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(2013-06-13 - 2013-07-19)
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Maira Maira suspects that Angantyr may perhaps be a little peeved with her. This is understandable. She'd been in a really bad place the day that she'd had that letter from Rena, and she'd somehow missed whatever joking tone was apparently there, for she felt pretty damn silly when she and Perci ended up playing /checkers/. Still, it was stupid, and she's really afraid that she's ruined everything.

Maira had invited Angan over for dinner at VALKYRI HQ, saying she would cook and do her best /not/ to burn everything. She'd really put all her concentration into this, and has decided to make a pasta dish since most of the ingredients just need to be boiled--who burns WATER? Well, she probably could if she tried hard enough...

So there's Maira, getting plates on the table, complete with candles. She's wearing a purple dress she'd gotten from Margaux in Deling city when they'd danced.

Maira looks at the clock, fusses with a few things, then just sort of starts pacing, unable to stay still while she waited.
Angantyr Vespar So...
Angantyr walks from the otherside of the HQ, in a pair of leather pants and a shirt. He looks rather simple, he's not dressed up super extreme...mostly because he doesn't have much to dress UP in. He looks at the table..and then sits down. He's not sure what to say right now...he agreed, but he was kinda miffed still. Not to mention, it was all over a silly thing in the end...

He rubs the bridge of his nose, this was gona be a thing.
Maira Already, this is not going well. Maira gulps as he arrives. L-leather pants. How does anyone get into leather pants!?

He looks like he's still angry. He doesn't say anything. Maira wants to sink through a crack in the floorboards, but instead she serves him some perfectly good dinner that isn't burned at all. She'd tried really hard!

Maira sits nearby and folds her hands in her lap. Then, she starts. "Angan, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking straight at all. I was just...I was completely overwhelmed and I was completely stupid. I thought she actually wanted to kill me or whoever stood up for me--by then, I was pretty darn tired of people trying to hurt me and the people I care about, I just...I had a stupid idea cause I figured, hey, set people against each other, why was stupid, and it wasn't because I don't trust you or anyone its just..." she takes a deep breath, her eyes filling with tears. "I was just really stupid and I'm sorry. I'll...understand if you don' to see me anymore--but you should eat anyway wouldn't want it to go to waste," she says quietly, looking away.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr twitches...

He takes a fork, and starts eating...he is quiet. Looking at her, and then the food. The look is unreadable for a long time, he is trying to sort through his own feelings on the matter.

"Your first idea, is to go to Garland, a person who wants to kill you specifically, over me. You want him, to kill your enemy for you...because that is what would happen. He would kill her, and he wouldn't even break a sweat." Angantyr says, evenly. "It's not even that this was a monumentally /stupid/ idea." he says, looking back down, "The fact you didn't even /consider/ me to help you deal with this. Not once, but twice. At the end of the day, you went to Perci to deal with it."

"You're sending my mixed signals, and it's starting to become trying...ESPECIALLY with what happened before."
Maira Maira shakes her head. "I didn't go to Perci! I went to VALKYRI! Perci contacted Rena on his own--he insisted he wasn't even going to fight her! I'm not trying to send you mixed signals at all! By Holy, don't you understand? I've loved you since I met you!" she exclaims, blushing furiously then, meeting his eye even through the tears.

"I didn't think he would even show up. It was a stupid idea I dismissed--and it wasn't my FIRST. I was /going/ to meet her myself and let her hit me until she got bored, because really, that is how it would go in a duel I was in, but I didn't want anyone to go and get hurt for me! I don't want that to be the reality--damn Souji! He told me--I'm just a mess, making people get hurt for me--that one of these days someone was going to die because I was too weak."

Maira turns away now, reaching up to wipe at her eyes. "I've said I'm sorry. I've found out I have to lose the first friend I ever had--my /father/ as soon as I know he is that because if I don't find a way to sever our connection he'll KILL me accidentally--and I failed Leon. He didn't have enough to live for, I guess--and I just...I <goosehonk>ed everything up! I'm not going to beg you Angan, but if you don't believe I love you I don't know what to do--and if that isn't good enough then I can't really do anything at all."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes a breath.

He puts his fork down and takes a breath...

"Maira. I thought...this was already decided...I thought this was a thing. But...if we're together...I have to keep an eye on you all the time. You wander off, you get into trouble...and now we have a murderious dark demi-god who wants you to die for just knowing me."

Angantyr pauses for a moment, looking at her, "You want to protect yourself, and I respect that...but we both know I am capable of the job too, when it came down to it, you let him take your slot, and you called on the same dark god to do your dirty work."

"I can't baby sit you for the rest of your life. Protecting you from something I have no idea I can protect myself from is a risk...I am unwilling to take anymore."

"I'm sorry."
Maira Maira sits there, dumbfounded, still as a statue and about as colorless. Maira has never been able to hide anything. It is very clear right now that her heart is breaking. "You're....sorry?" she whispers.

"I didn't call on anyone--you weren't there and Perci went even though I didn't want him too--I won't--I won't stray from your side if that's what you want...and you know I won't let you fight him alone..."

Maira is trying not to hyperventilate, but she's just about there. "Are you saying this is over? That it doesn't matter that I love you?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr suddenly is like a thunderclap.

"Enough!" he says, hands hitting the is controled, he doesn't shatter the table, but the dishes bounce.

"Enough." he says, softer, "This isn't just about you, Maira."

"This relationship isn't going to work. You want from me what I can not give you. You are important to me, but...not in the way you want. I told you to go with Percival, but you suddenly changed your mind, and suddenly turned him down for me."

"How am I supposed to respond to that? I thought, maybe, I'd give it a try...maybe I'd work out..."

"It's not. Because get into a relationship there is a certain level of trust I need and I would give..." He breathes deep, "And apparently it doesn't exist between us."
Maira Maira jumps when he shouts, getting to her feet. "Let me speak!" she shouts back. "I didn't want to love you because of things with Avira! Because I was afraid it would hurt her! But I couldn't STOP it! THAT'S what that was about, alright!? I won't say I don't care about Perci--but damn it! This in unfair Angantyr--wickedly unfair. Now you've broken my heart twice and I won't let there be a third! I'm sorry I fucked up and you can't forgive me--that you can't trust me. Fine...just....fine," she says, then turns and just starts to run toward the door. She had no idea where she is going, just so long as it isn't here.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes a breath, he lets her shout.

He doesn't care about being right or wrong. He just lets it happen, and finishes up his meal.

He then goes to clean up, get his armor, and get out of here for a few days.

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