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Down On The Grassy Hills
(2013-06-06 - 2013-06-25)
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The rolling green, lush hills. Livestock that roam the land without concern from any odd predators. It is a peaceful place here. Very peaceful and very relaxing. Not many travelers come through here and people like it that way perhaps.

It stays quiet. Not much excitement.

However excitement was indeed coming, at least for some cattle roaming the land, because the one thing a dragon can not turn down is a good cow. Gotta have that beef!

Over several cattle grazing contently, suddenly a shadow falls over one of them. The cow with the grass in its mouth suddenly looks up, before its stops chewing and just stares. Then as those white ivory claws extend out the cow now realizes its fate.

It lets out a frightful moo as it tries to get away, but suddenly the blue scaled beast from above tackles it down to the ground and over the hill. All someone may see from the roadside is the creature of blue and crimson red falling from the sky, then blades of grass rising into the air with a sound of a cow's cry before utter silence.

As for the rest of the cattle. They are getting the heck out of there!
Buggabix Buggabix, the wandering goblin, is always in search of wrongs to right. He heard that in this land called 'Britain', dragons were said to be fearsome creatures that terrorized the land. Why, that sounded right up his alley! He'd find one of these beasts (for his own world lacked them, strangely enough) and beat it up, then he'd get enough money for food. This could only end well for him!

So when a cow becomes a snack for said dragon, Buggabix happens to be in the area watching. He crouches down in the tall grass, pulling his knit cap down as he attempts to creep up to see what this thing looks like.
Ulharisk has the cow pinned down and has pretty much already taken the life from it. He should transform back, but he will need to drag this off somewhere and then break it up into parts. He just-- wasn't sure where to go.

So standing there, his wings were spread out as he glanced around the area. His front paws on top of the cow and his back paws resting down in a hunch. His tail was swaying side to side slowly. Those ear fins expanded out and flick form time to time.

The dragon's violet eyes scan the area, before he opens his mouth to inhale the air around him, and then closes it before inhaling a deep but of the air through his nostrils. This drake only seemed to be maybe a bit bigger then the cow, which-- was the other reason Ulharisk has yet to leave.

He wasn't even sure if he had the strength to lift this cow up. Not like this anyhow.

The dragon then gets off his caught cow and then bits down on the back of its neck. Then with a low rumble of annoyance starts to pull on the tough skin of the cow, slowly but surely starting to drag what he hopes will be his meal.

He is unaware of watchful eyes of a goblin, cause yay for his scent going in the other direction thanks to the breeze.
Buggabix Buggabix watches the dragon; man, he thought it would be bigger. But oh well, it would just have a harder time trying to eat him. He crept along, following the dragon from behind as he attempted to catch up to him.
Sadly Draconians as Dragons were not very big no. They were about the size, if not a few feet bigger then a horse. At least when they were on all fours. Now if one was to stand up on their hign legs, then yes. They did tower over many different types of races out there.

Ulharisk continued to drag his meal until he picked up movement in the brush. Those violet draconic eyes stared in that direction and his tail suddenly came a halt as his ear fins expanded out once more. He stared in the direction Buggabix was, before looking around a bit.

He didn't exactly let go of the cow, but he was looking dead on in that direction. Just standing there now. Watching. Listening.
Buggabix Buggabix stopped, his heart pounding. The goblin gulped, waiting until Ulharisk stops (if he stops) paying attention. He was closer now, he could almost touch the tail tip. He waited, and waited. Finally, his impatience got the better of him.

With a shrill cry he leaps from the grass like a small missile, to latch onto Ulharisk roughly at where his tail would begin!
Buggabix suddenly leaps out like a missile and Ulharisk's eyes go wide. He has /never/ seen anything like what is coming at him. A native creature here?

Either way he quickly lets go of the cow and jumps off to the side to avoid the sudden pounce of the Goblin. It was extremely close, just a brush off from pouncing on the Drake.

He frills out his wings and then growls lowly. Showing off those razor teeth as his violet eyes narrow. "Are you a servant of the shadow lords?" He speaks out with that slight British accent and deep echoing rumble behind his words. "Are you one of Whe'ir's followers?"

