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(2013-06-05 - 2013-06-05)
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Evja It had been a good long while since Evja actually came to this place. Ever since he was trying to find out where the Manhattan Princess was. Which had resulted in Evja trying to push away the thought of Darkness ever being stronger than Light and getting his ass handed to him. Twice over and painfully.

So why ever would that Judge come back here? Well, that may be found out by asking, perhaps. Evja was standing at the same place that the last encounter happened, no weapons out, no armor on and not looking particularly threatening. 'She' was wearing the typical white cloak and veil and seemed to be staring off into the distance. The Viera actually had no idea if that Shadow Lord would find her here. Was it coincidence last time? Was this his lair, similar to Hades' being the coliseum and underworld?
Seith No, the Crossroads are most certainly not Seith's lair. It's far too boring of a place for him, short of the many travelers that come through here. No, not that. However, he does keep an eye out on the place. After all, you never know if someone interesting might pop up there. Thing is, Evja gets to wait for a while. He doesn't always watch the place after all. In fact, it's probably not until a good half an hour later - or just when Evja's patience might have started to grow thin, that the man comes wandering out.

That is to say, a Dark Portal opens closely behind 'her', and the heavily armored man steps out. The portal quickly closing not a second later; "Are you waiting on someone in particular, miss Viera?" It doesn't sound like Seith even bothered to learn this one's name. Or perhaps he just doesn't recognize Evja in this particular style of clothing. After all... supposedly, other races think all Viera look the same.
Evja "..."

Well, it did take a while, but the Viera was a patient type. Quite patient, actually. The longer he waited, it simply gave him more time to think and fret and worry and be his typical self. Without turning around immediately, Evja finally said, after a moment of silence, "You, actually." And with that, she turned around, arms crossed beneath the cloak. Maybe now it'd be obvious who it was, if he hadn't picked it up before. "I needed to ask something of a... seeming Shadow Lord and I knew none others to whom I could speak with."

There was no open signs of aggression or visible fear, simply perhaps resignation of something or another.
Seith "I see." When the Viera speaks up, is when Seith recognizes her. "I didn't recognize you without the armor and the big spear." The man takes a few steps aside, circling Evja as if he were trying to decide if the Viera is interesting enough to stick around for. "I am what I am." Seith answers them, neither confirming or denying. But he is fairly sure that this one knows the truth in that regards.

Then finally, a bit indignant, Seith adds; "What do you think the Shadow Lords are? Comfy neighbours to pay a housecall to? Unless you have something valuable to say or trade, this will likely be a very short visit."
Evja "Heh." There was a quick laugh, then Evja laughs a bit more pronounced as he makes his remark. "Perfect. You... brought up just exactly what I had come to ask you, actually. I want to know what would be considered valuable to a Shadow Lord. Hades... is amongst your ranks, I imagine. After all, the God uses the Heartless to his own bidding and I have... personally felt his darkness. I want to know what could possibly be of value to a Shadow Lord so I might be able to trade it in exchange for a contract to be nulled."

Blunt, and to the point. "And likewise... if you could convince Hades to nullify the contract, perhaps by giving him something he desires more than what he has tasked me to do... I could, in exchange, attempt to get you something in trade."
Seith Seith shakes his head a little. "Those with great darkness in their hearts, or even those with great power, can control the heartless. A powerful being with darkness - doesn't mean they are a Shadow Lord." It's a title that doesn't just get thrown around. And Seith is not in a place where he can go and out Hades in that manner. "If you wish a contract to be nulled, you have to speak to him. I don't know what this is about - nor do I interact with said 'God'."

Seith makes a little handmotion, before crossing his arms and giving Evja a bit of a look. "Though I wonder what it is you think is so valuable that /you/ can offer?"
Evja Sigh.

Well, there goes that.

