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Business Over Cocoa
(2013-06-07 - 2013-06-07)
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Thirza Ingersleben Murasame Zaibatsu has been rather busy in the town of Narshe. Most of this work has been Minette, who has handed the financial aspect of things. No man (or woman) is an island; however, Minette could certainly not handle everything here by herself. As such, Thirza Ingersleben, Minette's frequent partner, has also been here lending her a hand. For the most part, this has been much less sinister, or questionably sinister. Instead of dealing with finances and contracts, Thirza has been doing more hands-on labor. Most of her time here has been spent in or around the mines, using her powers of geomancy to assist the miners in their trade.

But for now, she's crashed in the inn. Thirza is presently sitting in the common room of the inn taking a break. She's sipping on hot cocoa (it's cold here). She looks rather peaceful. Thirza also has acquired a blanket.
Sammy Colt Ah. The life of a Turk. Still a little sore and beaten, the young Turk known as Sammy Colt has moved on to his next target. Poor bugger hasn't even received a good night's sleep after the whupping Akari heaped on him.

How fortunate that he knows how to heal, even without Materia. Oh well, nothing strange there.

The door to the inn opens and the limping turk takes in a breath of bravery before stepping inside and making his way to the desk clerk. The two exchange some words and Sammy gives the man a smile before dropping a small sack of coins on the counter.

His eyes focus on Thirza and the boy gives himself a mental pep talk. There's no way he'd get two psychos in the same week. He didn't have THAT bad of luck.

Taking a moment to examine his datapad, Sammy looks at the relaxing girl and tilts his head, "Thir-za?" He asks as he walks towards the lounging girl.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza is in the middle of sipping her cocoa when Sammy addresses her by name. She makes a startled 'huh' noise, right in the midst of drinking, which almost results in a hot, cocoa-y mess all across her lap. Instead, Thirza manuevers to catch the splash of cocoa, instead getting a large mouthful of warm beverage. The end result is she swallows it, reluctantly, pursing her lips as her eyes water a little bit. It is a little too hot to drink so quickly.

After a few moments, she recovers. "Y-yes? I'm Thirza, Thirza Ingersleben. Were you um, looking for me, for some reason?"

Thirza looks at Sammy nervously and she attempts to smile, even though her mouth hurts. It's a little weak.
Sammy Colt Sammy lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank goodness. You're not like the other one." He says in a hushed tone before switching back to 'SRS BSNS' mode. He still kind of looks like a kid in a suit, but her.

"Ms. Ingersleben..." He pauses to make sure he said it right. Continuing on, "I was wondering if you could tell me about the Alexander Academy? I work for ShinRa and we're interested in allying ourself with other corporations, agencies, companies and suppliers who align themselves well with our business model." He states before lowering his newly acquired shades and watching her, giving her the same kind of weak smile.
Thirza Ingersleben "The...other one? Did you talk to Minette?" Thirza asks, completely unaware of how awful Akari is--for the most part.

"Oh, um. Okay!" Thirza says, setting her cocoa aside and untangling herself from her blanket, which is wrapped pretty snugly around her. She's clearly trying to look more professional. "Oh, huh. you want to know about the Alexander Academy, or are you more interested in Murasame Zaibatsu?"
Sammy Colt Sammy Colt blinks as he looks at Thirza. He had not really heard of the Murasame Zaibatus, but he can't look like he doesn't know what he's talking about.

"First we'll talk about the Academy, then about the Masamune Zaibatsu." Heh. She'll never guess he doesn't know about the Murasame Zai - he said Masamune, didn't he?

Smooth, Sammy. Smooth.

Sammy doesn't seem to pick up on his own slip of the tongue, so he just blunders on happily.

"So, what is it the Academy 'does'?"
Thirza Ingersleben "It's an academy! That is, it's a school. It trains--well, trained, since our world is gone now--students to function in our world. People specialize in different black magic, white magic, swordsmanship, geomancy, and so on..." Thirza trails off a little. She's not terribly used to people not knowing what it is, since it's such a big deal in her homeworld. "Besides the general academic stuff, of course. It's a very prestigious school. I um, I didn't go there for my whole career, because my family didn't have the money."
Sammy Colt The Turk is obviously recording everything Thirza is saying, as he isn't really writing it down. He nods at the given times when appropriate. As Thirza finishes speaking, he leans forward.

"You said the students learned all manner of things? What did you learn? Was the Academy training you to be a soldier, or to help people? How much money would it have cost for someone to send their kid to this 'Academy'." The machinegun of questions trail off when Sammy is delivered a small thermos of hot chocolate. He smiles and nods to the server and leans back on his seat.

