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Starfall: The Night Of Shooting Stars
(2013-06-08 - 2013-06-08)
Thousands of shooting stars descend across the world of Ruin, the Giza Plains at the centerpoint. What could be the secret of the falling stars?
Mercade Alexander Stars.

The night sky is full of them. They gleam and glitter across the endless void of space. Some think they are spirits. Some think they are balls of gas millions of miles away. Others believe that they are tiny worlds of their own, their inner radiance the only thing visible from the distances that they are seen at.

And tonight, the sky is full of them. Tiny streaks rain throughout the World of Ruin and beyond, lighting up the night with a multicolored rainbow that has not been seen before in recorded history. Astronomers across the world agree: The highest concentration of landings are within the Giza Plains. Something could be happening there to cause this unprecedented display.

Many people have come to the Giza Plains to stargaze, to observe the event. Others might have come to investigate the stars themselves, the strange fallen objects. Still others might be here for other reasons.

Either way, the Plains are the centerpoint. And here you are.
Serah Farron Stargazing is relaxing. Serah wast here because she heard of the shooting stars. It should be something pretty to watch, and a good way to relax. She's had enough troubles on her own, enough adventures, that a break doesn't hurt. She can almost still feel the dampness of that tonberry cave. Ugh. Might need a few more showers to wash that feeling out entirely. She shivers.

But right now, she can forget about it all, and she lays on her back in the grass, just watching upward to the sky. She doesn't want to rub the grass into her clothes either so she's mostly unmoving.
Will Sherman Will looks up to the night sky.

It's a wonder, and he's here stargazing on the Giza plains because...why not? It's not like he has anywhere to be, or anything to do right now. It's a nice quiet relaxing night. He sighs and just lays on the grass. Monsters, whatever, he's too lucky to care about them.

"Better than the city...can never see such beautiful stars inside Manhattan..."
Sarafina Carenze CLANK CLANK CLANK.

No it isn't Steiner but it's someone who wears almost as much armor. It's... Sarafina! Gosh where's she been? Stupid Dennous taking all her screen time! "Sorry to bother," She says, looking towards Will. "But you sure this is safe? THis is where they're landing, after all." She pauses a moment to add, "...Oh right." She adds. "Ah right--long time no see. Had some long term jobs, haven't been in that much lately. Sorry about that."
Will Sherman "Your husband kicked me off the couch and is hogging the TV for himself." Will frowns, "Also ate the last of my popcorn."
Sarafina Carenze "By the light!" Sarafina says, annoyed. "I wish he never found that damn television!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander likes stars. They're pretty and they have a lot of stories about them.

It's also fun to watch them with friends. Especially friends like Avira, whom is sitting next to him. They're on a hill overlooking the rest of the plains, making a great vantage point for the situation. The Detective hasn't been out and about too much lately, the efforts of the TDA appearing to have died down into a comfortable dull roar after the restoration of Manhattan, though recent events are probably going to have him heading out again...

"I wonder what happened." Mercade says. "I've never seen falling stars like this before." He says.
Serah Farron Serah Farron listens to that "We didn't have falling stars on Cocoon, but I heard someone said it could be the remains of a planet very far away, that died long ago, and small pieces of it float across the universe, and find their way here. What we see are the pieces that burn as they enter the planet's atmosphere, like tears of the deceased planet coming to tell us a last goodbye."

She moves to sit up, arms around her legs that she pulls against her chest a bit, head tilted upward.
Avira Avira is leaning up against the detective, the faintest hint of exhaustion about her. She's been busy. When left to her own devices, she will train her little tail off. Garlands can strike at any time!

"Neither have I...I have a theory...but.." she trails off, looking uncomfortable. Her mind drifts back to the fallen piece of a world she found not far from Fluorgis. With Vespa, she'd gone and investigated. The Shard Seekers came as well. What they found was a piece of a fallen world and a mysterious man made of crystal within.

"I don't like thinking the idea that this could the remnants of a world raining down on everything." Avira says quietly, moving just a little closer to Mercade.
Will Sherman "I hear it's just pieces of rock, space rock." Will says, "It seems less depressing." He looks towards Sarafina, and stands up to give her a hug. "Long time, no see." he says, "...I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for your words. So...thanks!" he says, with a grin. There is defintely a lot of weight off his shoulder these days.

"Yeah...if...there is a danger, I doubt anyone will be hurt if they stand near me."
Deidra Deidra had come to like the night she'd had little choice in the matter but it wasn't that bad. There were worst fates out there and she'd come to understand it was teh case. The Giza Plaines were quite the ineresting place to be to stargaze it was a nice way for her to relax, but she wasn't alone and she sighs for a moment as she looks up.

"Funny what you can see without all the light pollution isn't it and that, was strange...Will? You seen something like that before?"

She's at a biss of a loss untill Avira speaks up. "I can see why you don't i'm not fond of it either."
Sarafina Carenze "Aw shyucks." Sarafina says, brimming proudly. "It's no problem, Will. You're a good guy." She hugs him back, even patting him on the back a few times, then once on the arm. It's a firm, friendly pat.

"No sense worrying overmuch. It'll be evident soon enough. With luck, it won't be an answer we regret finding!"
Will Sherman "I know, worrying isn't something I do well." Will comments, "Seriously. It gives you wrinkes...and being as old as I am.." he laughs.
Mercade Alexander As the stars fall around them, some begin to land upon the plains. Not with explosions or impact craters, but with an odd 'boing' sound, bouncing off of the ground and rolling to a stop. The objects are small, consisting of slightly squishy, multicolored blocks. Some of them, when they hit each other, adhere together into larger shapes, sticking together in some strange, evenly interlocking way.

Before this can be investigated properly, however, there is a bright flash of light, a beam of energy spiralling down from the sky to strike down out upon the plains with a thunderous crash.

When the light fades, however, something unusual is seen amidst the rain of... shooting star blocks?
Seith With the fall of bright lights and the energy crashing into the Giza Plains, another person arrives. He's in no way related to the energy beam crashing down - he's just late to the part is all. A heavily armored man with horns adorning his head has ripped a small hole in the universe and steps through the Dark Portal behind the rest of the others. People are, after all, likely to be a bit too distracted to notice his arrival.

And by god, for once this particular man doesn't arrive with Heartless in tow. He's just curious what this uproar in this world is. He keeps his hands behind his back, between cloak and armor, and takes a few steps towards the group before coming to a silent halt, and turning his gaze up at the skies.

