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Post Drunken Night: Violet
(2013-06-09 - 2013-06-09)
Reize wakes up from a drunk night. Lo behold, he wakes up onto Violet.
Reize Seatlan It was a nice drunken night. I was a night that ended in pain and tears.


The sun is bright and shiny in this Pirate based area. The smell of salty air comes from the sea. While the town is filled with pirates and the undead, it has gone a bit of peacetime. IT is taking the time for the pirates to start loading their gear.

At the docks, the 'sailors' are loading up their ships. For now, this leaves the Shard Seekers trying to figure out their next adventure.

For one individual, he is at the dock, holding his sides and holdng his head. Comical river of tears flow along his eyes. "...Everything hurts. My head /AND/ the rest of my body!" He doesn't remember what happened!
Violet The night could have gone better.

Most of it was fuzzy, especially after the first drink, but waking up the next morning was next to painful. Her head pounded heavily, it made it difficult to think let alone concentrate. However, waking up against the warmth of another body in bed was immediately evident that she had literally collapsed without a second thought. Next to Reize.

And this wasn't even the first time.

The young girl flushes brightly, struggling against his unconscious grip before managing to escape. Luckily.

Her clothes were slightly rumpled, and her head pounded still, but the girl known as Violet makes her way towards the docks where the rest of the Shard Seekers are supposed to meet up. In theory. She nibbles on a biscuit as she walks, her bright eyes glancing up to see the boy holding his head with obvious pain.

The color returns to her cheeks, but Violet doesn't hesitate to walk towards him and take a seat on the nearest boxed crate, quietly holding out another biscuit for him in silent offering.
Reize Seatlan The boy's head had been throbbing for some time. All considering that he woke up in a more painful manner, he had been trying to recover. "Nggghh..." Ow ow ow. Why does his entire body hurt? The young boy can feel all of those aches and pains assault him without mercy.

Nevertheless, he remains in good spirits, casting a weary smile over towards the approaching individual. Oh! It's Violet! Or rather....

Reize glances towards the left and then to the right. And then, he reaches for the biscuit with a thankful smile her way. "Anna, hope you slept better than I did." He grimaces, "...I don't remember what happened."


"...Do you?"
Violet Violet, or rather Annalise, smiles gently as he takes the offered biscuit, only for her pale blue eyes to blink when he asks about how she slept.

Her shoulders tense some, color returning to her cheeks for a moment as she debates whether or not to tell him anything. "A little..." she admits. "I think I remember you kissing Ivo the night before. And... I know I was trying to get you back to your room safely, but after that I think I blacked out."

The young woman smiles sheepishly, "When I woke up this morning we were... cuddling. Not anything bad! Just cuddling. I figured... it might have been better to slip out before anyone saw me and had a bad impression. Not that you made it easy."
Reize Seatlan Reize takes the time to nibble on the biscuit. Mmm, tastes good! The boy looks ahead towards the sea, staring at the ocean before him. He lifts his head up, getting a whiff of the air.

...Already, he feels like he is going to lose his lunch. His face turns green and he promptly flop. That is, until he gets up. When Annalise speaks about her time, Reize quirks an eyebrow and then he blinks, "Oh, okay!"

Wait... What?

Eyes widen with a double-take, "I did /what/?!" His expression becomes filled with horror as he looks at the girl, "I kissed Ivo?!" Already, Reize is rolling along the dock, whimpering. "Argh, argh, argh." He pulls himself up and begins spitting repeatedly.

And then, he rubs the back of his head.

...Oh, they cuddled in bed?

That moment is when Reize's cheeks begin flushing red. His eyes drift towards Annalise, giving her a sheepish smile. "Sorry, not sure why, but... I guess it happens when I am asleep."
Violet Another small, sheepish smile tugs at her soft lips as Annalise shrugs a shoulder. "Its okay. You almost didn't want to let me go though." she chuckles. "And..." she glances down at her biscuit in her hands. "It made me a little bit happy too. When I woke up, I didn't want to move, I was so comfy."
The color brightens in her cheeks as she shakes her head to herself. Really she wishes it could happen more, but she also doesn't want to sound weird in front of him.
Reize Seatlan Finishing the biscuit, Reize turns to face Anna when she mentions of his sleeping habit. ...Not wanting to let go. He rubs the back of his head, recalling that some folks told him about that. In response, he has a large sweatdrop over the back of his head as a mushroom cloud is exhaled.

As Anna concludes that she enjoyed that feeling, Reize blinks and turns to face her. He boy's cheeks start to form a red glow. "Errr.." His hand lifts up towards the sky, his hand moving towards her own briefly.

"...Yeah." Topic change, "... We will be sailing out for our next adventure. I think Ivo has an idea of what the plan is. He hasn't told me yet, but he promised that it would be a very interesting one!"
Violet Anna flushes a bit deeper as his hand lightly touches hers, if only for a moment before the topic is changed. With a small breath she lifts her eyes towards the fleet of boats, wondering to herself which one they were going to be sailing out on.

"Interesting, hm? I'm starting to become wary of what he considers 'interesting'." she admits, though she does smile. "I think we'll have fun though either way.
Reize Seatlan Sharing this moment with Anna, Reize offers her a smile. It is a bit of a nervous smile, but it is a smile that grows. Reize considers her for a few moments. He thinks things over, especially with the plan in action. At the same time, he admittedly can't keep the feelings that are boiling inside out of his mind.

