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House Call
(2013-06-05 - 2013-06-21)
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The Judge Magister known as Gabranth told Alma he would come back to speak with her. When a little call when out over his pearl, he then decided it was indeed time to go check in on her and her family there.

So once more Gabranth finds himself down in Lower Archades, once more people look at him with either somewhat fear, concern, curiosity, admiration, and some even just staying far away as possible.

And once again, there was the knock on the door and the patient wait for the answer. Unless he has to knock twice.
Alma Hyral He didn't have to knock twice. Alma's schedule had been cleared up, remarkably well by the disappearance of the Beetleborg. In the aftermath of the events from that fateful night where it secluded itself in the bathroom..

She'd overslept, and lost her job. Fortunately it was just a part time job, for which she could easily get a new one.

She spent the day cleaning the apartment, she dressed up formally for the occasion, this time in a white dress with a V-neck and a knotted waist. Around her neck was a scarf with a red triangular pattern. By the smells wafting out of the apartment, it'd be obvious that she'd been cooking.

When the knock came, she took a moment to compose herself, before opening the door. There was a sort of shy smile on her expression as she regarded the Judge-Magister. She was obviously nervous but, only a hint of tremulousness crept into her voice, "Your Honor, thank you for coming. It's a d-distinct pleasure to see you again. Please, c-come in."
"You as well, ma'am." Gabranth stated calmly before he waited for her to step aside and he made his way into the house. He glanced around the inside, taking note of what he could, before stepping to the side mostly so he would not be in her way if she wish to lead him to a section of the house.

"I thank you for contacting me so we can have this discussion. I take it since we last met-- things are better here?" It seems so, but he may as well ask.
Alma Hyral She'd close the door behind him, locking it, but not bolting it. After all, she doubted anyone would be foolish enough to break in while a Judge-Magister was present.. or if they did, the results would be not to their liking.

She'd lead him towards the humble living room, gesturing for him to take a seat if he so desired in an assortment of plain wooden chairs, or a couch. "And I t-thank you for being willing to.. h-hear me out given the poor first i-impression that I gave you. I filled in Judge-Cadet Riku on the t-truth of the disturbance, but if you'd like, as a means of a-apology, I can do the same for you."

She'd turn to face him, her anxiety obviously growing at the thought of trying to relate the incident to him. She didn't know if he'd take it quite as well as Riku had.
Judge Magister Gabranth listened to her words, including the stuttering, nervous edge to them. He noted by her body language and by how she was behaving. He was use to such behaviors really, even more so from those who live in Lower Archades; yet in some ways; he also hated it.

He wasn't Bergan who enjoyed such fear from the people, he did like respect, but not fear. Not out of the people of Archades - outsiders however...

Then again, they were outsiders, now weren't they?

Gabranth takes a seat in one of the chairs, as he reaches up to actually remove his helm. Displaying that military cut blonde hair, his blue eyes, and slightly masculine, yet youthful face with the side burns that went down along just slightly past his ear. Maybe seeing a face would also place her at some ease.

He rested the helm on his lap, with his hands resting on top of it casually. "Explanation is only in order if you desire to give one. However idle chatter is not something I am really known for." He states with his eyes closing for a moment.

He could also get on her for forgetting to use proper etiquette, but they would pick it up quickly enough in time. No reason to apply more pressure.

"And yes. Judge Riku seems to be rather fond of you, since he did speak highly of you and what you are capable of doing. Again, it is cause of he is why the Senate has taken interest in your abilities." Gabranth cants his head to the side. "You have a device or so we have been informed, that can locate parts of missing worlds. It is because of this that we wish to employee your services for the Empire." Right to business, yep.

"Such a device could also place you in danger and so, because of this, if you are willing to aid us, we too will be willing to aid you as well. This would be moving you and your sister to Upper Archades and moving into one of the safer locations where we, the Judges of Archades can keep a watchful eye over your home to make sure no harm would befall you or your sister. We would also give you access, if you are willing to work with us, to laboratory tools as needed and any other forms of equipment." He then pauses. "..and for your services, we will also pay you a sum of gil each month. So long, at least, you continue to support us and lend us your aid."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral would swallow, audibly, taking in everything he stated, seeing his face did put her more at ease... but still..

