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(2013-06-03 - 2013-06-03)
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Maira Serendipity is quite the attraction. Admittedly, it is one that Maira is fairly fond of on occasion. Generally, when it comes to games of chance, Maira has insanely good luck. Last she was here however, she actually lost a bet on the chocobo race. She had to return to see if her luck was still on the fritz! She'd gambled away all her money last time--this time, she would be more cautious.

Assumably, her companion did not approve of this venture. Angantyr generally does not approve of gambling, but Maira just had to try a little bit to see if her luck was back. Thus, he'd been dragged along! Who knows, they might actually have fun. No betting it all on one chocobo race this time. No no, she'd try slots for a bit.

It is apparently a special event night at Serendipity. There's to be a live band, and a show with fireworks after the races, drawing a crowd of people seeking distraction from the many problems of the world with flashy lights and the high energy excitement of a casino; the hopes and dreams of many riding on the roll of the dice or the spinning of the slots.

The young woman in pink sits down at one of the machines and puts a bit of gil in, pulling the lever, watching as the reels spin rapidly, one by one coming to a stop, suspense building. One cherry...two cherry... "Come on luck, come on luck, I could reeaaaaally use some luck...." she says, then watches as all the cherries line up and more coins begin to flood out of the machine. Maira throws her hands up and cheers! "Yes! It's back! My luck is back!"

Alas, there is no wood nearby to knock on.
Avira When it came to gambling, Avira generally had the same opinion as Angantyr. Not a fan. Not a fan at all. But casnios like this weren't entirely just conveyances for the one-armed bandits-tonight was the special event! There was a band to be playing and some fireworks afterwords! So with her wallet practically riveted shut, Avira is making a visit.

She was actually /not/ aware that Maira was here tonight-on a date with Angantyr no less. If she did know...well, she might have picked something else to do tonight rather than risk making the night really, really awkward. Avira herself gets pretty downright indiginant about interrupted dates.

For now, she lounges at the bar, a drink in her hand. She's probably not going to be recognized at first because she's wearing a skirt. A plaid pleated skirt and white short-sleeved blouse. She's still armed, though, the belt holding the Spine still looped around her waist.
Evja And meanwhile, a certain light-blue Chocobo has been winning races. Having raced under the name 'River', anyone who might have been betting on the Chocobos could have seen that the owner of the chocobo was actually a Viera. Though a rare sight indeed as the Viera would be easily recognizable as male. At least in so much as they were wearing a rather dapper-looking mens suit and had nothing covering their face.

'Chita' had been known in recent times as an up and coming Chocobo Racer because of a string of wins. Of course, the Viera always vanished off to his own accords and didn't stay too terribly long at the Casino. Today was another of those days. After having his races, the Viera wandered amongst the various areas of the casino with his hands tucked into his pockets, tall ears twitching lightly as he looked around at the various sights. His long hair was, unlike normally bound near the botto, bound at the back of the neck and left to look a bit more masculine in appearance. This was one of the few places where he felt remotely safe at enough to be 'Au Natural' in so much as a lot of Viera didn't tend to like the unnatural nature of this place in addition to the many bright lights and sounds that were a curse to the ears. He was...

Used to it. Or put up with it, rather, simply because he enjoyed the racing aspects. And watching others. "Ah, Mr. Chita." says one of the waitresses, "Here is your drink." She offered him a tall, thin, rather fruity-looking blue drink. Slushed almost.
"Thank you." he said towards her softly before offering her some coins and taking the drink with the one hand he had pulled out of his pockets. Sip. Sip.
Katyna Katyna's a natural born gambler, one who never really shed her greed for shiny pretties be the money, gold or powerful weapons. So it's not really a big surprise to find her here in such a flashy, garish place full of promise, riches and chances!~

Not dressed in her usual gold and red armour today, Kat is instead wearing a sequined gold tank top and black velvet pants. Probably the most she's ever dressed up before..Just dont ask her to wear a skirt. Bleh.

