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Establishing Dominion
(2013-06-13 - 2013-06-21)
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The road to Carwen and to other locations is a very busy road in deed. Many traders, summoners, and different walks of life travel this road. However with war in the breeze from other lands, not even Palamecia seems to be staying quiet anymore.

Several dark brown to black horses are armored up and hooked up one behind the other to pull wagons with lumber boards, stones, and even some pieces of metal. Their manes silky black and though they are being used for labor, they are very well taken care of.

It seems when-ever a horse seems getting close to be overworked the foreign man calls over the handler and lets them trade out the steed for a more refreshed one.

Several of Palamecian troops move along with the crews, overseeing the project of a much larger fort that seems to being built along side both sides of the road with a bridge that crosses over in the air by what stakes have been put down so far. Though such a construction is just outside the mountain pass near the main road.

Those who can see the troops will notice most them wear dark, black armor with gray steel. Though some have swords, some have bows, some even with an assortment of knives. It seems many of these soldiers are different walks of combat life. Either being true knights, to archers, to even maybe rouges. For all someone may know, their could even be red mages mixed in this group, or mages wearing armor.

Yet what know one knows is what is going on. None of the knights have spoken, but they are asking people to either stand back for their safety, or having them go along another roadway that has been temporary made while construction takes place.
Karth Mason The news of stuff happening so close to the farmstead causes Karth to have to deal with things himself. He tells his brothers and sisters to not worry about it...after all, these things happen, it's probably nothing to worry about. But with all these cottin' pickin' fandangled fancy folk about, Karth decided he'd give his family some relief and find out what the deal was.

Karth isn't exactly what you'd picture as a famous warior..or even a warrior. Or even famous. Infact, he was only one of these things (warrior). He starts approachin' the gate, hands holdin' a shovel over one hand. On his waist is a sword, it is scheathed, and properly bound, as he starts approachin' the guards.

He is also carrying a basket of honey cakes. "Hey there, partner's. Thought I'd come down and see what the hubub was about. You see, mah family gettin' real nervous with all this hustlin' and bustlin', and with all them crazy cridder's you call heartless about, I'd figure I'd try to put one less thing off their minds."

"So what is it you all doin', besides the obvious, I reckon."
Alma Hyral The situation in Archades had levelled off to the point where a healer could actually be spared. While the first few days, the casualties had ranged from the critically injured to the seriously injured.. now, most of the people who came to the healing tents were the loud, entitled, and minorly inconvenienced. She'd had enough of that.. and started travelling abroad to Mount Bur-Omisace for a break from the relief efforts.

With her were two guards from the Archadian military. That pair mostly kept to themselves, and kept their distance unless something looked suitably threatening enough for an adolescent girl on the road for them to consider intervention. Right now, that was the Palamecian road crews and caravan.

But Alma Hyral did not want trouble, especially with two members of the Archadian military with her. Starting an inadvertent diplomatic incident was not what Archades needed at this time. So she ceded the road for now. She sat back, under the shade of a tree with both men nearby, just watching the setting sun and approaching twilight. She hadn't done any stargazing on the Giza Plains in a while, and she was hoping that she might find one of those famed 'star bits' on these plains were the supposed night of shooting stars occurred, which she presumed were really pieces of meteorites.

So for now while she waited for the crews to pass, she had her laptop out, and put her headphones on, listening to Kyra's latest mogstep video.. it wasn't her favorite, but it was at least worth listening to. After a time, she looked up, to see.. Karth. Huh. She rather liked the farmer from their time on her first expedition, and afterwards.

Putting away the laptop, and the headphones back in her pack, she'd heft the bag and tentatively approach the man, her voice only slightly tremulous in lieu of the nearby road crews and soldiers. "Hello again K-Karth. How's your f-family doing? Did you all like that r-recipe for s-shepherd's pie I gave you?"
"Heartless?" One of the guards states calmly turning to look at Karth. Another one about cracks up laughing before he pulls himself together. It was easy to to tell the one who started to laugh had a rather human eyes behind the helm. Blue at that, but the one who spoke up had glowing crimson red eyes; almost inhuman. "If there are any heartless around we would make a quick dispatch of them."

There was almost a sound of deep hatred in his voice even toward the word 'heartless'.

The guard officer then turns to face the farmer and gives him a quick look over, then down to the basket. "Hm? What is that you are carrying?"

Another voice speaks up from the distance as a less armored figure starts to approach. Mostly wearing leather gear, with a bow strong over their shoulder and a sword at their side. Actually by the voice and by the shape of the armor, this one was female. "Take it easy, Rex. Those look like a gift, more then a weapon. Well, maybe a weapon for your stomach."

