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Happy Hellos
(2013-06-04 - 2013-06-05)
Sister handing out pamphlets in Fluorgis - sounds innocent enough, right?
Sister Fluorgis City - a place where anyone can go without getting a second glance. A place of many cultures, races and religious paths. A place where a small, unsuspecting girl is setting up a sign filled with motivational phrases and the word: FARAM written in very pretty caligrophy at the bottom. The sun is out and all of Fluorgis is a buzz with different folk walking about.

But what is this young woman doing? Well, she's handing out flyers of course. What kind of silly question is that? As people pass by, the little blonde holds out hand-made pamphlets that contain the teachings of her God with a request for donations to help construct the cathedral.

As usual, most of the people who take her flyer toss the paper to the side. She doesn't seem to mind - mainly because there's always another possible convert walking by.

With a smile on her face, the inconspicuous Inquisitor continues her little duty, all the while her eyes seem to be looking about the crowd, as if she was looking for something, or perhaps, someone.
Faruja Senra The sight of an injured Faruja isn't exactly an uncommon one in Fluorgis, as the Templar often faces the brunt of whatever pain and misfortune that the Shard Seekers manage to get themselves into. What is a bit out of the ordinary is both the rat's distinctly hung-over look, as well as the dress robes the rat is sporting. Given the recent efforts of the Church within the desert city, even an injured Templar has to look official. Reds, golds, and an Ajoran cross help the rat stand out, even if a few clasps are kept open to let the Burmecian's heavily bandaged chest air out. It's still better than armor.

Walking by, the Burmecian stops in his tracks upon seeing the woman handing out fliers. "Faram bless thy works, Sister! Mayhap this humble Templar may be of assistance, M'Lady?" Calls out the ratling, voice warm if still groggy and clearly not all that happy to be in the light of day. A bow from the Templar produces a wince as his ribs and bruised spine shift uncomfortably.
Sister "Faram be with you!" Sister states to another would-be convert as she draws another paper from the pile cradled in her arm. There's a voice and the blonde peers to look in the direction of the speaker. With a wild gesture, Sister throws her pamphlets in the air as she clasps her hands to her cheeks while looking at the injured Faruja.

"Oh! Oh By Faram's blessing! What has happened to you!?" She exclaims as she ceases soliciting the fine folk of Fluorgis.

Sister doesn't bother answering Faruja before she begins to gently try and disrobe his injuries for a better look - right in public and everything!

"Oh my, Templar Faruja! You are injured! Please - " She states before looking about and pulling up a small bucket which she unceremoniously dumps apples from to make into a stool.

"Sit! Let me have a better look at you!" It sounds somewhat like an order, more than a request - then again, Sister always did confuse the two.
Faruja Senra "Ahh, this? 'Tis nothing to..." Suddenly, there is a Sister disrobing him in public. Red bursts upon his face and ears, striking him speechless for a few moments as the woman upends a bucket and generally sends pamphlets to the wind. Finding himself sitting upon a bucket, the shorter Church member stares into the rather unassuming woman's eyes.

It's then that he finally finds his voice. "W...with all due respect, Hallowed Sister...mayhap we should do this somewhere else? In a building, mayhap? Not far, 'tis a place where my associates and myself stay. Aaah..." Slump! While the Templar would normally stifle under a priestess' orders to a /Templar/, the ratling knows healing. He's a healer himself. And no matter who you are, you don't say no to healers.

" you deem necessary, M'Lady." The Burmecian, beneath that cassock, is all whipchord, bandages, and precious little fat. A military life, often on the front lines, has left its mark. Amids the scarrs visible on what parts of his chest that aren't bandaged up, bits of scorched, burnt flesh can be seen as though half of his body had been caught in a fire. Most importantly, at the moment, there seems to be signs of bruised and broken ribs upon the rat. Freshly done, perhaps not a few days before to an expert eye.

"...Mmm, have we met, or doth my reputation precede me? Thy named, blessed Sister?" An attempt at breaking the ice, and more importantly, ignoring the wolf-whistles from a few passing adventurer types.
Sister The Inquisitor seems to not realize the kind of public display she is making, or if she does, has little care for it. After having had a thorough look over Faruja, the young woman steps back and frowns at the Templar.

"your reputation, Templar Faruja? Why, there isn't an Inquisitor who doesn't know of the Burmecian templar!" She exclaims before waggling a finger at his nose and putting on a stern look.

"And sit up straight! Can't give people the wrong impression, can we?" She asks before blinking once and holding out her hands to stop Faruja from actually sitting up straight.

