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(2013-06-06 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Tea time in Shard Seekers HQ! Not an uncommon thing when Faruja is around, though today it's mostly of the long island variety. Sipping a blend of booze and tea that, to any conniseur of either would be asolutely vile, the rat hardly seems to care. Idly gazing into a pocket watch's top, a picture of a small group of Burmecians (including himself) staring back, the only thing that matters is that it's what /they/ drank together. The recent talk with Emi has more than shaken up the Templar, even if deep down he knows the Dennou is doing the Right Thing.

From the look on his muzzle, he could use some good news right now.
Deelel Deelel has been missing again for sme time, it's not uncomon for her go off on her own. Be it exploring or finding herself other things that need to be tended to that she doesn't wish to drag her friends into. Either way the sound of a lightcycle can be heard as one pulls up outside and then just stops. A moment later the sound is gone. It doesn't take long for someone to find her way to the garden as it seems not many people are around today, and she wishes to go find someone to talk to. Well aside from checking in. Still angry at herself over her stupidty but things could have been worse and she's far better off than she was before overall.

Deelel's foot falls become apprent as she enters into the gardena dn calls out.

"Lily? Anyone here?"

Her voice has the strange warble as ever to it but the quwestion might be where has she been?
Faruja Senra Ear-perk. Faruja closes his watch, slipping it back into his clothing before standing at the now familiar sound of a light cycle. As Deel calls out, the Templar raises his voice.

"My, my, my, and the wandering songbird returns to her roost! Lady Deel, by the Lord, come in! Where /ever/ have you been? 'Tis one thing to gallavant about, but even /I/ learned how to use a phone." Pleasure at seeing his friend is mixed with a good old fashioned tongue lashing at her absence.

"Come, have some tea!" The tea looks closer to motor oil than tea, worryingly.
Deelel Deelel says "I was unable to do as such, or I would have. I got myself in a lot of trouble and it's good to see you again Faruja."

Deelel makes for the demi human to join him for some tea. She didn't need to inteake energy as much as users did but she did need to and thankfully she could somehow process what the users consumed. She moves to sit down and join her friend.

"I was foolish made a mistake and ended up locked by by DPS for it not to mention putting Tron through a ... lot of trouble."

Then something else comes back to her.

"I'm not sure if Lily, Lenn or Shiki reported it but we been betrayed and one of our own tried to kill us...and has become a Reaper."
Faruja Senra The change in the woman' speech pattern strikes the rat, drawing him out of his depression quickly. Even more so when she mentions trouble. Quickly, the rat secures tea that's less likely to leave the Program a blathering mess. Nodding, he goes silent as he listens, a small frown on his muzzle. He manages not to facepalm.

"Foolish indeed! However, not to harp upon the point, why /ever/ were you locked up by a security company? 'Tis not like thee to run afoul of local law enforcement."

His own tea is nearly choked upon, the rat hacking and coughing before grabbing a napkin. Once he can speak again, he stares at the woman. "Betrayed? By whom? become a...once of those foul Witches!? Whom amongst us would be so heartless, /IMPIOUS/!?" For all of his rage, the rat can't help but draw a name from the hat of the Shard Seekers.
Deelel Deelel says "Because I was supicous of some of their activiries and did not trust their leader I have a history with himself it also hasn't helped I not been ... in my entirel right mind since I arrived on the Encom system either." She titls her head a bit waiting for the anger for a moment "Priel, however I'm more concerned about security of the group as a whole. It's Ivo's call what to do about this. I don't like it but I have to trust his judgement."
Faruja Senra "Understandable, I suppose. Well then, did thy search at least find anything of use? 'Twould hope that jail time was not wasted." If you're going to get caught, at least get something out of it. Head tilting, he looks her over. "They did not bring thee to harm?"

He should've known. Faruja sighs. "...Damnit, Ivo. Quite. Ser Galvan and I shall have a discussion methinks. We shall have to speak with Shiki and Ivo, they seem to know more than either of us. That woman is far too greedy, 'tis easy to imagine her being lured to such."
Deelel Deelel says "She did it willingly as far I could tell. I just thoguht this was imporanty given she could easily let the reapers in here right now and that would do none of us any good. Sho is not a man to take lightly it's fare to find a man who can handle math like he does unaided as well."

She almost thought he might have been some sort of program once with a talent like that.

"Not much we can do there now and ... lets just say how to put it? My mind was not at the level it should be and it's since been fixed. My head is far more clear now, it would be like being a kid again for lack of a better term?"
Faruja Senra "Difficult to say. Certainly it gives the Reapers a better understanding of us, however, neither are they particularly inclined to hunt us as a group. No, they seem far more interested in Shiki. Still, we must be vigilant, and we are /far/ overdue for something approaching proper security."

Sip. Crossing his legs, the ratling's tail flicks, his expression neutral. "Well, there is that I suppose. Thy speech is far less..technical? Indistinguishable from any other hume, 'twas as if Manhattan was thy home. Useful, perhaps, one day. What now? Shall you keep delving into this 'Datapoint Security'?"
Deelel Deelel says "We will have to see how things go with that. As I said it's up to Ivo at this point. Though I admit I may not keep senstive materials here." She pauses for a moment blinking seemingly a bit suprised for a moment. "I hadn't noticed actually I'd only had Grid bugs and CHIEF for company till I got out. No, I made a mistake I'm afraid if anything rotton, one would have to wait for something blatant. I wonder if MCP's issues were from his user. Then again who knows know but User Error is a serious thing, that's why CHIEF was crazy several ... Users broke him. Manhatten seems to be the origin point for me in a very strange way but then there's the woman who knows the arcade." Deelel throws her hands up in the air a little bit.

"I don't even know on that."
Faruja Senra A small shake of the head, and the Burmecian sips on his tea. "Such is the trouble with corrupt organizations. The good ones so oft seem pristine upon the outside. No doubt the good citizens of Traverse sing their praises. Though I shan't gamble upon the piety of the DPS."

"...Curious. I do not believe I have met this 'Chief'. From the sounds of things, mayhap that is for the better. Worry naught, Lady Deel. Mayhap some small part of this mystery shall be solved there, hmm?"
Deelel Deelel says "If anything most of the Black Guard seem on the elvel about doing their jobs. That's one thing my kind takes seriously, our directives." She pauses for a moment "He is in terms you'd understand a solider more or less. They kept messing about with his mind, he's doing better now." She goes to take some of the tea she'd been offered eariler.

"Look Faruja you need to understand what Users can do to us with a few strokes of a keyboard. Everythingf can be changed."
Faruja Senra "Mmm. A few bad apples, as the humes say, spoiling the bunch." Comments the rat, not quite sure on the whole thing. Datapoint hadn't really touched upon the Church's radar, as they'd not touched Church assets.

Wince. "Battles oft introduce...mental deficiencies in the unprepared. Not surprising. May the Lord guide him to recovery." The wounded soldier always hit a soft spot in the rat's heart.

Squint. "...Erased so simply?" The Templar seems a bit disbelieving.
Deelel Deelel says "Altered, changed. It's not like barring what's happened to myself and others that USERs would be fully aware of the nature of our existance." She shrugs sheepishly. She found out her gods exist, and they a... more like the programs thans he thought they would be. Also the fact they are lost without their help has not been lost on Deelel at all.

"A ... Friend who has some experiance has been working on that. CHIEF hasn't gone on a rampage in some time and he's been civil." There was FRUIT MAN but that seemed to just be a thing there...

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