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(2013-06-06 - 2013-06-07)
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Rhiannon Zellen It has been a couple days since Rhia's meeting with Garland, and even more time since her run in with Angantyr and company. Needless to say, things have been...interesting. But there was hardly time to reflect on past events. For her, time was of the essence. The attainment of knowledge was nearly at her fingertips and she would not rest until it was obtained in full.

To this end, the Shinra researcher turned her sights onto the next item on her list. ...Okay, perhaps item wasn't the right term. Let's use 'person'. Yes, that's much more human! "Hmn...If my information is correct..." The scientist mused to herself as she strode on onto Central Park. "...The one known as Leida was last seen in Manhattan." Pause as Rhia slowed down to a stop, looking left and right.

"But alas, the information ends there." Indeed, now she had to /actually/ use her own two eyes to find the girl! The horror! Wherever she was. Oh well! Good things never came easy! It was time for her to search in earnest! And so she shook her head of idle thoughts and pressed onwards, continuing to walk into the park in search of anyone matching her target's description.
Leida Unfortunately for Leida, she wasn't a very difficult person to find if one knew what to look for. Though her unsual appearance had, and still did, cause plenty of stares, there are apparently enough weirdos in this 'modern' world that go around wearing odd outfits that her horns weren't a cause for massive public concern. Infact, aside from the stiffled laughs, quirked eyebrows, and the occasional question, they rarely brought trouble down upon her and she has become more comfortable going about without her hood up.

Though it's a fair distance from the small antique store where she now works, Central Park is a place the small girl comes to often. Despite the sheer overwhelming number of people in this city the expansive fields of trees and grass always have some hidden nook or clearing free of other people for her to sit down and relax away from the noise of the machines.

Today Leida has brought her lunch along. The owner of her shop has taken ill and closed up early, which gives her the rest of the long day to fill with some manner of entertainment. Right now she's tossing little hunks of bread to ducks in one of the large ponds, dangling her bare feet in the water and giving little squeaks when one of the bolder water foul mistakes her toes for snacks.
Rhiannon Zellen Walking further into the park, Rhia took little heed of the locals, ignoring the occasional stares, beggar asking for change, curious looks, and rude catcalls here and there. Amusing as it was, today was not a day for amusement. Thus, her gaze remained straight and her disposition remained calm. Eventually though, her search paid off.

"Oho, look at what I found." Rhia mumbled to herself, mouth curling up into a smile. There was no mistaking those horns in any case. Sure, most people would just think that the girl was cosplaying or such, but no. She knew better. The researcher took a moment to just stand back and watch as Leida fed the ducks. ...Ah, what a shame that she was going to have to interrupt this. But no matter! It was for SCIENCE!

That aside, Rhia moved forward, approaching Leida until she stopped right next to the girl. "You are Leida, correct? My, has it been a while." She greeted casually, hunching down to the ground with her knees drawn up to her chest level, lab coat billowing out behind her. Was she invited? Nope. Did she care? ...Nope. "...Having fun, I see."
Leida Leida gives a small start when the voice drifts over to her from behind. She wasn't expecting anyone but this person clearly knew her name. The princess turns her head to regard her visitor and her expression immediately sours. A name to attach to the face isn't forthcoming but she knows this person. They work for ShinRa, alongside that annoying Sammy.

Openly wearing her annoyance and distrust on her face, Leida's eyes narrow and she turns away from the scientist to throw more bread into the water before the ducks decide to return to trying to eat her toes. The birds seem quite content to stick with the bread for the time being.

"Forgive me, I do not recall your name."
Rhiannon Zellen "Hardly a problem. I do not believe that I ever gave it."

True enough, introductions hardly happened with her. It was more just 'GIMME YOUR BLOOD' ...But nevermind that! Rhia just smiled still even as Leida clearly displayed annoyance and distrust at her appearance. Like that was anything new. "My name is Rhiannon Estellise Zellen." Pause. "...I understand that it can be a bit of a bother to say, so you can just call me Rhia~" She spoke cheerfully, wagging a finger at the last bit.

