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Margaux Fleury Deling City's Shopping Arcade is truly a sight to behold at night. There are simply people and storefronts -everywhere-. The entire area is lit up with hanging lights while the area itself is decorated with plants, flowers, and decorations of all shapes and colors. Off in the distance, fireworks can be heard and even seen if one is lucky enough to be in a spot where the sky is unobstructed.

In the middle of the central walkway, a group of dancers has assembled. They are a myriad group of races and nationalities, but it seems that local Galbadians make up the majority of the dancer contingent. There seems to be only one redhead in the group, however, and she is wearing a corsetted blue and green dress with open sleeves and a 'peasant' style skirt to it. In fact, she seems to be the only one not to be in typical Galbadian dress which either makes her the outcast or potential lead dancer of this troupe depending on one's perspective.
Maira Being stuck hiding in Traverse Town is really going to be a bummer. Perhaps she could have a last hurrah, somewhere she's never been before. Blend into the crowd.

She'd not gone out alone though, Vespa by her side. The battle maid(en) was a tough fighter! Between the two of them, Maira was sure they'd be just fine.

The mage is dressed in local clothes she'd just bought, nothing fancy, just wanting to fit in. A green dress, split up the sides assumably for ease of movement and not just to show some leg.

"Ouuu look, dancers!" Maira says, turning to look at the assembly, pointing. "Oh! Oh hey! I know that one! HEY! MARGAUX!" she calls, jumping up and down and waving emphaticaly.
Vespa The VALKRI maid walks among the crowds, she doesn't look all that happy, Vespa just doesn't like crowds all that much. But Maira really wanted to get out of Traverse town so she came along to bodyguard her. They are just going to blend right in with everyone else. Of course given Maira usaul entusamus and the fact that Vespa dressed like a maid, that might be a challgenge. She just smiles and shakes her head as Maira points out different things. She doesn't know this Margaux person Maira is waving at but she waves to her as well.
Margaux Fleury One of the benefits of the splicing of multiple worlds together is the exchange of culture between the various integrated peoples. Margaux had the opportunity to learn some new dances as well as a few tricks of the trade from her fellow dancers. Unforunately for them, the Death Corps member had no intention on joining their pro-Galbadian troupe. Hey days of participating in nationalistic parades were over in her opinion.

The sound of someone suddenly calling her name out in the crowd causes Margaux to pause. There were people who wanted her dead these days as people have been calling the Death Corps a group of revolutionaries at best and terrorists at worst. Before she even turns around to see who called out her name, Margaux lets a broad stage smile display on her face and then spins effortlessly in her slipper like shoes to get a better view of who addressed her. Oh! It was not a group of bounty hunters, but....Maira's bubbliness and Vespa's outfit are quickly considered. She definitely recognized these two (Margaux was briefed by Avira on her fellow VALKYRI afterall).

Margaux says a few parting words to the troupe of dancers before gracefully making her way towards the two with the skirts of her dress in hand. "Hello! What a surprise to see you both 'ere in Deling City." The redhead raises a hand to motion back towards the other dancers. "Enjoyin' the local festivities? I sure am." The dancer now smiles more naturally before gesturing both Maira and Vespa over towards the other dancers. "Come, let us talk over near them. All eyes will be on them, so you should not 'ave a care in the world." The dancer winks before redoubling her effort to usher them over to join the troupe.
Percival One of the benefits to being a Gargoyle? Altitude. Vantage points. It gave one a wider perspective of the world around them.

Right now that gave him a fine view of the show that lay before him, so long as you didn't mind the thought of them being the /cheap seats/. In reality, his gaze was focused mostly on one person. It was to the point where you'd think that he might be brooding. And maybe he was.. a little.

