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(2013-06-12 - 2013-07-16)
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Hati In the wake of what had happened at the Church, Hati had been given care of a certain mumbling, and later unconscious mouse. Perhaps she should have ended up like the others, under the eye of the Inquisitor, but perhaps she is a bit more intimidating than the green-haired girls of the network. So, rather than leaving the Burmecian in the hands of the Church, who had already proved how useless they are at protecting anyone, she'd gone the only other place she knew: Shard Seekers HQ.

Since he was a member of the group, as was her brother, it seemed a safe enough bet in her wolfish mind. It unsettled her, though. Enough that she preferred to stay in her wolf form rather than human - that and a distinct lack of clothing to change into after her impromptu shift at the Church. She had darkness enough in her to know when something didn't feel right, and yet she can't quite put two and two together about what had occurred. It is the downside of not being a member of either of those warring factions - neither Heretic nor Holy.

After a while, she does finally settle beside the mouse's bed, curling so that her head can rest upon her paws. Sleep won't come for her, but in her wolfish mind, she replays over and over the events of the night, perhaps the worst of those most graphic in her vision. A tongue bathes over one paw, which rubs at her eyes. Nope. Whatever pain or worry those memories bring, she tries to push it away like all weakness. Her father's voice ringing in her ears, drawing a faint growl and a swish of her tail.
Faruja Senra Slowly, Faruja opens his eye. His waking comes with a heavy gasp, as though once more surprised he's even alive. Last night had been close. /Very/ close. Memories, fuzzy as they are, of the shooting and the ensuing miracle flood back. A hand goes to his necklace, the Templar shivering at the enormity of it all. Rare is it even for a Templar to witness the power of their God. Part of his mind wants to deny what happened, but he knows in his heart it's all very real.

He's not alone. Blinking, he turns to the familiar werewolf beside him, looking particularly wolfy today. "...Hati?" Comes the rat's tired voice. Though mended in body, being forcibly brought back from the brink of death is utterly exhausting. Trying to stand is a chore, the rat looking ready to tumble off of the bed even as he reaches for the wolf.
Hati The werewolf lifts her head at the sound of movement, ears perking against the strange color of blue that tints her fur. It snaps her from her own thoughts as she looks over to the mouse taking hold of his necklace. She'd left behind the cross that she had been given, it hadn't been a high priority at the time. She scrambles to her feet, claws clicking on the floor as she moves forward, nudging him to sit back down with her big, furred head. "For once in your fool life, Faruja... sit down and rest."

As harsh as the words might seem, Hati doesn't appear to be angry. It's hard to tell expressions on that lupine muzzle, but she does that whole canine thing where she sets her overly large head right against his lap so that he'd have to move it in order to get up. It's a silent way of saying: 'You. Stay'.

"If you so much as think about doing anything but eating and resting for the next oh... twenty-four hours or so... I'm going to tie you to the bed." She huffs then, "And not in the fun way." Her tail thumps the ground, mismatched eyes looking up towards him, ears slicked back.
Faruja Senra Faruja doesn't have the strength to protest as a wolfy head and a firm voice has him laying back down. Forcing himself to relax, the Burmecian reaches down to lay his hand upon her head, scritching between those folded ears.

"Hardly do I desire rope burn. It seems I shall resign myself to thy tender care, my dear, dear wolf." Comes the light attempt at humor, before the Burmecian.

Falling silent, a moment, he shakes his head. "Forgive me, Hati, I was reckless." He could have died.../would/ have died. The knight hadn't thought at the time. He acted upon his duty, and a desire to save a fellow member of the Faith. Who knows if Barnabus would have survived if he'd been any more cautious.
Hati Once he lies back down, Hati shifts her head to rest on the edge of the bed, watching him with wary eyes. Though she did not understand much of what happened, she knew that /something/ had happened, and that was enough. The touch upon her head does seem to calm the girl, though, drawing a rumble from the wolf before she shifts her head back. "Mind if I borrow a set of robes again?" She asks, padded feet moving towards the wardrobe. She fully expects the answer to be 'yes', and thus is already riffling through before he even answers.

There is a swirl of some dark energy, and a perfectly PG view of her back before a robe is slung around her shoulders. "You're always reckless." She states, shifting as she ties off the straps. It doesn't exactly suit her, but it's better than nothing. Can't have him bleeding to death all over again. "It's part of why I like you. If you weren't reckless, you'd never given a chance to a Shadow Lord apprentice gone rogue." She muses, running a hand through her hair. It's a bit of a mess after spending an evening as a wolf.

