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(2013-06-09 - 2013-06-21)
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'Make a choice'

'Your choice'

'What is it you want'

'Come with me. Please!'

'What is your name..?'

Darkness fills the room along with the dead silence of the night. Several curious young soldiers peek into the room in a curious notion to see How their once commander was fairing. Was he back to them? Or was this just a passing tide. Some were officers, some where just normal men.

They all had served under the Dark Knight at some point. Yet they did not linger long as one of the officers made their way into the hall. Snapping his fingers and ordering them off. He gave a light sigh, before he glanced in there himself, before walking on himself.

Yet he pauses as he steps back suddenly noticing the man sitting up in bed which he wasn't just a moment ago. He pauses and meets those red eyes with his own. "Sir?" The officer states, before turning to fully face the what should now be the Dark Knight once more.

"...what day is it?" The man says softly with those blood crimson eyes glowing out from the darkness asks.

"The day sir?" The officer blinks his eyes. Why would such information matter.

Meanwhile a few soldiers who over heard the conversation walk down the hall. "So he /is/ awake?"

"Sounded like it. He just wanted to know what day it was from what I overheard."

"Maybe he is trying to solve how long he has been gone from us?"

"I do not know, but if you ask me. Such details and conversations should be left to his majesty."
Emperor Mateus "It is the eighth day of the sixth month," Emperor Mateus' voice answers for the poor officer from just outside of the door. The emperor's lavender eyes peer into the room, but he does not enter just yet. "You have been gone for some time, Dark Knight."

His voice is lower than normal, a barely audible rumble that you could feel more than hear. An ominous sound which is a harbinger of nothing good in the near future. "Captain, would you mind leaving us for a time?"
The Officer was just about to get ready to speak, until the Emperor speaks over him. He stiffens up suddenly and then turns on heel to salute, then bow to Mateus. "Yes, my emperor." He says before the officer then takes his leave.

The Dark Knight says nothing. The man only watches the officer leave with his eyes before he looks over to Mateus, before lowering his gaze and his head. "My emperor." He says calmly The room was rather dark. Not even a candle touched the room like it would at times. No. No light was here at all.

The man then slowly rose before giving Mateus a proper bow, his gaze kept low and never looking Mateus in the eye, even as he started to stand back up once more. The tone thought; the tone was not lost on the military general.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus sweeps into the room. He is not wearing his usual attire, electing his more business-casual 'Matthew' Earthen outfit. His expression, however... is most definitely /not/ the warm, friendly face of the mysterious entertainer.

No, Mateus is in true form--and he is not happy. "What is your last clear memory, and do you remember anything after that point?"
The man watches as Mateus walks into the room but he does not move, he only keeps himself standing still and straight; almost like a statue really. His voice is very calm , those red eyes almost expressionless. "I recall my testing in one of the towns. There I ran into a man named Will Sherman. He impacted me with unknown form of magic."

The Dark Knight tilts his head. "..after the event and the attack, my.." He pauses his eyes narrowing a bit. Mostly with a hint now of confusion. " memory is.. foggy at best, my Emperor." He then lowers his head. "My apologies."
Emperor Mateus 'Almost' expressionless. Intriguing. Worrying.

"I have encountered Will Sherman myself. A very unique kind of magic he wields... a man with two hearts..." Emperor Mateus crosses his arms over his chest, his head tilting slightly as he studies the Dark Knight closely.

He waits a moment longer to see if there is more, but there is only silence. "I will tell you what happened." His eyes narrow dangerously. "You were badly injured by Will Sherman, but you did not return to me. Instead, you lost your control and chased down the Maiden of Light--Maira--like an uncontrolled Heartless. It is at that point that she banished your Darkness and I lost you despite my best efforts to the contrary."

He steps forwards, intentionally entering what most would classify as their personal space. "What do you have to say for yourself?"
The Dark Knight does not move. He stands still. Very still in fact as Mateus explains what he had done to cause so much trouble. How he did not return, which was perhaps the first mistake and then he ran off like the very creatures that he had 'slain' so many times to keep them in check.

That he became like a mindless, heart hungry of light beast was-- concerning. Even if close to one was-- concerning. Yes it could happen to any of them, but by the sheer fact of what he did...

Then Mateus steps right in close to the Dark Knight. The much taller man staying quiet, but his gaze moving away from Mateus. The gears were easily seen turning for a response, yet he was unsure how to respond to such a miscalculated issue.