"I mean - sorry, Inquisitor regulations and all." She says before standing up and looking at one of the passerbys who just wolf-whistled at Faruja.

"Strange sounds. Is it a code?" She asks as she places a finger to her lips in thought before realizing she was side-tracked again, with her hand using Faruja's shoulder as a lean support.

There's a moment of consideration as Sister looks at the rat's condition and leaps back, flailing her arms as she realizes she might be putting pressure on painful areas.

"Oh by Faram! I'm so so so so so so so so SO sorry! Let's get you inside so I can perform some healing on you!" She exclaims, looking around for some kind of field medic tent.
Faruja Senra The rat's eye narrows briefly, giving the woman a more appraising look. He's also having a finger waggled at him like the woman's a school teacher. After a moment of biting back the urge to chomp on that finger, he focuses on Sister's face. After a brief moment of silence, he finds the woman's not likely lying in her occupation, or at least hiding it well. Faruja /is/ well known as a Templar deep in the Inquisition's pockets, after all. Their proverbial laprat!

Gaze softening, as he's lectured then apologized to, he quickly realizes two things: first of all, the relatively small woman can't be all that old, and therefore not in her job for long. Second, she reminds him of his old Inquisitor. The one he liked and didn't want to punch in the face.

Therefore, the Burmecian shakes his head and smiles. "Ahh, how careless of me. Well met, Lady Inquisitor, my blade ever shall be at thy service!" More wolf whistles, and the rat does try to sit up straight until she stops him.

Chin-tap. Could she /really/ be that...he holds in a sigh, tail flicking. "'Tis a common custom, most oft a teasing gesture, or sign of appreciation for physical appeal." Saying has the rat puffing up his chest for a moment, despite a twinge of pain at the act. His pride could use the raising after the events at the Serendipity.

Wince. Faruja grits his teeth, trying to not curse out loud as he's used as support. When she backs off, he coughs, untwisting his muzzle from its pained state. "...Ow. Quite alright, naught intentional, think naught of it at all Lady Inquisitor. Erm, if I may..." Should she allow, he'll take her arm-in-arm towards a small healing tent located near the Cathedral itself. It's empty right now, most of the workers gone due to an unsafe working temperature.
Sister The Inquisitor gives the Templar a smile and takes his arm, though she seems in far more of a hurry than he to get to the tent. The two enter the empty tent and lucily for Faruja, one of the make-shit stretchers is available for him to sit on.

"Have a seat. I have to prepare to heal that rib of yours. Nasty thing. Looks like you got hit by a behemoth." She notes before clasping her hands together and closing her eyes while her lips move in prayer to Faram's worship, as if requesting permission to use her gift.

There's a pause of silence before her eyes open and she looks at Faruja again. "Are you ready to receive Faram's blessing, Templar?" She asks as she stands over the injured Burmecian.
Faruja Senra Faruja knows the drill as they get to the tent, the ratling not pondering overmuch on the woman's seeming haste. She /does/ come off as the excitable sort to say the least. The Templar is loathe to distrust such a seemingly kind young Inquisitor! More fool him.

Laying down, he seems much more at ease, having been in far too many healer's tents over the years. Several winces and mumbled curses happen while he does so. "...Methinks the behemoth would have been far more gentle, and entirely less prone to mouthing stupidity at every turn. The Lord never meant for mortal man to /bounce/."

Prayer before the healing is a bit new, but he won't complain. Smile. The ratling crosses his chest. "May the Lord judge this sinful soul worthy of such a boon, Lady Inquisitor. My companions and friends oft find themselves in peril. A second left injured is one where they may yet not return." Frown, and the rat shudders, the thought of losing those whom have become akin to family frightens him to the core.
Sister Sister gives a hearty smile to Faruja and stands beside the stretcher. "How true. The more reason why you need to get back on your paws as soon as possible!" She chimes before bending over and placing a gently kiss on the rat's forehead.

The young Inquisitor stands up and smiles as she watches the strange blue light spread from her peck.

It washes over the Burmecian, dissipating as it travels over his body before washing away at the tips of his toes.

All in all, the healing process is rather fast. It won't fix everything the poor Templar has had done to him, but it will at least help.

"If you are not stressed, I could perform other healings for you." Sister offers before looking towards the tent's flap.

"Though, these 'companions' of yours worry me if they get you beat up so." She states before giving Faruja a cute glare. "They aren't pushing you in front of the baddies, are they?" She asks, seemingly getting worked up over the question.
Ramza Beoulve A lone Chocobo walks up in front of the Cathedral, it's feet padding closer, and closer such that they could see it from outside the tent. Faruja and Sister would see it crane it's neck to look up at the Cathedral construction.