The light of the 'stars' reflect off of his eyes. This is something this man had never seen. Something new! Something exciting. And that gaze quickly moves down, transfixed on the beam that spirals down from the sky.
Marche Radiuju Within that very light... someting happens.

That beam of energy spirals down from the sky and it strikes down with a crash at the very earth of the plains. The plains is covered with a light very briefly. That shining light offers a beacon.

...Or maybe an omen.

Nevertheless, as the light clears way, he shooting star blocks can be seen passing by.

For one individual, he is planted on the earth.


Slowly, a young, blonde-haired boy is getting up. He is wincing a bit, facing a bit of pain from that crash. Perhaps trying to escape the hands of that man was not one of the better ideas. In fact, his idea was not one of the better ideas. Nevertheless, here he is. He has to get help.

Staggering to his feet, he is trying to clear his senses.

"Wh---what.." Pause. "Did I get away from him?"
Cid Randell The red chocobo is the first to arrive, for a knight does not allow his prince to make entry until the situation is under control. The chocobo flaps down, landing delicately amidst the shooting stars. And on that red chocobo is the knight himself - a tall, strapping older gentleman in his mid-thirties, with spikey brown hair and a well-groomed brown beard. He is clad in the most regal silver armor; a cape of red cloth hangs over his shoulder, and a helmet that greatly resembles that of an Archadian Judge is tucked under his arm as he rides. The man carries no weapons, but has the look of a man who may not require any form of weapon to beat another senseless. Still, there's nobility about him - a sense of deep and abiding wisdom in the man's eyes, and righteous, noble purpose in his bearing as he rides forward, surveying the area. Then...

Then, the man holds up his silvered gauntlet. He closes his hand into a fist, and it opens to reveal a strange, glowing card. There's something written on the card; it's impossible to make out what, however, for the letters are arcane and unusual, twisting and turning as though they are alive. The man closes his hand over the card, frowning; it disappears, and the chocobo moves with blinding speed, shifting slightly to the side.

The man's voice booms across the fields. "In the name of Prince Mewt Randell, heir of Ivalice, I, Judgemaster Cid Randell, hereby declare the following!"


The words reverberate through the air as Cid sets his helmet down on his chocobo, his voice still echoing. "Those who break the Law shall be punished! I do hereby also announce the presence of my son the Prince, that those who would do him ill be ware, and that those to whom he would speak lend their ears in good faith to his word."
Mewt Randell There is, of course, another Chocobo too. Following behind. Not quite being steered by the rider so much as knowing to follow the leader. Atop the otherwise normal-looking, if not well-bred Chocobo, is a younger fellow who doesn't look to even be into his late teens at most. A somewhat fanciful-looking attire is worn by the younger one on the Chocobo. An orange and yellow setup with bright clothing that looks more clownlike than anything. Various collars and spikes and the such adorn key areas.

No weapons on this one either that are visible. Just a long stave tucked into the stirrup of the Chocobo he was on and, of all things, a large bear riding sidesaddle on the saddle in front of him. He looked fairly uncertain at least as much of his expression could be visible at this time of day. He was looking left and right and all around, but mostly at the stars above. What a night for this to happen.

Then Cid shouts and he cringes, not expecting it really, but getting used to it after a moment. Raising up, Mewt watches. Spectates. Listens, then smiles faintly. 'So, this is what he sounds like on the job.' he thought to himself before realizing he was being announced.


Mewt doesn't approach yet, he simply stays behind where Cid was, remaining atop his ride and seemingly waiting to see what happens. Those in Ivalice would probably be bowing at this point, or at least giving distance. At least there shall not be any fighting. Unless there were lawbreakers.

Then beware.
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at the newcomers. She's broken out of her reverie of watching the stars by... a judge it seems. Not the same judge she knows about in this world though. This one is... spouting what sounds like nonsense to her right now. Forbidden? Recommended? Was there something going on outside of star gazing?

Well, the little cubes falling from the sky are... different too, but she doesn't know what to think about that. Is it dangerous? She stands up, observing from a small distance... that she hope is safe.
Avira Maybe Avira shouldn't have gone into this thinking tonight would be a date. Then she wouldn't have a near-visceral reaction to being bothered while talking to Mercade, even if one of the people talking was a good friend and fellow detective. Managing her anger, she heaves out a long sigh and moves to stand. At the base of the hill they sit upon, a colorful 'star' plinks down to the ground, bouncing around awkwardly due to its shape.

Curious, Avira starts to approach, only to have her attention stolen as a spiral of light shoots down from the sky. She shields her eyes as the light slams into the middle of the plains...and when it fades, people remain.

"'s kind of funny..." Avira says quietly, resting her hand on her weapon as she starts to approach the unknown trio. "...when Brooklyn was destroyed, I ended up on these plains too."

As she reaches the bottom of the hill, she pauses a moment to scoop up that block before approaching the three. She slows when the man, who identifies himself as a Judgemaster (well that armor of his was enough of a clue) and declares laws? And a Prince? "Wait, what? But there's no Prince Mewt in..." she pauses, "...oh please don't tell me you are declaring intent to conquer Ivalice."
Deidra Deidra shigts a bit adjusting her wings and tail as she moves to get up as some thing is indeed happening at this point.

"Just what is going on here..."

she looks from Will, to Mercade, to Avira with a good deall of wondering just what the hell is going on. She notices some strangers comming towards them and they seem to be pretty well powerful from the looks of it. %% "...all right."

She tries to not look threateing as possible which could be rather hard given what she is. Still she gives a polite bow to the strangers and pauses looking them all over again.

"Ummm hi!"

Okay there's some strange magic going on here she's not sure just what it is but she's certinly friendly as she can be at the moment. She looks over to Will and Mercade.

" seems we have some new arrivals..."

Prwhaps Avira was was right about it she pauses for a moment. Wait Avria's right this could lead to a furball of a fight in a place that's already in the middle of infighting. Are they involved in the brewing trouble there?
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze looks up and towards Cid Randell. "..." ... "..." ... "Well met!" She says after a few moments of disbelief. "Though before you start declaring laws..." She looks towards Will, murmuring for a moment to him. "...You don't have any wrinkles, so I must presume that you have no worries."

She looks back up, snapping a salute to the Judgemaster, it's only polite to allow people to believe they have authority whether they do or not, at least until you figure out what they actually are.