However, it wasn't long before he found himself streetside, his wings furled comfortably around him, so that he didn't make a nuisance of himself about the crowds. He'd approach the crowd of the dancers, his expression managing a sort of wan smile, at Margaux. "It was a fine show that you put on, M'lady.." And then he'd glance sidelong at Maira and Vespa. "Good day to you both. It's a good evening for revelry, and uplifting spirits, isn't it?" He tried to make himself sound passing cheerful.
Maira Maira grins broadly, leaping forward to hug Margaux happily. Maira is a friendly type, and about as excitable as a small dog. "Hey! Yes, its been lovely! So lively--and the street food! So good. Oh you look so pretty! I love your dress!" she says, reaching out to touch the fabric of the skirt, wide-eyed.

She's then lead over to all the other dancers, laughing. "O-okay! As long as you are sure that's okay!" she replies. Being surrounded by dancers? Why not! "What are you doing here? Are you with these dancers? I've never been to this city before...seems pretty nice though!"

Maira hears a familiar voice then, turning toward Perci. She's ready to spring into a hug--but hesitates. URRRGGGH!!!

"Perci! Hey!" she says, still clearly happy to see him. "It is a good night, isn't it?"
Vespa Vespa just close but not too close to Maira. She just lets Maira do all the hugging and touching.. "It is a very nice dress.", she adds. She turns to look at Pervial nodding polietly to him. "Evening. It always a good night for reverly.", if Maira keeps being this sweet Vespa going need some inuslin! Or some beer.
Margaux Fleury Margaux counts herself as one of those not quite yet used to how Gargoyles looked. And so, the descending Percival gets a cautious look as he descends from his 'cheap seats'. It is his polite speech and friendly demeanor that disarms the dancer from being fearful of mighty Gargoyle. "Oh! My thanks for such kinds words. This troupe is quite talented, I was just lucky they did not mind one more." She replies pleasantly with a smile aimed first at Percy and then at the other dancers. They too seem to come around to their senses just as Margaux did. Most of them have even started preparing for their next dance while a few chat with passerbys.

The Death Corps member now looks to the happy go lucky mage just as she is hugged. "Such flattery as always! I promised to let you borrow one of my old dresses, but we 'ave a whole trope here! One of them is sure to 'ave brought a spare dress or two should you wish something a little more...." Maira's green dress is examined and Margaux purses her lips together. "....exciting to wear." The blade dancer gently releases Maira from her return hug before looking to Vespa. "You are most welcome to try a dress on too. You 'ave the figure for it and the confidence too if you can wear a uniform like that around so..naturally." And should Vespa want some beer or wine, there would be plenty around for her to partake in. Why there were even free samples being handed out not to far from where the dancers were assembled.

The trio before Margaux is considered before she turns towards the other dancers. "Girls, these three are considering an audition. Would they not all make good additions?" She says with a demure smile before gesturing to Maira and Vespa first. Percy is then motioned towards. "And 'im. He could probably lift all of us at the same time. 'ow would that be for a grand finale?"
Percival The Gargoyle would just sweep an arm around the front of himself, offering a bow to Margaux. It was a decidedly human gesture, one which brought an impish smile to his expression as he had noted her initial discomfiture. "I don't believe we've met. My name is Percival, and it would be remiss of me not to ask the name of the lovely lady who added so much to the performance."

He'd just offer a grin towards Maira, a disarmingly happy one. Better to act happy than to brood all the time. "It certainly is Maira. It's good to see you again. How is everything as of late?"

He'd chuckle at that, "Is that so? Well I should have expected that every evening is a fine one for revelry for any maid."

And then he'd just give Margaux a sort of shocked look, but he didn't seem to object to it, he'd just offer in a wry tone of voice, "I believe I could accomodate that. I'm only a mediocre dancer, so it's probably for the best that the true talent take the stage."
Maira Maira observes Margaux's expression when she sees Percival. Understandable! Perci is pretty much the biggest teddy bear however. Well, unless...


"Oh! Margaux this is Percival, he's a member of VALKYRI too--and my good friend," she says, flashing a warm smile. "Perci this is Margaux. She's a dancer!"

