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Party Talk Between Two
(2013-06-07 - 2013-06-09)
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Leon steps outside with Riku from the crazy Shard Seeker party bash within the bar. Down over to a nice dark corner where the music could still be heard, but no people were in sight beyond the very two now standing before one another.

"What is that you want, kid?" Leon says calmly, his golden red eyes looking directly at Riku once more and his right hand, though he was a left hand wielder, ready to pull his sword at ready if he needed too since it was still hidden behind the hooded cloak that was still draped over that shoulder.

After all, seeing that little stunt with that one guy and from some of his past experiences, he doesn't exactly trust this will be a friendly chat.
Riku Riku growls something unpleasant and definitely not printable, even by use of errant geese before disappearing into the pirate city. He looks up at Leon and says bluntly. "I'm surprised you can see at all. Your starving, aren't you?"

And there is a surprisingly quiet note in his voice, his brow furrowing as he looks up at Leon. "A lot of time has passed since I saw you in that armor, hasn't it? --Enough for Maira to trust you, at least."
"Nearly a month.. or two.. I haven't really been counting." Leon replies back to Riku. He tilts his head slightly. "Sadly, I don't know you or remember you, but good to know when you met me." Not like there was any doubt there.

"Just to bad you met the side with no name." Leon then grunts as he then just sits down on one of the boxes, or at least leans against the crate. He then closes his eyes. "..and I don't know what your talking about starving. I ate fine before I left to fetch Maira. So trust me, my stomach isn't growling none." He says with a soft hearted chuckle.

Then he opens one eye, which has become slightly more gold in color. "..But yeah. Don't worry. Maira knows I wont hurt her, like the others who have come to know me.. though.. that may be changing again.. soon enough."
Riku Riku looks at him in confusion and then an odd sympathy. He crosses his arms and shifts his weight to the other foot.

"You.. don't even know, do you?" he sighs and shakes his head, sitting down on a box himself. "I-- would say you would HAVE to know because I've been at ground zero to an armored rampage. But-- you don't, do you? I mean, your leaking so bad I could pick you out from a mile away." he sighs.

"Oh man. This is bad." He goes rummaging around in his pockets for something.
"No.. I don't know." Leon says flatly with his voice. "Everything the Dark Knight did I have no memories of. All of his knowledge, information, I don't know any of it." He frowns even deeper. "And what I do know is that I am walking time bomb, at which the very man who did this to me, knows. He knows it and.." He tsks softly.

"Either way, what is that you wanted from me? I need to get Maira back to her hotel room so she can at least get some sleep before we head out tomorrow." The former Dark Knight watches as Riku rummages around. "..and what do you mean you could..pick me up from a mile away?"
Riku Riku just stares at Leon for a long time. --What would he have said to himself six months ago when the TDA had pried off the thin sugar coating of his self-delusion or four months ago when -- and the teenager has this extremely unpleasant feeling that he is trying to do the right thing but not even really sure what that thing is anymore.

He knew nothing about this man other than things that had made him want to stab them repeatedly.

But he also knew that he wouldn't look away from someone who was suffering. Not who he was now. He feels something shift around inside his skull again and Riku just puts his head in his hands for a moment until the feeling subsides.

When he raises his head, his demeanor is very calm and even keeled. His voice almost uninflected. "You are a darkness user. I know this because it's streaming off you, and because I used to be one. I can sense darkness. You are having trouble seeing, right? Especially in a crowded place, where all you can see are ragged smears of light and darkness? Silohuettes of people around these bright sparks? You are just this side of light blinded and it's because you haven't fed. Because you are like me, and I was not aware there was anybody else like me so imagine my surprise." He says these last three words authoritatively and with an absolute dead-pan." he takes in a measured breath and lets it out.

"I'm saying I can help you. Maybe not very much, but something. If you will let me."
Leon glances off to the side a bit as Riku explains. He just stares at the wall and closes his eyes as Riku then goes through the bits about having a hard time seeing and so on and so forth. He wasn't really sure what to say at this point only gently nod his head until words can formulate in his mind.

"Point taken." Leon then opens his eyes, looking at Riku. "Though I believe yours may be natural.. mine is a curse.." Or maybe it wasn't? Maybe he was always attuned to the darkness but Mateus maybe brought it out fully? Leon had no idea. Either way-- it was a curse.

"..but yes.. it has become hard to see people as.. people.." He grimaces. "..and getting harder to focus."