It had the look of a Chocobo philosopher, thinking deep Chocobo thoughts. They were probably along the lines of /WARK!/ or /KWEH!/

And then, all of a sudden, it started to dance, capering about in circles, bobbing up and down, and yes.. even moon walking backwards. Some people even stopped to watch. Thinking it was some sort of street performer with a hidden master, a few were even tossing coins at it.
Faruja Senra Peck! Faruja blinks, a mixture of surprise and a touch of embarrassment upon his muzzle. Then, light runs down his form, causing him to sigh in relaxation and pure soothing. It helps that the whole idea of being healed by a chaste kiss from a kind, if excitable, woman is blasted /adorable/. He'd never admit it, but the rat has an appreciation for the adorable.

"How...the Lord doth give unexpected gifts indeed." That blush won't go away, even as he tries to take things in stride. Slowly sitting up, he finds his winces are far less prominent. Checking out his ribs with a few expert feels, he can't help but whistle. Someone's impressed.

"Other healings? Anything that thy skills can do, sitting about in an infirmary is /grating/."

Then, things revolve around to this friends. Both clawed hands go up defensively. "Hardly! No, no, the good Shard Seekers would not think to thrust me towards dang..." Pause. Priel.

"/Most/ of the Shard Seekers would not dare think to do such a thing, and the one that would knows that I would drag her screaming towards oblivion should she attempt such a thing. 'Tis entirely at my own desire to protect those...that frankly, M'Lady, have become something of /kin/." The Templar loves the Seekers dearly.

Peeer. "...My, my, my, such a talented bird!"

Outside, Father Barnabus watches the 'bo with a frown. Sigh. "...This kind of <GOOSEHONK> is why I never should have quit drinking. Feh, where's Senra? He's probably got some booze..." Shuffling off, the Father goes in search of a rat and his booze.
Sister The Inquisitor smiles as she looks to the side. "Protecting those you care for are part of Faram's teachings." She says thoughtfully before putting both of her hands on her hips and leaning over Faruja once she's had a moment to think.

"You tell this girl that if she puts you in harm's way again, she'll have to deal with me if you don't drag her screaming to her oblivion!" She says, letting out all the pent up aggression seemingly as she stands up and lets out a tired sigh.

All the serious talk is obviously straining for the girl.

Then, there's the mention of the bird. Sister turns to glance at the performing peacock of a chocobo. She regards it with confusion as her hands clasp together.

"Is... is it a sign?" She asks before hesitantly walking forward. Pulling back the flap of the tent further, the little Inquisitor watched the bird's... uhm... display before looking back at Faruja with a smile. "How interesting! I wonder..." She says before halfhazardly jogging ahead and waving at the bird.

"Mister Chocobo!" She exclaims, trying to get the bird's attention while dressed in the robes of a member of the Glabados Church...

This will end well. Sure. Let's go with that.
Ramza Beoulve The bird patently ignores her at first, continuing it's antics. But eventually it slows, and stops.

It peers right at Sister, it's large blue eyes giving her an appraising look.
Faruja Senra "And for a Templar, doubly so! Something of an occupational hazard." Grin! Really, Sister is endearing.

Pause. "What /is/ thy name, Lady Inquisitor?" Smile. The Templar chuckles darkly. "Oh, 'twould be my /pleasure/ Lady Inquisitor." He doesn't bother hiding his dislike for this particular individual.

And the rat's likely to ease up the serious talk, as he tries to seize the opportunity. "Mayhap the Lady would indulge this servant of the Lord in a...hypothetical question?" A brow rises. It's interrupted by Chocobo, however, and with a far lessened grunt the rat is up and following.

"Well bred, placid, and blasted /smart/ if I've the right of it. Whom would lose such a wonderful bird?" As the resident farm-Burmecian, he can tell a few things about animals.
Sister When Sister finally gets near the bird she gives it the same appraising look, actually cocking her head to the side to follow the bird's gaze.

"You're a pretty smart bird!" She exclaims before looking back at Faruja in the tent and pointing at the chocobo. "I don't know. Maybe we should take it in and put up fliers to find its owner?" She asks aloud before looking back to the bird and approaching it with hands held high, trying to place them on the 'bo's side calmly.