The girl walks over towards the bed again, sitting down near his feet. She's quiet for a time, though her head tilts slightly, as if she were looking at him first with one eye, then with the other. "You scared me." she states finally, and it seems to take quite a bit of courage to do that. "At the very least, I'm buying you a Mythril shirt. You have this tendency towards fatal wounds that I'm not sure I'm okay with." She blows out a breath, tossing her bangs out of her eyes.

"And speaking of that..." Tail-swish. "You should be dead right now. Care to explain to me exactly why I'm talking to you instead of mourning over your corpse and regretting that I didn't have my way with you when I had the chance?" It's a round about way of asking the question really, but as usual, the wolf uses some humor to defuse her own emotions. "I'm starting to reconsider hanging around your people if I'm never going to understand what's going on." Wolfhuff.
Faruja Senra "My wardrobe is thine own." Faruja doesn't seem to mind at all, one ear perking. Being now distinctly /not/ dead, he watches a minute, before darkness spoils his fun. Then, he's back to pointedly being a gentlerat. At the least, you're rubbing off, Hati!

A weak chuckle escapes his muzzle. "Ahh, 'tis the Lord's own truth. I suppose something like this was inevitable. The mortality rate of my calling in general is not exactly sterling." Paladins are so very /good/ at getting themselves killed. Pausing, he manages a smile. "Worth the risk, however, to accept such a wonderful woman into my life."

A hand runs through his hair. Scared her. It hurts to know the pain he's put her through, even if he had the best of intentions. "Definitely a mythril shirt. 'tis becoming far too bothersome. Believe it or not, I would much prefer not collapsing into a pool of my own blood after each battle. Nor do I particularly enjoy worrying those I love." Frown. Hati, Arkie, Maira, Reize, many people he cares for. If he had died, what good would it have done /them/?

His tail flicks, staring into her eyes as they're presented. "/This/, my dear, is why my strength is yet inadequate. Lord Folmarv certainly would not have been laying on the floor were he in my position. All of my training, and striving, and still 'tis all for naught! Maira was correct. Mayhap I must look outwards indeed for greater strength."

As for being alive? He shivers, a hand going to his cross. "...Hardly do I mean to be trite when I say this, Hati. 'Twas a miracle! That chalice...we both know that was fatal. None but Holy Faram could grant me such a...I do not know why, but the hand of the Heavens is at play here."

The Templar grows firm, beliefs set in stone. "Though I know not to what end, but 'tis a boon that shan't be wasted. A gift given is best shared, for it makes the lives of others bright, greater than any single candle. There is a path before me, and it shall be persued."

Huffing woofs are cute! Cue tail-pets. The exhausted Templar practically hugs it, feeling quite lucky to be alive at this point. "Admittedly, assassinations within our own houses of worship are unprecedented. Faram curse it, you know as much as I. I assume you, however, we shall endeavor to keep things as orderly as possible. Such events erode the faith."
Hati There are certainly some aspects where she might appreciate the mouse easing up his more strict ways, but when it comes to becoming a creature of darkness, well... she would have preferred keeping that particular thing to herself, thankyouverymuch.

"Let me give you a tip. Try taking it in the shoulder next time, instead of the chest. It helps." It seems like such a silly thing to say, and yet... really, you can be a hero without being a martyr. A clawed finger pokes him lightly in the chest, then. "Because let me tell you, if you keep trying to die on me, I'm going to look for a bit sturdier a boyfriend."

Really, it's an empty threat. She'd been the one to persue him in the first place, and she knew his tendencies before any of this began. Then again, she might hope not have a few outings that didn't result in him somehow disabled, bleeding, or dying. It would be nice.

"I think the problem is that you need to start using your head. You've got heart enough to bring the entire hordes of the Heartless down on you, but you don't think things through." One couldn't exactly say that Hati is the most cautious of wolves, either, but there's a fine balance between being too impulsive, and having no self-control whatsoever.

It's a hard moment when he starts to speak about the miracle of his ressurection, and in that moment, she sits still, watching him but warily. His religious fervor has always been one of his worser traits, especially for the girl who might be described as an ancestor worshiper at best, or a blood mage at worst. "Faruja..." She waits until he's done, as to not interrupt. "Tell me something. Is your Faram a god of darkness?" The question lingers out there for a moment, expecting that he'll fill in the answer.

