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(2013-06-06 - Now)
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Faruja Senra What does one do after being hit by Big Life Questions by amnesiac boys? Why, take a walk around scenic Fluorgis of course! Attempting to clear his head, Faruja pauses by one of the city's many fountains, refilling a canteen as many a traveler is wont to do while in the city. Free, clean water is a rarity in many places, after all. Opening a few clasps on his cassock, lacking his usual armor today, the ratling does his best to cool off under the (to him) oppressive weather. Those who pass by get the usual round of blessings, the male taking up people-watching as his tail flicks lazily, brushing the surface of the fountain's water.

Emi would rather handle this herself. She has likely informed Faruja she'd like to meet up with him and she jogs up to the fountain as she sppots him. It is hot today, but Emi--as usualy--gives zero clucks. She says, "Faruja," upon spotting him. Ami is /not/ with her. "We will try not to take too much of your time."
Faruja Senra The distinct lack of Ami's in tow is a touch unusual, at least in Faruja's experience. Despite the slightly odd occurance, the Templar regards the woman with a smile, standing enough to offer a bow. "My dear Lady Emi, 'tis hardly an imposition! Quite the opposite, thyself, thy sisters and I are quite overdue for a social call. Lord bless."

Flicking his now slightly wet tail towards a bench, he walks over, waiting for the Network node to sit.

"However, somehow 'tis not striking as social in nature. 'Tis some trouble that I can be of assistance with?"
Emi Dennou "It's business." Emi says, recalling that she better get in touch with Arkie soon too. "Not that we mind social calls, but we enjoy our work too much, this one selfishly speaks up for herself." She sits down nearby, plunking herself where she was gestured.

She reaches into her slacks and draws out a picture of Black Mage 988-B, showing it to Faruja.

"Does this photograph remind you of anything, Faruja?" She asks. "We found him in Alexandria."
Faruja Senra A chuckle escapes the rat's muzzle as he finally sits, crossing his legs and regarding the woman warmly. "Married to one's work, hmm? Do take care to not overdo. Life is a gift from Faram, Lady Emi. There is more to life than mere toil. Though no doubt thy sisters shall see to that!"

Glancing to the picture, Faruja grows still and quiet. Staring, more through the picture than at it, he starts to shiver. One clawed hand clenches his burnt arm, squeezing until it finally yanks a squeak of pain from his muzzle.

Bringing him back from a trip down memory lane, Faruja practically spits out a squeaking growl, teeth flashing. "One of the Daemons that attacked Burmecia alongside the heartless at Alexandria's behest. Infernal creatures, hardly possessing a soul, content to do naught but reap the lives of good men and women! Disgusting creature, mayhap the Lady hath destroyed the abominable beast? 'Tis little surprise to find such a loatheful creature in that accursed town. Stay far away from that place, Emi. To lay amongst dogs is to earn their fleas." Each word is pierced with enough verbal poison to take our an army, the Templar not bothering to hold back.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "Certainly, there is more to life than work. However, work is not 'toil' for me. I like doing it." She finds herself missing Scrooge McDuck.

She slides the picture away and doesn't seem surprised by Faruja's reaction. This is what she expected. She quietly weathers Faruja's words until--as is typical with Faruja--he tells her to stay the eff away.

"Unfortunately, it is not that simple." She tells him. "That one called himself a 'defect'. The 'defect' appears to be self-awareness and the capacity for ethical foresight."

She looks down at her feet. "That one is one we rescued from Alexandria itself. a young--" She hesitates. "--man, taste for the theatrical was commanding his 'brothers' to attack and destroy him. Even opened up dark cooridors."

"We have to save them," She says. "They don't even know what they're doing, often until it's too late." There is an unusual determination behind her words for someone who is usually rather chill about everything under the sun.
Faruja Senra The revelation of a Black Mage 'defect' has the rat peering at the Network as though she's grown a third eye. " of /those/ Daemons, possessing /ETHICS/!? What madness hath crept upon thee?" Speaking a little too loudly, the rat reigns in his voice, and eventually his feelings. It's hard to be objective about the creatures that burned half your body, your friends, and likely your family as well to death!

But both the woman's noted blunt honesty, as well as something she said hits the rat. "It...spoke? The Daemon spoke? 'Tis...strange. The ones that I remember spoke only a single word, 'Kill'." A shiver runs through the rat, the fur on his neck standing up.

"...Where is this...this /Thing/ now?"

"Threatrical, young, corridors of darkness...mmm, the Queen's little pet magician. Kuja, I believe the name was. A dangerous man, he seems to possess the powers of a Shadow Lord. 'Twould not surprise me if he was one himself." One of the people on his kill list, just barely below the Queen herself.

As Emi says she's going to save them, Faruja stares at her once more, before sighing. "...There is naught words that would convince thee to cease such a course." Sighing, he gives the woman a stern look. "Everything I have seen of the creatures is naught but death and destruction. ' think that those damned, fell, violent beasts could be somehow...controlled, manipulated to such dark deeds..." Both hands rub across his face, voice slipping into something that mixes anger and despair. Falling silent, the Templar tries to wrangle his emotions.
Emi Dennou Emi is aware, which is why she allows Faruja to rant and rave without interruption. She has like 12 eyes though, or so she'd say if Faruja mentioned that metaphor. She does not tell Faruja where the Black Mage is, she just raises an eyebrow as if to say 'do you really think I'm going to tell you that right now?'. Emi might find it hard to blame Faruja about getting emotional over this subject but she's not going to hand him a ticket to go nuts on the Black Mage. That seems to be the last thing he needs right now.