Resting her chin in a palm, she went back to watching the birds flock about for the thrown bits of bread for a bit before speaking up. "Now, I understand that you have had problems with /us/ in the past, but I assure you that I am not here today to represent them." Well, she seemed sincere enough. "I have some personal business to attend to, and I require just a bit of your assistance."
Leida Leida bites her lip to prevent herself from immediately saying no. Whatever it was this woman wants, the princess likely desires nothing to do with it, however she is not so rude as to refuse to hear her out. At the very least, the woman has proven cordial, if not a bit too forward, in their short encounters which is more than she can say for some people.

"Rhia-san, then."

She nods once as if the gesture somehow aided in commiting the name to memory. Her gaze slides sidways to peer at the older woman from the corner of her corrupted eyes but it just as quickly returns to the water at her feet.

"I make no promises but... tell me what it is you wish of me."
Rhiannon Zellen "That is all that I ask of you for now." She replied in kind, continuing to smile pleasantly. Nodding a tad, not minding the name she was being addressed by either, she began to explain herself. "You see, I am conducting some research and preparation for an experiment that I plan to perform soon. I have left my lab for a quite a while now to travel the worlds and seek out those who I can think can assist me either in matters of information or otherwise."

Giving Leida a sindelong glance, the scientist went on. "I have had quite an interesting couple of experiences actually." A chuckle at that understatement and then she added. "Would you believe how violent some people are? One those that I had searched out went off and split me in half. And all I wanted to ask were a few questions!"

...Wait, split in half? Why was she sitting here talking then? ...Perhaps it's best not to ask. "In any case, I have collected a few materials for this experiment, and now, only a single material remains to light the fire of this procedure." With that said, Rhia trailed off, turning her head to glance at the princess beside her fully.

"I need a small sample of your blood. To use as a stablizer." Wait, what? "After running countless simulations, it was determined that yours would be the most compatible. After that, no further involvement from you will be necessary." Pause, and then she smiled wryly. "And for the record, I have no desire to strap you to a table and vivisect you."

Just covering her bases!
Leida Leida suppresses the desire to groan and roll her eyes at the same time. She manages to turn her sentiment into an exasperated sigh. So after all that she was still after the demonic blood running through her veins.

"What sort of... of experiment requires tainted blood?"

The princess finally looks at Rhiannon properly, locking the narrow slits of her red demonic eyes on the bright purples of the scientist. Hearing that this person's exploits had ended in violence does not terribly surprise the girl though she is somewhat curious if her claims of being split in half are metaphorical or literal. She'd be surprised by neither at this point.

"Nothing good can come of this."
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh come now." Rhia giggled, waving a hand nonchalantly at the question. "This experiment is simple! In theory anyway. Hmn..." Bringing a hand to her chin, she rubbed it thoughtfully. "You know what a keyblade is, right?" She asked after a moment of thought, looks like she was bothering to explain instead of laughing it off this time.

"Weapon of pure light, can only be wielded by those whose hearts are nearly devoid of darkness, power of friendship, etc, etc-" Rattling off details about the weapon as if it were inconsequential, the researcher soon moved on to the heart of the matter. "Well, as they say, one cannot have light without darkness. The same /must/ hold true for the Keyblade."

It should be easy to infer what she is after by this point, but better to say it! People couldn't read minds after all. "I want to find out if it is possible for the opposite to exist; A Keyblade of Darkness." Saying that, Rhia raised a hand, wagging a finger. "Of course, I have no interest in such a weapon to wield, rather, it is the process that intrigues me. And in order to find out if this holds true, I need tainted blood that is compatible with the darkness."
Leida A Keyblade?

The mention of the strange weapon gives the girl pause. She'd certainly heard the talk about such a thing and had even witnessed Sora in action once or twice but other than its odd shape, it hadn't seemed a particularly special thing. Perhaps its true power had escaped her notice. She has not been a major part of the restoration of the worlds, besides her short role in distracting the Shadow Lords, so its not impossible.

