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(2013-06-06 - 2013-06-06)
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Akari Seran It was official now: Akari hated sailing.

The grass beneath the young woman crumpled as she fell face-first onto the ground, arms extended as if to hung the earth itself. The last several days had been spent upon the ocean waters of the deep ocean. She and her traveling companion Aeschere had chosen to embark upon a short cruise, crossing the vast gulf between continents. Though the beaches of Costa Del Sol were quiet and enjoyable, Akari's wanderlust made it difficult for her to stay in any one place at the best of times.

Thrust into a brave new world, it was all she could do to contain her desire to simply take off running in a random direction. Everything was unfamiliar and new here. It was both exciting and troublesome. Back in Galianda she had spent the better part of a decade learning the nooks and crannies of the various continental plates. Things like where to find water, which plants were edible, which trails led to civilization and which to the places where monsters still roamed.

She had never spent much time in Leviathan, however, due to the entire continent being a gaint water-bowl. Without the earth beneath her feet she felt more helpless than she cared to admit and worse she was truly blind without solid stone to rely upon.

The ship voyage was mostly Aeschere's idea being one of the Levitanni herself. Akari had been inclined to allow her to indulge in the homesickness she felt upon seeing the sea, even if she had spent the majority of the voyage curled up in her bunk trying not to be ill. Fortunately the ground beneath her now was blessedly free of the constant rocking and pitching that accompanied the waves out in the deep ocean and she allowed herself to indulge in soaking up the strength from the land for a time.

She had time to kill anyways. Aeschere was back in the strange port town finding supplies for their next journey, something she was more than happy to allow the small knight to handle. Dealing with people was bothersome and her notorious temper was already stretched thin by the unpleasant voyage.
Sammy Colt Alexander Academy - something of a new comer to the files of ShinRa. Nothing much known about them except they have a bunch of weirdos running around with super powers. So, in short, to ShinRa, it looks like another obnoxious start-up group like those Shard Seekers.

No biggy, though. Reno sent in a Turk to deal with information gathering. Who, might you ask? Well, why not take a look at that gentleman wearing the black and grey hawaiian shirt?

He's not the Turk. Just a guy with a really bad sense of fashion. Behind him however, seats the real 'threat'.

Sammy Colt, information gatherer extra-ordinaire sits quietly among the tourists that have disembarked from their ship to wander about, buy stuff, fill their faces and generally do those boring things that Turks only do when they're off duty.

Come to think of it... when was the last time Sammy took a vacation? Bah, no time for that now! Spying needs to be done!

Mr. Colt sits himself quietly while enjoying a small, fruity and heavily decorated drink while holding a news paper that is oddly shaped like a ShinRa eavesdropping device.

He had heard that Akari, one of his targets, would be alone for a spell and figured now was a good time to discern what the Academy is all about.

Pushing himself up, dropping a surmountable tip and closing the distance between he and Akari, the young Turk pauses to take out his comms device, thumb a few letters, give a chuckle at a picture of a dog with an umbrella hat and finally, put his phone away as he was in talking distance to the woman.

"Why hello there!" He exclaims from a distance as he narrows his eyes at the strange-looking Geomancer (Which he doesn't know about).
Akari Seran The sound of a voice that does not belong to her friend causes Akari to immediately frown. She had specifically wandered away from the main port to be alone for a while. Even now her stomach was still doing loops thanks to the rough seas the last couple days. The only consolation was that she had been too nauseated to eat anything and therefore couldn't spend the entire time throwing it back up.

The young woman rolls over onto her side to glare darkly at the Turk. She can 'see' the general shape of his body from the impacts resonating through his footsteps and the flow of blood through his veins. The movement of the air around him gives better definition to his form but things like how fancy his clothes are escapes her notice, nor would she care even if she could tell.

"Get lost," she grumbles irritably at him.
Sammy Colt "Wish I could, I but I've got a job to do." Samuel says with pride as he looks Akari's form over. Missing an arm, scars, barely clothed. Either she was a hobo the Academy took in or she was really bad news if he got on her bad side.