He then looks at Riku directly. "So how do you plan to help me?"
Riku Riku feels the impulse to laugh himself hoarse at that.


.. Natural.

And it never gets past his throat. He coughs quietly as if something were stuck in his throat and shakes his head. Oh-- whatever was grinding was giving him a headache to match. Always a pleasant part of this. He takes out a smallish gem and passed it from hand to hand, back and forth a few times.

"This might help you. This might not. It being a curse and all." The extremely desert dry inflection continues. "Strike it against the edge of the box if you need to. Just break it. It's-- going to sting."
Leon's goldish red eyes almost get attracted to the gem, like a dragon trying to ignore treasure; it wasn't easy. "Strike it against the box.. it may sting.." He repeats back and blinks a few times. "..why would it sting and just what is it?"

Then again, if it will give him enough control until they got to Palamecia. He doesn't honestly care. If it would help, it would help right. Damn. This almost sounds like a drug deal.

The former Dark Knight then places out his hand to take it from Riku, "..and what is your name?"
Riku "It's a holy materia and it's going to feel like it's going to take your hand off because light energy comes from two places. From gems like this-- which apparantly are pretty rare. Or from people."

He says with an absolutely straight face. " Speaking of the people inside. I tend not to eat junk food." Riku snorts very faintly, handing the gem over to the man.

"My name's Riku, by the way. Since you are technically not Scary Armor the Sequel, it's -- Leon. Right?"
Leon took the gem and narrowed his eyes. The very dark energy, much like it did with Maira was reacting the same way-- it didn't want ANYTHING to do with the gem and yet-- it would need too. Now how did you tell your body you needed this? Maybe it knew and it was just being stubborn-- but wait right.. break it.

"Yes. My name is Leon, it is a pleasure Riku." He says glancing over the youth and then without even trying to miss a beat as his hand raises up. "..Scary armor the sequel?" Distraction-- and.. Shatter the crystal. Which as soon has the crystal shattered that very dark wisps that wanted to pull away suddenly drove down and Leon could only grit his teeth.

Yet he continued to distract himself. Just don't think on the pain. Mind over matter. Focus. "How.. how did I-- obtain-- that name.." After the last part he grit his teeth and lowered his head, closing his eyes tightly. What the hell /was/ going on?

"..damnit.." he murmured out softly until whatever light there was, was suddenly snuffed out.
Riku "I meet a startling amount of people who wield large weapons and are completely covered in plate armor." Riku winces slightly in sympathy but continues talking like nothing has happened.

"You are the third, and thus-- not Scary Armor the Greater or his apprentice, Scary Armor the lesser. It's a naming scheme I picked up from movies. I think the next one will be the Return of the Scary Armor since I've already met the Bride of Scary Armor."
Leon attempts to chuckle and ignore his hand and whatever the darkness may be doing. He doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to see it. It is-- whatever is happening-- helping a bit. But he really doesn't want to understand /how/ or /why/.

At least-- not for now. "I-- I see." He tries to smile a bit, opening one eye to look at Riku, which has turned more of its red hue with a gold edge on the outside of the eye. "And the bride as well, huh? I-- I guess there are a ton of dudes walking around trying to all be evil armored knights who want to kick poor helpless puppies."

He then closes his eye once more before flexing his hand once it seems done. Stretching out his fingers and then clenching them, then repeating this process a few times. "..and thanks."

The former Dark Knight then looks at Riku. " will help.. with the trip tomorrow."

Leon then frowns a bit. "..You said you knew me as the Dark Knight-- what.. no.. I don't want to know just-- I am sorry." He lowers his head. "I have done many people wrong as the Dark Knight and-- worse I have no memories of it. Then to top it off.. it will.. soon go right back the way it was."

He peers then at Riku. "Did you-- did you ever escape yours? Truly? Or is.. is this..." He looks then at his own hands. The dark tendrils that flow around his hands like a thin fog. "Is this something that never goes away?"
Riku Riku frowns slightly and then winces as a sharp crack-- and-- whatever he had just fell to pieces and there was a surge of almost painful anger in the place of calm resolve. "What?!" he asks incredulously. "What the hell do you mean by that? Go back to the way it was? I-- " he lets out an exasperated breath. Why should he care? Other than the obvious NOT wanting to be stabbed by crystalline swords reasons. He grinds a palm into his face, almost literally shaking from pent up anger and reaction.

