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Argider On the outskirts of New Orleans is a relatively secluded area of the bayou that has mostly been dominated by nature herself. This makes the appearance of an airship here all that more by jarring, but it seems the crew of the Flowering Cactoid has thought this to be the best place to camoflauge the ship. The ship is not completely out in the sticks as there is a series of wooden docks and stilted houses off on the horizon. If anyone had any business here, it would probably be over there.

Argider himself sits out on the front deck of his airship near the fore guard railing. He dangles his long legs off the side of ship while he keeps his hands beside him to steady himself should the ship rock at all. They were there for a little pitstop and to let some of the crew head into New Orleans proper. They would change here and take a more mundane vessel the rest of the way as Argider didn't -always- like to do flashy entrances. Sometimes a bit of discretion was needed. For now, the man doesn't join the rest of his crew and is seeming enjoying the scenery for himself. A moment of serenity in a sea of turmoil that is a sky pirate's life.
Maira Given that Maira thought the airship and all its crew were pretty darn fabulous, Maira had contacted Argider again to see if he needed any of her services. Like healing! Maira had knowledge of more traditional first aid, potions, and magical healing. She can be pretty useful in that regard! She also figured being on an airship surrounded by men who could probably fight wasn't a bad idea either...

Having heard they were in New Orleans, Maira came down and started looking for the ship, wrapped in a cloak despite the heat, the hood covering her hair. She's trying to disguise herself, make herself less noticeable. She is failing miserably, as it is HOT here and wearing a cloak you look like a crazy person.

Spotting the airship and Argider sitting there, she smiles brightly and picks up the pace, lifting an arm to signal him. "Heeeeey!" she calls.
Argider The Flowering Cactoid has a couple people onboard who knew some first aid, but few that was as talented or looked quite the way Maira did. For Argider, it was an easy approval and even Julia could see the benefit in having someone who actually knew what they were doing onboard when it came to healing. The captain seemed unaccompanied at the moment while Julia had already commandeered a small wooden boat for fishing purposes.

The Bayou was rather hot and even Argider in his normal outfit was suffering. Thankfully, he mitigated the heat a bit by opening his shirt up a little and neatly rolling up his sleeves. The tall brown haired man rises and returns Maira's greeting with a slow wave of his own. "Miss Maira, I've learned to always be ready for a surprise or two, but I never would have dreamed of you coming a-strolling out the bayou like this."

The captain walks over to a side access hatch and presses a button to extend a boarding ramp down. Argider casually strolls down the ramp with his hands in his pockets before taking one hand out to offer to Maira. "You're more than welcome to come aboard. I can also see about getting us some refreshments too as its a bit hotter here than I remembered." He admits with a chuckle.
Maira Maira is a little warm, which doesn't even make sense considering how often she is /on fire/. It so darn humid here though! She smiles widely, coming aboard. "I'll explain...I don't want to be on board too long without warning you anyway. A drink sounds great though!" she says as she moves up to stand before him. She's glad she'll make a little extra cash, she's not sure how long she's going to be on the run/hiding for. Besides probably a long time.

What a depressing thought!

If they head in out of sight of the general populace, Maira tosses off her cloak and fans herself slightly with her hand. She's still dressed in the frock from Deling City she'd danced in, a pretty purple number that was likely a bit fancy for an airship medic. She had a change of clothes in her bag. "Do you have any lemonade? Or iced tea? That would be grreeeeaaat," she sighs.
Argider The cryptic warning and Maira's disguised state was rather telling of what trouble she might be in. Then again, a sky-pirate builds a certain tolerance in taking individuals on the run onboard his ship. It sort of came with the territory. He was sure that most of his crew was wanted somewhere for something at somepoint.

Argider would escort Maira through the top hatch and into what looks to be the canteen of the ship. On what end are some normal military style seating for the crew to eat and on the other side is a fully stocked and decorated bar. There seems to be no bartender on duty so its Argider who slips over the top of the bar and onto the other side. He grabs a bottle, but then looks back when Maira asks for some lemonade. The captain can't help but whistle appreciatvely at the number that Maira was wearing. "I suddenly find myself a tad underdressed when compared to your lovely dress, so I'll have to beg your pardon miss." The uniform pants and collared shirt wearing man apologizes with before smiling broadly. "Oh right, the lemonade." Argider winks as he turns back around and looks for something of that sort.