"Could you maybe tell me about your organization? I'd really like to know more about the Alexander Academy and I was hoping you could enlighten me?" He asks before crouching down in order to be more amicable to a conversation.
Akari Seran Akari's eyes narrow dangerously. It doesn't take much to make her angry but being brushed off so casually is up on the list of things that are quick ways to make her pissed.

The girl pushes the rest of the way up with her arm and folds her legs into a seated position. She hunches forward, resting her chin on her fist in an angry version of the 'Thinker' statue. Her empty white eyes focus on Sammy's face, though she cannot meet his gaze. Her irritation is quite clear to see, however.

"Last warning, pal. Beat it."
Sammy Colt The Turk gives a sigh as he stands himself up, straightens his pants and shrugs his shoulders. "Why can't things ever go easy with you people?" He asks, putting his hands on his hips and making a standing gesture.

"Alright, stand up, I figure this is going to go down like every other interrogation in the field. We'll have a big ol' fight, one of us will 'win' -" He says with air quotes, "And in the end, it won't change anything." He says with a sigh before shaking his head.

"You know, it would take less time to just tell me than it would to fight? Either way, I get what I want out of this." He states while watching Akari's reactions.
Akari Seran The girl's expression hardens from a frown into a scowl at the speech. Her lips pull back in the beginning of a snarl as she leaps to her feet, making the transition from seated to standing in a flash. Her fist clenches tightly, so tightly infact that the grinding of her muscles tightening is audible.

"Know what would make this go even faster? LEAVING ME THE HELL ALONE."

Too late for that though. Her blood has already been stirred by the promise of a fight; the poor Turk hasn't the slightest clue what he's gotten himself into. He's about to find out the hard way.

"Think you're so smart, do you? Just another arrogant adult who wants to push me around! You're just like those instructors back at the Academy! Well after I finish smearing you across the grass, I'll have gotten what /I/ want!"

And then suddenly, she moves. Akari leaps at the Turk with an enraged battlecry, the sheer magnitude of her voice boosted to near defeaning levels. However, it is little more than a tickle compared to the impact of her fist.
Sammy Colt "Adult? I'm not an ad-" Sammy should really brush up on his 'witty banter while avoiding getting punching into the sun' skills. Akari's strike rings true while Sammy is busy cupping his hands over his ears.

As the turk goes sliding into the sand, spraying the small granules everywhere. He lets out a pained grunt and picks himself up, dusting his hair to ensure every last bit of sand is removed.

"You know, that's not very nice. If I had been a normal person, you could have killed me.

The Turk seems to brush off his sleeve and crick his neck.

"Alright, so you scream like a banshee and you hit like a truck. What else do you got, Stumpy?" He asks, probably referring to her size and not, you know, her stump of an arm.

Well, Sammy does have quite a reputation for cramming his foot into his mouth.
Akari Seran Akari is not terribly amused by the joke. Infact, she seems to have taken it quite badly. The girl's already enraged expression scrunches up even further, brows furrowing downwards, her lips peeling back to reveal her teeth like an animal.

Letting out another growl of anger, this one less painful on the eardrums, the berserker lunges at him once more. The ground beneath her feet literally explodes as she slams her foot down to propel herself forwards, leaving a small crater in the soft dirt. The gap that had been created between them by her first strike vanishes almost as quickly, the girl hurdling at him like she was fired from a cannon.

Akari swings again and her attack is no more gentle than the first. Her fist slams down like the hammer of an angry god, sending up clouds of dust and debris. Whether or not Sammy happens to be among that debris is something he should be worrying about right about now.
Sammy Colt Okay. She doesn't like jokes about her height. Good to know. The girl comes flying out of left field and Sammy is caught rather off guard by her furious leaping. Her strike lands true and the ground around Sammy buckles into itself, pushing him into it, but the Turk doesn't immediatly go down.