"It.. I wouldn't c-classify it as idle c-chatter your Honor. The s-short of it is that the houseguest was in fact a spy from the M-Murasame Zaibatsu. They are holding a hostage whose continued e-existence was contingent on my silence. They set a g-guardian over me to spy and ensure that I would b-behave. However.. it has v-vanished in the a-aftermath. That n-night it was reacting poorly to one of our other houseguests, the.. Network, which caused it physical harm. It had l-locked itself in the r-restroom until the Network left."

Once she was finished, she'd try to smoothly move on to more pleasant subjects, "It's not.. r-really a device, so much. It's more data from my research which I plug into it. G-Given that so many seemed interested in u-using my research for ill, I don't put the a-actual equations to perform the function in my data."

She'd walk over to her laptop, and pick up a device about the size of a cell phone, which she'd put on her wrist. "B-Basically, I input an equation on my laptop, which contains most of my d-data. Then upload it to this device, which then f-functions as a global p-positioning system." She'd walk over towards Gabranth, and then press her thumb and forefinger against the screen, rolling it, and then tapping it. "A-Alright, Your Honor... this is where your world once sat." She'd show him the constellation Auriga, on the screen, then roll her fingers to zoom in. "...and after interviewing enough people for data on your w-world and r-researching the star charts..." She'd tap her fingers again. A line would be drawn from a section of that world, downwards.. "...I can plot trajectories for W-World shards, or other objects from your w-world of importance, since very little else survives the t-trip through the darkness." And then she'd roll her fingers down, towards the screen, the line would continue to draw, until it landed right smack onto another world, the World of Ruin. She'd then roll her fingers to zoom in, showing it to him. "...And t-this is the closest p-potential Shard from Ivalice that I-I've found to A-Archades. It's in the desert near D-Dalmasca."

She'd offer him a demure sort of smile which looked a touch sheepish, "I.. it's already g-gotten me into a lot of trouble a-already, Your Honor. I've been a-abducted once for it by a criminal organization known as K-Khamja. So I w-would actually appreciate the offer. Would we still be free to move a-around as we wished? A-Also.. I'd like to ask, would I be a-asked to s-search for shards from your w-world, to the exclusion of all o-others if I accepted this o-offer? As it's my intention to r-restore every world, not j-just my own, or y-your own."
Gabranth tilted his head and raised his eye brow sharply as he listened to Alma's story about the house guest from two days ago. That it was a spy from this Murasame Zaibatsu group and was trying to control her. That would be-- highly problematic and something he will need to inform the House about.

After all, if this group comes back for her...

Then she goes to show him how the device works and he watches with keen interest. His eyes following everything she does, like a hawk watching a meal in the tall grass. Though Archades plays with magitech that works on some similar principles to the laptop, the device was very interesting in itself on a solid technological level.

He then peers over at her for a moment as she goes to explain some things then asks him her question. "You will be free to do as you wish. We will not be hindering your freedom, however we do request if you do decide to leave that you either inform one of the Judges or take with you, such as the pearl I gave you, so we can track your position if we must."

Gabranth then looks down at his helm, before he looks over to her. "Far as I am concerned, we can not halt you from finding other shards, as there is no way to tell what shard comes from where." He admits with a soft tsk. "Yet, I will have to speak to the Senate regarding this. They should, however, have no problem with you aiding other locations. So long as they are not our enemies."

"Luckily for you, Archades is not in a state of war." He says with an idle smirk, but one that just as quickly fades. "So, the chances of you being told no is.. very slim."