Maira's eyes widen then as Margaux suggests they find Maira something more exciting to wear. Her eyes practically sparkle with excitement, even as her cheeks flush with embarrassment. "O-oh really!?"

Maira looks back to Perci, blinking several times, her expression unreadable for a moment. Someone mentions something about free beer samples and somehow, one ends up in her hand. GULP! "Oh yes, Perci is really strong! He can carry me around like its no big deal," she adds.

As for THINGS... "Things have been...well, uh...Pete tried to kidnap me again," she grumbles.
Vespa Vespa is a bit surpised at the complments. Thanks but I'll stick with what I'm wearing. Thanks for the offer thought", Vespa says.

Wait? What? we are adutioning? When did that happen? How? This is bringing up some old memories... She goes to get a beer to take this all in. "I'm not a very good dancer either.", she looks to Maira. "I'm not exactly a weaking either..", she sighs hearing a out Pete. "I need to beat some sense into him.."
Margaux Fleury "My name is Marguerite," says Margaux sweetly as she drops down into a curtsey towards Percy. That was the name she preferred today it seems. Maira's introduction causes her to look between the two. "Ah, one of the mythical male messires of VALKYRI? And always a pleasure to meet one of Maira's friends." She goes on to say in a casual voice. The Gargoyle's willingess to potentially be added to a stage performance causes Margaux to nod slightly as she contemplates things. "Good, good. You say you are a mediocre dancer, but you moved quite easily through the air on those wings of yours. Such natural talents would provide unique opportunities during a dance to truly dazzle the crowd."

Margot then motions Maira over to where the dancers have set up their wagon and behind a privacy screen was their makeshift prep room before performances. On one stand resides numerous colorful dresses and costumes. Margaux gently taps a finger against her chin as she ponders what would be the perfect choice. A purple number is chosen and held up to Maira. "What do you think of purple? They say its the color of royalty, but we are in luck for it is just as good of a color for us too." The dressing area was not entirely enclosed as most of the dancers changed inside the wagon and not out of it. This would the others to follow or peruse the area too at their leisure.

The talk of Vespa and Maira auditioning causes a few of the girls to come over to say hello. The ones that approach are a pleasant sort and one compliments Vespa on her manner of dress. Margaux peeks over and offers her own two coins on the matter. "I think you may have inspired their next costume choice. Maybe the tides 'ave turned and they will be asking you to borrow something next, yes?" She offers before turning back to Maira.
Percival "Then it is a great pleasure that I make your acquaintance Marguerite." Was she French? He couldn't quite place her accent. Strange, he might have to ask her in the near future. "Mythical?" He'd actually laugh-lightheartedly, "...perhaps I am mythical in a sense, but it seems the males in VALKYRI are becoming more numerous." He'd cluck his tongue, smiling at her, "Gracious. To my kind it is about as mundane as... walking is to humanity. I wouldn't think anything of it."

He'd lean against the wagon, away from the privacy screen, observing idly, "Did he now? I would have thought what happened to him last time would have been enough incentive for him not to consider trying again. What'd made him think that was such a fine idea to repeat his past performance?"
Maira "Purple? I like purple! I don't think there is a color I don't like. Red is my favorite color, then pink, then green maybe? I don't know I like them all--" when she spots the purple dress, her amber eyes go very round. "Oh...oh its beautiful..." she says, gone quiet with awe. "Th-the color of royalty?"

If urged to try it on, she will do so, stripping without much in the way of thought for her modesty. Not because she's not modest, but because she's just too excited to think about it!

From behind the screen, she answers Perci's question. "Well, he showed up with a fire hose...might not be welcome at Serendipity any time soon," she sighs.

Now dressed in the purple frock, Maira walks back out. "He came with a lot of Heartless--you know that thing we uh...thought? Yeah...Yeah I think...yeah," she says, looking down.

