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(2013-06-11 - 2013-06-11)
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Clayton Clayton is different than he used to be.

He finds himself wandering these woods and he can swear they are whispering to him. In his usual hunter's garb, he looks shabby and unwashed for days now, dragging the butt of his shotgun through the dirt as he seems to walk about in a stupor. Darkness pervades him like a thick cloud. Minor Shadows follow him like alleycats expecting scraps. He has no idea how long he's been walking, but he has felt without purpose.

Without direction. His mind is slipping.
Seith "You are not very long for this world anymore."

Clayton suddenly finds his road barred by a man in massive armor, with a massive inverse-colored white tiger standing at his side. Shadows seep off of the thing, and there is the Heartless emblem on its forehead. The tiger growls at Clayton, baring its teeth. "Pitiful. Truly pitiful. A man who desires power so much, but can't even control the power he wishes for."

Seith's eyes narrow, looking Clayton up and down in disgust.
Clayton Clayton's dazed look sharpens and his eyes return to focus as he faces down quite a large man riding a magnificent tiger. A brief thought - now that would be something he could ride into battle! - vanishes. He then becomes indignant, puffing out his chest as he raises his gun onto his shoulder. "I don't know...who you ARE, but I am John Clayton, supreme hunter. I am still lord over all the lowly beasts!"
Seith "Ah, but isn't that just the thing, John Clayton?" Seith answers the man, not showing the slightest bit of recognition or care about his words. "You are lord over all the /lowly beasts/." His hand digs into the scruff of the mighty tiger at his side. "But that's it. That's all you will ever amount to? Lord of lowly beasts? There's plenty of those around. Even I am a lord over this beast you see at my side right now. But look behind you. See those?" Seith makes a motion with his hand to point out the Heartless following him.

"THOSE beasts prey on you right at this very moment."
Clayton Clayton turns and sees the Shadows as if for the first time, then back at Seith, confused. "These...things. They're my servants, damn it! They've continued to haunt me, but they should be MY minions, not the other way around!" He glares angrily at the man. The air shimmers, and a massive green chameleon heartless, an emblem also on it, appears behind Clayton, it's paws on the man's body. It opens it's mouth in a dumb grin, tongue lolling out covered in saliva.

The hunter breathes out of his nose. "Who are you? What do you want? Why don't you just leave me be?"
Seith "They? Your servants?" Seith laughs, as if Clayton just told him a good joke. One that he is at the expense of. "They aren't your servants. Your minions. They are vultures. Waiting for the moment you finally collapse to the darkness." The massive emblem heartless that comes up behind Clayton doesn't even surprise Seith when it comes out. He's a Shadow Lord. He had sensed it moments ago.

"Ah, but now you ask an interesting question. What do I want? I want you to gain a /control/ of the power you have. Because without it... well... that wouldn't be very entertaining, now would it be? To get gobbled up by a giant Chameleon heartless, or even those little ones there. No, THIS is control." Seith raises a few fingers, and the Tiger gets on its hind legs and starts doing hopscotch jumps for a few paces, before it moves back to Seith's side.
Clayton Clayton's eyes blaze with sudden thirst at the armored man's words. He grins a nasty grin, full of immaculately white teeth. He grips his gun. "Yes! Yes...that sounds jolly GOOD. I can make this overgrown lizard a proper mount when I go hunting. Yes, hunting. I need to hunt. I KILL! But I don't want to BE killed, you see? You must see."

Ranting aside, he seems to already be willing to follow this man.
Seith "Pitiful." Seith looks at this man. Powerhungry indeed. How disgusting. "Get a hold of yourself. I thought you were a Lord! Right now, you are behaving like nothing more than a Knave!" Seith makes a disgusted look, a side of his lips raising. "The thought that if you do not kill - you will be killed - is a thought reserved for the beasts. If you want to gain control, you first must control yourself." Seith walks forwards slowly, and then suddenly grabs Clayton's gun and pulls it away.

Seith is amazingly strong for a mage. Or perhaps it was the power of gravity he controls - within that tug. "Here is your first challenge. Survive this jungle for a day without your gun. Without killing yourself. The only one allowed to kill, are these Heartless that follow you. If you can't figure out how to control even at least /ONE/ of these shadows with this restriction, then you aren't even worth my time."
Clayton Clayton stares at this man. "You insult me, hiding behind your armor? I could box you good for that." Of course, Clayton is a combination of semi-sane and delusional at this point. "I wouldn't expect you to know how a gentleman-hunter thinks." But then, the challenge is issued. Clayton, as a man, cannot turn down such a challenge. He smirks. "A day? What about a week?"
Seith "A day too short of a timeperiod for you? I should have figured no less from one such as you." Seith sneers, goading the man on to accept his challenge as it stands. "As for insulting you. It is only an insult if I were wrong, now isn't it? I know how a 'gentleman hunter' thinks. And what I see before me is little more than a shell. Unless you find yourself again, and come to control yourself and the heartless, you will not be long for this world.
Clayton Clayton's mouth tightens as he stares at the armored man. "Very well. In one meager DAY, as you say, we'll reconvene here. I'll demonstrate how John Clayton conquers the savage wilderness."
Seith "Do not fail me." Seith tells Clayton, before the man steps aside and leaves the tiger for Clayton to deal with. It immediately snarls at him, squinting its eyes. Without his gun, there's little chance Clayton can take this beast on his own. And when Seith finally steps through his Dark Portal in order to leave this god-forsaken forest... much more danger comes out. Monsters which have heard the racket that were these men talking. Out to find prey...
Clayton Clayton did not expect a giant tiger. His eyes widen in fear for the first time in a long time. "You bloody bastard!" he snarls after Seith, and that's the last thing Seith will hear. At least until tomorrow.

This scene contained 13 poses. The players who were present were: Seith, Clayton