These interviews were always so much better.
Thirza Ingersleben "Well, um," Thirza pauses when Sammy breaks her rhythm. For a while there she seemed to be doing pretty well, though it required a constant stream of words from her as though, if she had to stop and think about it too much, she'd stumble and stutter. Now that there's a break, Thirza has to compose herself a little. She's not super good at talking to strangers asking her indepth questions.

"--well." Thirza shuffles her feet. "I was going to school to be a geomancer--oh no, not just fighting." Pause. "--I was going to school to be a geomancer--I said that already, didn't I? I'm sorry."

She shuffles in her seat. "I was an apprentice to a local one--I already said we were poor and geomancers can make good money--well, in some places. Other places you live on donations because you're more of a spiritual leader. Anyway...I don't actually know how much it costs."

Thirza shfufles her feet a little, once again.
Sammy Colt Sammy notes the shuffling of the feet. Generally, it indicated being nervous.

"I don't mean to make you nervous, Ms. Ingersleben. I'm just asking questions. We're just talking here." He says in a soothing sort of voice as he sips on his hot chocolate and looks down at his datapad.

"So, you're a geomancer?" There's an actual wince as Sammy recalls the impact that left the now hidden cut above his eye on his face.

"How many students were in your class?" Sammy asks non-chalantly as he blows on his hot chocolate - it was a little too warm for his taste still.
Thirza Ingersleben "Um, well," Thirza extends the 'well' for quite a bit. "Actually..." Thirza looks down. "I finished up my geomancer courses, instructors realized when I started attending I was a lot better at blue magic than geomancy. I'm a little of both?"

Thirza messes with her ponytail. It's not very well put together. "Um. Originally there was fifteen...maybe twenty? There's not many of us around, now--especially not from my class."
Sammy Colt "So..." Sammy starts, mimicing the whole 'long well' part of Thirza's conversation. "You're a blue mage slash geomancer? That seems like an interesting combination." He says, trying to keep the girl talking about the Academy, or at least to keep getting the information he wanted.

"About twenty per class... How many classes? I mean, there had to be only a select few, right? Especially if the school costed munny." The young turk pauses as he checks his datapad for a beeping and puts it back away.

"You mentioned something about a Zaibatsu?"
Thirza Ingersleben "Yeah, the classes were relatively small, I think," Thirza shuffles her feet. "But um...don't hold me to that, because I didn't really know a lot of people. Many of the families there were from long lines that had went there their whole life. I was kind"

Thirza tugs at her hair again. "Well, classes were broken down into age groups of 1-12. Most of the people that escaped when the--" Thirza gets quiet for a minute. "--when the world disappeared, are from the oldest classes." She sighs and looks down.

"Oh, um. Murasame Zaibatsu is who I work for. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about with Mr. Murasame's approval."
Sammy Colt "Mr. Murasame? Interesting. Do you think I could meet him?" Sammy asks, leaning forward and sipping ever more out of his little thermos of hot chocolate. This would definitely help ShinRa, if he could speak directly to the leader of whatever these people were.

He gives a smile, just to reassure Thirza, "He and I might be able to come to some kind of business understanding and our teams would then be able to work together for a better ... uhm... place." He says, not exactly sure what to call the shards at this point. Calling them a world just didn't seem right.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza thinks. "Umm. Sure, I think he may have met Mr. ShinRa...Rufus, isn't it? At some point previously, but we could probably arrange another meeting at some point." Thirza puts her hands in her lap. "I--I'm actually not very good at keeping up with the business things. Minette's better at it than me. I mostly do grunt work."
Sammy Colt "Minette. Okay." Sammy's getting a list of names at the very least. "I guess I should probably meet with her first." If Rufus had already spoken with Mr. Murasame, then there has to be a reason for Sammy to be sent out on this information gathering mission. Probably to asses the threat/value of this Zaibatsu/Academy.

"Well, you're doing fine, Ms. Ingersleben. I think you interview rather well." He says with a smile as he reaches into his coat pocket and withdraws a small card, which he promptly holds out for Thirza to take.

"The name is Sammy Colt, and if you could get in touch with that Minette person for a meeting, it would be greatly appreciated." He says, still holding that charismatic smile.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza takes the card and smiles at Sammy. "Oh, alright." She puts it away carefully, sticking it into one of her shirt pockets. "Minette's actually staying here with me...but she's out right now. I can tell her you stopped by, if you don't want to wait?"
Sammy Colt "Well, I'd love to, but I've got other appointments." Like seeing the nurse about those almost crushed ribs. Seriously, the kid's got some kind of pain tolerance to even be smiling right now.

"It was a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully our two groups can work together in the future." He says with a smile as he stands up and gives Thirza a polite bow, wincing a little at the movement before standing back up and starting towards the exit.

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