There's a lot of power coming out of Akari's attacks, but Sammy is not as weak as he looks. Lucky for him, probably.

When the dust settles, Sammy is busy rubbing his forearm. The huge welt under his clothes indicates that maybe trying to take her blows is a bad plan all around.

"Well, aren't we a little feral! Sheesh! How come Reno meets the cute, nice ones and I get all the crazy ones?" He asks the air rhetorically before getting into his stance, two large bladed knives popping forth from his sleeves. With acceptable speed, the Turk lunges forward, testing out Akari's reflexes as he takes a few stabs at the girl, followed by a rising uppercut to a heel-kick aimed at the ground.
Akari Seran There is no answer forthcoming from his dance partner, not that he seemed to expect one. Akari is relentless in her assault and each swing from her scrawny arm hits with the force of a bomb going off at point blank. The source of the girl's incredible strength is a mystery: she doesn't seem to be wearing any special gear (or much of anything for that matter), nor chanting spells, or holding materia.

"Shut up and fight!"

That's the only response she has for him as he finally seems to be ready to strike back. Sammy's blades easily bite into the exposed flesh of her torso but she doesn't even seem to notice, putting almost no effort whatsoever into defending against such a pathetic threat. The reason becomes frightneningly clear a moment later when the knives merely glance off her bare skin as if it were made of rock.

Akari pauses as she rockets past the Turk, missing a wild swing in her frenzied assault. She spins around to strike again but the man's fist connects with the bottom of her chin solidly and the two of them rise several feet into the air from the enhanced force of the super human blow.

The heel-kick comes down moments later atop the girl's undefended chest but again her ridiculously tough body barely seems to register the strike. Akari reaches out and grabs hold of his leg, attempting to grapple him before he can use the momentum of the strike to slip away. She spins in the air and plants her feet on an invisible platform of wind, blasting the both of them back down towards the ground while she wails away at him with faster but weaker punches.
Sammy Colt The Turk is indeed pummeled by her shots, but he's got the stereotypical Dragonorb X pose of having his arms crossed infront of his torso to absorb the blows. As the two land, he rolls backwards into a kneeling position, suddenly wielding what appears to be a bazooka. One would normally wonder where in the shards he pulled that thing from, but one wouldn't have time to figure that out when a live round is fired nearly point-blank!

"Where's the fun in not talking?!" Sammy asks before pulling the trigger, the serious kick-back from his shot sending him sprawling backwards. Next time he should probably engage the gyro-balance mechanism.

Rolling backwards, Sammy watches the ensuing explosion, though he's not entirely sure if his shot was accurate.

"You ok?!" He calls out over the smoke - he was only testing her, he didn't actually want to hurt the girl - that would be uncivilized. Besides, crazy one-armed girl took his knife shots rather well, what harm could a bazooka do? Oh. Wait.
Akari Seran The berserk Academy delinquent lands in a three-point crouch in the dirt as her victim manages to slip free from her terrible pummeling. Her head snaps upwards at the same moment the bazooka is leveled in her direction. She stares at it quizzically as if trying to figure out what it is but the explosive ordinance that ejects straight into her chest a moment later isn't very difficult to figure out.

A ball of fire blossoms where Akari was standing a moment before and the slender young woman vanishes in the scarlet haze and smoke. Again there is no reply to Sammy's question even though this one was aimed at her directly. Only silence answers him for a few moments.

Eventually, however, there is movement. Akari strides out of the still burning crater and the quickly disappating cloud of smoke looking little worse for the wear. Small sections of her pants appear to be badly singed and her hair smoulders like dying embers in a few places at their tips but otherwise the detonation seems to have done little. At that range... could she have dodged it?

"I see you rely on toys to do your fighting for you," she says casually. Her arms cross over her chest as she gives him a dour look, clearly less than impressed by such tactics.

...wait, 'arms'?