Oh right, pretty dress. She reaches to to lift up the skirt a little, wondering how she looks.
Vespa Vespa smiles and nods at the girl that gave her the compliment. She not sure if inspiring someone new outfit is a good or bad thing..

She looks to maira smirking. "We need to sweep the VALKRI headquarters again before the males outnumber us!"

She waits for Maira to get changed. "Oh that looks great on you Maira!"
Maira Maira asides to Vespa, smiling, "Well at least we don't all sleep in the same room anymore..."
Margaux Fleury It's funny what years of being on stage can do to an accent. Even those from Ordalia might not even recognize it these days. "If they all are as well-mannered as you are, then I do not mind in the slightest." Margaux admits simply before thinking about what the Gargoyle says about flying. "Funny. That would be how I describe it is for me to dance, as easy as walking." She says as she looks over the screen on her tip toes.

Maira's sudden shedding of her garments after Margaux gestured Maira to try the dress on causes Margaux to frantically pull the screen the rest of the way around to ensure that she was at least looking out for Maira's modesty. The pleated chiffron dress would look great on Maira if not a little short. But in a progressive society such as Galbadia, they would come to expect such fashion. Margaux looks over Maira approvingly before a fuschia colored scarf with white floral print from off the stand. She gently drape the scarf as if it was a boa onto Maira before stepping back with a final nod. "Perfect. That will ensure that all eyes will be on you when you move during your dance."

Margaux joins Maira when she steps out back into the open in her new duds. "Voila. The color of royalty." Vespa and Maira's chat causes Margaux to look between them. "Everyone slept in the same room before?" But didn't certain members date.....hrm. "I could see 'ow it could get -complicated- with things that way. Thank goodness for the renovations, no?" She adds to complete her thought.
Percival The Gargoyle would just chortle to himself, as he leaned up against the wagon, "Well then, would that I had such grace that I could consider such mundane but you'll find me suitably clumsy in tongue and mien, as you shall find me on the dance floor.

He wouldn't even venture to look at the screen, even if the lack of modesty didn't disturb him in the slightest. He was of a race in which most members were nearly naked, after all. He'd glance at Maira, offering a wan smile, "Well now. it certainly suits you, though do beware of fire hoses."

He'd grin at Margaux, "Ah, that is the one advantage I think that I offer to VALKYRI. I sleep on rooftops, and need no personal living space."
Maira Maira blushes at Vespa's compliment, doing a little turn after Margaux draps the scarf around her, laughing lightly. "I don't know that I want all eyes on me when I dance! I'll probably fall over!" she responds. "You will have to teach me some moves Margaurite," she says, smiling warmly. She has grace like Margaux only in her dreams, really. Maira is clumsy by nature.

"Oh well in the beginning it was only a few of us girls and we all just slept in the main hall. Then TRON joined and he moved into the basement for some privacy...and really, we don't all sleep there all the time. We travel around a lot. But its nice to have a place to go back to--to call home," she says.

At Perci's comments Maira flushes more, then laughs. "Y-yeah..."

Alright! Maira turns to Margaux and takes her hands, beginning to pull her in a circle. "Lets daaaaance!"
Margaux Fleury "Tut, tut Messire. I always 'ear of 'ow someone is like this or that when it comes to dancing. I believe not a word until a see with my own eyes." Margaux says simply before considering that little tidbit about sleeping on the roof and not having any personal living space. "But what if there is a storm outside? And no living space?" Margaux travels a lot herself, but every dancer needs someplace to store their dresses and other personal effects safely. "I would not know what to with myself."

Maira too seems to think poorly of her own dancing skills. Margaux looks to her now and delivers a similar look to that she had given Percy. "Just follow what I do. Keep your 'ead up and try not to cross your feet unless you are in transition from one move into another." That was her best anti-tripping advice that she could give to a beginner. She only nods solemnly at the talk of places to call home before it is Maira who initiates the dance. "Such enthuiasm will do you well! Now let us dance!"