"Perhaps I shall. I had hoped to get some knowledge first, however, before I did." That was of course a fools endeavor but he had hope. "And I yet do not know what I have that may be more valuable than what he desires. That is why I had hoped perhaps you could give me some insight as to what one strong in the darkness may consider... valuable." Well, Evja did have an idea, and hopes certainly, but he wanted to try and poke around at just what may be involved first. All the while he was fairly impassive past the slight changes in voice, disappointment, that came with being told 'You won't find here what you want.'
Seith "There are but few things such a person would find valuable. Power - would be the main thing." Seith answers Evja. "Much as you might have already noticed yourself." He gives the Viera a rather poigniant stare - suggesting that Evja is the one seeking power.

"Power comes in many ways. Loyalty - manpower - minions - equipment. Even Shards that open up worlds are interesting or important to such a person. However, I do not know if such is true for someone such as a 'God'."
Evja Well, he can't deny it. He does wish to be strong enough to never lose. But... who doesn't? To an extent, at least. To lose what he cares about. "And what could possibly give a god more power than they already hold? He holds sway over the things that eat the very hearts of people and worlds, he is seemingly immortal... he is already a God. What more could one possibly seek control over? The power that can dethrone him? Does such a thing even exist?"

Grumble grumble. "What about the power to unlock a shard? Is that not something only one with a keyblade can do?"
Seith Seith laughs. "Yes, isn't that the question? Perhaps he rather have entertainment. Which - from what I understand - perhaps you are. Entertainment to a God." The man shakes his head a little once again. He doesn't 'deal' with the God of Death. He doesn't generally even /interact/ with the God of Death. There's nothing that man can give of which the 'price' is right.

But then Evja says something interesting. "Ah, a Keyblade you say? Well - that is a rather interesting item indeed. But I doubt you could possibly get your hands on one of those rare items."
Evja "Of course, of course."

Surely he couldn't get his hands on a real keyblade, but he did have the fake one. Not that he was about to admit that it was fake. To this fellow, anyways, or give him a chance to find out. Nor Hades. Perhaps he could do something to give him simply a blunt trade for a weapon that could have the power to unlock the shards. .. he'd have to word it right to avoid any way to detect lies. Evja looked down towards the ground quietly for a few moments, perhaps revealing the Viera /did/ have some amount of plans on the factor. Perhaps that is what they were working towards all along. "The boy, Sora. He has a Keyblade. Perhaps the only one, as far as I know. But you just spoke of their being more than one. Items. Which is to say more exist." Which is much to his benefit of course.
Seith "I never assume anything is unique anymore." Seith points out. "Look at the worlds out there. How many came together, yet all shared the presence of Chocobos, magic in the same form - and the like? No, I would be a fool to assume there is but one Keyblade." The man steps around Evja again, still conducting some good old-fashioned sizing up of the Viera. "We are aware of Sora. What is it of our interest that you know him?"
Evja Probably little of his interest, in fact. Seith already knew Evja was a 'do gooder' as far as that went and was one of those ardent believers of the light in general. Thus, Evja says such. "I suppose that is true. To assume anything is unique in this world is a bit narrow of a view. As for your interests and Sora, I know not, other than perhaps he is a bit naive and untrained in the ways of fighting." That much was probably more than obvious to anyone who had seen him fight. Or fought with him. He didn't have a lifetime of combat skills. He knew how to swing the weapon and how to fight to an extent, but he was not a master. And it was a tossup if he even went out of his way to /train/.
Evja didn't sound very happy with admitting that. He never had been. After all, to think that boy is trusted to defend the worlds... he should be training constantly! Or so the Viera thinks.
Seith "Will that be all?" Seith asks Evja, raising a brow at him and crossing his arms. "It's not like I might have something better to do - like planning the downfall of a few worlds and the like." He points out, before looking up at the sky. The stars to be precise. Each world is a star, but he seems to be looking at something in particular at the moment. Impatient about something.
Evja The Viera could only take that as sarcasm. Surely destroying worlds was pointless. And having no armor on today, the Viera didn't exactly feel she could do anything realistic against this fellow. Even if she didn't trust him. "I suppose that is." And with that, she turns and begins to walk off at a relaxed pace.

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