She wanders down the aisles of one-armed bandits, searching for a particular promising one and incidently creeping ever closer to where Maira is stationed. She'll get to the drinks soon enough, after she's blown some cash on one of those addictive little machines!
Sydney Losstarot Its hard to overthrow a church with no money! A thought Sydney has taken to heart as he wastes time at this casino. He (or rather, his illusionary disguise of an average businessman-y look) is seated at a Poker table on the farther end of the room, turning a blind eye to the festivities as he watches the other players. He's on fire tonight, always winning high, and making sure he has little on the table when he can't win. He can't keep this up for /too/ long, though, lest he attract the attention of the pit boss. ...I don't have a very good idea of how poker works, so I'm afraid thats all the description it gets!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart wasn't here for the casino either. While not trying to work up any sort of fame, she comes to race her chocobo as well, and train it better. Its a smart chocobo, and likes the competition too. So does she, but not to the point of bringing herself into the upper tier of the racers either. She's content with the shape of her chocobo, and after the race, she's petting its feathery mane, brushing it carefully with a smile "You be a good girl now, they are bringing you back to the ranch." The red chocobo kwehs merrily in answer.

So soon after, Tifa is walking out of the rancing area. She did note of the missing viera, but none of her concern there really. The races are through the bigger part of the slot machines and poker tables as well, so someone might notice her.

Or she might notice the 'winning' Maira there. She smiles as she moves over, leaning over her seat a bit "Triple cherry? Nice. I don't play these games usually, I don't believe in that kind of luck. I think I'll keep more money by not playing."
So there are these random portals over the different worlds and sometimes you happen to decide to stick your head through one and see where it goes. This is what has left Ulharisk here to this nice little city of bright lights, neon signs, and high amount of technology.

So many shinies.

So many.

However after bumping into about the third person, he tried to snap himself back to paying attention. This place was so /weird/ compared to other places he have traveled too. He wasn't even sure how such mana weaving could create such wonders within metal.

Also how could such mana be weaved to even cause machines to spit out the odd looking munny like it did. Perhaps it was a form of gil? Then he sees her.

"Maira!" He calls over waving his hand and then starts to make his way into the casino, however he stopped by security. Why? Cause he doesn't actually have shoes on.

Yay for being a Draconian.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was not in his massively dark armor and not weilding a massively large weapon.

Why? Because he was here with Maira, and these things might scare people away. He is, oddly, in a simple tunic and leather pants. Angantyr ties to avoid excess luxary when he can afford it, though he has been known to show off with money...but typically only when it benifits someone he cares about, or goes to something he considers a good use of his charity. Gambling is not one of these things, and he frowns as Maira spends her money...

But it was her money, and he'd probably be stuck buying her potions again so she could eat. He'd just try and talk her out of it. Again. It was like talking to a wild fire sometimes.

Angantyr shifts as people start to approach them, the patron of the bar he had visited before? Also, she'd had fought him in defense of the Valk HQ...

Then there was Ulharisk.

Oh boy, tonight was 'hey ang, remember your life choices'. Angantyr shifts, and sits raises a hand to a waitress, "I don't care what, make it hard. And a double." he says, rubbing his face already.

"I see." he says to Maira, "Well, don't spend it all on one Chocobo."
Sora Knock on Ang's head, Maira, it'll do you just as well.

This being Sora's first trip to Serendipity, it is of no surprise to anyone that the Keyblade wielder is currently sitting at a table stuffing his face full of food. He is still yet a growing teenager, after all.

Om, nom.

Faruja Senra Speaking of awkward, so too is there one Temple Knight Faruja Senra within the casino-slash-bar. He's here on at least quasi-official business, for once mixing personal opportunity and work. While the Templar isn't exactly a fan of gambling himself, he's at least not going to morally prod someone in the behind over this one. After all, so long as one doesn't overdo, it's simply entertainment.