Thankfully there were plenty of mixers as the bar on the Flowering Cactoid was pretty well-stocked to suit the diverse tastes of its crew and passengers. "One lemonade coming right up." He intones as he pours one drink for Maira and one for himself before rejoining the young woman. "Now Miss Maira, what brings a pretty, young woman such as yourself to this part of New Orleans that is just brimming with all sorts of scoundrels?" He asks as he offers one of the glasses to Maira.
Maira Maira's eyes are always roaming around the airship, smiling and waving to any of the crew she sees. She's met them all by now, surely! When they reach the bar, Maira climbs up onto a stool then blushes at the compliment. "O-oh don't worry about it! I was just coming from a thing--I met a friend and we kind of randomly joined a dance troupe for the evening and we did a little performance. It was fun!" she laughs. "I'll change before I get working--don't want to get blood on my dress," she says, casually. A healer's thought, not a warrior's, though she'd been pressed into many a strange situation as of late....

Maira takes the lemonade gratefully, taking a few sips. She purses her lips at the sudden tartness of it, then smiles as the sweetness hits. "Well, I thought maybe I could offer my services..if you have any extra gil or even supplies like food...but before I get to that, I have to warn you that there are bad people looking for me. Heartless, and the one's who control them. If they find me here, there might be a fight--so I will totally understand if you'd like me to leave quickly," she says, focusing her amber gaze on his, her eyes filled with understanding and caution. She doesn't want to put anyone else in danger, especially without knowing what they were getting into.
Argider Argider remains on his side of the bar for now and takes a drink of lemonade himself as he listens to Maira explains the origins of the dress. "Sounds like my sort of adventure. A little bit of spontaneity in the right place can go a long way." A grin. "So how the performance? I find myself disappointed that I wasn't in the right place at the right time." The talk of her changing out of it causes Argider to snap his fingers before offering a friendly smile. "The practical and sensible thing for you to do, I'm afraid."

Maira asking about possible employment causes Argider to quirk and eyebrow up. The talk of Heartless and bad people looking for Maira doesn't cause Argider to so much as flinch. He merely keeps that lazy smile of his. "Most of my crew are Rozarrian. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't want to give all the Heartless in the world the beating of their lives." He explains simply before reaching for a bottle to add a little pep to his lemonade. "And my crew is no stranger to a little danger."

The captain takes a introspective drink of lemonade before continuing with, "Here's the deal Miss Maira. I'll give you the standard rate for any temporary crew member and you can take one of the guest cabins for yourself. Unless you really want a crew bunk and then I can have Julia show you where the rest of the women bunk." Argider raises his non drinking hand and extends one finger upwards. "The one condition I ask for in return is that you understand should things get too heated for the Flowering Cactoid and we have to part ways. But don't you worry, Miss Maira. We'll be sure to sure to get you somewhere safe before we high-tail it out of there. I am still a gentleman afterall." He says with a slight wink.
Maira Well, she's about to tell him it isn't just Heartless, buuut...

"O-oh! I don't know how long I can stay, I don't want to be a trouble. If I were to travel with you for a little while--which would undoubtedly be really fun and a lot better than just sitting around Traverse Town, there is someone I have to talk to first and he'll probably want to be here too. So it would have to be the two of us I guess--oh you'd like him though! He's from the same world, hates Archades. In a fight, he's like a one man army," she says with a grin.

"I just thought if you had anyone sick or injured, of if you wanted to buy some potions I can make some..." she says, leaning over to rest her elbow on the bar top, placing her chin in her hand. "I'm not exactly keen on having to hide...Though I have a feeling I'll be making a trip sometime pretty Palamecia," she says, wincing. "You remember, the Emperor? I'm going to end up going to see him. It feels like we don't have a choice at this point. I think he's the only one who will know what is going on."
Argider There's always a catch. Argider laments this as he takes a sip of lemonade while Maira explains about the second passenger. He breathes a quick sigh before nodding towards fire mage. "Alright, he'll get the same deal. All crew are also entilted to a share of the plu...profits we acrue while in route." The captain continues to explains as he leans back slightly on the back wall of the bar as he chats with Maira.

The young woman's continued sales pitch causes a neutral look to descend over Argider's face. He's going to have to be careful around this one or else he just might have a cabin full of potions. The latter part causes Argider to smile mirthfully. "I would highly recommend bringing more than just one airship to that meeting. I still find myself scratching my head at times when I think back about your little chat with him. I'm guessing he's not the one looking for you if you plan on meeting him yourself down the road?"
Maira Maira has no idea she's making a sales pitch! She's just...well...alright, she's making a sales pitch. Avira would be proud.

"Alright, great! I'll talk to him about it," she says with a nod, flashing a bright, genuine smile.