"My apologies. Judgemaster Cid Randell," She takes in a sharp intake of breath. "--before you start declaring laws, would you be so kind as to explain what you mean, and under what authority you have to do so...?" She looks towards the strange glowing card and then back to Cid Randell. "Presume that we know nothing about you or your world. We're foreigners, to be precise."
Will Sherman Will blinks slowly.

"Okay, hi, welcome to the World of Ruin." He says, "GOod think you didn't fall into a large body of water. However...if you are looking at the hobo before you, it is because your world has fallen to darkness."

He shrugs, "Sorry. Well, okay, maybe not, sometimes people get misplaced. It's...a thing."

Will suddenly points at Seith, "That guy probably had a hand in it, or knows who did."
Seith New arrivals. And what an arrival this is. Seith mentally takes note. But far more importantly is the imposing figure on the Chocobo. He must come from a world nearby, but he's never seen or heard of this man before, or has he? Seith's eyes squint down to mere slits as this armored man holds up that gauntlet of his, and reveals that card.


The man commands something; making a 'fight' forbidden. But what was with the recommendation of an item? An equivalent exchange of some sorts. Seith's mind tries to wrap itself around this concept, but the man himself remains quiet and just continues to /watch/ what is going on.

Seith glances towards Deidra for a moment upon her greeting, and just glances right on away again. He has little interest in that particular Gargoyle, it would seem. Or perhaps she is merely being overshadowed by those before them now.

His son the prince though. How interesting! How rare for an adult to bow down before their child. In fact, he doesn't believe he's ever heard of such a situation! What a unique cultural aspect.

That's when Seith takes a step forward, and falls onto one knee. "Welcome to the World of Ruin, Prince Randell." He bows his head down, knowing perfectly well how to behave before royalty. He skips the 'heir of Ivalice' part though. That might be confusing, as there is already an Ivalice here. Perhaps a New name for their side is in order.

Will might notice however, that for all the bowing Seith is doing, there isn't the smallest string connecting him towards the others here - short of a faint one with Avira. Not much of one anyhow. But there's a whole bundle of 'outgoing' lines going all over the place. It's like he is central to 'something' with a lot of people involved.

It doesn't help that some of them come across static-y.

There's a glance from Seith towards Sarafina as she requires an explaination. Good, that saves him the trouble of doing so.

And then Will goes pointing at him, declaring him at fault. "I am afraid that my presence, nor lack there-of, has touched their world. I would recognize one as royalty, and such unique social behavior." He explains. "My appologies, Prince, please ignore the hobo's words." He downs his head again. "He knows not of what he speaks."
Will Sherman "I know what you are, you pompus <GOOSEHONK>." Will says, suddenly angry. Two voices start to speak as one, and a dangerous aura starts to build around the hobo. "You and your kind tried to destroy my home."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina quietly wonders if this counts as 'FIGHT' or not as she slowly runs her palm down her face.
Cid Randell Cid looks down at Sarafina. "At ease; your salute is appreciated, but unnecessary."

Cid blinks. Foreigners to their world? Something about that rings in the back of his mind, but he ignores it, brushing it off. It had happened before, after all - the subversive Radiuju had been ignorant of the Law when he first arrived, according to the Judge who had overseen that match. Cid nods a moment later. Very well, he would teach them.

"My authority is my own, granted me by my wife, Queen Remidi Randell, ruler of the land of Ivalice - as well as my son, Mewt Randell, Prince of Ivalice, whom you see before you. As Judgemaster, it is my duty and my honor to uphold and enforce the Law, which protects our land from subversives and dangerous rebels; it is my right to select and empower those of the Judges, who watch over fights and ensure that the Law is kept, and ensure that Lawbreakers are punished as is their fate."

Cid sweeps his arm out. The man is certainly a regal-looking knight. "The Law is the pact by which we protect ourselves, and the Clans that do battle in Ivalice. Those who abide by the Law of the day are rewarded by the Judges who oversee battle; those who break the Law are punished, either with sanctions or prison, until their Clans come to fetch them from their ignoble fate."

Randell reaches out, his hand running through his son's hair proudly and protectively. The love for his son is obvious as he speaks. "Therefore, to protect my son from both those who might do him harm, and to ensure that the subversive Marche Radiuju be contained as swiftly as possible, I have banned the use of physical weapon in this arena. As Judgemaster, such is both my right and my magic. I apologize, madam and companions, if this causes any inconveniene to you and yours." Cid bows his head, humble in the face of those around him.

"However, not permit him to come to harm."

Cid pats his son on the head again. "Prince Mewt, did you have something you wanted to say to the rebel? If not, we should not linger here for long."
Mercade Alexander Mercade stands, surprised when the flash and the unusual people appear. The Detective looks to Avira, questioning wordlessly, before he stands up and he heads down towards the gathering. "Wow, this is pretty crazy!" Mercade says, running up. He gives a short bow to the royalty and the Judgemaster. "Hi there! I'm Mercade Alexander, of the Twilight Detective Agency. Good to meet you!" He says, leaving his confusion to be voiced by others who are as perceptive in asking those questions. He quickly turns to the fallen MArche, however, and kneels next to him. "Hey there." He says, reaching out to shake the kid. "Are you all right?" He's not dead, right? That would be /so embarassing/.
Marche Radiuju It takes a bit. Getting to his feet is a bit difficult after a crash. However, when the detective moves up to get Marche up, the boy is still dizzied. Promptly, he is shaken, "Gah! I'm alive! I'm alive!" It takes a moment for it to pass, but the boy gives a tired smile, "Yes..." His tone is a bit hesitant, "Thank you.." Marche is actually trying to get himself upright. He is hoping to find some contacts. Someone who will be able to help him. Quickly. Given the fact that he has a Judge on his tail, he is not in a good position. Underneath his arm is a large grimoire, wrapped up a bit with a large cloth.

The young boy, himself, is essentially in his early-teens. Of course, he also a broadsword sheathed.

He does see the another person before him of unfamiliarity: a hobo. He doesn't exactly have Clan Nutsy with him currently, so this is urgent.

"...Not quite." The boy stands up, "I am actually looking for help." He frowns, "You see, our world is having a crisis with the Heartless."

---The red chocobo arrives.

Instantly, it is as if his blood freezes in place.