Ulharisk raised even higher on his four legs, ready to leap if he needed. Though his mouth was now closed his nostrils were flared a bit and his ear fins fully expanded out still and seeming to be listening directly where the goblin was.
Buggabix Buggabix dived back into the tall grass. It rustled as he sprang back up to face the dragon fearlessly, his own sharp teeth bared in a much-less impressive growl. "Says you! I'm Buggabix, and I'm here to defeat an evil dragon! I bet you kidnapped a princess or something, huh, HUH??? I warn you, I'm small but I am the strongest goblin to ever exist!" He punches the air a few times. "I might just be feeling merciful. For the record, I'm not a Shadow Lord, or a Wire, whatever that is!"
Ulharisk raises an eye ridge. "What?" He says calmly. "I am no evil dragon, my name is Ulharisk. I am a Guardian Knight." he then watches the Goblin punch the air and he actually rolls his eyes. "Either way, I-- think you got the wrong idea.. just as I did about you.." He then goes to reach over for the cow once more with his clawed paw hand, to pull it over.

"..and its Whe'ir... Whe ir." He says it the second time more slowly, before he bites down on the cow and starts to drag it again, he then talks slightly with his teeth grit. So its a bit harder to make out. "So if you don't mind. I have a dinner to cut up and prepare before sundown."

He then pauses and lets go of the cow for a moment. "..and the only 'princess' I know, is the one the Shadow Lords keep calling that and tormenting." He then goes to bite back down on the cow.
Buggabix Buggabix takes a bit more than the normal person to process such info. His big ears flick, he snuffles his nose, then finally, lowers his fists. "'re not going to set the countryside on fire," he says. Come to think of it, he doesn't look THAT menacing. He had big hips, too. Buggabix wisely did not voice such a thought.

"Well, dang. I guess I'm not going to beat you up...which I totally could do." He watches Ulharisk eat and his stomach growls. "OOf..." He hasn't eaten anything since breakfast. He stared at the cow, his mouth starting to water. Beef...a rarity back home. He had some once and fell in love instantly. Otherwise it was all mushrooms or whatever animals they found down in the caves.
Ulharisk glances up at the Goblin, still dragging the carcass before he notices that-- the Goblin is really staring at his meal. The dragon glances down at the cow, then at Buggabix, then down at the cow. Ulharisk hrms softly, before he lets it go. "You said your strong right?"

The Drake then points over at a rocky cliff side. "See that cliff side. You think you can carry this," He points at the cow. "To there." Over at the rocks. "If you can. I will give you half the cut, and the leather which you can sell."
Buggabix Buggabix looks at the draconian with his eyes widening to saucers. "Really?!" he asks. He grins again, and dashes right at Ulharisk, crouching down at the cow carcass and lifting it up onto his shoulders with both arms. "Hnnnnnrrrgh! I'll be there in two seconds!" he declares, then begins to move for the cliff face. Of course, he's a lot slower than that, but he takes off like a gunshot.
Ulharisk watches the goblin and chuckles softly. "Well then." he says calmly before he opens his wings once more and takes flight for the location.

Once Buggabix gets there a little rock circle is made with some logs and a place to hang the cut meat. The fire was also already burning, but what Buggabix may see was not the dragon, but a young man with slightly elf like ears, clawed fingers and clawed toes. His skin had a dark tan to it and was slightly scaly.

So when Buggabix arrives, the man stands up and gives a nod of his head. "Thanks for doing this. The sun sets soon and I do not like to burn fires during the moon's dominance in the sky." he hrms. "Though I may have too." His voice was also far more clear now. In the tenor range really.

"..and you said your name is Buggabix right. If you don't mind me asking.." He raises an eyebrow. "..what are you?"
Buggabix Buggabix hangs the cow and turns just as the young elf-like guy steps out. He stares, and sniffs at him a few times. At the question, he puffs out his chest. "I'm a goblin! What, you don't have goblins where you come from? Hey, but you just turned into a pointy-eared elf guy? You're not an elf, are you?"
Ulharisk chuckles and shakes his head. "No. I am a Draconain. My people come from another world that was.. devoured by creatures known as Heartless.. Whe'ir's minions.. and the darkness." His eyes narrow slightly as he then pulls out a knife on the cow that is now hanging and starts to cut into it.

Poor cow. You will though, be eaten well.

"And no-- we had monstrous creatures, some that stood up right like humans, but nothing like you." He then peers over to Buggabix. "Not to say your a monster or anything." He says with a sheepish smile. Then goes back to work. "Mit'ir gave us these human like forms.. or.. I guess what you call.. a.. elf? Was it? Well-- he gave us these forms because of what Whe'ir did to us due to a few of my kind long ago all wanting to fly. The gift of all my race to fly was the ability to breath fire. Yet our fire was exhausting our energy and burning down our world." He pauses what he is doing, " more simply put, cause that probably made no sense.. um.. Whe'ir cursed us and Mit'ir fixed us. If we remained in our born forms all the time, we would destroy our world..or ourselves."