"No" he says in a surprisingly calm voice which only shook a little around the edges. "It-- turned into something else. I'm not sure if that's a good thing all the time but its-- it's different. It doesn't always have to be monstrous. Or-- maybe it does and we just switch different kinds of mosnters, who knows." he laughs.

"Nobody gives the instruction manual on this crap. What do you mean curse--- you mean.. somebody did this to you?" He opens one eye looking at leon through his hand and it is a very unpleasant look.
Leon glances off to the side a bit as Riku nearly sneers at him. Yeah. He can't argue with the youth's frustration. It was his own, but this was a double sided sword. He needed to get close to the man. Play the game. Wait him out. Somewhere in all this-- maybe he could break free and return the favor. Maybe.

"Yes and perhaps.. no." The man sighs softly rubbing his hands together in thought. "Emperor of Palamecia, Mateus.. he killed everyone I have hold dearly and even killed my sister. The very city I called home, now sees him as the best thing ever that has happened to them-- even though he alone was responsible for its near destruction-- but also seems it rebuilding as well."

Leon's eyes then narrow dangerously. "..I was the only one spared alive-- for whatever the reason and my reward for my attempts was not death-- but turned into his Dark Knight general. He.. locked away my heart.. or so it has been explained to me. Locked me away and brought out the darkness of my heart."

He then peers at Riku. "Maira freed me from his hold.. but not from the darkness he drew out. Between her and a man named Will Sherman-- they were able to unlock my heart.. free me.." He then looks up at the sky. "...Yet Mateus knew I would need to return to him.. because I face a fact.. either I return and be enslaved once more-- or I try to fight on and be consumed by this very power." His eyes drop back down once more to his opened hands.

"I have-- a debt to repay. I have lives to avenge. I can not allow myself to be consumed by what he did to me. So I have to wait it out-- wait it out until I can find away to not only be free of him.. but also end his life once and for all." His hands then clenched into a fist.

"But right now.. I don't have those means.. and it-- may take me some time until I do." He shakes his head. "I will avenge those I have lost. I /will/ make him suffer as he has made me suffer." His hands start to clench tighter. "...I will burn him.. slowly.. in the very fires that he has created.." He then stops himself, breaking his hands free and then moving to stand up straight once more.
Riku Riku opens his mouth and then closes it several times. He tries to make any sense out of his thoughts but they just have pinwheeled out of his hands and he ends up just sitting there when he knows he should say something. He looks up at Leon and he takes a breath and says quietly.

"..your lying to yourself. And the only person you will end up burning up-- is you. And this guy-- whoever Shadow Lord is he, goes laughing all the way. Because the worst ones aren't the ones with the big capes and the laughter and the evil army. It's the ones who get you to do things because you think you have to." Riku just buries his face in his hands then and groans very softly.

"Yeah." he says in a mocking growl, aimed just as much at himself as Leon. "I'm going to fight darkness with bitterness and hatred and resentment. That's going to work. See? It's a perfect plan." He snarls. "What is it you are really afraid of?"
Leon glares at Riku. His words perhaps cutting deep at something and becomes obvious by not only the sneer by the sudden intense glow of his eyes. Even the darkness around his feet starts to spread outward in his growing rage at the youth.

Leon then cuts his gaze away before he tsks softly. "It is not death." he says simply as he then starts to walk away. "But the truth." He says softly as he keeps walking before he comes to a pause. Leon then looks over his shoulder. "I thank you, Riku. Maybe one day-- we can have a longer conversation then this.. Maybe then.. I will be free from it all." He then looks away.

"She would have liked you, Riku. The one I hold most dear to me, now gone. She would have liked you and probably pulled you into her little circle." A sad smile crosses his face. "She was always the friendly type. Kind heart. Warm soul. She was my better half.. even if related by blood.. it shouldn't be me who is walking.."

He then starts to walk away once more, heading back for the bar to get Maira. "It should be her.."
Riku Riku bolts up to his feet because he can't stand it anymore. He wants to spin around and scream 'Don't you think I get it!?' because he was almost describing Kairi. Who lay in Hollow Bastion while Riku walked free and had a life. While this parents and his world lay in darkness.

Instead he smashes a fist into the crate and then a boot and snaps a hand across the air. He is most CERTAINLY going to regret this, but right now he didn't care. "Gods. You are full of bologna."

The teenager vanishes in a smear of dark energy, the portal snapping just behind him.

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