Sprouting from what was once the empty ragged stump of her right arm, Akari now sports what appears to be a fully functioning limb, though it is unlike anything seen elsewhere. As if formed from the earth itself, the arm is made of a single mass of unbroken stone. Strange sigils and ornate designs have been pressed or carved into its surface in an almost ritual fashion but the overall effect makes it look very fancy. Impossibly, the stone seems to flex and bulge as it moves about in a mimicry of flesh - clearly this is some crazy magic at work.

"Reliance on technology has made you weak."
Sammy Colt Sammy tosses the bazooka aside as if it were a gum wrapper. He's obviously glad to see that his target has not, in fact, been blown to pieces. He takes a moment to give the girl's arm a closer look, a small 'camera' noise coming from his glasses as he takes pictures of it (IN HIGH DEF!).

"I doubt it has anything to do with technology. I'm going easy on you, after all. Wouldn't want you to have to grow TWO arms." He says with a smile before readying his stance again.

"Now, if you don't mind, I need some readings on that new-fangled arm-thingy you've got." He says as he makes a motion for her to come at him again.
Akari Seran Akari's angry glower slowly seems to melt away, morphing into an amused grin that still manages to show a disturbing amount of teeth. She gives a single snort at the show of concern for her well-being and shakes her head from side to side.

"You want to fight? Fine. I was just angry before but if you want a real demonstration..."

The girl slowly widens her stance, her bare feet digging trenches into the ground as they slide through the grass. She hunches over, arms pulling tightly against her side as her fists clench up from effort. A look of intense concentration overtakes her and her entire body goes tense as if she were flexing every muscle she has at once.

At first nothing happens, which makes the entire display look rather silly and weird, but after a few seconds the ground begins to rumble. Akari grits her teeth and then throws her head back, letting loose a primal yell as four more of the intricate stone arms erupt from her shoulders. The magical constructs form so fast it is impossible to see the method by which they do so, seeming to erupt from her flesh like needles punching through cloth. There is no blood or sprays of gore that accompany this transformation and even now the look of concentration fades from Akari's fade to be replaced once again by an amused smirk.

Now wielding six arms in all, Akari stands up straight and rests her lower pair on her hips. The next set up cross over her chest and the last upper two merely flex and form fists almost like bulging scorpion tails.

"You were saying?"
Sammy Colt Sammy takes a moment to count the arms now sprouting from the girl's back. "Well... That's something." He says with a shrug as he takes a moment to prop his shades down to get a better look before pushing them back up.

"I was saying that I need some readings on what those arms of yours can do. Lucky for me, you've got six of them to show off, so... let's do this."

Great. Gonna charge head-first towards the thing that can hit you like a truck. always a smart plan.

Rushing forth again, Sammy withdraws those large, flat-bladed knives once more (Where DID they go before?) and goes to get a few slashes, aiming directly for the arms. Probably trying to get some residue stuck in his blade for research or something.

Whatever the idiot is doing, he's going all out with the slashing!
Akari Seran Akari doesn't even flinch.

The Turk rushes in with his knives all ready to hack away at the strange geomancer, demonstrating with his elegant technique the skills that ShinRa's finest have honed over decades of epionage, shadow warfare, and black ops.

She doesn't move. Doesn't try to dodge or counter. She just stands there and lets it happen.

Sammy's blades lash out against the stony surface of the artificed arms, a flurry of deadly cuts, thrusts, and slashes assailing his target. He might as well have been swatting her with rolled up newspapers for all the good it does him. The knives fail to penetrate at all, leaving no marks or scratches upon the many limbs nor even her skin when they stray from their targets, deflected by the impossibly dense substance.

Eventually, Akari gets tired of watching this embarrassing fiasco. She steps forward into one of the strikes and the blade catches on the gap between her neck and her head, carving right across jugular vein. Nothing happens. She sighs and reaches up, pushing Sammy away with a firm but non-damaging thrust from her palm.

"Your attacks are not even worth dodging."