However, there is a bit of relief when the law is set to forbid fighting. This is something that he'll be able to make use of. This will thankfully keep the potentially tense situation from exploding into violence.

He turns to see both the Judgemaster and Mewt, then he quickly brings the grimoire behind him to avoid letting them see or obtain it.

And he tenses when Cid remarks of is detaining. His eyes widen, "You can't!"
Cid Randell "I most certainly can, and I most certainly will," Cid replies, his voice still calm and controlled, still noble and powerful - but no less sharp for it, no less edged. His voice is his greatest weapon - and he has honed it to an art form no less skillfully than he has honed his blade and his Lawmaking. "The Prince much desires to speak with you, subversive, though I know not why; therefore, I recommend you stay where you are, and listen to my son's request. After which...we will decide what to do with you."
Deidra Deidra thinks Serafina put it best, and well since Will's handled the welcome and she seems amused abotu the falling into a body of water comment. She looks over to Seith. "And if not Seith, his ilk did. You should get out of here Seith."

She realises for an iPad, well something that looks like one a anyway.

"You and your fellows have destroyed howmany worlds? I suggest you leave now."

She keeps the pad handy but makes no openly hostile moves and she pauses for a moment.

"More Judges? Interesting and I'm Deidra."

Mercades tends to the fallen one for a moment and she listens as Marshe brings up the talk of heartless. Oh this is how it seems to have be the middle of preexisting problem that's just dropped into their laps.
Will Sherman Will, after a moment turns from his indignation..

Because he can't PUNCH the crap out of the elf, because of stupid laws.

"...Wait Ivalice?" he asks, "...Again? We have two already. We can't have a third, people will get confused because we call one Ivalice and the other New we need a new name to call your place."

He pauses...thinking. THINK THINK THINK. "Bob. We will call your world Bob." He says with a nod. "Also no holding the kid hostage. That's bad and I don't like that." he says, standing next to Marche. "Sup, Will Sherman, King of the Hobos. I, As King of the Hobos of this land, put make this guy my vassal, so you can't harm him or the /HOBOS WILL GO TO WAR!"
Sarafina Carenze Another Ivalice. Sarafina is starting to feel tired of all these mother gooseing ivalices on these mother gooseing world of ruin.

"There are many Ivalices. This is not your territory, but do not fear--we have no intent to harm you." She gives Seith a look as if to make doubly sure that's the case with him, before glancing back. "However I should forewarn, we're not all 'together', so to speak. We're disparate groups who came to investigate the--"


"Starfall." She looks towards Marche for a few moments before glancing back to Cid. "What crime has he committed?"
Mewt Randell "..."

Mewt watched those here, sensed the hostility and seemed a little less than comfortable. Even with the laws placed into effect by the Judgemaster, he wasn't quite comfortable with people seeming to immediately question their authority. Or question what laws even were.

Surely these bumpkins weren't completely unaware of the Laws. :/

Then Seith speaks and Mewt looks towards him more closely than the others. A pause, then Mewt finally directly acknowledges someone. He nods towards Seith and says simply, "I shall, um... keep that in mind." then shrinks a bit at the sudden touch. Oh, right, just his Father. He smiled faintly while looking embarrassed before he's finally given a chance to deal with the situation. It was why he came. Shifting a bit, Mewt hopped off his Chocobo and picked up his staff, walking towards Mewt and feeling comfort.

"Give it back, Marche. I won't let you tear this new world apart. We made it out of where we came from, Mother is..." he started to say alive again, but paused and instead decided not to bring it up, "...she is fully in control of the situation. I... I understand you are frightened." No, actually, /Mewt/ was terrified at the moment. He wasn't good at this, "But please. If you go through with whatever you intend... you will cause everyone to lose everything. Return the book. Before the Judgemaster has to take more... direct actions."
And thus he'd said his piece. Marche had at one point been his friend. He wanted to try and reason with him. At least once.

Serah Farron Serah Farron got the feeling that that stargazing is on hold right now, with the new people that appeared there. She sighs inwardly, too bad, it was relaxing. She just hopes... its not going to turn into a fight, like Will sees ready to go or right now. She walks over quietly, hopping down the small hill toward the newcomers, offering them a smile "Its a bit complicated, but we're on the Northern Continent here. There are other worlds too, like Traverse Town or Manhattan. But I can't say I've ever heard about Ivalice." Though it seems Will did hear about it at least.. if he can keep his cool for a bit at least -.-
Cid Randell "His crime is an attempt to destroy our world, and convince others to aid him in his madness." Cid replies. "My son hopes to reach out to him with honor and reason. I..." Cid frowns.

"I do not hold such hopes, but I have great faith in the Prince."
Will Sherman "Hey, King here. I am totally telling you, you can'd do that." Will says, waving his hands. "Seriously."
Serah Farron Serah Farron uhms as she consider what's being said "... I don't think he's the one that destroyed your world though, its more likely the Heartless that did it, like every other world we come from." She states out as matter of factly. She doens't think that Marche youngster deserve to be put at the stake.
Mercade Alexander Mercade scratches his head, blinking. "That's a hell of an accusation." He looks over Marche. "And he's not bleeding out evil or leaking darkness or laughing like a maniac."

Mercade looks over to Will. "Will. Stop it. Seriously, this isn't the time for you to insist on it."

He looks over to Marche, peering at the odd book he's carrying and trying to hide. "So spill it. What's your story?" He asks Marche. Mercade is someone who likes having all of the sides of the story before proceeding.
Deidra Deidra pauses as Mewt speaks og March aiming to break worlds apart. This is not a good thing if there's another person seeking to destroy words however she doesn't know any of the details she just kinda watches for a moment. She listens to the Judge Master, this is some pretty serious stuff though it could explain why Seith is here...however they need to figure out what's going on before she sticks to any concusions.
Avira Inadvertantly Avira's question is answerd. Not really directly, but she'll take it for now. She doesn't need the lecture about clans and laws and Judges-because she lived in Ivalice long enough to learn these things. This sort of interpretation and enforcement was news to her.

"Hm, a different Ivalice entirely it seems." Avira muses, mostly to herself. Things quickly become -interesting- as the blonde suddenly seems to be the target of the Judgemaster's intentions on behalf of his Prince. Mewt makes a plea and Avira frowns.

Slowly she turns to eye Marche, someone who had been intent on destroying a world. "It's true, it's likely the Heartless at fault." Avira says, idly looking over the colorful block in her hands, "Unless that blonde kid summoned the Heartless. He doesn't strike me as the..."