"I know darkness when I feel it and it wasn't Faram's 'light' that saved you." She sighs, her ears lowering, perhaps already expecting some sort of backlash, or disbelief. "And while I am thankful to whatever forces were at play here, because I'm not ready to lose you yet... something isn't right." Her voice takes on a more serious tone to it, lacking the teasing mannerisms of those lighter moments.
Deelel Deelel had done what she could for some of the people with minor injuries in the aftermath of the attack yesterday and then she'd spent time reviewing her own memories of the event. Something was strange but she couldn't put her finger on just what what happened even with the review. Will she trusted from her time working with him on restoring Manhattan so she's got to assume there's something up prehaps beyond her understaning so she's going to take it slow she is suprised to see whom is gathered here as she enters and Hati's state gets a bit of an eyebrow at Hati she hears what Hati is saying and she now starts to wonder for a moment just what is going on. She pauses and then speaks up.

" seems I may be interrupting, I apologise I came to check up on Faruja."

Deelel what have you walked into but other than trouble?
Faruja Senra Oh yes, Faruja Senra is in the doghouse (rat cage?). A hand rubs one of his own ears. "...Heh. I shall keep that in mind." There's a vague air of 'I'm an idiot' with that sentence.

Two ears fold back briefly, the rat almost trying to stand up, before relaxing. "Then, my dear, I shall endeavor to be as stable, energetic, and enduring as would please thee!" A hand thumps his chest. It's a promise, or at least he's going to damn well try. Can't change the world if you're dead!

Oh, right, /forethought/. Sigh. "...Dear Lord, mother was right all this time. Really will get me killed." He's heard those words before.

That single eye narrows. Anyone else, and they'd likely have eaten a punch for those very words. Trembling, he takes a few deep breaths to calm down. See, he can do forethought! Occasionally.

"My dear, dear Hati. I know a holy object when I see one." Lightly chides the Templar. "Were such a thing tainted in any way, I would know!" Protests the rat, shaking his head. His arms cross.

"Ramza and his ilk were there, were they not? And nevermind the assassins! Thy senses are no doubt well honed, yet could it just as well have been our would-be Priest slayers? What I felt when I was...brought back...there was no darkness there. Not a /hint/! Please, believe in that much, even if you do not believe in the Church."

Pausing, he frowns, voice lowering. "This does not leave this room, understand? Under no circumstances. I have risked my own life, and that of a dear friend's to acquire the Chalice. 'Twas one of my highest superiors, Lord Folmarv whom told me of the chalice. And /he/ would not betray the Order by having us seek an artefact that would harm others. 'Tis a Chalice of /healing/, Hati!" From his voice, the Templar's belief in his superior is ironclad. The fool.

Suddenly, Programs. Faruja jumps, and is already trying to disengage himself from a comfy fluffy tail. "L...Lady Deel! Ahh..." Blush! Thud goes the rat out of the bed. "...Faram bless my friend."
Hati An idiot, indeed. Though she sometimes does seem to get through the mouse's abnormally thick skull, there are other moments when it seems like trying send a message through concrete. She can see it in his reaction, with the subtle narrowing of that one eye. The wolf, though, is eerily still. For someone else, perhaps she wouldn't have risked being close to such ire, but it is some sign of the trust she has in him, foolish as he might be.

Once again, the wolf is quiet as he speaks, letting him put together his case to defend the chalice and the power that ressurected him. Unlike the others, she doesn't necessarily see such power as evil. Alas, she can't see the ties that bind him now to it's power. All she knows, is some dark force brought him back, and what she knows of dark forces is this: they never give anything without a price tag attached.

"I don't know much about your Faram, nor about the chalice." She lets out a long breath, but there is no ease to the worry in her eyes. "I can't speak for the Assassins or the Heretics, either. I do know darkness, and I don't know if what I felt could come from any normal person." She knew, at least vaguely, those who were around Faruja at the time, and unless suddenly Emi had become a Shadow Lord, she had her doubts that that was the source of it. Though the idea of a horde of green-haired girls cackling in pawprint boxers does flit through her mind.

"You don't have to believe me, but you know I wouldn't warn you unless I worried for your safety. Take care. I don't want to lose you." Her hand reaches out, laying over his in that moment, and perhaps at that point just how scared she had been would be obvious.

Of course, that's over in the flash of time it takes for Deelel to enter. Hati turns. Faruja falls out of bed, and the wolf remains sitting there, grumbling to herself. "What did I say about resting? I think we need to get your ears checked, too." She huffs. Right back to the usual Hati. Without missing a beat, she looks over at Deelel, raises a hand, and offers a quick: "Yo."
Deelel Deelel thankfully is that other person who was there so it's not like someone else knows she looeks a bit sheepish and is now wondering was Ramza connected to the others or not. She had to go talk to people at this point. She recalls what happened very clearly, oh so very clearly she could recall it right now. She just kind stares at Faruja and hati for a moment nothing rude just like she's trying to figure out what's going on. She does hear about the chalice, and now she does have a sinking feeling she's going to have dig very deep.