Her arms all unfurl at once from their various resting places. Muscles bulge slightly as she flexes them all at once. She smirks again but her mirth quickly shifts into annoyance. This was a waste of time. Not even a decent fight to be had here. He wanted to see real strength? She could oblige.

The attack comes openly with no effort put into subterfuge or misdirection. Akari takes a step forward and swings the stone fist attached to what used to be her ruined arm. Chakra flows through her body as she summons up the inner strength of her soul and mingles it with the raw power of the earth below. The two forces combine into a single entity and she focuses this overwhelming might into a single point at the end of her fist.

The impact is such that reality itself seems to feel it. The air distorts as the energies there are unleased in an impossibly ferocious blast. The ground deforms below them as a sphere of pure force washes out from the impact, hammering the land for hundreds of feet in all directions with a pressure wave strong enough to knock a man off his feet.

Others follow after as the array of stony knuckles close down on Sammy like a bear trap. Countless blows assail him in blinding flashes and for a few excruciating seconds it seems like the entire world is made of granite gray fists. A final merciful blow swings down from above, aiming to flatten the foolish man into the grass.

Devastating though they are, these blows do not fall with Akari's full strength behind them for that would surely lead to the man's death. She isn't a murderer but she's certainly going to leave him with a reminder that when she says 'Get lost' she means it.
Sammy Colt While Sammy was slicing away at the impenetrable Akari, he couldn't help but think to himself certain key flaws in his strategy. After all, improvement is what it's all about. If you don't improve, you become obsolete. As his knife catches the jugular and does absolutely nothing, the Turk can't help but give a frown - and then is pushed away.

Akari's display of geomancy makes a little beeping noise in Sammy's shades. Unbeknownst to anyone but Sammy, his shades are in fact technological wonders - ones that can inform him of things, things like seismic activty.

"Oh. Good. Your abilities don't end with just sprouting decorative arms." He states in a mocking tone before watching Akari closely - intent on recording all of her activity for the files.

Of course, this usually means poor Sammy comes back with a little more than a bleeding nose, but hey!

And then the flying fists of fury begin. Sammy watches them carefully and while there are so many of them, the Turk, as previously mentioned, has been honed through years of training. Luckily for him as well, he's a really small target compared to most and is nimble as a fox.

The flurry of fists pass by him and the kid looks like he's doing some form of rudimentary 'I gotta pee' dance as he avoids all of the blows.

Once the fleeting fists finally fly by, Sammy lets out a crooked smile. He couldn't believe he dodged them all! A shadow catches his eye and the giant granite fist slams down on his location, sending dust up from the beech.

No retort comes at first. It looks like he's a flattened Turk. But we all saw the defend result and it said it all.

Sammy stands a little bit to the side of the fist, his suit now COVERED in sand. He's even spitting some out of his mouth as rubbing his eyes to get rid of the rest.

"Bleeeh! Sand in the mouth! Ptew! Ptew! Worse feeling ever." He states aloud before running a hand over his tongue to try and get the errant specks.

Composing himself, the young turk clears his throat and looks down at his wrist, numbers seem to be indicating things while a graph shows the impact force of the fist. The turk's eyebrows raise as he gives an impressed whistle.

"Not bad! That thing had quite an impact. Glad I wasn't under it." He states before looking at Akari with a smile.

"Well, better luck next time. I think I've got all I need from you." He says with a smiles as he adjusts his glasses once more.

"Now, I just need a name? What should I call you?" He asks as though the two had just had a very interesting game of chess, rather than a brawl.

Silly Sammy, never wanting to finish a fight.
Akari Seran Akari's fists become more and more frantic as her attempts to swat the annoying man down like an insect fail spectacularly. Eventually, she devolves from controlled if errant punches to wild flailing and clumsy swings that are little more than expressions of raw fury given form.

