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(2013-06-07 - Now)
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TRON The Arcade has been locked up tight since Deelel's capture in Traverse Town. TRON had elected to not attempt fixing the place on his own, and he wanted to be sure none could trace /him/ back to /it/. It is a highly fragile thread of hope, restoring an arcade that has been closed for decades, but it is all the Programs have.

HIS Programs.

It also has not been unlocked or touched since then, not even after Deelel was freed. Once they had left Datapoint Security's base, TRON had allowed Deelel act on her newfound freedom only after making her promise that they would meet back up in Southern Manhattan once she has straightened matters out.

He has been waiting here for a few days now, blending in with the crowds while leaning forwards against the fence around an area of Central Park, watching people and animals alike come and go. There are many things that have bothered him as of late, and the situation with Deelel has brought that directly to the forefront of his thoughts.

No more whirling of gears. He intends to get answers from assumptions. Now. Today.
Deelel Deelel had friends to tell she was all right, she had to also inform the Shard Seekers about that one of their own has likely joined the force of darkness. It was a good thing too as some people, well at least one was unaware of what happened on Shiki's trip. She knows she's got to talk TRON there's no hiding it, she knows just how badly she'd screwed up.

She's also got some other thingsd to do as she makes for the point in the park where they were going to meet. She does like this place. Time to face the music as she holds up a hand to wave to Tron. Barring her outfit she really doesn't seem too out of palce, well barring the circuit lines which are normally mistaken for tattoos. Either way she's here.

"So...yes. I know I got a lot of explaining to do and yes you don't need to tell me how disappiinted you are with me...I think I got that message already...."
TRON TRON straightens up upon spotting Deelel's waving, his expression registering recognition but otherwise very neutral. As she speaks, however, he simply crosses his arms over his chest.

"Perhaps so, but it goes deeper than that," he rumbles. His voice is almost flat, though with an edge that is barely sheathed. "You have breached my trust." He pauses just for a moment to let that sink in, then continues, "Now I have no idea what Master Control has done to you, or if he is capable of tracking you even now."

He stiffly takes a seat on a bench and motions for Deelel to do the same. "So I need you to start from the beginning--starting with why you decided on such an action--and tell me /everything/ that has happened up to the time they released you."
Deelel Deelel isn't going to be surprised if TRON wants to never have anything to do with her again after this. She just kinda slinks but she doesn't run at least. "I also have some things to explain as well. I had continued to grow suspicious of DPS behaviour with the several attacks where their turrets remained idle through out the city even when hostile actions were going on from a Shadow Lord. I thought I could sneak in check and get out without anyone being the wiser. I was wrong, they had laid a trap and lured me in. Which I fell for hook line and sinker. I didn't fight back as I couldn't take all the black guard at once. I was taken to a holding cell and kept there for most of my time there but it seems my earlier survival in the gaming pits had confused MCP given I'm not a security program nor a military one."

She takes a deep breath

"I was visited by CHIEF several times he seemed concerned enough about me to visit me and it comes down to it. It ... I was broken TRON."

She frowns a little bit more. "As I said my survival bothered MCP to the point he spent a large amount of times ruining SIMs to see how I might have survived and should have been with my apparent specs against what he had in his archives. I should have died a long time before we even met."

She grimaces more "He came to me with this and he's also been studying me and my disc. I'm not a few cycles old TRON, I'm several hundred and I'm not even from ENCOM OS. He'd made me a deal with the implications of my freedom if I cooperated with it. Or perhaps I was miss reading him."

There are changes in how Deelel behaves, her body language falls in line a bit more with those of users and she's speaking more like one as well.

"I accepted realizing I was very likely broken and given I figured I'd be derezzed sooner or later if I didn't play along. It turns out I'm ... old TRON, a lot older than I thought. I'd been running in a dubbed down state all my time in ENCOME. I'd been locked in a backwards compatibility mode, I'm not from ENCOM OS, I'm from another system."

She pauses taking the disc of her back for a moment flipping it over in her hands while it's powered down.

"I'm old tron as I said over three hundred cycles old to be exact. There's still a lot of my own memory to go over it's a lot to take in. It's still not all making sense to me yet but I was from a system that had more incoming with this city than ENCOM OS did. All they really did so far as I know was flip me back to what state I should have been in the first place and it was like my mind was no longer dubbed down, like it was before. It's akin to maybe? A user while they are a child and then when they are matured is the best way I can think."

She moves to hand TRON the disc.