She then approaches the two before placing her hand on her hip and then lifts up her hand to lift up the helm's face shield that had masked her whole face. Her face was youthful. Maybe in her early to mid twenties, yet she too, also had those red eyes. "Please don't mind, Rex, young sir. We have had a ton of noisy people come in and due to security reasons he is worried someone may try to destroy what we are trying hard to build."

When Alma suddenly walks up with the two Archadian soldiers the human like one nudges the Rex gently. Rex glances at the two Archadian soldiers almost giving them a bit of a stare down. He then places out his hand making a motion.

The younger soldier then makes a soft tsk sound and then goes to lean against one of the crates with his arms crossed over his chest.

Meanwhile while the 'boys' do this, the woman continues to talk. "So what kinda goodies do you have there, any of them for sell?" She tries to look into Karth's basket with sincere interest.
Karth Mason Karth just gives the guards a grin...oh hey, Alma with some other guards. They seem to be escorting her, instead of...well, locking her up. That's good!

"Oh hey Miss Hyral, and yes indeedy. Sammy really has put that recipe to use sense you and yours moved on," Givin' Alma a big grin. He turns back to the Palamecian guards, and what looks like a captain.

Poor guy, because the first thing he thinks when he sees her is..


"Uh, ahem, sorry Ma'am, don't mean to be rude and all, my name's Karth Mason, me and my family own a farm around these sorta...dropped in the middle of nowhere when the words did their shifty thing, ya know?" he says, not getting it himself, but pretends to somewhat get it.

"We heard about the commotion over yonder, and I'd come to check out what was goin' know, we don't want any trouble and all."

"Oh, I got some honey cakes, my sister done made them, to try and win ya over if my gentle depositon' wasn't enough." he gives her a grin. He takes some out for Alma and her guards, though, and hands the basket to the lady. It's full of one hundred percent safe honey cakes. They are small honey flavored bread pasties.

"Oh I ain't too bothered, he's downright friendly compared to the order of the northern' sky where we come from. Somethin' about not being noble enough. I dunno much about that and all, but somethin' tells me that it's just a buncha folk too afraid to get their hand dirty in real work."
Alma Hyral For the most part, the Archadian soldiers were quite professional.

But they did look decidedly smug, as they watched Rex in the staredown. They considered the Palamecian forces to be amusingly quaint, like podunk soldiers from a backwater empire that didn't even have rudimentary airship technology and look, horses! What was up with that? That the Chocobo was the superior mount was an accepted fact. To their credit, they didn't say anything /aloud/ to incite trouble, but they did lean over, conversing with each other in hushed voices.

Alma looked decidedly oblivious to the military swagger going on behind her, and just watched Karth, "You can c-call me Alma anytime Karth. And I'm glad S-Sammy liked it. I'll have to d-drop on by again and cook you all d-dinner sometime."

Alma takes one of the honey cakes, and starts taking a bite of it almost immediately, trying not to get any of the syrupy goodness get on her robes. The guards take it as well because, /Hey/ free honey cakes, this wasn't a bad deal after all traipsing around the country defending a little girl.

She looks over to Rex, favoring the young man with a shy smile, before turning back to Karth. One of the soldiers behind her nudges the other, and try not to smile /too/ smugly at Rex, while they eat their honeycakes.
Rex eye twitches behind the helm as he continues to stare at the Archadian soldiers. He leans over to the younger solider and whispers to him. The younger soldier glances over with his eyes to Rex, then at the Archadian soldiers, then back at Rex.

Their own face-plates of their helms hid a good deal of their facial expressions but a snerk could be heard forming before a 'ahem' followed from the young man. He did give a friendly wave to Alma though.

The female officer takes the basket from Karth and gives a warm smile. "Well, thank you kindly. I am sure the troops will enjoy these after some hard days labor." She then turns and hands them to Rex with a hard impact of the basket against him, mostly to knock off his attempts to create any conflict. "Rex. Why don't you and Maxus take these to the others and call for a bit of a break, hm?"

Rex oufs softly at the sudden harsh basket impact and glares at the women before he growls, then calms himself. "Yes ma'am." He then motions for Maxus to follow and the young soldier does so.

She then turns her attention back to Karth and Alma. "Right then. My name is Ryven. You are free to sit back and watch the activity, but we do ask you do not pass this point. This is mostly for your safety then anything else." She then motions to some of the equipment, which was indeed very old fashion labor type working items. Yet it got the job done. "We never know if one of the lines could snap or something may break loose and we would /hate/ for civilians to get injured while we are doing this."

