just gives her a big hug, ignoring the heat outright. "I am sorry, Maira." His voice conveys so much empathy for her, a strong apology for being so absent, and also a small measure of helplessness that he can't just fix it and make everything better again.
Maira Maira stands there and lets herself be hugged, cooling herself down by extreme force of will. She doesn't want to burn him when he's only trying to comfort her.

Maira takes a shaky breath, then pulls herself away. If she stays there longer she's just cry on him--and she really doesn't want to cry again.

"I have to go. I have something I need to do. A place I need to go. I'll just--I'll clean up more if I come back. Th-thanks...keep up the...good work?" she says, then speeds out the door, grabbing Mao and taking off.
Deelel Deelel says "... That odens't sound good Maira and ... i know how that feels about making mistakes. I know how that feels trust me." She pauses as Maira is about mopes about she realises it wouldn't be wise tpo press it. "It's also my fault TRON was unable to be ... around more. Because I went and was glitched about a few things." She watches her friend leaves and then turns back to Tron as she goes back to cleaning. "She's troubled I hope she'll be all right..."
TRON TRON lets Maira go when she pulls away from him, not getting a word in edgewise before she bolts out the door. He barely has enough time to peer out the front windows and catches a glimpse of Mao speeding out of sight.

He rubs the back of his head, his expression still heavily worried. "So do I, Deelel..." He stands at the window for a while longer, almost visibly considering options, before he reluctantly turns away and heads for the stairs. "So do I."
Deelel Deelel says "We'll do what we can for her...all we can do is watch and help if we can. If we meddle too much we may do more harm than good." She frowns a little bit and then turns up the music booting up some DAFT PUNK, which she got from Issac, what has he done, what has that man got her hooked on?

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