She'll lead Maira in a few simple movements and even stop to help Maira spin at points. Margaux does not expect Maira to return the favor and merely dances in compliment to her. When they do near Percy, Margaux looks to Maira and then tilts her head towards Percy. Could the Gargoyle spin them both at the same time without either of them tripping? They might have a shot at it as Maira is not wearing long skirts which just might give her the edge she needs.
Maira Maira wonders if Perci will explain that he turns to stone when he sleeps. She doesn't want a lot of people to know this, given how vulnerable he was in such a state. She worries a great deal about him when he's sleeping. It makes her sick just to think of it.

Ah, but now is a time for dancing. What Maira lacks in grace she makes up for in enthusiasm. She pays attention and follows Margaux, mis-stepping quite a few times. But all the while she smiles and laughs, enjoying herself, letting the moment take her. Reveling in it. Such moments are rare. Dancing seems like the kind of thing you do to just let go of everything for a while and enjoy movement--being alive.

Maira is steered toward Percival, reaching out for his hand, guessing that Margaux wants to involve him in the dance. She flashes him a quick, bright smile.
Percival "First, we don't feel weather conditions in the same way... Second, I literally turn to stone for twelve hours each day. It's how I sleep." He'd just grin at her. "As for my dancing... well, you'll just have to find out for yourself, now, won't you."

Once given the signal, he'd do just that. He'd come forward to spin them both in one stilted motion. While he was definitely awkward, having had little time to practice dancing in years... he didn't trip up, or cause them to trip up on his own that is.
Margaux Fleury That's it Percy! All he would need to do is simply that. Offer the helping hand when the time came and then stand there and look impressive like a 6 foot three hundred some pound being with wings only could. It is Margaux who giggles now as she twirls into a flourished curtsey to the crowd before motioning first to Maira and then to Percy for the parts they played too.

The audience, already in a good mood, applauds amicably before going back to their own business as the dance troupe starts to perform their next number in earnest now that the prelude was over. "There is 'ope for you both yet." Margaux now offers an apologetic smile. "Now if you would excuse me, I am off to negotiate that Maira is able to keep that dress. She did add to their overall performance and later revenues afterall." The dancer winks towards Maira and waves towards Percy before heading off to the wagon to speak with the costume mistress there.
Maira Maira observes Perci grinning at Margaux. he flirting!?

Well, she supposes that's fair....

So he did tell her. Well, now Maira looks for the reaction, glancing toward Perci as she mumbles something into her linkpearl.

Margaux doesn't seem to take notice of it. Indeed, the little performance ends and Maira shyly curtsies, smiling brightly. She waves to Margaux, giggling as she moves off to see if Maira can keep the dress! Ee!

Maira turns toward Perci, her smile softening. "That was fun. It really is good to see you. Are you....doing well?" she wants to say that she misses him. It would be unfair.
Percival If he was flirting, it was probably unintentional. Probably.

He'd glance at Margaux, giving her a critical look, before chuckling, "If you say so, Marguerite. Though I'm more inclined to believe that it was beginner's luck."

He'd listen to the Linkpearl, before looking at Maira, " well as can be expected, Maira." His tone was not unkind though, or harsh. It was just a little neutral.

Even now, he couldn't just lie to her.
Maira Maira nods, looking down. Really, what can she say? She looks obviously sad and guilty.

"I'm sorry..." she says quietly.

"So I'll be staying in Traverse I guess until Leon says its time to go to Palamecia. Walking into the dragon's lair, I guess. I understand don't want to be around me."
Percival "Never apologize for following your heart, Maira."

He'd lean down to press a kiss against her forehead. "It just belittles the decision." He'd smile now at her, "I'll go to Palamecia with the two of you."
Maira Maira takes a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment. She leans in to give him a gentle hug, grateful for his words and actions. If only she could make him feel better in turn. "I'm not apologizing for following my heart--just that...I don't know," she says, letting him go and waving it off.

"Guess I better go get locked in a tower again...heh."

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