"His Majesty, Emperor Gramis of House Solidor is a very giving man. Though we are a nation that has been built upon war, we are not warmongers as some have made us out to be. We protect our nation with great ferocity, but we will also defend our allies with equal aggression." Gabranth then goes to stand up, placing his helm under his arm, before he reaches into a satchel on his back belt, then pulls out a rolled piece of paper.

"I just need you to sign this form that you agree to aid and work with us. You may break this agreement at any time and be on your way. We will not stop you." Gabranth explains as he waits for her to take the rolled parchment.
Alma Hyral She would listen to Gabranth's whole explanation.. then she would consider it, for a time, her thoughts entirely focused on what he was detailing to her. She ws respectful enough of the man to not interrupt during the entirety of it, not to question him. So she skimmed over the agreement in her mind, making sure that she had no actual questions, again and again. The restriction on aiding the enemies of the Empire didn't seem like such a hindrance.. given that there were none right now, as he explained. Telling the Judges where she was so they could track her? That would actually be.. quite useful, right now. It'd give her a possible /out/ for any bad situation.

And being able to break the agreement and leave at any time was... remarkably lenient. But then she realized what a boon /any/ world shard from Ivalice might be to the Archadian Empire. It wasn't worth restricting her so much that she'd consider rebelling.

She'd take the rolled up piece of paper, unfurl it, and scanned it, not more than once. She didn't want to offend him by making him think that she believed his word was not good enough. She saw nothing that contradicted his words. So she'd place it down upon a small end table, picked up a pen, and signed it. She'd then blow on it once, before offering it back to him. Her words were far calmer than before, but still just as respectful, as she offered a faint smile, "It would be my pleasure then to be of service to the Empire, and your world, your Honor."
Gabranth took the parchment and then placed it back into the satchel before he stepped back carefully (and making sure he had the room), before he placed his knuckled fist against the breast plate of his armor where his heart would rest and then bowed down to her. "And Archades is glad to have you, along with House Solidor, Miss Hyral." He stays that way a bit before he stands back up once more.

"I will work on arrangements to get the room fully prepared for you and to make sure that at least one of the rooms has a clear view of the sky. As I hear it is a big part of your research.. and also from what you demonstrated to me."

Gabranth then goes to place his helm back on his head once more. "You still have access to my pearl. If you ever require anything before that, please let me know. I will see that it performed swiftly."
Alma Hyral She would actually grab the hem of her skirts, and curtsey quite properly in reply. She was a noble at heart, and was actually quite familiar with the custom. It was just.. archaic, on her home world. Still it was something she was comfortable doing.

"I would be quite grateful, if you could manage that, your Honor."

And then after a moment's thought, "My only other request, your Honor, is that.. my sister, Kyra, I would like to see if I could have her introduced to an expert from her field. I think you will find that she can be a great asset to the Empire, if she is given a task equal to her astounding intellect. Perhaps even far greater than myself, though I hope that I will be able to meet, and exceed the expectations of House Solidor."
"I will speak to the House and to the Senate regarding your sister." Gabranth states with a nod of his head. "Though like you, she also falls under the same protection if she so desires it."

He glances over to the door and then back to Alma. "Though do please try and remember proper etiquette. Perhaps you can speak with Judge Riku over it and he can assist you with all the terms beyond just the knowledge of 'Your honor'." It was hard to tell if he was being playful, or serious.

"Is there anything further, ma'am?"
Alma Hyral "Thank you, Your Honor." She'd state in response to him speaking to the House and the Senate, with genuine cheer.

A stutter would creep back into her voice though, after he mentioned the proper etiquette part, she had no idea if he was being serious and that made her anxious. "I will, s-sir.. Y-Your honor, sir. And no, Your Honor..s-sir."

Alma Hyral, bringing back the awkward.
Gabranth raises a brow behind the helm, even a gentle smile hidden behind the dark armor. "I think that will be all then. Good day to you." He then turns on his heels in military fashion, with the cape barely bellowing out, but instead staying near his form as he starts to walk toward the door.

"Again, if you have any questions. Feel free to ask." He says once more before stepping back out to the outside world.

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