The ratling is dressed in robes more befitting a priest, though anyone familiar with the holy Church would recognize the red with gold lining and cross for a knight rather than a preacher. Beside him is a short, portly man in a business suit, finishing off a tour.

"And that would be that, Mister Senra. Please, enjoy yourself, and consider all I've said. We would be glad to have you and your organization as patrons."

A bow, a few polite words, and the rat makes his exit as quickly as possible while not being rude. Businessmen have always made him uncomfortable. But one must do as is necessary. A familiar voice calls out, and Faruja walks over. "Much luck upon the winnings, Maira?" Grin! Seeing the woman is a pleasant surprise. A crossing of the chest, and then, he /turns/.

Faruja stares quietly for a moment at Angantyr. After finally stomping down the urge to start a fistfight, he pointedly turns to the bartender. "Ser, strongest that this establishment possesses."

"B..but Sir, for someone of your stature that would put you out co..."

"Strongest, Sirrah!" Pardon, everyone, the rat is going to start getting drunk now. It's for everyone's safety, including his own.
Pumpkinhead Pete has sworn vengeance upon Maira except Maira is a lady so really Pete's pretty limited in what he can do which is to try and kidnap her even HARDER than last time. This time, however, Pete has come prepared. A pair of adorable GAMBLER Heartless, complete with wide brimmed hats with cards stuffed in them waddle on through the casino and tug lightly on Maira's arm.

It then lifts up a large bag with Pete's face on it and gestures inside politely.

Then it jerks a thumb towards the entrance.

PETE arrives, wearing a FIREMAN'S SUIT. He takes one long look to the left, then one long look to the right.


He stomps his foot a few times before adding, "Urgh... But luckily..." He unholsters his firehose and points it towards Maira. "THIS TIME I'M READY FOR YA, PRINCESS! MALEFICENT'S GONNA BE REAL PLEASED WITH ME ONCE I BRING YA TO HER! HAAAAAAAAAAAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!"

He slaps his belly with his free hand before firing a spray of water.
Maira Unfortunately, Maira needs a step stool just to REACH Angantyr's head.

Maira gathers her winnings, grinning. It isn't a total jackpot, nothing like what she would win at the races, but it would let her buy some supplies, etc. After all, making potions needs supplies, then she has to profit. Plus, VALKYRI needed things. She wanted to try to help keep the fridge stocked for those who came by to rest there in between their missions and travels.

Holding the bucket full of coins, Maira turns and grins up at Angan. "I'm not going to bet on the chocobos. I just had to see if my luck was still bad--I think its good now," she nods.

Maira turns then, surprised to see Tifa. "Oh! Hey Tifa! Did you come to see the fireworks and hear the band? Hear there should be danciiiiing," she says, sing-song.

The red-gold haired mage hears a familiar voice calling her name and looks over toward Ulharisk, smiling widely. "Ulharisk! Hey guys, you can let him in he doesn't need to wear shoes and he's a friend..." she says to security. The security guards give her a curious look.

Maira looks back to Angan then, seeing his expression and guessing at the cause. She reaches upward to lay a hand gently on his arm, then gives him a quick hug. "It's okay. We'll explain everything. It'll be fine!" she assures him. "Let me go see if I can't get Ulharisk in..." she says, then begins to wander away.

It is then that a pair of Heartless appear behind her, reaching out to grab her by the arm. Maira blinks, turns, then yelps in surprise.

She looks at the bag, her alarm turning momentarily to pure confusion!

Turning then toward the entrance, she spots Pete with a firehose, her eyes widening--all she has time for before she gets blasted with a stream of powerful water, sending her flying back.
Sydney Losstarot "I expect my money here upon my return." Sydney remarks with narrowed eyes towards his compatriots, standing. He shouldn't attract too much attention, as he still has the illusion up. In an effort to make it look like he's simply fleeing the area, he walks in the direction of the exit. Once he's there, he'll decloak. There's no grand flash, or some other cliche. Its simply "One second he's a businessman. Blink. Now he's Sydney."

