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(2013-06-13 - 2013-06-13)
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Maira Saying it is night time in Traverse Town is like saying water is wet. The sky never changes here, save apparently when Isaac was around to work his magic. Boy, that had really been something.

This evening, Maira is just hanging around relaxing at HQ. She's just finished doing a bunch of chores, flopping onto a couch and picking up her knitting. She's working on a sweater it appears, for someone fairly large. Dark green in color, a soft wool yarn. She appears to be alone, though there may be others in HQ sleeping or going about their own business.

Maira yawns and looks toward the door. Hmm...wasn't Ulharisk going to come over? What time is it? So tough to tell here!
That was kinda of Ulharisk's problem lately. One place had one time. One place had another time. For his people, there was not even a thing known as time! There was the sun, the moon, and the ring of the bells. There was no minutes or seconds. So for someone from such a society to be in a society that runs of clocks, it was-- not easy to adjust.

At last though there was a knock on the door.

The young draconian stands there outside with his hands at his back and his head canted to one side a bit. His violet eyes stare at the door, before he raises a brow gently and then speaks up, "Maira?" Like she could hear him past a door.
Maira Knit knit knit, needles moving swiftly, clicking softly. Then, the knock comes and Maira sets it aside, scurrying over to open the door, smiling brightly at the expected guest. "Ulharisk!" she greets, springing forward to give him a quick hug in greeting. Maira is a hugger, it is just a thing that she does that he probably should get used to.

"Come on in Ulharisk! Would you like something to drink or a snack? I just went shopping."
Ulharisk oufs softly and smiles at Maira sudden hug. He returns it and then gives a soft nod. "Yes please. On both, or-- you could just point me to the kitchen I could--" He stops himself there thinking about that for a moment. "No. No. It is probably better you do it. I probably will break something or set something on fire." There was a sheepish grin on his face as he rubs the back of his neck.

He looks around the place and hrms softly. "I see everything is getting back to order." He might follow her. He may just stand around. "By the way, last time we talked, um, you didn't sound so well." He frowns a little. "I.. know you were talking about Princess of Heart and.. some other things.."
Maira Maira moves into the kitchen and fixes Ulharisk and drink and a snack, getting out a whole bunch of things for him to choose from.

When he says he'd likely break things or set them on fire, Maira giggles and looks toward him over her shoulder. "Funny, I have that very same problem!"

She sets out an array of things on the table then motions for him to take a seat.

"Heh...I think I'm a bit better, though I still have some things I need to deal with....but I'm trying to keep my head together, you know? I wasn't in a good place, but...I think..." she shrugs then, sitting. "I'll figure it out, and I know I'm not alone. Have to keep hope."
Ulharisk takes a seat as well and chuckles. "Well, in my case. I be more worried my lack of understanding how such things weave the mana as they do to function." He then reaches over and snatches some things to munch on.

He does pause between however to speak. After all, food in mouth while talking to rude kids! "And yes, one should never give up hope. For we were to give up hope, then we would be surrendering to those who want us to just, well, lay over."

The draconian hrms softly in thought. "I for one still hope I will find one of my people. Just one.. and it would be worth all the long bells in the moon's light." He then glances off to the side a bit. "I know, somewhere, they are out there." He then looks back at Maira. "Just like I have faith and hope that you will figure it out and that you will overcome this."

"After all, we did survive that one massive attack from Whe'ir's followers, or allies, or whatever they are." Pause, "Right. Shadow Lords." He goes back to eating a bit as he ponders over some things, he then reaches over for a cup of water.

"Oh, while I've been away from your side. I ran into a human like creature called a Goblin. He was extremely friendly. His name was Buggabix. I told him to go here to Traverse Town for work. I lead him to the portal-- so.. hopefully he did make it here alright." Ulharisk glances off to the side. " seems he may have had a bad experience with humans from the world he comes from."
Maira Maira nods in agreement, smiling softly. "Yes, I think they would like for us to give up, wouldn't they? Well, I'm not going to. I just hope I can...make wiser decisions, I guess," she says, looking sheepish.

"I hope you will too Ulharisk. I didn't think anyone survived Midgar, but more than a year later I heard that people did, and met some of them. This world is big, bigger than I know yet. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for dragons," she says, winking.

"A goblin!? ...Huh. We'll have to introduce him to Mateus," she grumbles. "Well, I'll keep a look out for him too! Hopefully he won't assume I'm one of those...bad humans?"

Maira looks around then, pursing her lips. "Ulharisk....why don't you join VALKYRI? We'd love to have you. I talked to Avira about it already."
Ulharisk raises an eye brow. "Why would you give him to Mateus?" His brows furrow. "Mateus is not someone who can be trusted." Sadly, Ulharisk has never seen a Labyrinth or any movie before. He may attack a TV if he did.

"And join.." He pauses at that and then glances off to the distance before. He puts down the cup and seems to cup his hands in front of him, resting his elbows on his legs and then his chin in his clasped hands. Seeming to be thinking about this.

There was a bit of silence before he closes his eyes and gives a gentle nod of his head, before he opens his eyes and looks at her. A small smile on his face with a soft glow in those draconian like eyes. "Why not. You have all been kind to me and it seems we all share a common goal to remove the Shadow Lords. So I can not see any reason to /not/ join."