Ryven then looks back at them. "Now then, any questions? I can attempt to answer any." She does look over at the Archadian soldiers and raises an eye brow at them. Perhaps they were also directed for questions as well.
Karth Mason Karth nods once...

Well, he isn't getting that Basket back...oh well, Sammy will understand, he hopes.

"Well, that's mighty kind of you ma'am." He says, tippin' his hat respectfully. Apparently she is in charge, so you have to respect this. Pa always said you should be respectful to these people...makes things easier on the homestead in the long run.

Alma dismisses the need to be formal, and Karth smiles and nods to her, "Alrighty there Alma. Well...if yer here, then you ain't too far off from the homestead right now..." he says, and turns back towards Ryven, "Well, Miss Ryven, mah family and I live up in these parts, and we're just makin' sure no tomfoolery is goin' on." He says, "We also thought you might like some tastes of the locals, so to speak," The basket was doing it's job there, "Imma just curious though, what are you and yours doin' out here with the buildin's and all, I mean, besides just makin' these outposts yonder bigger."

"No war or nothin' comin' this way, we hope?"
Alma Hyral One of the Archadian soldiers leans over to the other, and after some surreptitious whispering, one of them seriously has to restrain themselves from actual knee-slapping. The other turns back to Rex, and gives him a smile not unlike the Cheshire cat. And then he takes a sloowwww bite of his honeycake, as if it were part of some private jest between the two Archadian men. When Rex and Maxus walk away, the other soldier that wasn't smiling actually waves to them.

Alma considers Karth's words, and nods, "Well we did n-need a place to stay for the n-night. And camping out on the p-plains could be a little dangerous... would you m-mind terribly if we dropped by?"

Alma would nod to Ryven, "V-Very nice to meet you ma'am."

Karth asks the question she has on her mind, and one of the soldiers behind her, gives Ryven a far more genuine smile. <3 Apparently he had a thing for the strong officer types.
Ryven smiles warmly and places her hands behind her back as she stands at attention. "It is possible war may come out this way and though our city is well fortified, one can never be to secure when it comes to the protection of her people."

She then gets a bit more of a serious face. "We also tend to aid Carwen when the town becomes attacked by outside forces, such as Heartless, as such, this fort is not only for our own added protection, but so we can move quickly to aid Carwen if they require us."

Her red inhuman eyes look to the Archadian soldiers. "After all, no one wants to be caught open handed when two large front could be soon be clashing upon blood tides."
Karth Mason "Aw, not at all Alma." Karth says, scratching the back of his head, missing the exchange between Ryven and the guards.

He turns back, thinking about this, "Well, I done reckon that makes sense. Well, if you all gona be out and about more, we wouldn't mind helpin' you all protect the country side a bit ain't much, but the homestead's pretty large, all thing's considered. I'm sure you solderin' folk would like some fresh food and maybe a homecooked meal from time to time." he pauses, "Hmm...done reckon' I could convince Casey to start seein' about goin' towards yerall neck of the woods to do some tradin'. Ain't my thing, Casey done run the buisness side of the farm, I just help out from time to time...keep the farm safe from monsters and all that too. Ma says I take after pa in that way."

"It'd be good to have some extra protection' out here.." he nods once.
Alma Hyral "W-Well thank you Karth." As she turns back to Ryven, "It m-makes plenty of sense. The p-people do need some stability, it's a time of great u-uncertainty."

The two soldiers just stare at Ryven now in an almost stoic manner, some of the warmth going out of them. They were.. rather prickly about the subject of coming blood tides, else they might have made some sort of bad joke about it.

She gives Karth a nod and a smile, "Your f-father must have been a great man. You t-talked about him all the time when we w-were out adventuring."
Ryven then looks away from the Archadian soldiers, peering over to Karth. "Ofcorse. We always welcome the help if those are willing to lend us a hand, though we will have to ask for those who do to keep some distance unless they are with one of our men."

"Safety reasons. You never know who could be a spy after all, but you seem to have a good heart. Both of you." She gives a nod of her head. "I do hope it serves you well."

Her eyes then watch the two talk a bit, falling silent for a moment as she lets her thoughts wonder.
Karth Mason Karth nods a bit to Alma, "Yup, he was. He was an adventurer when he were young. Ma says I take after him...with what the adventurin' and the Mark huntin'. Gota pay for medical bills somehow, and a farm don't exactly make the big bucks. At least we don't gota worry about food much."

Poor, but he isn't too worried about it...