He then at least speaks up, but with a calm tone. A calm, calculative tone. "It was my error in not returning to you, my Emperor. Such a fatal mistake shall not be made again." He pauses in his words. Thinking carefully on what to say next. "I will accept whatever punishment you deem worthy, my Emperor. Forgive me." He then kneels down at last, keeping his head low and his gaze even lower.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus' hand clenches, his chin lifting and his whole expression turning into that haughty, stare-down-my-nose look. For a moment, for the briefest of moments, that fist is held tightly at his side, clearly indicating that the Emperor would wish nothing more than to just plain deck him.

No. As theraputic as that may be in that instant, it will solve nothing and do no good at such a delicate time.

His hand slowly relaxes from a fist, incrementally opening until it is flat at his side, then he lifts that hand... only to rest it on top of the Dark Knight's head. "You may not remember your experiences after Maira stole you from me, but you have been through enough punishment to pay for your recent mistakes ten times over. I will not compound it."

He steps back, folding his hands over his abdomen. "Rise, my Dark Knight, and lift your head--there is much yet to discuss. Do you remember my last orders to you?"
The Dark Knight can feel that cold stare, even if he doesn't see it. Its the long silence that tells him there is a long contemplation going on. However instead of a rebuttal, comes instead a hand resting on his head. Much like a owner would perhaps comfort a cat?

Then again, seems Palamecia is full of them really, just this cat had a collar and it was just a simple panther that had been taught when to use his claws and when to be a good boy.

Once the hand removes and Mateus gives the orders to rise. The Dark Knight does so, his head rising up, but his red eyes never looking directly into Mateus. " orders.." He says softly. His eyes narrow faintly. It was like trying to pull up information in dusty storage bin really. Trying to remember all the details.

Yet slowly that little bit of emotional light was starting to get shoved back. Perhaps it was a tinge of that little remaining spark of life before at last fading away back. He blinks his eyes a few times before he then speaks up once more. "My orders were that while I was out, to not connect my activity to Palamecia. It was to also keep an eye out for a young boy with several weapons and a book. Who I never had the chance to find, thus, encounter." His brows furrow for just a moment at a passing thought.

"However due to my lack of returning to you. My orders were.. negated.. as those whom I was fighting would have come to realize I was with Palamecia?" He wasn't sure if this true, but there was a hint of a feeling that this was the case. "This would now mean, people may now be aware, that all my activities were linked to the capital on some way-- and then perhaps to you." He had a bit of sound in his voice of his own displeasure at this, but it was a very minor inflection to those cold words.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus nods once. "Indeed, and so they have. In fact, they see me as such a horrid monster that they will not listen to a single thing I say no matter how plainly or honestly I say it." He shrugs melodramatically, a look of exaggerated regret on his face. "'Tis their loss, I suppose."

He narrows his eyes thoughtfully--not harshly, but of simple deep consideration. "Times have changed. Palamecia has joined the alliance of Alexandria and Baron, and there is no further use in simply scouting and testing now that you and your allegiance is known. Now is the time of preparation, and I need you to command my forces now more than ever."

He nods to himself, apparently arranging his thoughts as needed. "Thus, your standing orders must adapt. You will NO LONGER focus on particular individuals. If something proves to catch your interest, you will report it to me and I will decide what to do on a case-by-case basis. You will also take no further chances with your health. If you are compromised in any way at all, you will return to me for treatment and will not return to duty until I have personally cleared you."

His whole expression is firm almost to the point of being cold, but it is out of concern more than anything. Yes, he is taking no chances whatsoever. "Do you have any questions, Dark Knight?"
The Dark Knight listens with keen interest. He takes in all the details given to him, only tilting his head slightly to the side in a curious notion to some of the details. He was to report in whenever he has taken damage and if something catches his attention, he is to report that as well.

Yet if they have entered an alliance, what shall he do to aid in such an alliance on the military side? Should he stand by and wait for given orders to move forward with the other nations, or shall he create some details in order to help enforce locations?

So when Mateus asks if there is any questions. The Dark Knight nods his head. "Yes, my emperor. There are a few." He says calmly before placing his hands behind his back. Yes. He is slowly going back to his old ways once again. "What is our position with these new allies? Are we to only aid them when they strike out and thus stand in defensive. Or are we to also take an offensive stance and attempt to aid in conquering tactical territories for this alliance?"

These were very important questions after all.