"Here take it, look over the data as you wish. I haven't had a chance to process everything yet there's just been so much. It was inaccessible to me because of the bit rates it was encoded at was beyond that of the ENCOM OS. SO most of my life was just cut off and I was like a newly compiled basic. Funny isn't it? Least my directives always the same well there's too much data there for it to be a fake that much I do know Tron. There's way too much data on my disk for it to be a ruse or junkdata. Go take a look take the time you need but please don't good to far with it. I can't be parted from it for long, bad things will happen to me if I lose it. On my system one's disc was a part of each program, from the moment they were rezzed."

She hands Tron the disc and waits now.
TRON TRON listens carefully, clearly processing each and every word. But as the explanation progresses, his eyes glaze over as if staring beyond the horizon, unbidden images of his own playing in his vision. Data locked down due to not enough bandiwith... is that the significance of his white Disc?

Not of his Grid...

He stares at the offered Disc, uncomprehending, then accepts it and places it in the palm of his hand. "You... are like CHIEF, then..." His voice is dull, without life. "Then it is true... there /are/ other Grids... just as there are other Userspace worlds..." The images that flash above the Discs are too rapid for human sight to follow, snapshots of what TRON sees--

Only for the plainclothed Security Program to almost drop Deelel's Disc, clutching at his head as a faint whirr'ing sound emanates from somewhere on his back. He overrides the data access, halting the process before it can go any further... but the data pulled up from that locked white Disc matches Deelel's. Knowledge not his own.

"I should have known..." He shakily offers Deelel's Disc back to her. "No recreational... Games... on my Grid... No media Programs either... Nothing fit, until now..." He looks downright stunned, planting his elbows on his knees and holding his head in his hands in a substantially less tight grip.
Deelel Deelel listens to TRON and waits she knows he's got a lot to take in. She pauses for a moment She listens to TRON ahe speaks and she nods. "It looks like it TRON. Look I'm still sifting through my memories but ...." She trails off as TRON seems to be in a spot of trouble. She moves to TRON out of concern for him nbut sees that he's able to pull himself offer she takes the disc and nods to TRON. "I had no idea...either I didn't think much about it." She frowns but she does remeber something else.

"I a place much like a club you'd find in this city." She shakes her head a little bit as if trying to clear it. "It's still coming back to me too. I'm sorry if it was a lot to take in I'm still making sense of it now too."
TRON TRON sits still for a long time. Processing, evaluating, gauging...


"I see." He sits up abruptly, sitting far too stiffly to be natural. "I detected no sign of actual tampering or repurposing in your code..." He closes his eyes, pushing up his glasses as he rubs at the bridge of his nose. "No lasting harm was done by your improvised infiltration, even if it left me with untold hardship. In fact... it has actually ended up helping us."

He smiles wanly, a poor attempt at best. "The blueprints and protocols for the digitizing laser... I didn't give the sole copy to DPS, after all."
Deelel Deelel lets TRON recover but seems to be worried about him as she does come close she listens. "I'm sorry for everything I put you through and anyone else..." She pauses looking outright shocked at TRON's words. "Wait what helped...." She pauses for a moment then starts laughing. "You managed to pull one over on the big bad Master Control Program." She calms down. "...very well done. So we have a way ... home...? Or at least to your home."
TRON TRON inhales, the breath uncertain at best. This whole revelation has shaken him to the core... but he is the leader of the resistance. He can't just exhibit emotions at a drop of the hat so wildly, he knows that.

Never mind the fact that he is sure there is another...


At Deelel's laughter, though, he smiles a bit more honestly this time. "I wouldn't say that. After all, it was never specified how many copies could be made. Only that Master Control got one." He reaches over his shoulder and pats at the lump between his shoulderblades. "If nothing else, Program memory is a wonderous thing."

He shakes his head at the question, though. "We have to get a new computer. Rebuild the laser from scratch. Upload the correct operating system and make sure everything /works/." The task is daunting, he must admit. "But before we do any of that... let's get the Arcade back up and running. Why bother restoring the basement when we can do the same to everything from roof to sub-floor?"
Deelel Deelel notices TRON perk up a bit at her revalation "This way no one knows we have it. I can go looking for hardware to run it. Should be easy enough in Manhattan. The laser might take a bit of doing and I suggest we buy parts on different world as well. It's not going to be easy but we hace a chance and humm. Yes why not we could even reopen it. I know that one woman I met claimed she went to the arcade so there might be interest. It also be an source of income to keep us going." She unders user space means you need mummy after all.

"So I guess we start by cleaning?"
TRON TRON chuckles softly. "Yes. We return to cleaning." He heaves himself up off of the bench and stretches, rolling his shoulders at the end and emitting a low huff. "Probably what little work we did before the recent fiasco has been undone by time... so might as well start at the beginning once again." No matter though. At least they even can.

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