"You have been through a lot Faruja, she it right abotu needing to rest."

She also thinks back to the other strange man they met while seeking the chalice and she has to wonder...
Faruja Senra The Templar's hand grasps the wolfess'. It's telling just how /much/ he cares when he manages to squelch all of the pious sayings, and zealous arguments that he could launch into. He may not be able to believe in being betrayed again. But he can believe in the love and care of a person so close to him.

"I know. Lord above, I know. Whatever insanity passed last night, I've every intention of getting to the bottom of it." Likely after knocking out a few teeth. He owes the guy with the gun more than a few blows at this point. He starts to draw her closer, as if trying to pull her into his arms...

Thud. Sigh. The Templar slowly gets back into bed. "Then when next I bathe, by all means, wash them out for me." Returns the Burmecian, magical moment gone. At least it's Deel doing the interrupting.

More beating the dead horse. "My, my, my! What force arrayed against me! Ladies, I shan't move from this spot without thy permission! Though I believe /someone/ shall have to acquire dinner in bed." Grin. The rat stares at Hati.
Hati The strange girl with the glowing lines is familiar enough from the previous evening, although Hati had been more than a little distracted by everything going on. The intruder has the wolf's attention, the same guarding eyes that had watched over his fallen form seem to guard him now, even if the wisp of a girl doesn't look particularly intimidating without six feet of muscle and fur to back it up.

Alas for the loss of magical moments, not like these two get many chances at those. Still, Hati nods her head, "I have every intention of making sure he rests. Even if I have to beat him unconscious to do it." She's kidding. Probably. Then again, she probably wouldn't need to if she had some of her potions on her. Curse the whole shifting to wolf on the fly thing. The aftermath of not having her things is quite irritating.

She does smirk at the mouse when he settles again, "Oh, I'm being invited to bathe with you now, hrm? I wonder how many rules that breaks." She's got a tally going. With a chuckle, the wolf seems to accept his reassurances, although her unease isn't exactly quelled. "You don't have to worry about that. Werewolves can actually cook things other than bacon, contrary to popular beliefs." She knows her brother is at fault for the smell of bacon that lingers around this place.

Then, her eyes turn back to Deelel, mismatched and wolfish as she peers out from underneath her bangs. "And you are?" Hati asks, as if she owened the place, and perhaps Faruja right along with it. With a hrmph, she thumps her tail against the ratling's legs. "If you think I planned this, you give me too much credit. I'd have gone the direct route." There are probably ropes around here somewhere...
Deelel Deelel looks at Faruja and just shakes her head a little bit for a moment. "Something strange has happened yes Faruja but I know not what." she's out of her league here and she knows it pretty well. She sighs a little bit a human habit she's picked up since she arrived here. "At least your going to make sure you can recover. I'll see about getting you some food unless Hati has it handled." she looks back to Faruja and frowns she choses to not voice her concerns she's not sure what's going on with the stone but she knows. Will and her need to have a talk.
Faruja Senra "...One would think these beatings get easier." Mutters the rat to himself, glancing at the wolfess with a half-humored, half self-depreciating look. Not sure if serious woof.

Tail-flick. His own finds its way around Hati's as he contents himself with lounging. Lounging is something that's hard to do with grace, or any amount of propriety. It's part of why he hates doing it. But he has little choice.

"Erm..." Ears go red. A feigned, prissy scowl comes to his muzzle as he does his best imitation of a Burmecian noble, complete with nasally voice. "Twenty three. Depending on the time of year and weather." Sadly, the Templar's only half kidding. It's closer to fifteen.

"And here I thought the sizzle of crisping pork would ever be my kitchen's aroma! A good thing, else thy dear Brother would hardly leave us alone."

Someone slap him, he forgot introductions. "Oh, Lord in heaven, how rude of me! My deepest apologies! Hati, meet Lady Deel."
Hati "Duely noted." The wolf replies with a smirk. She has so many plans to corrupt this particular Templar, and now there is another one added to the list. Maybe she could convince him to go up to the Wutai hot springs. Afterall, it's about time we had another 'hot springs episode'. For now, though, she seems contented, sitting at the end of the bed, her tail trapped by his.

"Well, you've had my unicorn stew, and last I checked you didn't complain. You should try the steaks, they're delicious with garlic butter and mashed potatoes." Somewhere in the realm of books within Hati's little set of ruins, there is probably a book called 101 ways to cook magical creatures of light, and she makes good use of it, too. They're tasty.

