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(2013-06-09 - 2013-06-22)
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Upper Archades is a wreck. People have been moved by the thousands all to Lower and even some to Airships. It could have /gone/ far worse, but with the death of Emperor Gramis, most of the senate, and now with Larsa missing (possibly kidnapped). Things where only going to get more interesting.

Vayne Solidor had arrived just a few hours ago and was planning on giving a speech. A speech that when given, Gabranth needed to be there for. All the Judge Magisters really. So for now it was a silent chance to stand amongst the rubble and just stare out upon it all.

They did what they could do. They did their best, yet Gramis was killed.

So it was now slowly turning into -- now what? What will they do under Vayne Solidor's command. Will they kill? Will they rebuild? Will they blaze these entire world into war? He could only fathom what the new Emperor will do.. and one without a Senate.
Riku Riku rubbed his face, readjusting the black cloth over his eyes and running a hand through his hair as he took a momentary break from the relief efforts in Lower Archades.

It had not been by his choice. Another Judge supervising the relief efforts in that section had carefully couched a suggestion to the youth that he had taken (after one or two tries to get him to understand the concept of 'stop')

But now he was unsure what to do. He was not sure how much time had passed since this morning. He was not even sure how much time had passed since he had talked briefly with Will Sherman.

Yet he had no impulse to pull the blindfold off and look at his watch. He let the curiosity wither away in the comforting blackness of his closed eyes. The blindfold was thin enough that he could see through it, and besides-- he was cheating somewhat horrendously by leaning so hard on umbral sight to carry him through.

But he couldn't find itself in him to care. Even since he talked to Will (whenever that was) He looked inside himself and found.. nothing.

No feelings. No horror, or grief or anger.

There were no thoughts. No plans. Not even the white noise that had gnawed on his self control during the battle.

That wasn't there either, and he couldn't figure why he hadn't gone crazy and started eating people if his self control wasn't there anymore. He didn't feel anything. Not even that.

Riku made his way through the broken city, wandering.. just wandering without a purpose down a long and deserted Upper Archading street, picking his way across a shattered and scarred courtyard with his hands in the pockets of his duster.
Gabranth happen to glance over to the side just in time to pick up Riku in the distance. He remembered staying by the youth when he had passed out. Amused by the fact Bergan had stayed there until he had arrived.

The Judge of Ambition started to jog that way, armor and all. Which had to be an odd sight to hold because it wasn't often you saw a Judge Magister just jog for no apparent reason; or so that would appear to any who may be watching on and working.

"Riku!" Gabranth's voice bellowed out from the helm, only amplifying his voice really as he called out from across the way before he at last caught up with him. "I am--" He paused as he came to slow down by his side. Looking down at him, his emotions were happy, but also worried. Yet he had to quickly reign those in.

He wasn't off duty. He was still a reflection of Archadia after all. "Um" His voice then quieted down a bit. "I am glad to see you here. I thought you may have left when I woke up and was unaware of where you went off too." The Judge Magister went to rest his hands behind his back. "After our last conversation I was..." He looked away, head and eyes as he stared down at the ground. ".. deeply concerned."

He then glances over, tilting his head slightly to the side. "..why are you wearing a blind fold?" Yes. It took that long to process. Give him a break. Its been rough!
Riku Riku turned his head in the direction of Gabranth's shout and his shoulders seemed to minutely relax as he raises a hand in mute greeting. He puts his hands behind his back, looking off slightly to one side until the judge of ambition catches up all the way. "It's okay." he explains, his voice flat and completely level. "I wanted to let you sleep but I couldn't stay. I needed something to do."

He pushes up the blindfold for a moment, a solid yellow eye pulsing faintly with a very faint illumination. He then drops it back over the eye and smoothes it out over his face. "I think the city has had enough of yellow eyed horrors for at least the next couple of evenings, don't you?" There is the faintest flicker of a smile at that, but it looks wrong on his face. Like someone who couldn't quite remember what the expression meant.

"I didn't hurt myself as much as in Dark Manhattan, but I have... broken something." he gently rubs at his face. "So until my eyes stop hurting and I stop freaking out the civilians, I'll keep this on."
The Judge Magister mms softly as Riku shows and explains his situation. He also notes the odd facial expression and frowns a but in thought. "Come. Let us continue walking. I fear if I stand in one place some imperial troop will come running up to me about something."

He then starts to walk a bit and kicks a piece of steel frame off to the side with his foot. His eyes were concealed by the helm, but the voice, the inflection would convey his emotions enough for now. "I honestly don't believe anyone would see you as a horror, Riku. After all. If I get angry enough not only do my eyes glow, but I have the chance to become a fuzzy, horned, cat-wolf monster." He states making a minor claw hand motion with his gloves, before his hands go back behind his back.