"Aw, shucks. Thank you Ma'am. Ma and Pa just done raised me and my brothers and sisters right I dun reckon." He says, scratchin' the back of his head. "I understand too ma'am. Be dangerous times..." he says with a nod, "Well, I dun reckon' my concerns be eased...good to see Palamecia concerned about others welfare...good people, I reckon'."

Alma Hyral "Sounds like he had a lot of w-wisdom to pass on too. You seem to have a story from your Pa for e-every situation." Alma actually frowns, her expression becoming inquisitive, "What's this a-about medical bills though? A-Anything I can help out with?"

She'd nod with Karth, over to Ryven, "T-Thank you Ma'am. And it r-really is nice to see that you're s-setting a good example for the other nations out t-there."

The two Archadian soldiers just continue to stare stoically, oblivious to any secret alliances that may or may not exist between any aggressor nations, and anyone else.

Nope. Nothing IRONIC about this at all. After all Palamecia has been pretty quiet over here on this side of the world. They just seem to be minding their own business. Yeppers.

"We of Palamecia love our country and our Emperor. We will do whatever we must do to protect our country and a fellow country-men." Ryven seems very proud to say that. Soon Rex and Maxus start to come back as Rex glares right at the two soldiers, before he leans against the crate, forcing Maxus this time to stand.

Ryven then continues with a tilt of her head. "Money troubles you say?" She then shifts her weight before she taps her index finger against her chin thinking. "Hmm. Well. If you are willing to work, perhaps we can hire you for your services? You seem like a pretty strong lad."
Karth Mason Karth rubs the back of his head, he doesn't like getting people involved in his problems, "Well, the doctors say that Ma's got a illness...we're tryin' to get money up to get her properly treated like, cuz basic White magery ain't seemin' to help her I go around doin' marks and general adventurin' to help get some extra funds when the farm can spare me." He explains to Alma, "She looks fine most of the time, but sometimes it gets real bad.." He frowns. "I don't mean to be troublin' ya this bad buisness...the docs say with enough treatement she'd be fine..."

He turns back towards Ryven, "Well, that'd be mighty kind of ya, and yes, I do like to think I'm a bit strong. I ain't no Hercules now, but I can defintely do my fair share of heavy liftin'." he says, with a nod. Despite the situation and the subject matter, he seems pretty high spirited about it all.
Alma Hyral She considers the problem for a time, before nodding to Karth, "Well.. d-depending on what t-treatment plan the physicians lay out for her, you m-may want to see my s-sister. Not for w-white magic necessarily but she's a genius when it comes to brewing alchemical or b-bioengineering other solutions. She might be a-able to find a cheaper alternative. I don't know w-what sort of treatment she needs, though, what sort of illness she has.." She sort of gives him a helpless frown, "If w-white magic were the solution, I'd offer whatever a-aid you need, free of charge. But I'm g-glad to hear that it's nothing terminal."

She'd glance towards Ryven, "I can sure a-attest to that. He can also r-really handle himself in a fight if trouble comes. He was a-amazing with that shovel of his. I watched him k-knock the leg off a zombie wyrm with it."
Ryven smiles and gives a nod as both Karth says his bit and then Alma says hers. "Well then, sir, if you are interested in helping out. I will need to speak to my commanding officer, but I am sure he will be glad to have more people on board for this."

"I am even sure the Emperor will be glad of such things."

Rex then hrmphs softly before he speaks. "He is just a stable boy. He probably be more useful for helping the horses."

Ryven turns around to look at Rex, a glare in her eyes and those who may be sensitive darkness may pick up a slight flare of it in the air.

Maxus however walks up to Karth with a smile, "Did you really knock off a zombie wyrm's leg with a shovel?" His eyes seem very wide behind that helm. "That is amazing!"
Karth Mason Karth is as sensitive to to darkness as anyone else.

Which is to say, not really.

"Aw well, The trusty shovel here has served me well...I think it's a bit disrespectful to use my sword if I don't have to, to the blade. It's...the only think I got left of my pa ya see." he says, scratchin the back of his head, "It's a good blade, and I'm just holdin' it for him." He nods again. He'll see him again, and then he can give the blade back.

He shrugs, "I'm pretty good at that too," he says towards Rex, "Though I ain't done handled these strange fangled horses before...we got mad ponies from where I'm from...dangerous little buggers...saw one kick a guy's face in once...ain't pretty." he pauses, "If they anythin' like Chocobos, then I know how to handle them, that for sure."

