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Dot D D L Two Point O
(2013-06-03 - 2013-06-18)
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The day has come to let Deelel out from her cell. So long as a particular program has come providing the proper needed resources. After all. A deal is a deal. The six and any other lackeys have been told to let TRON come in peacefully and to lead him down here to the holding.

However in this dark room where Deelel is also being kept, only one program is down here with the captive program. Only one with his back turned to the door way and his feet up on the desk. A lit light cigar in his hands with smoke gently rising up from the 'burning' tip.

There was no MCP. There was only CHIEF here today.

"Do you have it?" CHIEF asks from his relaxed position, before taking a draw off his cigar and then huffing out some smoke into the air. "..and don't worry. She still functions." Yes, this was all to response as TRON enters.
TRON This whole situation has been a test of TRON's patience and endurance. He hasn't even had much of a chance to rest, having only taken a moment to remove his human clothing, retrieve the all-important disc, and immediately depart again to DPS HQ. As it is, the only sign that TRON is not nessisarily doing well is the fact that the circuitry lines of his white suit are a slightly-dim bluish-grey.

He says nothing to the members of DPS, his stance stiff and tightly controlled in order to curb even the most passing of negative thoughts. The fact that the MCP is not dealing with this personally only makes it easier on TRON himself.

He focuses on CHIEF languishing in the chair, his expression and whole stance unreadable beyond simply being very stiff. "I do." He holds out his hand, offering the disc within a clear plastic jewel-case to the military Program. "Everything is on there, from the laser blueprints itself to every piece of data that allows it to function properly."

His brown eyes narrow faintly. "The fact Deelel still functions does not alleviate my concern."
Deelel Deelel has not been awake for twoo long since the work has been finished on her she's now feeling far more clear headed like something that's had been broken is no longer an issue for her. She waits in her cell still she's got a lot to explain and answer for but maybe she will get out at some point. At least so she hopes, and she's learned a lesson at the very least. Also that the grid bugs at DPS like her music apprently.
CHIEF continues to sit there before he glances over with those red shades and takes the disc from TRON. "Thank you kindly Trony-Boy." CHIEF then swings down his legs and keeps the plastic jewel case in hand.

"Hope you don't mind I check this over for a minute or two." He the opens the case and pulls out the disc. He holds it up, before he seems to stare at the back of it, then he pauses, before tapping a button on the table he is standing next to which seems to open the cell.

"Go say Hi. If there is anything funny-- I may lock you both in there. But I trust you TRON-- don't break that trust, please." He then turns the disc side to side for a moment. "..hate for you to see what happens."

Then he starts to actually read the disc. After all, grooves in a CD are nothing but ones and zeroes. All binary code just stored very tightly.
TRON TRON says nothing in reply, but an eye noticeably twitches at the implications within CHIEF's warnings. He has gone through ALL THAT... for ALL OF THEM... and THEY would BELIEVE he would SCREW ALL OF THAT UP /NOW/?!

It takes a very immense yet very much so hidden wrenching of willpower that he plain doesn't have to keep himself from reacting any further than that momentary eye-twitch.

He turns to face the cell in question and walks towards it, but stops moving well out of arm's reach of the bars. He studies Deelel within, his arms crossing over his white chest with his expression utterly and completely blank. But his eyes... yes, his brown eyes hold only one look that could be boiled down to one simple word:

Deelel Deelel looks a little bit different than she was before nothing too off but she seems a bit off in someway. She looks over TRON she was expecting this yes, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less to have someone like TRON disappointed in her. She doesn't say anyhting in her cell but she does seem pretty suprised to see him here.
"Everything seems legit." CHIEF says placing the disc back in the protective cover. "But I expect nothing less from you Trony-boy."

He turns to face TRON with a smile, even if the cigar is in his mouth. "You two are free to go. No bars. No hold. Payment has been made so that is all that matters." He says waving the cd case. "Just next time you guys want some questions answered." His attention fully goes to Deelel.

There is a moment of sadness on his face, but it is wiped away quickly as it came. "Please ask before you just snoop in. Hm?"
TRON TRON doesn't say a word. Doesn't even look at CHIEF as confirmation is given--he doesn't need it, as he'd already known what was on that accursed disc. He is too busy staring at Deelel, at how something about her has altered... somehow. He can't quite figure it out yet, but he just /knows/ it'll become clear soon enough. He also knows that it happened while she was in custody.

So. He was too late after all.

He motions for Deelel to get up and follow him, but does not get any closer to the cell. Instead, he partially turns and waits for the media Program to join him before moving any further.
Deelel Deelel rises up for her place in the cell and comes after TRON she's slinking a bit he doesn't have to say a thing that look on top of her own bereating herself over it. She knows she's changed she's got a hell of a lot to explain to TRON and she realise he may never trust her gain. Prehaps it's best to cut ties totally to keep himself? She has to wonder honestly. She looks to CHEIF and nods. "I understand CHIEF."

She falls in behind TRON and knows she's got some explaning to do.

This scene contained 9 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, CHIEF, TRON