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Opportunity Cost
(2013-06-10 - 2013-06-11)
Souji Murasame smells a chance to make friends and money. So he goes to Archades to offer his wares...
Souji Murasame The Ame-no-Torifune has come to Archades in its time of need. The call for justice has been made by Vayne Solidor, and the Murasame Corporation has answered. An offer of material assistance for their army has been sent to them, equipment and resources.

The stormclouds race towards Archades, the crackling lighting tolling through the air and heralding the arrival of the ship, which comes to a swift and precise landing. From it, Souji Murasame, the head of the Corporation, disembarks, striding out to meet with the chosen delegate of the Archadean Empire.
Cirra Constantine The chossen delegate of Archades has her arm in a splint. Well the city did crash, injuries were bound to have happened even to the elite.

The Judge stands, still mostly in armor save for her helmet and the one arm. She stands formally as Souji disembarks and bows slightly, "Souji Murasame. I am Judge Cirra Constantine. Welcome to Archades. I wish it were under better circumstances."
Souji Murasame Souji is impeccable as always. He smiles faintly as he sees Cirra, giving a bow. A handshake probably would be ill advised at the moment. "Judge Constantine. It is an honor to be here." He straightens up, and looks over the destruction with a frown. "Tragedy, unfortunately, happens to us all. As much as I wish I had the luxury to establish myself more securely before making this offer, Archades is better served with my promptness." He walks forward with the Judge. "I am prepared to offer the products of my corporation to your army. We are a weapons manufacturer, as well as establishing a biotech branch to produce medical materials. I am prepared to offer these to Archades to assist with their efforts to extract justice from the Alexandrians."
Cirra Constantine Cirra turns to walk with Souji, her link pearl whispers in her ear, but she decides to proceed in good faith, for now. She may be the judge of wrath, but only to people that really deserve it.

"I'm sure the senate and the people will aprectiate it." She considers the offer as she looks up at the towers of Archades.

"I'm only authorized to take your offers to the senate, but I will deffinatly see that it's presented fairly."

"But between the two of us, I'm sure that Archades will prosecute this war with alexandria."
Souji Murasame Souji nods. "Indeed. What Alexandria did was unconscionable." He looks over towards Cirra, and produces a folder. "This contains descriptions of our currently available handheld weaponry and armor, vehicles, and magical goods. As Archades is a... technologically advanced nation, unlike many of its neighbors, I do not expect you to require more than minimal adaptation to include them into your army. Additionally, pricing information is included for your Senate and procurement masters to examine."

He pauses, looking out again over the area. "How are the people holding up?"
Cirra Constantine "I never imagined their Queen to go to these lengths." Cirra holds out her good hand and takes the portfolio with a 'thank you' and manages to flip it open, "Mmh."

"We are technologically based, and familiar with firearms."

"The citizens are..." Cirra pauses. "Well, the lower city citizens were not as heavily impacted. The upper city residents however are in dissarray. Some people are without homes - the lobby of my own apartment is underwater. They're having trouble adjusting to this." she frowns.

"If I may ask Murasame, are you familiar with a type of weapon, called a Gunblade?"
Souji Murasame "Horrible." Souji frowns, looking down and shaking his head at the hardships faced by those people. "The experience with firearms will serve your people well." He gestures. The portfolio includes handheld weapons, blades, various gun types, a few more technological prototypes (such as one labeled 'lightning cannon').

The question causes him to pause. "A gunblade." Souji taps the side of his head, thinking, something flickers in his glasses, and the he nods. "I've seen examples of them. If you are willing to provide your desired specifications, we can custom craft them for you. They are not in our regular stock due to them not being in... high demand, as it were."
Cirra Constantine "No," Cirra holds up her broken arm in the splint. "THey're not in very hard demand. They're quiet dangerous to use apparently." She smiles, it's little bit wry.

"Rather, I am /personally/ interested in them. And where people, either strong enough to quiet out of their minds learn to use them."
Souji Murasame Souji nods in understanding. "It wouldn't be a problem. We have the capability to manufacture anything you might need. Our recent acquisition of a supply of Mythril has allowed us use more advanced processing techniques. If you want us to manufacture one, we can work together to craft something you'll want. A weapon worthy of a Judge."
Cirra Constantine "Perhaps I will." The Judge tucks the portfolio under her bad arm and holds out her good hand, it's her left hand, but she figured she should offer to shake. "Archades appreciates all the help from Murasame. I'll make sure to get back to you as quickly possible on both accounts."
Souji Murasame Souji reaches out and shakes her good hand. "I should not keep you. Please, let me know if the Senate approves of the materials. Our Corporation is standing by to give you the assistance your desire to bring justice to Alexandria." He folds his hands behind himself. "Is there anything else you would like to discuss?"
Cirra Constantine The shake is firm. "Not at the moment. I'd offer to let you enjoy the city, but... it's not as it once was." she sighs, "Mhh."

"We will be in contact. Thank you mister Murasame."

This scene contained 12 poses. The players who were present were: Cirra Constantine, Souji Murasame