But if a Keyblade was a weapon of light and friendship, what would its opposite be the master of? Shadows and hatred? Pain and darkness? Did it work that way or was the shadow cast by this light merely a part of the same whole?

She couldn't say; but then perhaps that was the entire point that Rhiannon was trying to make. However, the ultimate question to put forth to science when striding into unexplored territory is not 'can I' but 'should I'.

Leida looks down at the ground as she ponders this. "I am... uncertain. This subject puts me ill at ease. What purpose serves this knowledge if you seek not to wield it for your own gain?"
Rhiannon Zellen Rhiannon Zellen says, "Yes, these readings are just perfect." She mused gleefully, a smile curling up on her face. "I must say, this sample is quite something...And yet..." And yet she did not have everything needed to go forward just yet. Something was missing. A stabilizer. ...No, not a stabilizer, a catalyst. "I require just one last piece to complete this setup." That said, Rhia minimized the readings from the stasis tube and opened up another window on the console's screen, reading through various information profiles on certain individuals."
Rhiannon Zellen Rhiannon Zellen says, "And I do believe I know just who to seek out for this final piece to the puzzle." The selection highlighted a certain profile, singling it out from the others. At the top of it, a single line can be read."
Rhiannon Zellen Rhiannon Zellen says, "I will obtain the knowledge I seek.""
Rhiannon Zellen "Simple. Whether it be good or bad, when one strides into the unknown and does what others have not, the results can be recorded." Rhia responded lightly, looking upwards idly as she spoke. "Whether I succeed or fail, whoever comes after me may use my work to further their own. And then we will be one step closer to the truth than we are now."

t Having said that, she glanced back at Leida, continuing to smile unfalteringly. "Surely that is not something to insane, is it? To seek knowledge where it has not been found?" She chuckled after that and went back to staring at the lake. "Though I suppose it is rather suspect for one to want to create a theoretically absolute weapon without wanting to wield it themselves."

And then a shrug. "But regardless. This is my plan. I want to see it through and find out just how it works and what will happen. Whether a Keyblade of Darkness turns out to be good or bad? ...Who knows? But would it not be interesting to find out~?"
Leida There is another pregnant silence as the princess considers this new viewpoint. Knowledge is not inherently evil. The manner in which it is used can change something beneficial to society into a terrible atrocity and even the most hideous weapon could be turned upon a threat to preserve peace.

Could the darkness in her heart also be thus? She wants to believe it is so. No sane person seeks out the label of evil and she certainly had no designs on world domination or murder or anything of the sort. Darkness was certainly different from the things that those who lived in the light had come to expect. Sometimes it demanded sacrifices and altered appearances but in the end it is how it is used that determines its worth.

"I... suppose there is no harm in seeking out the truth," she finally says with an aquiescent sigh. "But... should this darkness prove too much to control... you must destroy it. I have enough guilt to bear without the sin of being mother to a weapon of great evil on my shoulders."
Rhiannon Zellen Remaining silent, Rhia let Leida think upon the matter for as long as she needed. There was no rush for her after all.Well, perhaps she was eager to continue the experiment, but not so much that she'd rush things. Drawn out of her thoughts by the sound of the girl's voice, she glanced back at her, listening.

"Oh, of course. Certainly you do not think that I would let some 'evil' weapon run rampant? If it turns out to be a failure, I will destroy it immediately." Nodding once at her own statement, the researcher reached into a pocket and produced a small case. Opening it revealed a needle, an empty vial, and some cleaning implements. Impromptu blood drawing kit? Apparently.

"Now then, shall we get started? This will only take a moment~"
Leida Leida glances at the small field kit through the veil of her bangs, looking a little hesistant. Such impliments did not exist in her own world; when one wanted blood, a blade was required. She would be lying to say that she was not nervous at the thought of handing over the curse that flows through her veins for any reason - but she had already voiced her decision and it second-guessing herself now would only make her look weak.

