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(2013-06-07 - Now)
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Evja It had been some time since the Vieran Judge had last spoken to Luso, and likely many things had happened. Manhattans restoration among them, since that was really last they spoke. Luso did have an outstanding quest, though, which he had likely done some work on. Finding Lezaford.

As with the time before, Evja had put in word with one of the local pubowners where Luso came from time to time to send him out the same direction as before, and as before, Evja waited at the same location in the same manner. Except this time, Evja's chocobo was a light blue in color as compared to the standard yellow. Huh. Same chocobo for what it was worth. Today's attire found the Judge wearing full plate and regality, and in fact, looking quite Judgey. Before they just had on their normal somewhat ornate robe and the likes. Today was a formal request of sorts, almost.
Luso Clemens Indeed, Luso had been hard at work on a great number of things recently. Investigating Khamja, hutning down troublesome marks, searching for any sign of the grat sage himself, and then there were Adelle and Cid's exploits. With things go crazy recently, he hardly had time to get together with everyone again and just relax.

But today it would seem that thing would be no different. Another request to meet at a familiar place. The adventurer was quite familiar with this region of desert, thus the journey there took little time. He decided to go it alone just the same as last time too. His clan mates could take care of any other jobs while he was out. It took a bit of time, but eventually, Luso arrived, spotting Evja in full armor.

"Huh? Evja, is that you?" He called out, waving as he approached. As usual, the boy's fashion sense left a bunch of questions to be asked. Yellow overalls, partial armor, and that silly hat! Not to mention the small arsenal of swords strapped behind himself. Looks like some things simply don't change at all. For better and for worse.
Evja Good kid.

Right on time. And earnest as always. The sincerity in the tone, even waving, did a number to lighten the Viera's mood. He didn't quite shout out as Luso did, though. Instead, Evja simply stood and reached up to take the helmet off, hooking it on a place on his Chocobo's saddle. As ever, the Viera had the veil on beneath it, so any hints at his actual gender were hidden.

"I am glad you came. Things have not gotten any better since we last spoke and... it would seem the one who is holding the contract is attempting to force me at any cost to carry through with it. Have you... had any luck?"
Luso Clemens Slowing down to a stop just a couple paces from Evja, Luso crossed his arms behind his head in a lay fashion, grinning cheerfully. "Nice to see you're still fine!" He greeted, staring up at the Judge as he spoke. He left things at that though and listened to her piece after. "Huh...So it's getting worse. That's not good." Thank you, captain obvious.

"...But I think I have made breakthrough!" The boy announced with great vigor, clenching a fist a raising it slightly in triumph. "I've heard rumors about a 'wise old man' dwelling in the Macalania Forest on the Northern Continent." A small pause to let Evja process the information, and then he went on. "I'm not sure if it's really Lezaford, but 'wise old man' is enough for me to investigate further."

He crossed his arms after that, shaking his head slightly. "I haven't actually gone to look yet though. I figured I'd let you know first, but a lot of other things have been getting in my way. It's pretty hectic." Despite that though, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "But I bet it's the same for you too, so I can't complain too much, huh?"
Evja So it was possible that the sage Lezaford, who created the laws, was there? Would the great sage even care to talk to a failure of a Judge like Evja? One who was bound by the magic of the very laws they attempt to uphold? Evja's eyes closed a moment in thought before he said softly, "I see. Well, in that case..." In that case, he didn't rightfully know. Should he try to find this old man? Would the magic set upon him even allow him to try and get it removed? He couldn't try to break it himself, but to ask someone else to do it... perhaps that wasn't set into it.

"Thank you for bringing me this information. Though I must admit that it is getting too close for my comfort at this point on the matter of avoiding another attempt on Mercades life. I've no desire to do it, but... if I am standing outside of this plot, I may soon be forced to. I... am almost to the point where I would be willing to let you use that card of yours to destroy the magic set upon me. Even if it means breaking the law. Protecting someone elses life is more important than the law, since that is what the laws were set into place for in the first place." Plus surely the Judgemaster could not be angry at him for it. But the Magister who set the laws upon him...

"On another topic, related, I may soon no longer be a Judge after this is over. In fact, I may no longer be among the living, if the God of the Dead has his way with me and I can somehow break the contract that was set into place." He doesn't quite finish his train of thought so much as trail off.
Luso Clemens Luso's good cheer gradually lessened as Evja spoke. "Hmn..." Crossing his arms back, he let out a sigh. "I know you'd rather not use that card. But it's always an option. I'm not going to force you to do it though. That choice is all up to you." Nodding to himself at that, he stepped aside, staring out into the desert as he spoke.

"Being forced to have to do that sort of's terrible." 'And making a deal with the lord of the dead is just stupid to begin with' is what Luso thought to himself. But he wouldn't voice his opinion. What's done is done. What remained now was to best do what needed to be done. "Well, anyway, if there's not much time left, then I guess we really shouldn't be standing around talking, huh?" The boy asked, glancing back the Viera with a sheepish smile. "I can accompany you to see if Lezaford really is there. I've got things I need to ask him too."
Evja "In that case, yes, let us go. As happenstance would have it... I actually do have business in Macalania as well. Funny that... that Lezaford may be there of all places." Because that little book he had now, detailing the story of the Chocobo, mentioned a water-filled wood. Though it also mentioned monsters in said water-filled wood.

Might as well try and have some fun with the Chocobo after Lezaford, or the lack thereof. And perhaps Luso might enjoy that as well.

"Want a ride on my Chocobo? He can hold us both easily and he is quite fast." And it wouldn't take long to get back to Fluorgis by Judge Route.
Luso Clemens "Alright then, let's get a move on!" Luso nodded, moving to approach the chocobo in question. "We'd better make the time we have count before things get bad for you, yeah?" That said, he climbed his way up onto the chocobo's back, settling on and making sure that he wouldn't go flying off.

"If this goes well, then maybe you won't have to kill anyone after all!" Of course, that would be the best outcome that they could hope for...

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