Her head tilts as she takes in the introduction of the strange girl. Her nose twitches, perhaps trying to find a human scent that isn't quite there. "I haven't seen many of your kind before, other than LEXUS." The wolf notes, "Do the different colors mean anything?" She's always wanted to ask, but sometimes you don't satisfy your curiosity by asking a Shadow Lord dumb questions.

For now, she seems to be a quieter party, letting the program talk if she wishes.
Cressida Last night's battle had been long and hard. Somewhere along the line, Cressida had been knocked out and when she had revived, things had more or less ended; For better or worse, she could not say..However, she was curious, and maybe slightly concerned for the wellbeing of Faruja, who had been badly injured during the battle.

After some inquiring around, she discovered that he had been taken to the Shard Seekers hq to recover. Not sure what to think of this place, the Templar Wolf knight was certain that she might find answers from the Burmecian himself.

A few minutes later, there is a knock on the door..
Deelel Deelel looks over at Hati and nods slightly "Deelel." Her voice is a bit off nothing inhuman but it's got this faint digital warble to it. She realsies Hait is the one whose offering food she pauses for a moment about Unicorns and doesn't know id it's the actual creatures or just something named for it. Either way she's kinda cringing inwards a bit and she looks for a moment.

"LEXUS is something beyond being what I am or something from your world." She shrugs. "Somewhat if it's a sickly green it's viral generally. Blue, white, red and sometime yellow are the most comon. You should be wary of him he can consume users as easily as my kind."
Faruja Senra "Little more than a ravenous beast given the curse of thought. Yet all too cunning. At the least, 'tis been some time since I have heard 'aught of it. Though no doubt 'tis to scheme in the shadows it so adores." Comments the Templar on Lexus.

Faruja Senra, in fact, loves hot springs. Even if he hates Wutai and it's use of the Heartless, he can appreciate that much. Is it any wonder, when the Shard Seeker's own baths are so very like a spring? Burmecians love water.

Grumblerumble. Faruja's stomach answers Hati, the rat doing his best to look shamed. "Now, now, not in front of guests, you!" Chides the rat at his own tummy. Being killed and brought back makes for an appetite. "Mmm, a bottle of scotch, and ice cream as dessert...Lord in heaven, 'twould be a treat!" Food fantasies go.

A knock at the door. One ear perks, not bothering to move from his seat in the bed, tail wrapped about Hati's still. Who could it be? Too light to be Ivo's, Reize would call out, and Lilly would just burst in with all of her adorable lack of tact. "Shiki? Come in, my dear, I am decent!" The rat's apparently not expecting non-Seekers today.
Hati The werewolf makes a small sound in the back of her throat. "I doubt you know much about my world, but I'm well aware of just how dangerous he is." Hati had a healthy respect for the Shadow Lord's power, and had made a point of making sure not to earn his ire. though she doesn't actively serve them these days, it doesn't mean that she is any less wary of them. Her own thoughts echo somewhere close to the mouse's own, though.

She does seem to show some interest in the variations of these strange creatures. She has never had the pleasure of taking a trip inside their particular world, although perhaps that is a good thing. Just how the digital world would handle a giant shapeshifting wolf is anyone's guess. "Curious. I tend towards blue or red, myself." The wolf runs a hand through her hair. The usually electric color has faded a little, it probably needs a re-dye. "Although that's preference, rather than necessity."

Hearing the stomach rumble, Hati sighs indulgantly, pushing herself up. Her tail neatly slips out of his grasp, but not without a parting pass of her fur against it as she rises. "I'll see what I can arrange." She's just about to the door when the knock comes.

Speaking of people who know something of her world... Hati reaches for the door, opening to allow the visitor in. The blue-haired werewolf is probably a strange sight, wearing little but Faruja's robes, but at least Cressida might not jump to the conclusions others have, since she had seen Hati shift not long ago. Who knows. "Come on in. The more the merrier. Just keep an eye on him for a bit while I go fetch some food." Introductions will come when she gets back, probably.
Cressida Cressida arches a brow as she listens to the banter within, a bit hesitant to just barge on in. She's not much for crowds really, and had hoped to speak with Faruja alone. However, he invites her in but doesnt seem to realize who she is. Cressida is about to correct him, when Hati suddenly opens the door.

A slight frown mars her features as she recognizes the wolf from the other day. Furthermore, that robe is rather curious...Hmm, she must be rather close to the rat if she'd casually wear his attire. Still, the Templar is hesitant to enter, fearing she may be interrupting a private moment.