"Eheh...I don't know, he might be keeping on eye on me, he might not. He was so sure we'd have to seek him out--guess he was right," she sighed. "No, it is others I'm thinking of mostly..." she says, chewing her lip thoughtfully. She'd really have to talk t Ang, but she has a feeling about what he'll say. The longer she thinks about it, the more problems arise, her shoulders slowly stooping with the burden of her thoughts. She takes another sip of her lemonade, the gestures the bottle Argider had used to add a little nip to his own lemonade, and gestures at it with a shy smile. "Is there anyone right now that needs any healing?" she asks.
Argider With an introduction like that and Maira's wanting to take this guy along, Argider is able to put 2 and 2 together. "Good thing you brought that dress along then? I reckon you will knock him right out his boots when he sees you." He comments with a foxlike grin as he refills his own drink deftly. Maira motioning towards the bottle has Argider playing the role of the good bartender once more. Her shy smile is met with a confident one of his own. He enjoyed a good drink from time to time and was pleased to see that Maira did too.

Anyone need healing? The query causes Argider to take a moment and think about it. "You might want to give the gunnery twins a visit. One of them got into a fist fight the other night and the other wasn't far behind. I'm still not sure which one of them exactly started it, but they ended it. " Argider shrugs his shoulders. "Just don't let their macho posturing fool you. They like to put on a tough front and might be reluctant to accept aid from a beautiful woman." Another grin from Argider. "Just give a holler and Julia and me will hold'em down for you to take a look at his wounds if need be."
Maira Maira blushes, looking down at her dress. "You think he'll like it...?" she asks. Getting Angantyr to notice things feels like a challenge, even if it isn't. She just figured with how worldly he is, she's probably pretty boring and plain.

Maira laughs then as he describes the brothers, nodding. "Oh don't worry, I can be very persuasive! Sometimes you have to be gentle, sometimes tough love is better, depending on the patient," she says with a nod.

"Ah, thanks," she says, taking her now boozed up lemonade and giving it a sip. She's going to turn into a lush if she's not careful!
Argider "...He would be a fool if he doesn't." Argider says inbetween drinks of spiked lemonade. Or he would be blind if he doesn't noticed. The sky-pirate himself was rather worldy too, but it was not like one could not appreciate beauty where he saw it.

As the talk drift back towards business, Argider nods again towards Maira with a smile. "So can they. Or at least the like to think that they have silver tongues." The Captain comments casually about his crewmembers. The crew were also hard-drinkers so Maira would be in good company should she turn into such.

"If you and you friend require shared accomodations. I would have to recommend the guest cabin over the crew bunks. There's a little more space and privacy in there." Argider puts forth in a matter-of-fact tone.
Maira Maira flushes from hairline down, swallowing hard. "I-I-I don't think we'll need--that...privacy...shared--unnng," she says, then falls off her stool, apparently having feinted from the sheer and sudden embarrassment of the implication and all the thoughts that went along with it!
Argider Argider was mid-drink when a certain fire mage has a fateful encounter with gravity. He reaches his non drinking hand forward uselessly as she slides off her stool away from the bar. If only he was on -that- side of the bar and not have a counter in the way. "Chocobo-plop, I might have teased her a little too much." He declares to himself before chugging the rest of his drink and vaulting over to the other side of the bar.

He then gently attempts to pick Maira up and prop her against the bar. The linkshell in his ear is touched after he finishes lifting up the poor girl. "Julia, our new temp medic needs to see...our other medic. And could you get both the starboard and port guest cabins ready. It looks like we might be picking up another." Argider's attention then falls back down on Maira. When he was just a lad, he thought having the power to make girls faint would be awesome. Sadly, making someone feint for real isn't exactly what its cracked up to be.
Maira She doesn't need a medic! She's okay! Really!

Maira comes to about as soon as she moved, grumbling about a shared cabin. Her eyes flutter open and her head lolls over to look to Argider, eyes widening. "AHCK! I'm sorry!" she says, realizing she'd fainted. Really, that was better than the alternative, which was generally lighting spontaneously on fire. Yes, passing out is much better for keeping collateral damage down.
Argider Argider's bar lighting on fire would have been far, far worse. They all had put such hard work in maintaing it. And he would have had hell to pay in explaining the how and why of its immolation. The still crouched Argider can only offer a sheepish grin towards Maira as he places a hand on the back of his neck. "No worries, Miss Maira. I'm jus' glad to see you alright again. I'll make sure not to make such colorful comments about -your boyfriend- in the future." One mischevious grin later, Argider speaks softly into his linkpearl. "Ixnay on the edicmay, Julia." A response is buzzed back. "We do not need a medic anymore. False alarm" He clarifies in a hushed tone.