"There is a reason for that. The man you call Kuja--he kills them once they go 'defect'." The quote marks are audible. "Do you recall the circumstances of Legion's creation? It is not so strange that they would think nothing of life. Their own lives are treated as worthless and to make matters worse, their 'ethics' seem to be emergent rather than inherent. Perhaps they are at start akin to a peculiar kind of infant, unable to process complex ideas but while children usually begin with concepts such as 'mommy' or 'daddy', the Black Mages seem to begin with concepts such as 'Destroy' or 'Kill'. I can only imagine that if left on their own, without Kuja's or Alexandria's direction, they likely would all ultimately develop intelligence."

She looks back to Faruja. "Black Mage 988-B is not the first to have escaped either. We cannot say it's a 'fluke', even if that would make life easier. There are others, where I could not tell you even if i desired it. Not too long ago, we were quite similar to the Black Mages ourselves. We were lucky. We were built to die, not to kill, but if we had been told to kill--we would have without hesitation, back then."
Faruja Senra Somehow, Emi's pure logic and evenheadedness has the rat just about ready to stomp off and locate the blasted creature himself. Teeth flashing, practically snarling by the time his would-be vengeance is effectively put down and the plight of the creatures made plain, he once more buries his head within his hands. Shuddering and letting out a strangled squeak, by the time he once more looks to Emi, he's at least somewhere nearer to reasonable despite the veins showing within his red eye. Wiping his muzzle of a few stray tears of frustrating and general bad memories, he focuses with more than a little bit of effort.

"If all that you would have me believe is truth, then these Dae.../beings/ are being used as naught but weapons. 'Tis obvious enough, now that I look upon the matter. Life created to suffer war...disgusting. /This/ is why..begging thy pardon...mortal men are not meant to act as God."

Falling into another uncomfortable silence, he stares the woman in the face. "From what I see, there are two options open to thee: either slay their master to free them from his influence, or to simply remove them from Alexandria proper. The former is the most satisfying...and likely expedient, however, having fought the man myself he is both highly resilient and magically superior. To remove them from Alexandria...beneath the nose of an entire army, where their strength is greatest and their master dwells? Mayhap impossible as things stand."
Emi Dennou Emi listens as usual. She appreciates that Faruja's trying, but Emi is convinced of this. She can only imagine what it must be like, but in the end it's at best blaming a gun for what a robber fired, at worst it's blaming a slave race for their masters.

"I don't know of God's intents." Emi says. "But I do not blame God for the circumstances of my creation. I feel quite blessed to have been born. The circumstances may not have been ideal, but it could be said God provided the opportunity for me to transcend what 'Man' had meant for me."

"I admit," She continues. "That right now, I do not have an elegant plan to rescue them. Right now, all I am capable of doing is protecting those that I can find. But 'now' is a temporary condition, and 'Impossible' is a word that people use to make themselves feel better when they fail."

It's like she's quoting someone with that one too.

"Isaac will help. He knows more about this than I do. Perhaps a solution will present itself there."

She is quiet a moment and rests a hand on Faruja's shoulder. "I am sorry. I know I am asking a lot from you. I know it isn't fair. Life, that is. Even if we killed Kuja, it will never be fair. Nothing can make that even, The Network firmly believes."

She squeezes lightly.
Faruja Senra Even if the network isn't known to be pious, pious words easily reach a Templar. Paralels to the Black Mages are too easily drawn, the better half of Faruja's heart eating at him despite his more hateful side screaming to abandon his thoughts and deal with the unholy things permanently. Images of his dead squadmates, and the burnt bodies of civilians all too easily dance in his mind.

Blinking, he looks up, having once again fallen prey to memory. A hand on his shoulder wakes him up. Sighing, he shakes his head. "...Emi, thyself and thy sisters are possessed of kindness beyond telling. No. To allow life, no matter its source, to languish in the care of that Witch and his Alexandrian cronies is too much to bare. If the Lord set thee before this...mage to free him, mayhap his fellows...then I shan't deny thee. Mmm."

Looking up, the Burmecian closes his eye. "Keep me informed. If...right now, my feelings are far too jumbled to be of use. Keeping me from thy charge is prudent for the moment. You know how...impassioned I can be at times. Vengeance, in this case, shall not honor the memories of the fallen. We must right wrongs instead."

Standing, the Burmecian bows. "The Lord shall guide thee to a solution, if 'tis truly righteous. And with Ser Hanlon at thy side? Let me settle my feelings, then take me to this mage when I yet have the capacity of not severing the dae...being's head. I desire the truth from the creature's own mouth. By thy leave."

Walking away, he turns back, and smiles. "And be /careful/! Do nothing that would not occur to myself!"
Emi Dennou Emi smiles. She must like Faruja's response. Emi is fond of maturity and levelheadedness, even if--no especially if when it's main use is to recognize one needs time to reconcile their emotions.

She stands up as Faruja does, bowing to him. The light in her eyes is impossible to miss. Emi tries to be a vulcan most of the time but it's not as if she doesn't have a heart.

"Of course, we understand. Thank you, Faruja." She steps forward, intending to stop him for a moment in order to give him a quick hug.

"Let us know when you're ready, and we will. Please take care of yourself, too."

Do nothing that Faruja wouldn't do? Emi isn't sure that's really much of a promise.

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