He pauses, though, as Maxus asks him a question, "Ha ha, sure did. These guys got me into some adventure or somethin', and this mean old undead dragon came out of nowhere...sucker was big too, smacked it good right in the leg, sure did. Fell right off. Done helped make the world a bit safer, or that's what them smart kids from the adcadomy say."

"'Twern't nothin, they even paid me."
Alma Hyral Alma gives Rex a critical look, pushing up her glasses on her face, then she mumbles with a quiet voice, mostly to herself, "Then C-Cosma help you if you're ever invaded by stable boys..."

Alma had seen what the sword could do, but she didn't bring it up because she felt it'd be just as disrespectful, she just smiles at Karth and nods, "...You seem to do just f-fine with a shovel anyhow. You're definitely d-doing your father proud."

She grins at Karth, "Y-You know, we're planning another e-expedition again in the n-near future.. probably shouldn't give out all the d-details yet, but I bet you can make some good c-coin off it if we're successful. You should b-bring a few fishing poles with you t-though. It's in a desert after a-all."

The two soldiers behind her seem to be sizing Karth up, respectfully, as if trying to decide whether they could take him in a fight. They seem to have decided, for the sake of their pride that they could, even if they'd never fought a zombie dragon. It's likely the foot was already half-rotted off and that the whole dragon collapsed to pieces in a single blow.. That's what they're telling themselves at least.
Rex raises an eye brow. "A choco--what?"

Maxus glances over to Rex. "They are these massive yellow birds that run as fast has our horses."

Rex snorts then. "Sounds like something that would be good to..OUF!" Rex was quickly cut off as another soldier comes up who elbows him right in the side and Rex nearly falls right over from where he was leaning. This man was also rather armor and he too, had red eyes. Many officers hanging over here in this corner.

Beyond Maxus. He is the only normal guy.

Maxus then grins as Karth explains his story, seeming to be eating it up. "That is amazing! Oh wow! I always wanted to take on a dragon!"

Ryven looks over as the other officer joins them who seems to be the quiet type, only staring at Alma and Karth, before his eyes trail over to the Archadian soldiers, which the new individual gives them a nod.

Ryven slowly lowers her hands down to her side. "You will have to forgive Rex. In our original world, we did not have these birds of fancy called Chocobos. We only have our steeds and I can assure you, they are not mad. Palamecian horses are very noble breed and a great for many forms of work. Though they are mostly used as war horses."

"They have been bred for not only great strength to handle their riders, but also great endurance and speed. Fine breed of horse they are and yes, we are very proud of them." She laughs gently, before she reaches up to put down her face helm once more which almost gives her a slight demonic look with it down. The lack of armor and more leather also didn't help with this look. "But again, your family has nothing to worry about. Palamecia, though our Emperor be a man of great magic, is a man who wishes only the best for his people-- unlike his father before.."

There was a pause there in her voice. ".. so we do what is best for our people even those near our borders. If you so wish to help us for a little extra gil, please feel free to contact one of us. I will indeed speak to our main commanding officer regarding it in advance."

Rex and Ryven then leave. With Maxus soon behind them, leaving now the one silent officer knight who seems to be studying both Alma and Karth; including Alma's body guards.
Karth Mason Karth nods a bit..

"I have to check your stables out sometime...that sounds interestin' as all get out." Though he doubts they have the money to get into such a buisness...these things have a HUGE initial investment....though he was thinkin' of checkin' out that ranch he heard about, for Chocobos.

"Really? Chocobos..."

Karth heards it, but he only nods...seems kinda of rude to say anything bad about a guy's father...mad or not. "Well...I reckon that I'll have to take you up on your generous offer then, Ma'am." he says, and grins at Maxus, "Dragon's be pretty dangerous and all, though I ain't gona call myself a dragon-slayer yet...gota wait for a alive one first." he nods.

"Thanks for all your kindness ma'am. Hope to see you around more often, be careful!" he says, still fairly positive about the whole situation, he turns towards Alma, "Well, you dun said a lot of fancy words about helpin' ma, lets go back tot he homestead then!"
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral screws up her expression as she considers a world without Chocobos. She wasn't but an amateur rider herself, but she just couldn't imagine riding without those soft feathers for a cushion surrounding the saddles. Horseback riding seemed like it'd be rough on a person. Even so she just nods politely to the evaluation.

She groans slightly when Karth mentions waiting for a live one. "Yeah I'll p-pass on the live dragon slaying."

After Karth tells her to follow, she does so, with both guards in tow. "A-Alright, I think I'll cook dinner tonight for your f-family. Least I can do for p-putting us up for the night."

The Palamecians certainly seemed like nice folk. Certainly nothing suspicious was going on here at all.

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