The final strike cleaves the earth beneath her fist, splitting wide a small fissure where Sammy was standing only moments before. Akari remains hunched over with her fist embedded in the stone, chest heaving with barely restrained rage and exertion. She stays that way for several seconds, teeth grinding to the sound of steel bars being bent in half, but she manages to get her fury in check enough to pull back before she dives over the edge and devolves into a raging beast. In such a state there would be little to stand in her way and with Aeschere expected to return soon, she can't risk that.

The girl slowly stands up and turns on Sammy. Her fists tighten as she spins, the three arms on her right side coming together to form a single point of impact as she brings them towards his chest. All of the excess rage that she needs to vent erupts from her mouth as she screams, a theraputic cry of frustration that hammers at him like the wail of a banshee.

The air before her fists grows bright red as she spins, her knuckles shining with heat from the sheer friction that blossoms around the incredible strike, along with a minor boost from her geomancy. The impact of the strike is as devastating as before but this time a beam of pure heat bursts into life as her chakra swells to flood the air, a laser of pure wrath that streaks into the sky at an upwards angle for miles, so as to avoid damaging the city behind the Turk.
Sammy Colt "yeee-aaarrr-ghh..." Sammy dictates to himself and pauses before looking up. "Is that with three es or -" Annnd queue a solid blow landing agaisnt the Turk in a spectacular way. So hard is the punch that his sunglasses are completely vaporized by the blow.

The young Turk's body goes sailing upwards from the blow, his clothing burned, torn and seared from the incredibly damaging attack. Most would simply flop to the ground and lay there for a bit, but Sammy? Sammy's not most people. No. He slams into the ground with such a lack of grace that even the sand doesn't bother to acquiese to the request of a soft landing.

The blonde man takes a minute to bring in some life-giving air into his lungs before he picks himself back up to his feet.

Tie now unraveled, collar undone and buttons missing, but still sleeved, Sammy reaches up and wipes a trickle of blood from his eye.

"Okay. So. Joke time is done, then?" He asks, obviously completely content on getting this young woman's fury built up to its maximum. After all, he wasn't just trying to get a readout on her. He was trying to get all the information about her combat abilities that he could.

Sadly, now it would have to resort to audio and readings, rather than videa.

With his loose sleeves flapping in the wind, the Turk gives a pained smile and lowers his stance once more. Withdrawing a large cylindrical item from his breast pocket - larger than what could fit in there, Sammy cradles the tube and begins pulling the trigger.

Strange toy after strange toy goes flying into the air, landing about the area with random sounds like 'I love you' and 'Please hug me'. One even looks like it's about to land on Akari... Wonder what it would -

Checked my notes - it's a bomb. Yup. This might hurt.
Akari Seran The beam carries Sammy well into the air, singing and burning away at his body until it finally loses cohesion and fades, depositing him roughly on the ground. His landing makes even the berserker wince a little at the lack of grace but she's more impressed that he managed to survive such a fall without breaking his neck. Obviously this fool has a little more to him than his attitude gives away.

Akari begins to stalk after her opponent, arms swinging back and forth in a ponderous fashion. She stops cold upon seeing the first of the projectiles fly her way, frowning a little as she tries to discern their purpose just like before. And like before she doesn't seem overly concerned about being harmed by them.

It isn't until the toys hit the ground that she gets a good 'look' at them and the realization that he's flinging dolls and stuffed animals her way causes Akari's face to twist in an incredulous expression.

"Toys? What is the meaning of...?"


The girl snatches the final bomb out of the air, crushing it in her hand like an empty soda can. This does not manage to keep it from performing its task, however. Another ball of fire engulfs Akari but this time she doesn't wait to dramatically emerge from the flames and the smoke.

She erupts from the billowing grey cloud covered in black scorch marks and soot and looking freshly pissed off. She dashes across the grass and sand, kicking up a comical cloud behind her feet as she tears up the terrain in her rush to reintroduce the Turk with her fist since the first few meetings haven't gotten the point across yet.
Sammy Colt Sammy watches the explosion and he knows it's only going to slow her down. Or. Well. At least, he kind of hoped. It didn't, did it? Nope. She's coming full force.