Her brown eyes look up. At Seith. "...Shadow Lord type."
Seith Seith doesn't respond to his name; he doesn't know Deidra, though mentally wonders where the hell she would have /learned/ of his name. It's not like he goes around telling people his name. The fact that he's a Shadow Lord is however, not much of a secret.

He has a bit of a penchant for the grandstanding and the monologues.

Hearing of both the magic, and the situation in the other lands, the man remains bowed over. He refuses to do what Deidra asks him. This whole situation interests him far more. This young man...?

This young man would destroy a world? For what means? And what is with that book? By their conversation, he has to presume it to be a book of power of sorts. A grimoire perhaps? But surely a regular old grimoire has too little power to be /this/ important.

Although their owners do generally want them back.

Still, there is Will, still rambling. "Ignore the fool, he's the king of nothing but poor decisions and bad humor."

"Might I ask, is the book that which threatens your world?" Yet another glare out - this time to Avira. No, Marshe is not one of them. Not that he... knows of? Had Malificent made any new alliances that he doesn't know of? It would not surprise him. The woman keeps her secrets close to her chest.

Still, no harm in saying something; "I do not recognize him." Something Will should be able to vouch for at least.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina's left eye starts twitching as Seith continues to push the subject. FIGHT is banned, she thinks, this is a sensitive situation, she thinks.

She looks over her shoulder and says, sweetly to Will but, probably, mostly Seith really. "Don't make me come over there."

She looks back to Marche. She thinks--this guy doesn't seem to be acting like a Shadowlord, he doesn't have the smarm.

"Will," She says. "Is this guy with the Shadow? What is your 'vibe' on him?"

She glances back to Cid. "In any event, considering the situation, maybe it'd be best to take this elsewhere. We have a town we could take you to."
Will Sherman "Awful. Dark, no light. Static connections. He's so heavily tied with the darkness and the hurts to look at him sometimes." Will says, not even hiding it.

Will doesn't confirm anything /because he doesn't like you/. Suck it.

"Don't listen to this guy, he's a controler of HEartless and a Shadow Lord, they LIVE to destroy worlds and throw them into darkness."
Marche Radiuju At Will delcaring Marche his vassal, the young boy's eyes become like dots. Over his head, a bubble comes out: '...'

"Uhh..." The King of Hobos? This has the boy sweatdropping. Already, he may be having doubts on trying to ind help in this situation. Yet, in this strange mix of a situation, this may be his only chance. He turns to face Cid, putting his trust into the hobo. After all, if he wants the people to trust HIM, he has to trust THEM.

Go in good faith, Marche.

And then Mewt moves in to speak to him. The young boy that he defended when he was just the New Kid. Now, this boy and him are on opposite ends. Mewt is the Prince and he is the Renegade. He sucks in a breath.

"Mewt. It's the only way we can at least halt the Heartless from taking more lives! Everything outside of your walls is in chaos!" He tenses, his eyes wide as he feels more... afraid. He saw what the Heartless did. "There is no way that she can control everything! We have to turn the into fragments before the Heartless completely destroy our world!"

His eyes fall towards Seith. He tenses slighly. He then takes a deep breath, finally giving his tale. "...The Heartless came to our world and are destroying everything. Soon, they will plunge our world into the darkness. Many people have fallen from their hands. Leaving the world intact, as it is, will completely bring our world into ruins and we may not be able to get it back."

"..If we can break the remains of Ivalice up and transport it here, we can at least keep te Heartless from destroying everything."
Mewt Randell Then Mewt heard something. Wait... Mewt turns and stares towards Seith, as Will spoke. He seemed hopeful. "Wait. You can ... CONTROL the Heartless?! Such a thing is possible?!" And for the moment, Marche was forgotten. While it was important, Cid could take care of that. At least the well-mannered fellow had his attention fully now. "All of you, please, silence. I want to hear from his mouth directly on this."
Cid Randell Cid gives Serah and Avira an odd look. "What? Our world is not deceased; we are not refugees, nor have we come falling through the Darkness. The Heartless besiege us, but we remain protected, the covenant and power of the Law defending our people from the ravages of shadow and nightmare. Though Marche Radiuju, if he had his way, would see our world unbound and unmade, he is not of the Heartless. I will vouch for him thus - he is a man of principle, if not a principle I agree with. Marche Radiuju is not of Shadow."


Cid crosses his arms as the town is offered to him. "If you wish us to go with you, then I have no objection. You seem reasonable folk; I am not here to cause trouble, only apprehend a criminal and reclaim royal property. So long as the subversive does not attempt escape, I have no qualms with this."

Marche begins to speak, and Cid's hands shake. "Outrageous! To consign our people to such a fate is unacceptable! What of those who could not make the journey? What of those who would be lost in the shadow?" Mewt probably hasn't heard his father this angry in a very, very long time - not since the Bad Times, the Before Times that only Mewt remembers, when Cid Randell was angry at the world and buried six feet deep in a bottle.

But that was then.

This is now. The man that rides the chocobo does not shake with unbridled drunken fury - he shakes with righteous anger, indignation, and royal bearing. The idea of sacrificing Ivalice...

"Marche Radiuju. You are an honorable man. I implore you - have faith in the Law. We can protect our world."
Seith "You're going to break a world to save it from the Heartless?" Seith finds this thought... incredibly amusing! He's curious. Will that path lead him anywhere? Will that even work? Seith then looks up when Mewt speaks to him directly.

"Correct, controlling the Heartless is perfectly possible." Seith slowly raises his head, not showing a single bit of that internal grin. "But it doesn't come without cost. It's a difficult path." He glances right on towards Marche, and shakes his head, before looking towards Mewt once more.

"If you wish, I might offer you some protection against them in the interim. You would protect your people from falling to their claws."
Serah Farron Serah Farron scratches her head "... Well this isn't Ivalice, and if your world isn't destroyed, how did you get here then?" She doesn't understand the whole story either... but Marche had something to say about it too. Looks like if its not fallen, its going to be soon, if the heartless have been invading it. Unless people stop them, or find the World Shard and Princess of Heart or something... of which she only heard stories, but not the entire explanation.

She should probably... maybe Cocoon is hiding in a world shard somewhere.
Will Sherman Will face palms.

"No no no no.."

"Do not listen to this man. He will only try to give you evil swords and then curse you to them."