However, it seems that Hati is about to leave and so she nods and steps in. "Evening miss. So we meet again.." Her own ribboned tail swishes slowly behind her as she peers thoughtfully at Hati, before sliding her cold gaze towards the other occupants of the room.

"Ser Faruja...Miss.." She nods to them both, not really knowing who the other person is. Her gaze returns to Faruja however. "How fare thee, Ser Faruja? I had heard that you had been completely healed by the holy chalice..Tis surely a miracle. I am glad that things turned out for the better."
Deelel Deelel fols her arms for a moment not in a hostile manner she just seems to be thinking the blue haired program seems to be in a good mood and she turns to greet the new arrival. "Greetings." She gives Cressida a slight waves before she goes back to make self comfortable again. "I'm Deelel and ... it is forunate he surived yes I have to agree."
Faruja Senra "I think thy hair is most fetching no matter its color!" Compliments the mouse, leaning on Burmecian Ettiquette Rule #255. Plus, it is rather nice hair, as much as he'll always stick to stroking ears or tails. It's a Burmecian thing.

Then, Hati is up and at the door. Facing the door with a warm smile at the prospect of seeing a certain former Player, it falls slightly, melding into surprise. "Dame Cressidia? Oh...oh, Lord bless, M'Lady! A surprise, yet not an unpleasant one. As Lady Hati said." Turning, Faruja nods at Deel, remembering well his orders to remain in bed!

"Lady Deel, please be a dear and acquire the good Dame a seat. It seems I am under strict orders to not rise from bed!" Smile. Even if he's falling to honorifics in the presence of a fellow Templar, he can't help but be somewhat more relaxed amongst friends.

Clearing his throat, he crosses his chest. "Dame Cressidia, meet Lady Deelel, a friend and fellow Shard Seeker. The fine wolven one whom so kindly is making my dinner, is Lady Hati, a most precious companion indeed." The pure warmth and care injected into Hati's voice may make their relationship a touch clearer.

"The Lord's works are most mysterious, particularly upon sparing /this/ knight's life. Surprisingly well. Though, exhausted to the bone. Only now does my body feel as my own, if that makes a single ounce of sense. Every now and then, if I close my eye for too look, 'tis as though I feel ready to float from my earthly shell."

Pause. "Needless to say, I shan't expect much sleep for some time. May we offer thee anything? Tea? Food?"
Hati In another time, it might have given her some sense of joy to see another werewolf. There were so few these days. Yet, unlike her brother, this one is a stranger to her. She knew of the one who sometimes stayed with the Shard Seekers, but one amongst the church is... curious.

For now, Hati ducks out of the room, if only long enough fetch a few things from the kitchen. It isn't so much that she doesn't trust the others, or even that she doesn't trust in Faruja's abilities to stay put. Mostly, it's that seeing him lay there dying and being helpless? That has her lupine protective instincts in overdrive. Luckily for most, there's no unicorn steaks in the Shard Seekers fridge, so it's more normal food on the menu. Then again, there is an ample supply of Bacon. Ugh. Skoll.

A short time later, the wolf returns with a small tray with a few sandwiches, including a BLT, just for those who can't get enough of the stuff. There's also a number of cups, some tea-bags, and a kettle which she balances, nudging the door open with her shoulder as she steps in.

It's probably a good thing that she misses the part about him floating away from his body. "Did someone say tea?" She notes, offering a wink at the Templar as she sets the tray and kettle down on his end-table. "Alas, we're out of scotch, and there's an IOU from one of the girls for the icecream. I hope this will suffice."

The wolf lingers there for a time, as if uncertain if she should retake her more familiar spot on the bed with his fellow Templar there. For now, Hati stands against the wall, tail swishing the robes behind her now and again. "Cressidia was it?" She asks, without the mouse's formalities, inclining her head. "Not often I see another wolf."
Deelel Deelel is happy to help, she goes to get a chair for the new arrival. It doesn't take too long for her to return with one in hand. She's moving fairly more fluidly than Faruja might remeber and her behaviours would he harder to tell she's not a human with a very strange culture.

"I don't need much energy I must admit not at the level any of you do."

Maybe once a day or every other day is about enough for the basic as she returns. She also seems to be up to something as a small item rezzes into some sort of holp display she's now fiddling with at this point.

"We should be thankful there were not more bystanders harmed with everything considered."
Cressida Hati, hmm? Interesting..She's sure she heard that name before, from a certain rival wolf tribe. Of course she never ended up meeting any of them, although she'd heard a thing or two about the infamous Odin's children...

Cressida glances back at Hati silently, a hundred questions on the tip of her tongue, yet afraid to ask anything, to give herself away..No it's best left unsaid. After the curse that befell her.