Sammy scrambles to get to his defence. blow after blow echoes off the Turk's scrawny-looking frame, sending shockwaves about the beach and making the sand spray in various directions from the sheer impact of her strikes.

As one of her pummels go wide, Sammy rolls away and presses down on a hidden button in his sleeve, to which an explosion from a small stuffed turtle buried in the sand, goes off.

It doesn't look like Akari's taken any kind of damage, but the girl is off her feet. From the look of things, she needed the Earth around her to keep fighting with such tenacity. Time to exploit such a weakness.

Hoping to peel away at her rockhard defences, Sammy jumps into the air to try and press the advantage of Akari not having her element. The daggers come to bare once more and the Turk is more readily cutting in close to his opponent, trying to at least weaken her down so if he needs to, he can get away. He had more than enough data about this particular member now and getting hit in the face again was not something he wanted to go through once more.
Akari Seran Unfortunately for Sammy, hitting people in the face is something his opponent specializes in.

The hidden explosive lifts her off the beach in a spray of sand and fire and Akari finds herself momentarily upsidedown, sent spinning from the off-center blast. The Turk, to his credit, takes admirable advantage of this and his blades score several direct hits across her body, but it's like trying to cut stone with a butterknife. His best strikes leave little more than barely perceptible notches on her skin that don't even do him the curtesy of bleeding just a little.

Akari reaches out and latches onto Sammy after several of his strikes earn grunts of pain or perhaps mere annoyance, using him to orient herself properly. Her forehead slams into his but the angle is akward thanks to their aerial jockeying for position and does little in the way of real damage besides knocking him for a loop.

The impact also jarrs the two of them apart and Akari crashes down onto the beach in a heap of tangled limbs. She rolls with the momentum and flips back to her feet, digging several hands into the beach to come to a screeching halt. Instead of launching another attack, however, she pauses to take a quick breather. Even her super human stamina isn't infinite. Fortunately, being connected to the soil is like being plugged into a battery and she draws power from its cool eternal presence.

"That all you got," she huffs at the Turk, almost sounding indignant. "I thought you wanted to fight, not give me a massage."
Sammy Colt Sammy, on the other hand has landed rather gracefully. On his feet, still with a torn suit. With scorch marks. Everything, but at least he's trying to look imposing. As imposing as a little kid could, but hey. Give the kid some credit.

When Akari does reply, Sammy snaps his fingers and points at her with a smile. "See!? Witty banter! So much more fun! Alright, so, let's see, you just asked about a massage? Let me think!" He says as he paces back and forth for a mere instant before raising a hand to the air.

"Aha! You looked a little stiff! I figured I could dig up some dirt on you. I was really stuck between a rock and a hard place!"

#-1 ARGUMENT OUT OF RANGE he had a pun-based attack, it would be used here, but instead, it seems like he's just trying to either get her goat, or get her to laugh. One of the two. Probably not the one he intended, either.

"There, now it's your turn. Trust me, it makes fighting a whole lot more fun when you start the smack talk - a lot like video games, actually."
Akari Seran Unfortunately, Akari cannot play video games as her stonesight does not extend to forming actual pictures, so the reference is lost on her. She doesn't even wait for him to finish giving his little pun-tastic speech before launching back into the fray. The only thing she has to say to him is in the form of a wild battlecry. And if he doesn't understand that, her fists are excellent translators.

The girl sails across the distance between them with her usual feral intensity though it seems as if she's gotten a little less wound into a knot by the whole affair. She might even be enjoying herself somewhat. Her strikes are accompanied by grins instead of snarls, though it might be somewhat hard to tell amid all the punching and elbowing and such.
Sammy Colt The girl isn't going for the whole 'talk while fighting angle'. Such a shame. Sammy's little puntastic speech is interrupted by a swinging of the fist, which he only now interprets as Akari trying to murder him again. There's an audible 'tsk' from the Turk as he begins to swing with her, following through her blows and just being shy of a graze with every one thrown.