The princess slowly turns to face Rhiannon, tucking her feet underneath her bottom in a kneeling seated position. The plain coat that covers her torso is removed and set neatly aside, her anxiety fueling a sudden desire to be meticulously proper. When that is done she lifts her arm questioningly towards the scientist, not quite sure what it is she intends to do with the needle.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia noticed Leida's nervousness. Suppose that she hadn't ever been subject to blood drawn from a needle. Not a surprise given the ridiculous mashup of worlds. But surely it would be a better process than what the scientist assumed was the alternative. Smiling in amusement, she took the princess' arm, wiping a cleaning swab over the area to be punctured.

"I suppose you have never had a needle used on you, hm?" She asked, making idle conversation. "I suppose it does look rather intimidating, but I can assure you, it is the easiest way." Setting the used swab aside, she took up the needle and searched for a vein. "Do try to stay still now." Once one was found, she stuck the needle in and then began to pull the top up with her thumb, gradually drawing blood out and into the needle's container.

After a couple moments, the task was finished and the blood was drawn. removing the needle from Leida's arm, Rhia cleaned the point of insertion again before wrapping it in bandage. "There. All done. Was that so bad now?" That said and done, the needle with the blood was placed back into the case along with any unused supplies before getting tucked back into her coat.

"Now, as promised, you no longer have anything to do with this. I will not find you, I will not interrupt your daily life again."
Leida "N-no... we did not have such implements where I am from."

Leida takes in a sharp breath as the cold metal pierces her delicate skin, her eyes squeezing shut in the anticipation of pain. Surprisingly, there is little, though the sharp pinch of the initial puncture causes her to whimper a little.

The princess slowly opens her eyes just as the syringe is being withdrawn and she stares quietly at the oily black contents within the clear tube. She has seen her own demonic blood on more than one occasion in the past thanks to the perilous conditions that surrounded her short few months among the Shard Seekers but for some reason the small container does not elicit the usual reaction of worry.

Leida lowers her arm once the process is over, rubbing the sore spot on her arm tenatively before donning her jacket once more. She stares at the ground again as Rhiannon prepares to leave. "U-um..." The girl clears shyly wrings her hands together for a few moments but eventually glances up at her again. "When you find out..."
Rhiannon Zellen Finished packing up, Rhia stood from her spot, brushing off any grass that had gotten on her. "Hm? Was there something else?" She asked, glancing down at Leida with an arched brow. "What is it that you wish to know?" A pause as the researcher let the cogs turn in her own mind. It only took a moment before she got it.

"Ah, I think I know..." She smiled pleasantly and then went on. "You would like to know if in the end, there is a capacity for good in this? Am I right?" After asking, she knelt down again, meeting Leida's eye level face to face. "Or was it something else you wanted to ask?"
Leida The girl fights back an instinctive urge to look away upon being so openly scrutinized and instead meets the gaze with her own. She nods once in reply after a few seconds of silent deliberation.

"Yes... this darkness has brought little but sadness and pain. I would know if there remains a chance to make something good from it."

Or if I am cursed down to the core, she thinks. Perhaps if this weapon of darkness can be made safely, she might find a use for it. Certainly there are enough threats to the peace of the worlds and if it possesses the same properties as a normal keyblade she might well have a proper tool for driving back the Heartless. Maybe then she'd feel a little less useless.

"In either case... please, let me know."
Rhiannon Zellen "Very well."

Nodding at that, Rhia stood up again. "When the results are in, I will be sure to let you know exactly how it went. For better or worse. Knowledge is knowledge after all." And it hardly mattered otherwise. Good, bad, light, darkness, none of it. All she cared about was 'knowing'. Mysteries were things to be solved. And this was one mystery that she would spare no effort to solve.

"Now then, if that is all, then I will be on my way." Turning away, Rhia raised a hand slightly in farewell as she began to walk off. "Have a nice day now." And with that, her form grew smaller and smaller until she was out of the park and disappeared into the city again.

"And thus the last step is complete." The scientist murmured to herself, smiling lightly. Soon, it would be time to begin the experiment...

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