Argider now coughs into his fist. "Sorry there. Just had taken a few precautions."
Maira Maira smiles sheepishly, getting back to her feet, looking incredibly embarrassed. "S-sorry...I guess I wasn't expecting that--having a...a boyfriend is pretty new to me. Okay, entirely new. I just...eheh...yeah..."

"There's more lemonade, right?"
Argider Argider offers a hand to help Maira up when she attempts to get back on her feet. Accepting the assistance or not, Argider heads back to the safe side of the bar. He deftly prepares a normal lemonade before placing it down on the bar before Maira. "Young love is a heck of a thing, that's for sure. The male half of the crew is going to be crushed when they learn that the pretty new medic is bringing her boyfriend along." He says in perhaps a display of displacement.

A moment later, the man clears his throat. "Regardless, let me be the first to say welcome aboard. Should you find yourself wanting, any of the crew should be able to help out or point you in the right way. And if you the -crew- to be any trouble, well, Julia and me will sort them out sure enough." He would rather have to deal with his crew personally then having to drag their charred butts back to medical afterall.
Maira Maira climbs back up onto the stool, carefully, arranging her skirt carefully. She flashes Argider a grateful smile for another glass of lemonade. His statement about the male half of the crew being crushed has her blushing again, but at least not falling over. "You're flattering me..." she says, looking down at the bar top. "I bet they'd like if Avira came back though," she adds with a smile, thinking of Avira and her love of accents--her confidence and poise.

"Everyone seems very nice though, I doubt there will be any problems! Heh...I'm excited, this should be fun!" she says, brightening.
Argider Argider holds up both of his hands in front of Maira. "You caught me. Guilty as charged." He declares to the mage. It seems that Maira is doing a little displacement of her own by bringing up Avira. "Miss Avira? The twins actually remember her quite well." Those were the two that Avira was talking to back when the tour was being given. "All the crew had their favorites from before." He continues on as he cleans up some of the glasses and then goes back to his own.

"And Miss Avira was not everyone's favorite." The talk about his crew being nice causes Argider to beam with pride. Most of them were good apples. He had handpicked his crew afterall. And despite them being pirates now, the majority were crew and officers in the Rozarrian military....which might make them better or worse than pirates in a sense. "We like to have fun here when we are not working. It keeps us well-rounded. Also, if there is a place that you have been simply dying to go to....I may be persuaded to stop by there in the future. It sometimes pays to be the Captain afterall."
Maira Yes, yes she was. It's really no secret that Maira admires Avira a great deal and thinks she's a way better catch than she is. Heh...even her boyfriend...

No, no. Don't go that way. Bad things are that way. The past is past.

Maira laughs lightly, shaking her head. "I'll have to tell them she says hi and watch it make their day then! As long as they know she has a boyfriend! Someday, they'll get married," Maira says, her lips thinning in a line of determination. It is one of her missions in life to see her best friend get married and get to be maid of honor! Much to Avira's chagrin.

"Hmm someplace I'd like to go....I don't know! I'm sure there are a lot of places I haven't seen yet. Heh, have you ever been to Neverland?" she asks with a sparkle in her eye.
Argider Argider smiles sheepishly at Maira again. "I must admit, Miss Maira, that telling the twins that she has a boyfriend will not dissuade them one bit." He shrugs his shoulders with a laugh. "But, I'll inform them all the same." The cap reassures Maira. The destination of the woman's desire takes Argider back a bit. "Neverland? No. I can't say that the Cactoid has ever docked there." The bottle next to his lemonade is glanced at before he looks at Maira once more. "Is it beautiful?"
Maira Maira nods, smiling brightly. "Oh yes, very beautiful and /very/ curious! Interesting things happen there--you know how I said that some of the worlds, you can change with them? That's one. Well, I'll let it be a surprise," she adds with a giggle, just in case they actually go there.

Pretty much a given what Argider and their crew would be in Neverland!

Maira snickers then, shaking her head, taking another sip of her lemonade. "So do you have like and infirmary...?" she asks. Was that the right word for use on a ship? She's not sure. "With space for me to mix potions maybe? Don't worry, I don't explode things nearly so much anymore."

Is...that a joke? That's a joke, right?
Argider "You are leaving it a mystery for me to find out?" Argider shrugs his shoulders. "Fair enough. But I have never been to any land where you 'change' with them as you say." The captain remarks as he refills his own glass. Argider was pretty happy with Argider, but there was always room for improvement.