Pausing a moment longer than is normal by the door, Cressida shrugs at her thoughts and moves further into the room. "Close friend of yours?" She nods towards Hati as she says that with the slightest of smiles. Of course, the borrowed clothes are a give away. In fact, she finds it fascinating that he might be 'more than friends' with her, at least enough to lend her his clothes..But perhaps she is being a bit too presumptuous here.

"My apologies. Tis a pleasure to meet you all. Some cammomile tea would be greatly appreciated, thank you.." She does take the offered seat once it is given. Afterall, she was feeling rather exhausted after such a long battle.

"Hmm, I am relieved to hear that things turned out alright in the end. But troubled to learn that so many heretics managed to slip in so easily, so unnoticed. We must increase security in the future." Wait, wasnt the ice cream guy on security? She'll have to have a talk with him! With such a lax attitude, treating random kids to ice cream, no wonder they all sneaked in undetected. Hmph.

Hati returns and she smiles, gratefully accepting some tea with a nod. "I thank thee, miss.." However what she says next causes Cressida to frown deeply, and she busies herself with sipping tea so she doesn't have to answer that question..Of course, she should have expected that even with her head band hiding her ears and the ribbon obscuring her tail, someone was bound to find out about her dirty little secret...

But how much did she know!?
Faruja Senra Tea. Faruja would hug the werewolf right now, if it weren't for said orders. No, he's staying right here thank you very much. This whole 'being served' thing is nice. However, there are guests, and so he can't make snappy comments about fans and grapes.

The first thing to go? The BLT. Someone's been around Skoll too much. Tea is sipped, and the Burmecian beams at Hati. "My dear, dear Lady, thy efforts nevertheless are sterling! Not a trouble, the poor girls deserve it. Particularly Lilly, must eat as much as one can while young, hmm?" The mention of the absurdly adorable young woman always puts a smile on his muzzle. Lilly's just too cute to not like. Unless she directs her magic in your general direction. Or township. Or continent.

"Quite. So much as I hate to admit, the entire thing was done well. I /knew/ something was off about that man. Did...Dame Cressidia, did anyone find the body of the one whom shot at Father Barnabus? Unfortunately, events are a touch..." He hunts for a word. "fuzzy."

At least Deel's fitting in more! That little upgrade helped! "Be that as it may, tea is good for everyone. Even thy own people." Who could turn down tea?

As for Hati? The Temple Woof gets a tilting of the tail, and a laying bow. "Close friend indeed." It's impolite to mention one's love interests in polite company. But he lays on the voice, and tail motions thickly, just skirting breaking rule #53.
Hati How much did she know? Likely, not much. Hati was relatively young when she was exiled from her birth-pack - maybe only eight or nine years old. What little she might have heard about other wolves has long ago gotten lost in the haze of darker memories of her childhood. As for the carefully woven disguise, her nose is what sees through that. Wolves smell like wolves. When Cressidia decides not to respond to it, the more open werewolf lets it slide. She's never been one to stick her nose into things - other than treasure chests, mansions, or other shiny-containing recepticles - where it doesn't belong.

Instead, she just pours the other Templar a cup of tea, offering it out as well as what remains of the sandwiches. Though the bacon is made off with first, she decides not to quip about it. Her brother's cooking is a bit contageous and even she wouldn't pass up some of his better bacon-related dishes. Even Deelel is offered food, though honestly the wolf isn't sure if her kind even eat. In the end, Hati claims a half of a turkey sandwich for herself, and then finally settles with an oversized mug of tea for herself, reclaiming the end of the bed.

Introductions as a 'close friend' draw a small lift of her eyebrow, but who is she to argue with their strange way of speaking. What is - is. "I'm afraid I wasn't keeping very good track of things, myself. I kind of had my hands full." You know... trying to keep assassins from attacking him and the whole... struggling helplessly to keep him alive thing.
Deelel Deelel says "No problem." Deelel goes back to leaning the strange device she's working with. Maniplting the light panner as she works on something while she converses she'll let the users get to the food first after all they need it more. She contiunes to think about the people involved in the attack what she knew of Ramza's band random slaughter wasn't a thing. It was more likely a second group possibly from off world. Though the food does look appealing she does try to not think about the fact Users have to hunt, kill and process their worlds version of grid bugs. That's still a bit unsettling for her but there's no real choice on her end and she understand they have less of a choice than her's.

"It was strange though..."