"There there, Dancing Chocobo. We'll find your master." Sister says with a smile.
Ramza Beoulve The Chocobo would stare at Sister for a time, then look away suddenly. It would begin to pad off in the direction opposite to her at a deliberate pace.

In the distance was a young man, wearing a cloak and a set of armor that Faruja might know all too well from their /multitude/ of encounters. Sister, he may have Bishy sparkles coming off of him, from so far away. Likely a trick of light.

/Out of their Hearing/

Ramza would give the bird a critical eye, "Did you play truth or dare again with Marlowe?" /KWEH!/ The young man would sigh, "I'll have to have a very long talk with that man about the concept of a foolish risk." Then the two would walk away.
Faruja Senra A swift nod comes from the ratling to the Inquisitor. "Quite so! Escaped from its stables, mayhap. Happened all the time on my family's farm. Though, 'tis more difficult when one's animals can /fly/." Agrees the rat. That's when he notices something.

FAruja is peering off into the distance. Staring, the ratling regrets the lingering hints of injury keeping him from leaping off after the man he's fought so many times.

Though his injuries have hurt his jumping capacity until he's recovered, one thing /hasn't/ been reduced at all. Hopefully Sister has earplugs.

"BEEEEEEOOOULLLLLLVVVVEEEE GET BACK HERE!!!!" If anyone wasn't already awake in Fluorgis, they likely are now.
Sister Bishy sparkles are in full effect about Ramza's form as Sister watches, perplexed at the chocobo. When her eyes fall upon Beoulve, however, one could almost imagine what her own imagination is gonig through right now. A hint? It involves a waterfall and a lot of fog in the corners of the screen.

And then the ear-shattering screech from Faruja causes poor Sister to clasp her hands over her ears and shut her eyes. The bishy sparkles are gone by the time she can open her eyes and Ramza is nowhere to be seen.

Taking a moment to check to see if the shriek is complete, Sister trudges over to the tent and glares at Faruja.

"No screaming like that! You'll just aggrivate your wounds!" She exclaims before glancing back at the entrance of the tent.

"Who was that man? You seemed to know him?" She asks as her hands place against Faruja's shoulders, trying to lay him back in the bed.
Ramza Beoulve As Faruja yells at him, Ramza would simply rub his ears, no, there's no way he'd been seen. Either way... him and the Chocobo disappear into an alleyway. If anyone were to follow, they'd notice that both him and the Chocobo are /gone/ despite the alleyway being a dead end.

And Mustadio told him that putting so many JP into the Ninja class was a waste of time!
Faruja Senra Even the glare isn't enough to calm down the ratling, who reluctantly allows himself to be pushed back. Once again, the man got away. He's so good at that sort of thing! "Bloody coward!" Grrrrrr!

Flump. The scowl on the Burmecian's muzzle may just seem etched there for the moment. "Heretic Ramza Beoulve, Lord Delacroix's murderer and leader of this so-called 'New Zodiac Braves'." Voice tinged with disgust, and more than a little irritation that a Heretic had been so very near their newest bit of hallowed ground, his tail lashes about over the side of the stretcher, a violent blurr as the Templar attempts to calm down.
Sister "A heretic?" Sister asks, her voice filled with wonder as she looked over her shoulder in the direction of the man she had previously seen, a sly smile on her features before she returned to Faruja, her face now reflecting nothing but worry.

"Calm down, Sir Faruja. Faram will ensure that this heretic will pay for his crimes." She states before leaning in and giving the ratman a gentle hug before standing back up.

Taking a seat at the edge of Faruja's current cot, Sister gives the little rat soldier a worried look before patting him on his leg in a consoling manner.

"Perhaps you gained those companions in order to have them help you bring the murderer heretic to justice?" She says thoughtfully before smiling, "Or perhaps our paths have crossed for us to work together in this task?" She says as she pleats her robes, remaining elegantly poised as she sits on the makeshift cot.
Faruja Senra The odd note in Sister's voice has the Templar raising a brow, before faced with a worried Inquisitor. Usually not a good sign of things to come, but somehow the rat can't get himself worked up over it. The woman's just so disarming! Really, it's hard to believe she's an Inquisitor at all. Doubly so when hugs are applied, softly returned by the rat, if with a touch of awkwardness. Somehow, he's reminded of Maira.

"So He shall see to it, yet so oft do I fear that the Lord tests His Servants. Inquisitor Ophelia and myself, Templar LeBlue...every assault naught but a failure." Slippery, this Beoulve.