"Ahem." He announces his presence to Pete, with a mocking tone to his voice as he continues. "...Are you a complete and utter /idiot?/ Did you really think you had any hope of stealing this woman the one day she absolutely surrounded by people?" He says calmly, rubbing his metal claw against his head. "I really don't have time to waste on some cliche villain such as yourself. I'd like to make this fast...but that'd mean it'd have to painless. And you're not worth such a mercy." He says, a foul smile on his face. Three shadows rise from his...shadow, taking a V formation around Sydney. They don't move to attack just yet, though. Sydney raises his hand above his head, and begins to radiate a very strong aura of darkness, comparable to that of a shadow lord. Taking a deep breath, he summons a buffing aura of magical energy.
Ulharisk rumbles softly and nods when Maira explains he is a friend. Though he does suddenly know who is it standing next to her and this places him slightly on guard. Those violet eyes slightly narrowing. "Hm."

Then suddenly there is heartless. He knows heartless when he sees them no matter how they look. How could he ever forget those evil gold eyes! Which means when Pete attacks, the draconian has now had it up to here by this point with people messing with his friend.

So no words are even spoken, instead he flips back and then the air starts to pick up suddenly, blasting all the doors open, maybe shattering some windows and several signs start to spark as electricity surges around the area. Then with a explosive force of blue light that suddenly pulses out, breaking whatever windows and signs may not have been broken. Including even the doors!

The blue drake with crimson red stripes suddenly charges right for Pete and goes to use his own body weight to try and ram the cartoon villain right into several of the slot machines.

"You leave her alone!" the dragon roars out, his own normal british like voice echoing with a much deeper rumble. "She has been effected by your Whe'ir followers enough now! Go away!" He then strides back before letting out a true dragon roar at Pete, before snarling his teeth at him.
Avira Avira had glimpsed Maira a few times, alongside Angantyr, but made no effort to hail them or catch up. In fact, she quite pointedly tries not to look at them, sipping on her drink and letting her mind wander. Her drink, contained in a tumbler, is actually a pleasant green color. It could very well be a double-sized shot of something. She seems content to keep to herself.

Until there is an INTERRUPTION. Recognizing the Heartless, she watches them waddle up to Maira and politely gesture a request to kidnap her. Then Pete of all people barges in shortly afterwards and a scowl overcomes her face. Avira slams back the rest of her drink, sets her glass down on the bar.

Pushing off the stool she sits on (and dropping down the foot or so that had been between her feet and the ground), she stoops along the floor, wetting both her hands in some of Pete's water hose run-off. She runs at pete, her fist drawn back, the water crystalizing into a solid chunk of ice surrounding her clenched right hand. "NOT TONIGHT, PETE!"

She slips in and unleashes a vicious uppercut to the Shadow Lord's massive jaw. "NOT TONIIIIIIGHT!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs, "Yeah..." he says, before she is WATERED. "...Man, you have to say something CLEVER when you do that YOU GET TO DRINK FROM THE FIRE HOSE.." he says, rubbing his forehead. He moves to help Maira up first, because that is the gentlemanly thing to do. The massive man, once he is sure Maira is on her feet holds up a hand, darkness starts to surge from him, as he calls his weapon to him from his extrademensional storage. The large mace appears, before darkness overtakes his form, the form of the dark knight appears, but the armor covers his body, litterally making abyssal armor around him. His eyes glow crimson as he stares down Pete.

"You go back to the Shadow Lords either empty handed...or eating your own firehose."

The darkness bursts, as he starts to approach, aiming to keep Maira covered, "Your choice."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't like it when her friends get attacked. Its one of the few things she fights for at least. And that Pete... where did she see him before? She can't remember, been a while, but she remembers he's bad news still. What does he wants with Maira? That she doesn't understand right now, but she's not about to let it happen without reacting either.

She's too late to stop the attack on Maira, but she can still intervene before he gets a hand on her at least!