He then takes a few cuts of the meat and tosses them on a bolder, "..Could you put those on the rack above the fire, Buggabix?" He then hrms, "..also.. what about your people? What is your story?"
Buggabix Buggabix listens as he watches Ulharisk cut up the cow. It's all he can do not to devour the raw meat right away. INstead he dutifully puts them on the rack as instructed. "GOOD, I don't like elves...or humans," he says. "At least from my world. They hunted us to near extinction, so me and my people fight against this GIANT CORPORATION that hires adventurers in parties that go out and, well, adventure. To defend ourselves, we study martial arts almost from birth. I was born in our only city, it's underground."

He sits on a rock, ears lowering. "The Heartless came to my world too..we never saw it coming. Now I'm cut off."
Ulharisk glances over at Buggabix as he explains about his people's hardships and a bit about his own background. "A martial artists hm? So--" he has to think on that. " you do hand to hand combat then? That is really neat."

He cuts up a few more slabs of meat and he takes those to hang them on the rack over the fire as well. He then very carefully lowers the wood down and whispers soft words as he makes a wave of his hand in the air. Blue energy follows his finger tips paths before he touches the rod which seems to instantly become damp.

No burning the rack!

"You will find here that the humans wont harm you. Many of them are very nice but there are those few.." He frowns. "Well.. there are a few who wish nothing but to aid the darkness."

"You can blame those who aid the darkness being the ones who destroyed your world as well. As they have connections to the Heartless and they tend to, mostly be either servants of these.. Shadow Lords.. or Shadow Lords themselves."
Buggabix Buggabix watches in amazement at Ulharisk whips up some magic to cook their meat. He feels a tiny bit jealous...but then, he can set his fists on fire with PURE BODY ENERGY, so he reminds himself he is also just as cool. He almost forgets Ulharisk is talking to him. "Yeah, well...I'll suppose I won't immediately attack every human I see," he says. Then his brow furrows. "Wait...destroyed? That...that's what happens to our worlds?"
Ulharisk doesn't really answer right away. "..from what I have overheard. If a piece of the world remains.. it would be found within one of these many connected worlds. Yet many who have come to fall into these strange worlds-- can not find their world."

He glances over at Buggabix, a sad look on his face. " it either will merge here.. become a shard.. or.. it is gone." He grimaces a bit at his own words before he crosses his arms over his chest. "But-- maybe your world is here somewhere." he says with a smile. "Have faith and hope. That is what gets you through the hard suns."

He then checks the meat and hrms. " do you like your beef?" He completely forgot to ask this!
Buggabix Buggabix's ears drop at the thought of his world being, well, gone forever. Especially the circumstances where he last saw his family and friends. He gets a sorrowful look on his face, but Ulharisk's words at least prevent him from dwelling on it just now. He tears into the beef ravenously, gulping it down. "It's really good!" he exclaims.
Ulharisk watches as the Goblin just-- eats away. He blinks his eyes a few times and smiles softly. "I am glad you are enjoying it." He then cooks his own a bit more, but hand Buggabix at least four more pieces, which happen to be the bigger cuts.

"Have you explored the areas much yet?" Ulharisk asks as he waits for his own beef to finish cooking.
Buggabix Buggabix scarfs down the meat, pausing to belch. "Ahhh...not really. I mean, I haven't even been to Traverse TOwn yet, but a lot of people talk about it. I hear it's really big.":
"Traverse Town isn't bad." Ulharisk comments. "It is indeed a very different type of place to what I am use too. I spend a good deal of my time in what is known as World of Ruin." He then takes off his meat from the rack and then moves the rack back up so he can use it later.

"World of Ruin is-- a mix of many worlds that have.. smashed themselves together. It is-- a very interesting place." He then sits down and starts to eat his own steaks. "If you want work, both places are a good choice."
Buggabix "I fight evil for the pleasure of whupping it more than the cash!" Buggabix proclaims. He gulps down more meat, and pauses. "But money is good. I mean, I need to survive, right?"
"Mmhm. Survival is good, though I don't need the.. munny to survive.. or gil.. or whatever you want to call the.. currency here." Ulharisk replies. "However, I have found it does make life easier with the locals, as they are hard to barter with unless you have it."

At least he would be spending the evening with someone to talk too instead of being alone and most likely if Buggabix wants to know the way. He would take him to the portal that leads to Traverse Town.

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