"Gold eyes, seem to be a common thing with those of us who tap into any form of dark energy. Be it magic or other. It is the red eyes--- that confuse me. Such as what Angantyr have. That is-- odd." Gabranth glances down as he hears the crunch of glass under foot and then continues on.

"What do you feel you may have broken, Riku?" There is that hint of concern. "What makes this different from your other experiences on the matter?"
Riku Riku continues walking along the street with his hands loosely behind his back, walking slowly and with a measured pace. "Maybe that would make more sense." he says very softly, almost too quiet to be heard.

"Maybe that is something I can understand.. and I would rather that than this.. " he waves a hand vaguely, voice bland and uninterested, "..Impenetrable fog." Riku raises his shoulders in a shrug, and then lets them and the subject fall. "You asked me if I was going to stay." he reaches up and taps the spot where the talisman hangs underneath his shirt.

"Before I passed out anyways. I may have missed something there, but I figure that we've already had that discussion. Archades is my home." One shoulder shrugs and he picks up a small piece of rubble, examining it with his fingers and rolling it inbetween his hands gently.

"I may not agree with her or her past actions but one way or another, you took me in when I needed somewhere to belong to. So.. I will do everything I can to keep this place safe. I don't think anything else needs to be said."
Gabranth raises an eye brow under his helm and then remains silent for a bit as they walk. "Thank you." He says softly, almost a faint whisper really. "And you will be alright, Riku." Gabranth says calmly. "War.."

"War.. battle... the death.. it is never easy to handle at first, some never can." He isn't even sure why he is going down this road. Why are we going down the road, brain? "You handled yourself well, but you will need to learn to be faster and stronger for what lies ahead." There was a beat in his breath, almost a gasp for air as what he was going to say next.

"Vayne Solidor will be having his speech soon. We will be going to war with Alexandria and Baron. It will soon become my job to attempt to locate what they may have done with Lord Larsa, Vayne's brother. If he has been harmed in anyway.. their may be no way to hold back the dragon's fire." Gabranth lowers his head. "We were close to peace. So close to it. Soon able to dismantle the old ties to war and where she could lay down.. and just when we think, we get warned.. and the warning-- we tried to prepare for it.. but we were still caught off guard."

"We had become to soft-- to soon--" Gabranth's voice almost seems to be breaking. Anger, rage, sadness, sorrow, all rolled into his voice. "We had become to use to being able to walk easily without the need of a large stick. We got-- what we deserved." The last part he nearly chokes on his own words of.

"You will be-- accelerated, Riku." He then glances over to Riku. "I need to know, as your mentor.. as your brother.. and as your friend.. are you ready for this? Are you ready for what is to come?"
Riku Riku says, "Yes." And there is a quiet and dire weight of emphasis on that single word spoken only after Gabranth had wound down to silence. Riku takes in a deep breath and lets it out as if breathing something into his lungs.

In complete contrast of Gabranth's voice, Riku's was completely empty. "--I think we all did. We got what we deserved. And we have to be stronger." The emptiness does not prevent the words from falling with different weights, and Riku bears down on those last words as if from a crushing height.

"And I guess.. we will just have to see." Riku chuckles very, very softly and it's an unpleasant noise. "We will just have to see." he splays his hands.

"But what do I have to worry about? We will see this together, your honor. The dragon is not slain just yet.""
Gabranth chuckles, softly, dryly. He doesn't like how Riku is so unemotional. It is-- eerie really, compared to the one he knew with so much fire. Yet how could he bring back that emotion back into the youth? In some ways, such a lack of emotion may be.. good for him?

Not really, but it could protect him from what is to come.

"Aye. The dragon is hurt.. but she lives.. and that-- that is what is important now. She lives and she is still strong-- and only will become stronger." Gabranth gives a faint nod as he comes to a pause to look at a few smaller buildings still standing. "Now it is only time."
Riku "Something we may or may not have." Riku reaches up and rubs the side of his head with too fingers, closing his eyes every so often as his vision, although obscured in some sense by the thin blindfold is further distorted from time to time like a channel from a malfunctioning television.

He picks his way along the street in silence, letting the words fall into the emptiness to disappear like they had fallen into dark water. He does not go to retrieve them, not opening another avenue of conversation.

Riku finds himself paused, looking out at the ocean from the top of a cracked ledge, and finding himself standing and looking out at the ocean he slowly walks along the wide ledge with hands in his pockets.

He looks at the destroyed buildings in the distance and then back out at the ocean as he walked.

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