"Like seriously. DO not DO THIS. The cost of controling the heartless is your own heart."
Deidra Deidra with Will summing up things pretty aptly she'll doesn't feel the need to add more though she doesn't bring up the bit about the King of Hobos at all. Cid and Marshe also give some addtional informattion that poves to be very useful. If Marshe's enemies are saying he's not spawn of the darkness that's somethuing she's going to keep in mind but well things are just well ya getting interesting. "You will become devoured and become another of the Heartless yourself." She looks over to Serah for a moment but isn't quite sure what to say to her.
Seith "The cost of controlling the Heartless is only your own heart, if you fail to control them. What it needs is a heart that is strong. Power - the ability to /Rule/ over them." Seith corrects Will, looking at Mewt - not a shred of lie in his words. "Do you have the ability to Rule with a strong heart, Prince?"
Will Sherman "No, the cost is always your heart. There is no IF. It ALWAYS consumes you." Will corrects Seith. "You're a fool."
Avira "Are you saying that, completely independent of the Heartless and the darkness, this kid-" Avira gestures at Marche while looking at Cid. "-was seeking to destroy your Ivalice?" She's clearly pretty shocked at the prospect of anyone seeking to destroy the world, much less do it 'with principle.'

She looks over at Marche again, as if staring at him will somehow give her a measure of his character. Nope. Can't really see it.

Seith receives his own glare from Avira. Angrily, she takes a step towards the elf. "Hold your tongue. I would not see these people goaded into repeating Wutai's mistake."
Cid Randell Cid nods at Avira's inquiry. "As he stated...he believes that disassembling and reassembling Ivalice is the only way to save our world. I..."

Cid's face darkens. "I disagree."
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't understand how you could destroy a world without heartless either. How is that even possible? She looks over to Marche. That kid certainly didn't seem like he wanted to destroy everything at least. Must be something to the story... She's with the others in listening to the two sides of the story here.

She looks at deidra, tilting her head when she looks her way. Well, she'd like to know more about the whole thing about world shards and getting worlds back. Maybe its about time she gets on it... She has a thought for her brand, under the bandage of her arm.. Time's ticking, but it doesn't seem like her brand progressed much either.
Avira "And...he actually has the power to accomplish this?" Avira follows up, pausing to turn from Seith and look back ato Marche again. Nope. Looks like a normal teenager. Not someone with the power to rearrange worlds at a whim.

Marche Radiuju There is a small deal of comfort in the fact that the Judgemaster vouches for the fact that he is not aligned with the Heartless. However, the Judge is still his enemy. It is evident when the man wishes to detain him.

"What can we do, Judgemaster?! The kingdom is unable to keep the Heartless at bay for long! We have to meet with someone who can help us. Ezel said that there is a way that we can keep the Heartless from taking over Ivalice!"

The boy tenses, looking at Cid. What comes is a sad smile. He really /wants to/ trust the Law.

"... Judgemaster. I want to. I really do want to trust in the Law. But, I've seen first-hand of what the Heartless have done. You've seen it. How long do you think we can keep them at bay like this?"

Cid is faced for a moment, the eyes become more wary. Didn't the Hobo King, who was the first one to VOUCH for him, distrust this guy? There was animosity. Even more so, it seems that the man CONTROLS the Heartless.

Mewt may be on the opposite path, but he is still his /friend/.

"Mewt! Don't do it!"

The boy turns to face Seith, eyes narrowed at his direction. The grip on the book becomes tighter. He /really/ doesn't feel right about this man.

"Ezel and I need help..."

He sucks in a breath, "I know it sounds ridiculous. However, there are very few options left."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina seems content that Seith is not explicitely going around calling people fools, That's about the best she can hope for, honestly. She has little desire to start a fight against a mage when FIGHT is banned. But even she has her limits.

"Well honestly, the best choice as to what to do in this instance is beyond our capability to decide. Perhaps there is a common ground that can be found."

Yeah probably not, but she's trying.
Mewt Randell "Ezel?!" That's a name Mewt knew, if only from infamy. He thought he'd heard Marche say it before when he snatched the grimoire, but now... "No. Return my book now and surrender to us before you go any further. That you have aligned yourself with an anarchist... one who would destroy the precious magic we have used to keep our land safe, to keep the people safe from the Heartless... you would aid them! In destroying our world!"

Mewt actually sounded angry. Briefly. Then he backed off a bit and instead moved to stand closer to Cid. "This is your last chance, Marche. Do not attempt to further your madness. Work with us, work with me... not against me. We can save the world we created from them."

Seith and the others did get glances from him now and then, making sure no one was approaching on him or any such. "And as for you, I will hear you out at another time. Now is not the moment."
Will Sherman Will's with Marche.

"As his king, I'm siding with my vassal." He says, with a nod. "Infact, I know a way we might be able to do it..." he pauses, "But uh. We gota find a guy...or a mouse. Yeah, I am sure those are it right now."
Seith Seith nods his head. "Of course. Now is indeed not the time." The man slowly stands up from his former bow, and looks around, before finally settling his gaze on Avira. "It would do you well to remember that those in Wutai are safe, not just from the Heartless, but from those who have sought to harm it and destroy its society. Break apart the city, in a ways." Still, he wants to see it. He wants to see how this young man - Marche - plans to break a world apart.

It would do the Shadow Lords well to support the young man from the shadows.
Mercade Alexander Mercade listens to both sides of this. He folds his arms, considering what's going on. "Wow, this is a tough call. If they can't stop the Heartless, trying to save what's left... If they can make it happen..." Mercade thinks. "We /have/ restored a world that's fallen to the Darkness before, even if it is broken. But... This is a complex problem. The Heartless will never stop. They're unending. You have to have a plan on how to get them out, and it sounds like you're having trouble with that."

He tilts his head slightly. "Wow, this is a really crazy problem." Mercade looks indecisive. Perhaps it's the memories of Manhattan, or something else.

Maybe he has a feeling like he can't really make a decision without more information. "How bad off /is/ your world?" Mercade asks. "I remember that my own world had come under attack from the Heartless before... And they consumed everything. We had no chance to respond."
Cid Randell Marche's voice is sad, and that would stir Cid Randell, if it were not for the lives at stake. His heart cannot afford to be stirred this day, no matter how honorable the young man who stands across from him - who was friend to his son - may be. "I am sorry, strangers, to have dragged you into our conflict. Forgive me; we came seeking some way to save our world before Radiuju's drive caused irreparable damage, not to drag outsiders into a private dispute. You have my full apologies."