The business chat causes Argider to take a few steps and motion to the outside corridor. "We actually do, Miss Maira. The Flowering Cactoid is hard pressed to forget its own origin. It was a military vessel once and we still have a sick bay of sorts." Argider chuckles now. "It has sort of fallen into disarray as of late, but there -are- fire extinguishers present should any...mishaps... happen." He is just going to pretened that this was a joke even though he seems faintly nervous at the talk of this.
Maira Maira finishes her lemonade then follows Argider, smiling broadly. Alright, maybe it was a bad joke! "Heh, I will make sure I'm safe. Really, I haven't accidentally lit anything on fire in weeks," she assures him. "...Still I'll keep a bucket of water by the bed..."

"Well, I can always clean it up some, that won't be a problem!" she says, a bounce in her step. This is going to be a fun adventure! Maybe it will not end in horrible tragedy! Wouldn't that be nice!?
Argider "Please ensure that it is water and not a liquor that you keep in the bucket," says Argider quickly before scratching at his scruffy beard. "We've had issues with that specifically before." He admits with a faint laugh as he polishes off the rest of his drink with some concentrated effort. The idea of having Maira clean up the sick bay on top of helping out brings a smile to Argider's face. "Now that would be awfully decent of you, miss. You'll be the ship sweetheart in no time at this rate."
Maira Maira laughs brightly, reaching up to cover her giggle. "Why would anyone keep a bucket of liquor next to the bed!? A bottle, okay...but a bucket!?" she asks.

Maira does a quick twirl out of nowhere, just inclined suddenly to spin. "Well I usually clean up around VALKYRI HQ so it wouldn't be tough! If you can show me to a room, I'll get changed and get started!"
Argider "I..." Argider clears his throat. "The -crew- was bobbing for apples soaked in alcohol." The man chuckles somewhat nervously for once. "And one thing led to another and shenanigans soon happened," explains the sky-pirate before gesturing towards the bar. "But if stick around log enough, Miss Maira. I'm sure you will run into some shenanigans of your own. Again, I must stress that we now have fire extinguishers to use." Right, the room. As if almost on cue, Julia peaks her head in and tosses some keys to Argider who easily catches them. The bangaa nods her head towards Maira before ducking back out.

Argider now heads back around the bar and motions for Maira to follow. "You can have the starboard guest cabin. Your boyfriend's room will be across the hall should shenanigans happen." He says with a smirk as he walks into the outside corridor. "Other than that, you can tune your linkpearl to ship's frequency so you can get in touch with any of us. There's always someone on watch in the bridge so don't be afraid to get on the net."
Maira Maira listens to the story, enraptured, laughing brightly. "Shenanigans! That is for sure! Hehehe, it sounds like a lot of fun, really," she admits, clasping her hands behind her back as she walks, following the sky pirate to her quarters. Ou, quarters! Can she call it that? That sounds nice and old fashioned. "Things have been so crazy...I'm almost afraid to let go and have some fun. I keep waiting for something to go terribly, terribly wrong," she admits.

When he mentioned Angan's room across the hall, Maira's eyes widen, but she says nothing! "A-ah okay, what is the frequency?" she asks.
Argider Argider unlocks the door to Maira's 'quarters' hits the light on and the surrenders the keys over to her. "It's not grand hotel room, but it was an officer's cabin once. You even have your own shower and latrine." The linens, wall hangings, and what not are all different shapes, colors, and designs. It's pretty clear that somebody has been decorating this place using stolen booty. The cynicism from Maira draws a weary smile from Argider. "Now, now miss. You are on the Flowering Cactroid now and she's a lucky ship. We've all been through a lot, but now things have been looking up for us. So, kick back and relax. You will be flying high in..." He trails off as he looks at the mix-match decorations once more. "....relative style while you are here. And as for the frequency? It's written down there next to intercom."
Maira Maira has never had her own room. She knows she's just a guest, but even to have this space that is, at least for now, hers alone, is really something. "Its beautiful..." she says with complete sincerity, moving inside and peeking into the bathroom. "Ooouuuu...." she says, then moves over to flop on the bed experimentally. "Hehehe! This is really nice! Thank you!" she says, dragging her bag up and beginning to unpack. "Alright, I'll get changed then and get started while I'm full of energy. Just a minute!" she says, motioning for him to close the door.
Argider Argider smiles at the praise of the room. He was proud of his ship and was glad that Maira liked her new digs. The cabin was nicer than most of the other cabins on the ship save for a handful afterall. It just lacked the mini-bar that was installed into Argider's own cabin. "Enjoy. I'll go see if I can find the cook. All that drinking has roused up my appetitte." He leaves the fire-mage be and Maira can hear a tuneless whistling as the captain heads down the corridor for parts unknown.

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