Deelel cuts off as she realise she was about to say something she likely shouldn't.
Cressida Cressida takes longer than usual to finish sipping her tea, listenning quietly to the conversation at hand, nodding every so often. She too, reaches for a BLT sandwich, feeling a little hungry herself after that big battle. She's very careful not to get any crumbs on herself, perhaps going overboard with minding her manners as she takes such tiny bites, that it might take her a while to finish this meal..

She nods curtly to Faruja, althugh she didn't seem to happy. "Let us hope such a slip up will not happen again.." She shakes her head, "I am uncertain what happened with the body of the assassin. We took down many of his people, but I guess Ramza escaped, along with the spikey haired one who initially stole the chalice..And their cohorts."

Cressida clenches her hands around the teacup as she glares into the dark, glistenning liquid, "It seems they are always a step ahead of us, always slipping through our fingers. Let us hope that the body of the lead assassin was found. Who knows what witchcraft they are capable of?"

Cressida will probably check into church hq to see about that. She silently notes the exchange between Faruja and Hati, but says nothing. Interesting.A wolf and a rat..Hmph.

Finally Deelel pipes up, and Cressida peers intently at her next with those piercing cold eyes of hers. "What is strange?" She presses, noting for the first time her unusual hair and attire. Who is this strange woman?
Faruja Senra "One does not cut down a war veteran such as Lord Delacroix without being most adept, Dame Cressidia. And that blasted silver tongue of his ever earns allies. More than one might imagine, it seems." The rat's eye squints off into the wall as he ponders.

"Still. The leader's cry...'death to false faiths'. Something I would expect from a disgruntled idolator trash Yevonite. Not an anarchist such as the Beoulve. Allies of convenience, mayhap?"

As Hati reclaims her place, the rat's tail reclaims hers, making the proper show of their relationship. Burmecian culture is odd like that, never stating the obvious, but showing it in little gestures; a maddening culture for outsiders to decipher. Likely why there's so few non-burmecians in the country. Even their allies, Lindblum, tend to view them as the eccentric, slightly stuck-up uncle that nevertheless cares deeply. Neatly shattering another rule, he lays his head against her lap once food is devoured.

Shaking his head, the rat sighs. "At the very least, the Chalice is returned to us. One would think crystal casing would be enough. At this rate we shall have to lean upon the...Shinra Corporation for better protective materials." The Templar visibly shudders at the mere thought.

At Cress' question to the Program, the rat turns. "Something wrong, my friend?"
Hati Hati wolfs down her sandwich as one might expect, but the mug of tea is set to the side for the time being. Though she could comment on some aspects of how they are handling the situation, she decides that for now, it's better to hold her tongue. Perhaps she'll have a chance to bring up her thoughts later.

For now, Hati leans back against the wall, one hand stroking the mouse's ear idlely. Having stayed up in vigil all night, even the tea isn't helping her to stay awake. "The dead never rise easily, and there is always a cost. Be wary of them returning as worser foes." Though she does not elaborate, Faruja knows well enough of just how bad such things can be. He had seen what one undead, raised by dark magic, could do.

She shifts then, probably unseating the poor Templar's head. "You talk. I need some sleep." No, the wolf isn't going anywhere, but she does snatch the mouse's pillow. "No going anywhere." She warns him in a half-drowsy tone, and then lays her head down. For those who know Hati's usual gruffer exterior, it's probably a sight of that softer side. Who knows just how long it will take her to nod off, but it's probably sooner rather than later.
Deelel Deelel says "I'll make sure he behaves for while I'm hear." She notes to Hait and she will get a bit of food but nothing too hurge she's a human like creature yes but not human in how she works internally. She looks back to Faruja for a moment and smirks a little bit. "You worry about recovering. The Shinra is reliable with it's security forces at the least. Just make sure you read the contract."

"Prehaps it's due to the alien nature of my world but something just I don't know about the behaviour of people in this world some time. In mine, many of us were sentance to death for our relgious views. Well for having any actually."
Cressida Cressida cant help but notice the tender exchange between mouse and wolf, no matter how subtle it may be. And she has to turn her face away, busying herself with her tea and sandwich as she feels an emptiness within her own heart, after the loss of her one and only beloved..Knowing that she could never be close like that to anyone ever again, certainly not as long as the curse hangs over her head.

She still listens to Faruja's words however, nodding slowly, "Hmm, so they were not part of Ramza's group then? Still, it seems Ramza and his allies took advantage of the opportunity to seize one of the zodiac stones."

She nods again on the point of the chalice and its casing, frowning softly at mention of Shina. "Hmm, it would be worth a try at least. I cannot say I know much of Shinra, however, anything that might strengthen our defenses against the heretics is worth a shot.."

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