"Even so...Ezel Berbier is as my son says, Radiuju. An anarchist. A heretic. An unbinder. His ways are the ways of those who would go against the Law and all that it stands for. You cannot trust the Law because of the lies Berbier has wormed into your ears." Cid's voice is as sad and distant as Marche's own, despite its fill of authoritative righteousness. "It pains me, Radiuju, to see one my son calls friend - one I trusted with my son's protection - turned against him. Please, Radiuju. Your words are the ramblings of another man; you are not Ezel Berbier's mad puppet. I know this. I have faith in you - in the you who is frends with my son, in the you who wants only what is best for our world. I truly believe that you have been misled, Radiuju - I truly believe this."

"I must believe it, for the alternative..." Cid closes his eyes. "For the alternative is to treat you as the subversive I have claimed you to be."
Marche Radiuju The situation is tense. It is growing more tense. However, in the end, Marche is thankful that there is no bloodshed. No violence. No one is going to get hurt. Not today. The Judgemaster has made it to where neither side can inflict harm against one another. However, that doesn't mean that Marche will turn himself in to the Law.

It's not that the Law is bad. It is that even the Law is overwhelmed by the strange monstrocities.

"Sometimes, we have to forge our own path. Sometimes, there are things that may overpower even the Law." The boy faces Mercade, "...A lot of people have fallen. Already, our Ivalice is in pieces, thanks to the Heartless."

A sigh is given, "...Ezel may be our best bet." He turns to face Will, Mercade, Avira, and the others. "I need help. Ezel and I need help to do this. He has an idea, but..." He looks at Will, "You said you know of some people.. We can all meet with Ezel and..."

A wince is given towards Mewt, "...I cannot surrender this book. I won't surrender this book." The boy's voice is tense, but he is standing his ground.
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods, one foot tapping and scratching over the grass a bit in thought over all this "If he's asking you to go against hte heartless, you should accept it. There's no reason for people to go against people, when heartless take no sides. They just want to devour everything..." She looks rather dejected at that. She's been chased around by heartless around, and its not a good feeling when one of them gets that close to wrenching your heart out.
Deidra Deidra is just going to follow Mercade and Will's lead honesly on this. She is however taking in all the information they are giving them it could be imporanty later. She tilts her head for a moment at Cid as as Mercade also seem to be thinking things over pretty hard too the outlook of this new work does seem to be kind of grim at the moment.

"You do seem to be doing well if your holding out like this." R
This book is a seriously bit of contention...
Seith Seith looks back for a moment longer, before he draws open a Portal of darkness before himself, and steps through. This is as much as he believes he'll learn for now. And staying here will just agitate other people. Who knows what their choices will be. Wether to defend a world, or break it apart to restore it. It amuses him however... that the latter is being concidered. A world is being able to defend itself from the Hearthless. Their world has not yet fallen. Will the heroes take that chance to learn?

He doesn't look back, and lets the portal close behind himself.
Will Sherman Will nods...

"I can help you meet them," Will says.
Avira Avira has nothing to say right now, now choosing to just listen as the trio continue to present information for them. Ultimately this seemed like a touchy subject and the last thing she wanted to do was make a decision for them. She will conclude one thing right now though:

The Judgemaster was certainly an upstanding man. An amazing specimine of society! Though at odds with Marche, he had been nothing but polite and patient.
Cid Randell Marche refuses, and Cid's heart sinks. He had been hoping against hope...but, no. Cold logic required him to act - cold logic and the heart that burned within his breast. He closes his hand into a fist.

"Marche Radiuju. You have stolen royal property; aligned yourself with an anarchist, a criminal; refused a direct request from your Prince and your Judgemaster; imperiled the safety of our world; threatened the innocent; endangered those who cannot defend themselves; and declared yourself separate from the Law."

The card flashes up into Cid's hand. "By the orders of my Prince, I am to resolve the situation as I see fit. You are an extremely dangerous individual, and it is with heavy heart that I deem you now Outcaste, Anarchist, Reality Deviant. You are hereby banished from Ivalice; you are stripped of your Clan and its protections, and from now until the end of your days, you will live outside the Law...and all that it defends." Cid's eyes sink shut. His voice is firm and strong, despite the sorrow that lurks in his heart at the action. "I am sorry, Marche Radiuju. I wanted to resolve this peacefully."


Though the Law may hold no sway here, the Law Cards...and Anti-Law Cards...still did. And this is the cruelest Law in Cid's arsenal, the most brutal weapon he has available. It is tantamount to consigning Marche Radiuju to death should he set foot back in his own world.

He's just a child, Cid thinks, his head lowering just a touch - the only hint that his resolve may not be so firm.

"You have threatened all those under my protection," Cid intones as the Advanced Law Card spins in the air, gathering magical might; Cid's eyes blaze with power as he invokes the power of Law, as he summons forth the might of Ivalice and Remedi to pass judgement even in this alien world, and as he calls up his own strong heart to wield as a weapon. "And so I strip from you all protections that you hold. The Judges will not acknowledge you, except as a criminal. No beneficial Law can aid you. The Clans will have an order out for your capture or death."

"All this may be repealed, should you return the book to the Prince, and give up your mad quest to end our world. Until then..."

Cid lowers his head. "May all the Gods of Ivalice have mercy on your soul. For I no longer have Mercy to give."
Will Sherman "...How about just a god? Will just A god be okay?" Will says cryptic.
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks. Misfortune... that doesn't sound good. She looks over to Marche, and moves over to put a hand on his shoulder, sympathetically. She knows how it feels to be an outcast too... She's had her own story behind that too. She'd like to be able to say something.... but she doesn't know what. She doesn't know the whole situation, or what it entails, but one thing is sure, that doesn't sound like he's welcomed anymore at least.
Mewt Randell And then shit gets real.

Mewt closes his eyes and turns his back on Marche, having nothing left to say. Though that Cid saw fit to simply do this rather than take the book from him worried Mewt tremendously. Marche with the Gran Grimoire in hand... He may very well be able to do what he set out to. "I warn the all of you - if any of you are found aiding this criminal within our lands, you shall share any fate he would. I will not tolerate anyone attempting to harm my land, nor those within, by following this course of madness."