Faruja scoots over a smidge to give the woman some room, looking at least somewhat vaguely calmed down. Calm and Faruja Senra are generally things not often associated with one another when dealing with Heretics. "My friends within the Seekers on the whole are barely grown, hardly more than children. It shan't do to involve them in bloody work such as this. 'Tis /our/ burden to carry, Lady Inquisitor. Nor could I abide throwing them towards danger when they so naturally attract far too much as it stands." A fond smile pops upon his muzzle, looking briefly like a proud parent.

"My blade is ever at the Inquisition's service, M'Lady. Merely ask of it, and we shall see what can be made of things! A fresh approach may indeed be what 'tis needed."
Sister Sister gives Faruja a warm smile, "Children become adults quickly. Especially now. Don't underestimate the power of youth." Says the young-looking Inquisitor. Perhaps Faruja struck a nerve with his comment, but Sister is showing no signs of it.

"And please, call me what everyone else does - Sister." She says before giving another disarming smile, "I lost my memory before I became a member of the church." She says, trying to cut off Faruja's train of thought to the natural question. "I was called sister for so long that it became what I was known." She says with a glint of a memory in her eyes before she turns away to tent's entrance.

"It's funny how Faram works. A cleric with no memory, no name, becomes and Inquisitor." She says with a laugh.

"But enough about me - I wouldn't want to bore you. Tell me more about this Ramza Beoulve and his heresy." There's an eerie hint of giddyness in her voice - possibly akin to that of a secret crush.
Faruja Senra The Templar chuckles, grinning all the more. "So they do! Ser Seatlan in particular is maturing quite well. Saved me from a horrid beating not long ago at the hands of a trio of deceased monks." The memory brings a wince. That one wasn't fun. Blasted ship graveyards!

"Sister it is then. An odd name, 'tis thy desire. Fitting, at least." She certainly looks less like a haughty Inquisitor and more like a down-to-earth Sister anyway. The loss of memories brings paralels to Sanel, causing a brief frown. "Mayhap the Lord shall see fit to restore them."

If there's a note of a crush, there, the rat ignores it. /Certainly/ an Inquisitor wouldn't harbor such things for a Heretic! He finds himself shivering. "He and his band murdered a Cardinal in cold blood, and rambles on about some 'conspiracy' or so he would have me believe, that one should ill trust good men such as Lord Folmarv. Ridiculous! This Church wishes for naught but the betterment of this world. Nay, I would be one to posit that 'tis the Church alone in this world that can light the way to a better future..."
Sister Sister nods enthusiastically. "I couldn't agree with you more, Sir Faruja. Without the Church to guide the way, we would have been lost to darkness long ago." She states with a nod before looking the ratman over with a smile.

"It looks as though your pain has begun to subside, Templar. Perhaps you should return to your companions before they get into anymore trouble without a noble soul to defend them?" She says with a smile as she stands and offers her hand to help Faruja up from the bed.

If he were to take it, she would embrace him once more, then take his head in her hands and give his forehead another kiss, sending more of her strange healing through his body.
Faruja Senra The Inquisitor's words couldn't please the ratling more. Reaching over, he places a hand upon the woman's shoulder, squeezing lightly. "Excellent. Such piety and conviction is most becoming of a woman of thy rank. Mayhap 'twould please the Lady to speak of such things again, hmm? 'Tis up to every member of the Holy Church to do all that they can. A light once kindled may yet burn brilliantly, however, 'tis oft so prone to losing its flame. One must have adequate tenders to such radiance."

Up the rat goes with Sister's help, and finds himself in the woman's arms. Smooch! A rather boyish grin sits on his muzzle, before he wipes it away, mind quickly settling onto a certain wolfess. That only makes his grin larger. What /is/ it with Fluorgis and beautiful women? Somehow this is clearly all Ivo's fault.

Eventually pulling away, he offers a bow. "Thy skills are most appreciated, Sister. 'Tis as though I could wrestle a Gargant! Indeed, no doubt Ser Galvan is getting into trouble with the local womenfolk by now. Come by some time, I shall introduce thee to the good folk of the Seekers! Lord bless, M'Lady!"

With that, the rat's off and out of the tent, to check on his companions and throw himself into the Seeker's lovely baths.
Sister "I would much like that, Templar Faruja. Your presence is always welcome and your company appreciated." Sister states as she walks with Faruja to the tent's entrance.

As Faruja leaves the tent, Sister waves happily after him before wandering off towards the street corner. She had a job to do!

Scooping up some of the pamphlets lying around, the little woman lets out a sigh and mutters to herself before putting on her big smile and offering the blessing of Faram to the passerbys once more.

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