Her boots almost leave sparks along the ground with the friction she forces on them, zoooming toward Pete and crashing into him with a solid shoulder tackle to send him rolling "Out of the way!"
Katyna Katyna glances around every so often, bedazzled by all the shiny lights and fancy costumes and noises. "Ooh.." It almost has her side tracked, but she eventually spies a Maira, and Avira! And..*sweatdrop* Angantyr..

Still she comes over, waving cheerfully towards Maira (oh yeah and Ulharisk and Tifa too), about to open her mouth to greet them all..When some weird guy who talks about 'princesses' and 'maleficent' starts stirring up trouble!

Eyes narrow as she draws her sword (Never leave home without it!), stepping in front of Maira to face Pete. "what the hey!? If you want this princess, you'll have to come through me first, y'hear!?
Faruja Senra And then, Pete. Glancing at his drink, he sighs heavily. The bartender has a look of horror as the Burmecian downs the entire drink in one go. Slam! He very nearly breaks the glass upon the bar as Faruja stands up.

"VILE DAEMON SUMMONER! KEEP THY UNCLEAN MINIONS AWAY FROM THE..hic...LADY!" Pause. Maira has been watered. Don't stare, rat. Be good! Now sufficiently angry /and/ wobbly, the Templar stumbles over to the heartless trying to nab the poor woman.

Even drunk, the rat knows how to throw a good clawing. /Especially/ when drink. Burmecians fist fights often involve horrible slashing wounds.
Evja Suddenly... chaos. Chita stood there watching a moment as panic broke out. Heartless. Pete, that idiot from the Hades Cup in the monkey suit who he barely remembered if not for his ugly face. But who did he attack? Was that... Maira? And... those around her. Just a cursory glance spotted Tifa, and someone he didn't recognize who was very tall... and Avira, among others. Damnit. Could he even do anything?

He had to do something. It wouldn't be right if he didn't. But he couldn't even begin to act like his normal self. Couldn't pull out his speas. Couldn't let on who he was... or else he would be revealed. But did he even care? Hades' task would likely be the end of him anyways. "...damn." came a soft grumble before an idea struk him. That stupid false Keyblade he had gotten the Legendary Smith to make for him. Even if the thing was a failure in that apparently you can't just make a weapon in the shape of a key and have them function like that boys, it would still give him something to fight with all the same. And hopefully not be recognized. After all...

No one had seen that failure yet.

Setting his drink down on a nearby table, Chita reaches up to loosen his tie a bit before throwing his arm out like he was attempting to flick something out of his sleeve. Of course, nothing came except a large, vaguely key-shaped weapon that looked kind of like Sora's. Liberties had been taken on it by the smith of course, given Evja had only seen it a couple of times and described it as best he could.

Then that armor appears around Angantyr and Chita lets out a soft curse. Not this idiot again. Of all the times.

Well, they have enough of an entourage to keep the main guest occupied, so he does the next best thing. He begins to try and shoo the other guests away. Shoo them, and wait, and prepare.
Sora Sora finishes stuffing a hot dinner roll slathered with cinnamon-honey butter in his mouth even as he makes his way to his feet, walking over to Pete and the Heartless, mumbling out his words around the food.

"Mfmh mfff Mairmmff, smhhm my frmmvffs."

"Mffh, fmff!"

Swallows the roll. "So stop it!"

The Keyblade shimmers to life in his hand, as everyone goes on to maul Pete.
Pumpkinhead "Well sure," Pete says. "The more of you there are to fight, the more powerful I become! Obviously! Now you listen here, I know you are one of those new pretty boy dark knight villains, thinking they're all so tough because they're new on the block, but let me tell you I've been around a long long time, and I'm Maleficient's CHIEF Minion thank you very much, I got moved to management of other minions, now you might not think that's so much, but I see you're glowing with powerful darkness over there and this here is gonna be the only warning I give ya, one villain to another." Pete winks an eye. "Lady Maleficient's got way more dark power than you've got buddy, so you zip that right on up and stop showin' off, makes you look all insecure like." Apparently Pete isn't going to be deterred by the fact that people went to the scene. He's about to say more but Ulharisk speaks up. Pete, confused, turns around and to take a look. "...What? I don't understand your fancytalk! What's a WHEE-EHR. Is that some sorta offshoot of a Tigger??"

