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Love And Memories Anew
(2013-06-05 - 2013-06-20)
Sanel encounters Faruja in Fluorgis. He learns the value of love and is set on his path to forget old ramnents of his memory and start anew.
Sanel Welcome to Fluorgis, the city of wonders. It is a great place that is filled with life and wonder. The place is fille with life, being the central hub for adventurers to gather and take up quests. It is also the place that is being visited upon and stationed by the Church.

The simplistic nature and appears is what makes the multi-level city attractive. While the streams and rivers run through the town, a young boy is walking along the river. His boots to the side, Sanel is happily playng with the water.

Splash! Splash!

The boy giggles happily, his attention pre-occupied on making large splashes along the water. A few kids have joined the older boy in the fun.
Faruja Senra Thank the Lord for excuses to wear ceremonial dress. Faruja Senra is doing just that, having shed his armor for the much lighter cassock of his calling. Not on active guard or other such martial duty, the Templar is free to roam about; though it took a bit of prodding from Father Barnabus to stop going over the security details. Having the whole mess dropped onto his lap when his immediate superior caught a local disease was sudden, and certainly brought out a bit of perfectionism within the rat; having the very thing he almost died to get his hands on stolen by his own actions would just be embarrassing.

Walking in the opposite direction downstream, the rat comes across a group of children. Having always liked rivers, reminding him of rains and the many acqueducts of his homeland, he'd decided to take a walk. Spying one familiar boy amongst the small gaggle of kids has him /grinning/. Sitting along the bank of the river, far enough away to not get splashed, he sets out his belongings from a pack.

They turn out to be a couple of sandwiches, a glass of wine, and a towel. Stretching out, he fills himself a glass of wine while watching the kids. Ahh, to see others at peace is a joy!
Sanel Splash! Splash!

"Hey! I'll get you!"

Sanel, the amiable boy, is giggling while splashing the other children. It is a moment of happiness for the boy. Other children are playing with him. That makes the boy very happy. The vividness of the air and the spirit of the children. It's a nice feeling that will last forever----

--Until Sanel sees the mouse.

Already, Sanel is emerging fro the water to run towards the large rodent.

"Snow Mouse King!"

Arms are wide.


Tight hug.
Faruja Senra Sip. Faruja sits with as much poise and grace as anyone can get while having a picnic, sipping wine and generally being in much improved spirits after the little debacle involving a Pete, a Maira, and far too many Heretics and friends in one room. Tail flicking, he very nearly dozens off in the warm sun before a voice and the sight of a pair of arms have him wide awake.

Put down the glass. Suck in chest slightly. Thank Faram that the strange Inquisitor healed you. Sanel hugs go!

Squeeeze! The Templar vaguely looks like a squeaky toy being squeezed, complete with squeaking sounds. They are, in fact, ones of mild pain mixed with pleasure at the boy's enthusiasm. Really, Sanel doesn't know his own strength.

"G...good evening Sanel, my friend! As exhuberant as always! And m...kindly, my friend, a touch lighter. My ribs have only just healed after last night...and my 'tis it a wonderful sight to know that friends have found thee!" Seeing the boy act like a boy is heartening. Faruja gives Sanel a good rub on the head like a proper would-be indulgent uncle.

"Beautiful day, hmm? And 'tis not Lucavishly hot at that. A touch of rain, and 'twould be /comfortable/!"
Sanel As Sanel embraces Faruja, the boy shuts his eyes and beams. It is then that he is given a pat on the head, overhearing the rodent's request for him to lighten his hold. "Nnn!" Sanel loosens his hold on Faruja.

"Sanel is happy!" The boy walks around, giving a glance towards the side. "Sanel is playing with other kids. Other kids are playing with Sanel." The young man tilts his head around, "Sanel is looking for Almmy, but got too hot, so Sanel came here to cool off."

He pauses for a moment, "Sanel has a question for Snow Mouse King."
Faruja Senra Ahh, delicious oxygen. Amazing how one misses it after being squished by a heculean boy! After a few breaths, the rat sits down once more, patting the towel. "Come, come my friend. Sit, please. Hungry?" A sandwich is offered; chocobo on rye.

The mention of Sanel's happiness gets a nod, and a shake of the head. "'Tis the time to enjoy such things, Sanel, while you are yet young. Cherish the me..." Pause. "Cherish these days." Best not to bring up bad subjects.

"Mmm, concerned for her? 'Tis the Lady in Fluorgis?" Comes the rat, praying it to be so. Any chance to get closer to the woman, and most importantly her work, would be most useful.

A question? The rat's ears perk, sipping his wine before offering a patient smile. "Anything, please, ask. My ears are at thy service." One long ear waggles at the boy.
Sanel Once Faruja recovers his breath, the boy looks at the posture of the burmecian straighten. As Faruja takes a seat on he blanket, Sanel moves over towards the fatherly figure wth the sandwich. "Ah...!"

Taking a seat nearby the templar, Sanel takes the sandwich with both hands and happily eats. Despite of his strength, he's holding it with both hands, happily nibbling on the chocobo on rye.