Naturally, Sammy doesn't shut up. That would just be weird.

"How about... -" He begins while she's still swinging. "Oh! You could have said: I'm gonna rock your world!" No. Sammy does not get the innuendo behind that.

"Oh! Or maybe you could have asked: What do you want to do with your life and then replied, Well, me? I wanna ROCK! and like, thrown a rock at me?" He asks again, still dodging her blows as he tries to disarm her/rile her up even more with his smart-ass comments.
Akari Seran Attempting to make Akari angry isn't much of an accomplishment. That's like trying to get the ocean wet. It's also not very difficult to succeed. Sammy's maddening refusal to be quiet and fight properly is doing a damn fine job and the fact that he's managing to evade her punches is also adding to her annoyance.

Still, for some odd reason, she can't help but be amused by his prods. Most people who fight her are either trying to put her in her place, that's usually the other Academy students, the buncha rich pricks, or out to kill her, which would be the stance most monsters take. Not many make a joke out of battling with someone who can literally smash them into pieces with their bare hands. Still, she's totally gonna pummel the guy.

"Well," she grunts between swings, "We got off to a rocky start. But I guess I do have one gem for you.

Akari lifts her foot suddenly and stomps the ground with the force of a thunderbolt. A fissure opens up underneath Sammy and the land begins to shift and shake, making his footing perilous and perhaps rendering him vulnerable to the following attacks. The girl gives him no time to recover, rushing in with all of her fists swinging. She puncuates her strike with a single word, punching with single but deliberatly staccato impacts.

Sammy Colt "That's the spirit!" Sammy chides as Akari begins getting int the whole 'fighting with words' part of the fight. Her puns were pretty decent, he had to admit and they caught him a little off guard.

What caught him more literally off guard was the ground tremors, which then resulted in several impacts against his unprotected chest, followed by a throw into the air.

The sailing wind about Sammy allow him some relief from the combat, but the lack of air moving through his lungs isn't exactly a joy ride.

Taking a moment to breath in the sweet air of altitude, Sammy lets out a cough and activates a small device in his sleeves. The kid begins to float in the air as he tries to get his bearings again.

Far below, Akari is still standing there. She got some good height off the throw and the bruising on his ribs would take a while to go away, but for now. He was pretty sure he got all he needed.

Sammy goes to talk, but the pain from the movement is too much and he stumbles in the air, simply dropping a fet feet before righting himself. There's a pause and Sammy does soem gesturing in the sky before tilting himself and flying off away from the town.

A small box lands in the dirt and explodes open with party favors and an automated voice that says: Thanks for the data, but I've got to run. It was a 'solid' attempt.

The box begins to emit a mechanical laugh. A really annoying mechanical laugh that simply repeats: Ha over and over again.

Sammy on the other hand is quickly flying off to the nearest ShinRa base for medical reasons.
Akari Seran Akari watches the man fly off into the horizon for a moment, quickly losing track of him through the ripples in the air. She hadn't actually thrown him /that/ hard (she thinks) so perhaps this was just another one of his tricks. The berserker stands ready to repel any sort of surprise attack but when the box comes sailing out of the sky, it just flops on the ground to unleash its final retort.

Gritting her teeth, Akari stomps the life out of the small mechanism inside, causing its final mocking laughs to fade into shrill whines and finally blessed silence. Now that she's alone again, she takes a moment to survey the land nearby for the damage caused by their little bout. Fortunately, it seems she managed to keep things on low key. Aeschere probably wouldn't be pleased to return from her shopping only to find her traveling partner being chased off by angry locals or incarcerated.

Akari shrugs and the extra arms disentegrate into tiny chips of rock and sand. Atleast the annoyance was dealt with for now. Reaching into her pocket, the girl fishes out a cigarette and fires it up, puffing on the smoke idly while she waits. Not a bad way to pass the time.

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