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(2013-06-07 - Now)
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Katyna So like, Katyna remained in Port Royal after the crazy party the other night, planning on chillaxing a bit after way too much drinking..And of course exploring all the pretty ships and wishing she could be a pirate herself were kinda exciting fantasies too..

She's currently wandering around the docks, peering this way and that at some of the ships that are docked there, sighing wistfully as she tries to imagine what it must be like as a pirate..!
Vespa Vespa was in Port Royal looking at the airships and well not doing much really.. It had been a bit slow at VALKRI lately thought Avira said there was a job coming up soon but needed something to in the meantime so she was here in Port Royal looking for a job! Something a bit more excting than someone in a maid outfit would normally look for.

"I wonder if we will find anything Al?", the maid muses talking to herself it seems..
Katyna Katyna peers around carefully, making sure no one is watching. She's about to sneak onto the ship when she catches sight of Vespa! Ahh right, the girl who talks to her axe! Might as well say hello!

Katyna moves towards her, waving and smiling. She feels a little more comfortable around VALKYRI since the last time she helped 'em out in Traverse, although she's still uncertain about this one, especially as she fought her directly when she was helping Cruella capture puppies.

"Hey you, Axe lady! Err....Vespa wasnt it?"
Vespa Axe lady that a new one she usally get called Maid or "That a big axe please don't kill me!" She smiles at that. "Yes that's my name. Your Katyna right?", she said "It's been a while hasn't it?"
Katyna Katyna nods. "Yeah..." she smirks a little, not really one to be scared of a little..Well big axe. As for the maid outfit thing..Heh..."Hmm, you remember me. That's good to know! I guess I'm not that forgettable though. But I wonder, how you been, and how's VALKYRIE doing?" The way she speaks of it makes it seem like she misses that place.

"I guess..I never really got to apologize to you personally, y'know, about the whole chasing puppies thing..." Ow, her axe really hurt, being on the receiving end.
Vespa "Oh yes that. All is forgiven.", Consdiering what she seen since then stealing puppies is a very minor crime.. Still a crime thought.

"This have been allright other than Maira need a bodyguard everywhere she goes now and Avria being a princess.. It's complilated.. I guess that comes with the terriory you know? They all seem to be handling it well and keeping there sprits up."
Katyna "Hmm.." She bites her lip, "So, people are still chasing after Maira, thinking she's a princess?" she smirks, "She seems to attract a lot of attention, doesn't she? It seems that Dark Knight and the Emperor Mateus also have an interest in her..I wonder why?" Oh yeah, her father served him at one point, didn't he? But..Eh, it was all very confusing.

"And what about Avira? Is she still having trouble adjusting to being a princess of heart? I kinda thought once they took the world shard from her heart she'd go back to being a normal person, no?"
Vespa "I really don't know or care.. But I will protect the people are care about, till my dying breath.", she looks quite serious when she says that. "Avira seems to handling well as far as I know. I don't know all the details about the Princess of the Heart stuff works or understand it well, I should get her to explain it to me sometime.."
Katyna Katyna smirks. Of course she'd learned a great deal being a Shadow Lord's minion. More than she let on even. "Hmm, a Princess of Heart possesses a pure heart that is difficult to corrupt. Although I suppose her heart was nearly corrupted a few times.." She shrugs, even frowns a bit as she recalls how Avira once swore to kill her, and later when she made a deal with Hades to return to her normal form.

"But, more than that, it possesses a world's shard which are needed to restore the worlds. Other than that, I'm not sure what becomes of them once the shard is removed.." She sighs, "I think she once mentionned that with the shard gone, she felt less full of light. I must be a pretty painful experience, but.."

Kat frowns at that thought, "Hmm, so two VALKYRI are princesses..Heh, no wonder they get so much attention, but...You know, I really miss being there with them, helping fight bad guys, living the good life. I wonder..." Would she ever have a home with them again, or has she burned her bridges for good?
Vespa "I was there it sure looked painful.", Vespa says rembering the battle Manhatten, was one of the crazyer things she ever seen. she surpised they all made it out alive.

She nods listeing to Katyna. Sounds like being a princess is too much trouble, she will stick with being a maid. "You wonder what?"
Katyna "Really? what was it like? Avira...Was it..You know, ripped out of her? Was there..Blood?" She sighs, "I'm sorry..To have supported such terrible things. Ultimately it would have been me to rip out the light from her. Afterall, I was the one assigned to watching the VALKYRI members, and eventually handing them over to the shadow lords.." Oh wait, she DID do that, didn't she? Meh...

"Heh, well, I guess I dont have to worry about being a princess. I mean, I'm hardly pure hearted and all that jazz. Just a plain old knight.." Well trying to be, old habits are hard to shake!

"Hmm, I dunno, sometimes I really miss being a part of VALKYRI. Is it just the three of you now? Oh yeah, and Minerva too, right? But with two princesses, I wonder if y'all will be a target again in the future.."
Vespa "Not really it just came right out there wasn't any blood or anything. It proably still hurt.", she frowns hearing that. "No no we gained a few more members guys icroncally..", she hmms. "well you have to ask Avria about that she is the leader of VALKRI thought I am one of the founding memebers. I'm not sure how that happened.."
Katyna Katyna smirks, "Heh, got new members huh? Got some guys too? That's good..So who else has joined up with VALKYRI?" she shrugs, well, at least it wasn't painful. But Kat's sure that it could have been if Hades had had his way with her.

"Heh, you're one of the founding members? That's cool..So you guys probably go way back then, huh. Do they ever...Talk about me?"
Vespa "well there TRON, he a computer program or something like that.. Whatever that is..", Vespa still a bit lacking on her knowlege of 21 century techonogly.. This knight fellow Percival, he a gargoyle, Skoll who some kind of wolf, you might have met him.."
Katyna Katyna scratches her head. "Hmm, I met TRON before. strange guy, not sure I fully understand what a program is, but.." she shrugs and grins, "Yeah, I've heard of Percival, still haven't met him though, and Skoll, heh, thought he was part of the Shard Seekers. But.."

But at least he was one of the few people who believed in her. "Yeah, I met him, his sister is my best friend, althogh I havent seen her in a while.." She frowns, "So they havent said anything about me? I...I wonder if I would be welcome there.."
Vespa Vespa says, "Not that I can remeber anyway.. Never hurts to ask. What the worst that could happen?", the worst? Get hit with lots of spells and weapons..."
Katyna "Heh..I suppose I'll have to see for myself, right?" She sighs, "I just...Wish things could go back to how they were before. Everything was so simple back then. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere else."
Vespa Vespa says, "Nostaga is a funny thing", she sighs a bit looking up at the sky. "I wish I could go back to my hometown things were simpler..",she looks back at Katyna. "Then again if I had stayed home I woudn't have met everyone here and proably would have died when my world got lost to the darkness.... It not good to dwell on the past thought..""
Katyna "Hmm? Where'd you come from, again, Vespa? I dont think I know that much about you really, except that you like to talk to your axe alot..Why is that anyway? Is it ...Alive?" These days anything is pssible!
Vespa Vespa says, "I do not talk to my axe alot Al talks to me alot.", she pauses for a second. "Yes do like to talk alot Al."I came from a small fishing village it was so small I didn't even have a name or was on any map, it was in the kindom of Figaro.. Al?", she holds up the pendant she wears around her neck that looks like a axe. I really don't know what Al is.. I found him one day in a pile of treasure, or mabye he found me... He wasn't told me anything his past, I don't think he remebers much about it.. All I know he very old.. You don't look old at all Al!""

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