Cherish these days? Sanel tilts his head over with confusion. The boy has little clue over the rodent's statement. Nevertheless, the subject regarding Alma brings the boy into focus. "Sanel does not think so. Almmy is at Archades. Sanel visit Almmy there."

Seeing the ear waggle, Sanel reaches a hand out to grab it, but restrains himself. Back to the question.

The boy had wondered this for a long time now. It had been in his mind since that day. He recalls his encounter with Alma, and the talk that he had with her.

~ "What you just did.. it's meant for someone really special in your life. Some girl you like so much that you think you might be in love with them...when you're, older." ~

"...What is 'love'?"
Faruja Senra Faruja frowns, a long grimace at the mere mention of Archades. This, of course, means he's likely going to have to go there. Requiring him to deal with the racism and general haughty attitude the place brings with it. At least with the amount of bars in the city, he can be too drunk to care for a majority of his time there.

"Mmm, is she now? Safe enough for her." It /is/ a safe city, for the most part, if you're human.

Love. Oh my. Faruja looks briefly stunned at the question, before the nervous white mage pops into his head. Quickly, gathering his thoughts, he hides his smile beneath the white of his wine.

Swallowing, he dabs at his muzzle with a napkin to buy a few more polite seconds. "Love. My, my, my. 'Tis naught the question 'twould have come to mind...for a few years, at any rate. Regardless..."

Waving a hand vaguely, he finally grasps a track to explain. The boy wouldn't remember his parents, and the rat doesn't know how far his memory even extends. "'Tis a complicated question, and frankly my friend, there are as many answers as there are individuals upon earthly soil. 'Tis only my own belief, but, love is when one is able to give all that they are to another person without thought of reward or good to themselves. An earnest desire to be beside, support, and cherish a person no matter the personal cost of such a thing."
Sanel He is curious now.

His eyes lift up, tilting his head to the side. The young boy rubs the shoulder, the young man furrows his eyebrows. His eyes remain wide and attentive of Faruja when he starts to let his mind wander.

But finally, Faruja starts to explain, as little as he can. It is funny, in a way. The boy listens carefully, but is left een more confused.


"...Sanel is still confused."
Faruja Senra Faruja rubs the burnt side of his temples, his explaination going right over the poor boy's head. So much as he likes them, this is why he's not destined to be a teacher. A thoughtful look on the Burmecian's face turns a sly grin. Sanel has always been a rather physical sort, as many boys so often are. Time to turn to the hypothetical.

"Then, let us deal in the hypothetical...ahh, that is to say, what-if's. Were I, for whatever reason, to harm Lady Hyral, what would be thy reaction, Sanel?" Tail-flick. Wine sip. The Templar watches the boy curiously.
Sanel The boy looks at Faruja with a confused look on his face. It's as if he is trying to figure out the meaning of the burmecian's words and his expression. Sanel feels like, in the end, he should understand the meaning behind those words, but he can't. Be beside, support, and cherish a person no matter what.

...It seems alien. The boy is grasping, but the meaning fades from his grasp.

So, it looks like that Faruja offers Sanel a more theoretical question.

If Snow Mouse King was to harm his Ammy?

Sanel's eyebrows knit into furrowed brows before he reaches a hand out; a palm opens to reveal his hand.

"Sanel would smash Snow Mouse King---" As those words come out, imagine a statement bubble with an image of a mouse in the palm of a boy's hand. The mouse squeaks out in shock, annotated by the dashes.

Fists tighten. Insert the bubble showing a hand smash and mouse is x_x.

"Like a grape."
Sanel "...Sanel likes Almmy." The boy's eyes furrow thoughtfully as he states her name. "...Sanel does not know why. Sanel wants to make her happy. Almmy is stronger than she gives herself credit for. Sanel will stay by her side." The head lifts up, offering a beaming smile.

"Almmy feels familiar. Sanel doesn't know why."

At this point, one can see the color in the visible eye fade. As his gaze lowers towards the ground, the boy comments. "Sanel does not know why. Sanel doesn't remember anything. But." He furrows the eyebrow.

"Sanel feels like he lost something. Or someone. It is familiar, but Sanel does not know what. Sanel remembers a song that is familiar with that." After a moment of a pause, the boy lifts his eye up to focus at Faruja.

"Sanel does not want that feeling again."
Sanel Those memories. On one hand, Sanel wanted to get away from those memories. However, there was something that lingered that wanted to know or figure out his current state. That part of him experienced those flowing rush of memories that he repressed. Yet, something lingered.

The song he sang. The scars. Sanel does not know what.

A hand reaches out at him, which snaps him out of his introspective state. The boy lifts his head to gaze at the mouse. "Nnn. Sanel promises. Sanel... wants new memories." The boy beams, "So, Sanel will make them with Almmy and his new friends."
Sanel When the hand moves to ruffle the boy's hair, Sanel leans against the touch, his arm wrapping around Faruja to give him a LIGHT squeeze. He loves the affectionate touches that people give him. Of course, he recalls having to control his own form of affections.

When Faruja finally disrobes and only has his pants, the boy looks ahead to the river. His eyes focus on the gleaming water, then he hears Faruja's wager.

A brighten smile forms. "Okay!" Sanel follows Faruja out towards the river, trying to get ahead of him.

For memories starting anew, this is a great start.

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