And with that, Mewt considers things a moment. The laws set forth were Forbidden: Fight and Encouraged: Items. He pauses and looks towards his father as if thinking about something, then looks towards the others present. If they didn't know the law, then Cid could certainly come down upon them if they broke it. But he was no fighter. Marche knew the law quite well, likely, and knew what it truly meant with a Forbidden: Fight law in effect. It simply meant no weapons.

"Marche. You protected me long ago. We were friends. Ritz... Doned. What will they think now that you have gone this course?" A part of him wanted to try and get the Gran Grimoire back at all costs. He wanted to feel brave. Wanted to feel courage. But... he wasn't brave. He didn't have the courage.
Marche Radiuju A smile grows when the Hobo King bravely steps to his side. There is a bit of faith that grows. Marche made the right choice. It is hopeful that he will have friends by his side. Perhaps things will look up.

That hope, however, starts to sink into the depths of the darkness, similar of the Heartless' capability when the Judgemaster invokes a potent card. Marche's face becomes filled with horror as the card manifests before him.

It is an Advanced Law.

For some reason, Marche can feel an inkling of pain. That faint glow as everything slips from the boy.

"...My Clan!"

Now, he is COMPLETELY cut off from his Clan. Clan Nutsy will no longer be able to communicate with them. He would have to figure out a way of contacting Montblanc and the others. For now, he is a Marked Boy.

The look on his face is horror. His body tenses and he shakes.

He then looks towards Mewt when he approaches. A hand keeps the book away, tightly guarding it.

"Mewt..." He lowers his head, "I don't know. ...I honestly don't know. However, I want to save them as well."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina stares in disbelief. She shakes her head slowly. "Complicated choice." She murmurs. But it's not really her business. She can't help but feel sympathetic. That poor guy, she thinks, he must seriously believe in this route, though Sarafina herself is skeptical.

"Well," She looks to Mercade. "...If nothing else, we can give them a place to rest and recollect their thoughts."
Cid Randell It would be a lie to say Cid Randell felt nothing about the act. But the man holds power - great power, and greater responsibility. The life of one misguided child is nothing compared to the safety of his entire world. But...retrieving the Grimoire...

Yes, Cid Randell could do it. Cid Randell could break the boy over his knee. Cid Randell could wield the power of the Law with the small store of cards he brought with him and constrain Marche Radiuju to the point where he would never stray again, break him beyond belief. But...

But then he would not be a fair and just Judgemaster.

And if he were not fair and just, the whole world would fall.

Uneasy the head that hangs the crown. One day, Mewt will be in this situation, too; one day, Mewt will be forced to be wise and just and honorable, and on that day, Cid will look on with Remedi, proud of his son. He has faith. He believes.

It is that belief that keeps Cid Randell going.

"Remember," Cid reminds Marche, as compassionately as he is able, "All you need do is return the book to us, and I will repeal the law and give you back all that you have rightfully earned. For now...for now, you should think. You are tired, and I must ensure Mewt's safety before anything else."

"It isn't too late, Marche."

The red chocobo turns. "Mewt...when you're ready, we'll seek out some shelter."
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches this play out. The Judge and the Prince did not engage in hostility towards Marche, not even for the book that they want so much.

And then he understood why. He forbade fighting. He won't break his own law. Mercade blinks, nodding in understanding... And then he gasps as the real whammy is brought. Mercade opens his mouth, about to object... When he looks at Mewt and Cid's faces. He could tell they cared. But they're both divided over something so important that it can turn brother against brother.

Mercade sighs, turning away and bringing tdown the brow of his hat. "This is a hell of a situation." Mercade says. He nods to Sarafina. "Good plan. Even with his current situation, there's no reason to leave him out on a limb." He looks over to the three. "I don't know how you guys are going to resolve your issues, but we can help you guys get some help for whatever you all decide on. Come with us and we'll take you to Traverse Town. It's the center of the worlds, and from there you can ask for help or seek a way home as you see fit. It's the least we can do." Mercade says to the three. "We would be poor hosts if we didn't at least give you a hand towards shelter and food."

He pauses, and then looks over at the blocks, still falling and 'boing'ing all over the place. "We should grab a few of those blocks, too. I've never seen anything like them before." Some others might, though! "I wonder if someone can give us an idea on what's up with them."
Will Sherman Will is already trying to.

Will runs around wildly, laughing as he tries to collect blocks.

Serah Farron Serah Farron sweatdrops at Will... she already collected a few of them earlier, before this all started... those that fell next to her, after she made sure they weren't going to explode or catch fire at least. But she keeps her hand on Marche's shoulder a bit longer, before moving away "You should do what you feel is right, stray true to yourself. They will come to understand it one day too, as long as you keep walking the path you believe in.
Will Sherman Moments later...

WIll is caught in a storm of these strange blocks. Litterally. A tornado. "I think I ran out of inventory. OH GOD!"
Avira "Now /that/ I can get behind." Avira suddenly speaks up, still reeling from this alternate universe information overload. She cannot help but feel decidedly sorry for Marche, aspirations to detroy the world or no-as he's quickly stripped of his status and Clan membership. These little feelings, of course, are kept to herself.

"Ahead of you on that one." Avira announces, holding up one of the blocks she'd scooped up. "Though there's nothing wrong with multiple samples. ...Will what have you done."
Cid Randell "We will take you up on your gracious offer, sir," Cid offers to Mercade, looking over at Marche. "And we strongly encourage that you do the same, Radiuju."
Deidra Deidra is keeping back for the moment she looks to Cid, Marshe and Mewt noding in agreement with Mercade's plan uit seemed to be a good one. "This is the best Idea I agree we can get you somewhere that's safe, you can look for information on the worlds if you wish on yout own and we won't leave you out in the cold no. It's a thing there generally people are willing to help out someone's whose just dropped in."

She nods abotu the blocks and pauses for a moment at Will there's a tornado of the darn blocks about him, it's like when they Heartless burst rally. She does mange to get a fair number of her own however and they make the darndest noise when they bounce.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina facepalms again as Will starts jogging off after big glowy blocks.

"I'll lend a hand." She says. "...Actually come to think of it, they do seem a bit familiar." She frowns faintly before shaking her head. "Well, it'll be worth looking into. Not like I'm doing much else lately. Since my /husband/ is watching /tv/ instead of finding a /real job/."

Watching the door is not a real job, young viewers!

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