Ulharisk then chuckles. "Why would I say no, hm?" He then munches one a few more things. Nom. Food. So good!
Maira Maira giggles softly then, shaking her head, tossing her red-gold hair about. "No no I was kidding! I would not actually do that! It was a joke...there is a movie with a character named the goblin king. He looks a great deal like Mateus. He's a singer and actor from Avira's world. We both adore him."

When he answers that he will join, Maira smiles brightly, clapping her hands. "Awesome! Great! We're like a family. You can live here. We have more rooms now, for privacy. And we have a /really/ nice bath tub. Big. You'll fit no problem! Me and and Avira fit together so you shouldn't have an issue."
Ulharisk raises an eye brow though there is a soft, amused smile on his lips. "I have no problem fitting huh? You saying I'm fat?" He then laughs gently, before gulping down some water and then leaning back against the couch. "..and.. having a sense of.. community.. family.. would be nice to have again. I haven't had that since I arrived here really."

There was then a beat pause, "..also what is a movie?"
Maira Maira laughs. "No! But you are tall! Most tubs are little!"

Maira nods, smiling softly. "It is really nice...since I was young, I really haven't had anyone but Uist...then I met Avira and the rest is history I guess," she says. Her eyes soften and grow sad as she mentions Uist. A problem that really needs to be solved.

"Oh you haven't seen a movie! I'll have to show you one!"
Would this be a good time to tell her for his people, he is kinda a short male and that females tend to run close to his height? Naaah. He let her just think he was tall. Yep.

"Haha. I see." He then notices her face become sad and he frowns a little. He then gets up and gives her a hug. A nice, warm, friendly hug. He then takes a careful step back placing his hands on her upper arms. A warm smile crossing his face. "Thank you, Maira. I really do appreciate it."

He then goes to move his hands away and then gets a sheepish grin and scratches the back of his messy blue hair with the red streak. "And um. I guess so! Though what does a movie comprise of?"
Maira Maira accepts the hug, smiling gently as she returns it. "Heh. It will be good to have you here! We all share a goal, we have to stick together."

"Well, a movie is...hmm...its hard to describe. Did you have like plays acted out by people to tell a story? It's like that, but its filmed and you see it on a see people and they act out a story. Its like reading a book, except more visual! Its really cool, though you might be a little freaked out by it at first," she laughs.
Maira then attempts to explain to Ulharisk what a movie is. He nods gently at the Theater part and then shakes his head slowly at the rest of the explanation. Something got miss here. "I do know what a live play is. Sometimes those who could not make Guardianship and those of the village would get together to display such things in order to demonstrate points in our history."

Ulharisk smirks. "Though they were mostly done comically for the hatchlings."

The draconian hrms softly, closing his eyes. "And what is a film.. or screen?" He then opens his eyes. "and I am guessing books.. books are like scrolls right? Bound together?" He then tilts his head to the side. "I have seen a few books in my time, but they are very few as it was only the generation before my father that discovered ways to make such a thing from scrolls."
Maira Maira sighs at her inability to really explain it well. "I'm just going to have to show you, nothing more to it. We'll have to head to Manhattan. We can see a movie there. We could probably even go to the theater! It's...well, once you understand it, you'll understand it. I'm just not very good at explaining," she admits with a shrug.

"I guess your world was really magic heavy huh? Its so strange how all the worlds have come together...Midgar was a lot like Manhattan. Palamecia...seems more like more medieval places. I think I'll have to go there again, get to know the people...goodness...maybe I have family I don't know of," she says, eyes widening suddenly at the prospect.
Maira "Oh! And you have your ma belle right? Let me see it and I'll plug in the VALK frequency," she says, extending her hand.
Ulharisk raises an eye brow. "Why would you want to go back to Palamecia? You already know your life could be in danger there, so why would you jeopardize it?" There was a soft sigh, followed by a gentle nod. "But if you do go.. then make sure to take someone with you, alright?"

He then places out his hands and whispers a few soft words. Bit of blue light dances around his hand till it suddenly forms the very device. He then extends it to her. "This is-- what your asking for, correct?"
Maira Maira shrugs some. "He let me walk out before...he wants to keep me safe, for 'his' kingdom. But if Uist had family...I would want to meet them. I never thought I had a family. Its worth looking into," she answers.

Maira takes the ma belle with a grin and begins programming the frquency in before she hands it back. "There! Try it out."
Ulharisk frowns, but nods. "Just-- becareful when you do, alright? I don't think any of us would forgive ourselves if something was to happen too you. I did make a promise to Percival I would also watch over you as a fellow guardian." He gives a sad smirk. "..though I have been doing a horrible job at that."

Ulharisk then places the device up to his ear as he gives a sigh, then taps it on gently. Oh boy. Now what has he gotten himself into?
Maira Maira shakes her head, sighing. "You don't need to be my /guardian/. We're friends, and I would do the same for you! ....Not that you're all likely to be a princess," she adds with a giggle.
Ulharisk raises an eye brow and smirks at Maira. "No. Your the princess. I am just the Draconain, though I guess-- though I blew it off last time.. I would be the dragon."

He then clasps his hands together. "Sorry for hiding that from you. After what Percival said about dragons, I figured it was better to just keep it hidden and at the party when they called me that, I was trying to.. you know.. keep it from getting to crazy."
Maira Maira laughs brightly. "Oh no! Are you going to lock me in a tower? Oh wait, we did that already," she replies, reaching for an apple to munch.

"Don't be sorry, you didn't know. I can understand. For the record though, it is totally awesome and you shouldn't worry about it at all. I'm pretty sure the world will agree!"

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