"As such, if we are to go on the tactical aggression. Shall I report all progress to all commanding parties and not move unless given the clear to do so, or what freedom shall we have in moving forward?" The Dark Knight needed to know how far out he could reach with his military strength. He needed to know these borders. War was a adaptive thing. The game always changed one way or another. He needed to know how flexible he could be and how much Mateus wanted to keep him on the 'leash'.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus smiles warmly, his shoulders relaxing incrementally. Yes, that is more like it. "I have made it clear that I will not join their battles unless Palamecian aid is sorely needed. Thus, we are support at best and reserves at most. If you /are/ needed, you will be the commander of Palamecian forces and will answer to the commander-in-charge. I shall leave specifics to your best judgement, as each battlefield would be unique to themselves. I trust you would know how best to make use of your forces within a given battle-plan, correct?"
Pity. They would be keeping to a defensive structure unless called upon. Yet this was the will of the Emperor and so it shall be done. "Yes, my Emperor." he says calmly. "I am also able to handle such things if needed."

There was a slight pause. Like he wanted to ask something, but he wasn't sure how to ask it. How to state it. His eyes had a moment of puzzlement in them. At least he speaks up. "If.." Once again words seem to be failing him. How to word this? How to say this? "I am sorry, my Emperor. I am having trouble formulating on how to convey this question." He bows his head.

"Perhaps proper formulation will come after some rest and further examining the information laid out before me." The Dark Knight responds with a hint of agitation in his voice for not being able to say what was really on his mind. It was as if his thoughts were conflicting. For whatever the reason. Yet there would be time to figure this out.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus tilts his head faintly at the pause, at the Dark Knight's sudden inability to ask a question. Concerning... did he not do enough, or perhaps too much at the wrong points? He's still uncertain just how far-reaching Will's strange magic is. Of course, the Dark Knight is still unarmored, so that too may be playing a part.

"If such is needed, so it shall be given." It's quite clear that Mateus would rather press the issue, but circumstances are too delicate at the present time. "If nothing else, I would suggest eating a meal before resting further or perusing more information."
"Understood, My Emperor." The Dark Knight gives a faint nod. "Once I can convey my thoughts correctly. I will ask my question, but I will voice this however."

Those red eyes slightly gaze at Mateus own for a moment. "Though I made a grave error while I was allowed to roam, I do not believe it wise to stay on the defensive forever. Eventually those of Light will come seeking us and if we remain on defensive, we will come across unable to protect ourselves without our allies."

Maybe that is what he was trying to convey? Perhaps. "Palamecia is young in the World of Ruin. Several nations hold a greater power in technology, though our magical connections are far stronger. We will, at some point, My Emperor, make a show of our power during this alliance. Not only to prove a point-- but to also even prove to our allies. Encase they too, decide to betray us."

Yes. It was all coming down to showing the nations that Palamecia was not a push over. "I am sorry, My Emperor if I speak to frankly, but the possible position in this-- worries me." He then pauses. "I believe this is what I was wishing to convey."

Though eating sounds.. really good right now.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus listens closely, looking mildly surprised but also quite receptive as the Dark Knight voices his concerns. He considers each point and counterpoint carefully, measuring each against each other as well as what he has done to this point, and finds valid concerns in everything the Dark Knight says. "No, it needed to be said. I appreciate your honesty, Dark Knight."

He rocks back on his heels slightly. "I do not disagree with your analysis. Once we are ready to make such a statement, it shall be made. We have been consolidating our strength, preparing for the battles to come, but losing you these past few months have been a grave setback." He smiles, but it is that cruelly knowing smile. "It all comes down to taking advantage of opportunities as they come. Show weakness where there is hidden strength, honesty where they expect lies. 'Tis why Mister Murasame has made business deals with me, why this alliance with Alexandria and Baron even exists."

He snaps his fingers as if just now remembering. "Speaking of advantageous opportunities, the airship you commandeered from Fluorgis has been stationed in Fynn throughout your absence, and the men you hand-picked for your mission have been integrated into Fynn's guard duties until your return. Once you have been fully cleared for duty, I do believe both are well within your rights to reclaim, aye?"
The Dark Knight listens and gives a nod. Though when Mateus snaps his fingers, the man tilts his head to the side. "If you so wish it, My Emperor. Then yes." He then glances off to the side, going over his head if there was anything further to discuss on this now.

Nothing was coming to mind really. Just-- blank. That and, well, he was hungry.

"If I come up with anything further, My Emperor. I will contact you at once concerning the matter." He then gives a bow. "May I be excused to get a bite of eat and then to rest? One can not return to active duty if one is not fit." There was a pause. "..and being that I was gone those months. There is much I will need to and catch up on."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles softly. "Of course. I apologize for keeping you so long." He inclines his head in return to the bow. "I look forwards to your progress, Dark Knight."

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