He looks over at the young girl. He rubs the back of his head, then he gives a nervous smile. "Ah, well..." His eyes lift up, "...We'll adventure together. We are finally going places. As much as I like Fluorgis..." Pause. "..I never wanted to stay there."
Violet Silence seems to envelope them as they share the crate they sit upon, and Anna couldn't help but shift her weight just enough to give him a nudge. Just a small one to break the quiet. It felt comfortable like this. Sharing a breakfast and waiting for their next adventure.

Listening to Reize as he admits that he didn't want to stay in Fluorgis, the girl beside him watches the sailors as they load different kinds of equipment or goods onto ships of different sizes. She already knew that he didn't want to stay in one place. "Home is where your family is." Anna murmurs lightly. "I can't wait to see what else is out there."
Reize Seatlan Enjoying the moment of silence with Anna, Reize continues to listen to the seaside air. He can hear the sailors talk amongst themselves, likely chatting about that night before. Something about foolish kids that hosted a good party. The boy doesn't pay too much mind to it. Though when Anna nudges him, Reize faces her with a warm smile. A hand rests beside her.

"...Yeah." His eyes lift towards the sky. He remembers the voice told him to take his friends with him.

A smile grows as his hand moves towards her own hand now.

"..Neither can I. We'll recover your world. It'll be my promise to you. We will set things right for you." A beaming smile grows.
Violet The color returns to her cheeks as Annalise turns her head to glance at him, feeling his fingers lingering against hers for a moment before she turns her hand to quietly lace her smaller fingers through his. Feeling a small, pleasant twitter in her stomach.

The promise was unexpected, out of the blue. And it makes the young girl pause, the smile on her lips fading slightly as she glances down at her feet. "Don't make that kind of promise, Reize." Anna murmurs, "Even if everyone is still alive... I'm not sure if I want to go back."
Reize Seatlan Once the color returns to her cheeks, it matches Reize's own cheeks. Truth be told, Reize is becoming a bit nervous, but at the same time, he is able to relax like thi with her. When she turns to lace her fingers against his, the boy looks over at Annalise. The blond young girl before him.

The change of her demeanor alarms the boy. It is a promise that he wanted to make because, wouldn't she want to return back home? But then, he comes to realize, in some ways...

... She is like him. She wants to be an explorer, like her father was. She wants to be able to see the other regions and learn about them. Just like him.

"... Forgive me." The boy smiles, "I forgot that in some ways, you and I are alike. ...You don't want to return for sometime." His eyes drift towards the sea. "You'd rather be out exploring the other regions and be an adventurer."
Violet Anna gently bites at her bottom lip for a moment as her small fingers squeeze at his own. "Father would pull me back to my Kingdom and I would be hidden away behind castle walls again." she murmurs quietly. "I miss him, but..." He would never understand. He should be the one person that would, but he's her father and she's his only child.

"Its okay." she tries to smile up at him, though its almost sad. "We should try anyways. To not even try would be a shame. There is so many innocent people that could loose their lives if we don't."
Reize Seatlan As Anna's fingers squeeze against his, the boy's own hand holds onto her own. She would be pulled back to the kingdom. Just like his father would likely pull him back to the small home. It would be difficult for Reize to even try to go out and explore. He came too far to be lose his way now.

"Yeah.." Reize lifts his head up, thinking over to himself. The boy leans back against the dock, bringing both arms over behind his head as he muses. His head drifts towards the cloudy day.

"We will work on restoring the world. We may not go back to it, but for the people, we'll restore it." He shuts his eyes, "...Ivo and I have come a long way from when we first met. We will all come a long way." He shuts his eyes, recalling Will's words.

"...The journey is going to become worse from here on out, so we'll have to be ready for it." His eyes open up, then he looks up at Anna. His eyes lock onto her crystal blue eyes from his lying position.
Violet The young girl turns her head to watch Reize as he lets go of her hand and leans back to lay on the dock, arms behind his head like a pillow as he stares at the bright blue sky. A smile tugs at her lips and the next moment, she falls back to lay on the dock as well, her pale blonde hair gathering around her head like a halo as Anna joins him watching the clouds drift by.

Her smile grows, even as Reize closes his eyes for a moment before looking back to her. "Worse? That just means that it's a challenge. And nothing fun is worth doing if it's easy." That was Anna's take on it in any case. "Either way, I know that we can do it. Together." She knew.
Reize Seatlan With Anna joining besides him, the boy turns his head to face her. A smile is given, then he starts to chuckle. "Well, you're right." He turns his head over to the side. It is saddening to actually see a world get consume. Manhattan was a proof of that. They have to be stronger to protect the current worlds. At the same time, their mission is to find missing worlds and restore them.

They will have to face it. They cannot do it alone. However, they will have to be ready for when the storm comes. With Garland, the missing Prince. Growing wars. Whatever.

Reize turns to face they young princess, his hand moving to her own before he starts to get up. "...Alright. I think the pain that I was in is fading." A smile grows. "...Let's take a walk and restock. We'll head back to the inn afterwards."
Violet They lay side by side on the dock for several quiet moments, just simply watching the sky before Reize moves to lean up, his hand pulling her own to help the girl up. Anna smiles as he does and when she straightens, on her feet. She holds onto his hand for a moment longer before reluctantly letting go of his fingers.

She wanted to hold his hand longer...

With a small breath, she nods quickly to him, "Lets go."

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