He's tackled away and through several slot machines. It's pretty impressive!

Pete groans, sitting himself up, stars rolling around his face. The commotion has drawn the attention of the patrons.

"A DRAGON!!" One shrieks. "IS THERE A FIRE?"

They immediately start throwing objects Ulharisk's way, usually chairs and the like, though one manages to huff up a fallen slot machine. This allows Pete to recover. Standing up, he dusts himself off and adds, "Now don't you get all huffy either," He tells Ang, "Don'tcha think I came prepared for ya? Now sure, I might use it on that other fellah, but I ain't afraid to use it, no sir!"

He gets plowed in the chin by Avira and Tifa in a double strike to the chin--Tifa otherwise bounces off Pete's belly.

"Ouches!" He says but then a rat dives into him, lashing out with his claws! "AGRGHGHGHH!! MICKEY!! WHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?!" He pauses. "WAIT YER NOT MICKEY! WHY DO I ALWAYS THINK YER MICKEY!"

But then Evja reveals he has an artificial super fake keyblade. "Ooh a keyblade-- I should bring THAT back to Maleficient--oh wait I can't there's some mumbo jumbo about there ain't it..? Ah! But that!" He looks towards Sora. "Now THAT'S a keyblade! Who're you kid? You wanna go work for the forces of evil?"



"...H..hey... why can't YES be an option? Aw who'm I kiddin'?" Pete asks. "You're one of those hero types, I can see it in yer eyes! That's a real shame, you know, we could really use a keyblade." He shrugs his shoulders. "Aw well, it's not like y'can actually use it proper-like, believe me, me'n'the'king? Long history. OI! HEARTLESS!! DEAL WITH THESE SUCKERS!"

The GAMBLER Heartless start billowing out from the ground when summoned, a huge swarm of darkness rippling around their bodies. Pete isn't troubled by the swarm of darkness because Pete's got more darkness than you can shake a barrel full of monkeys at, or at least he's got minions to be the darkness for him. And they're everywhere!


The Heartless swarm! Nobody's safe! Except for Evja, because Pete thinks he's an NPC, or maybe some sort of Sora fanboy or something? Nothing to worry about!
First people start throwing things, which causes Ulharisk to have to skimmer back a bit with a growl in his voice before he glances at all the people. "I am on your side!" He tries to state, however that doesn't seem to work and he uses his tail with a slight fin like design on it to thrash away the slot machine away from him as it comes flying in.

Thankfully scales tend to help some with all the chairs and such. Thankfully.

However heartless were now coming and there wasn't really much room. So he tries to move away from them, he snap his teeth, but he eventually gets swarmed by several of them. He thrashes around before breaking himself from their hold and rolls across the ground, before crashing over the bar.

Ulharisk grunts gently before he tries to roll himself over and stares at Pete in annoyance. Those violet draconic eyes staring down the shadow lord with some annoyance. If they were outside this be far more easier, but they were not, but he still deal with this annoying guy.

Whatever he was.

For now, Ulharisk tries to regain his strength and surveys the situation a little closer. He needed to get Maira out of here. Somehow. They were after here. But how. How to get her /OUT/ of here.
Maira Dizzy, Maira takes Angantyr's offered hand and pulls herself to her feet, completely soaked and looking more than a little disoriented. A fire hose packs quite a punch.

Well, it was too much to hope that she wouldn't see Pete again. This time, he seemed to have come better prepared--or at least he thought he did. Maira had no idea so many people would be here!

She's rubber necking like crazy as people just keep appearing! Avira!? What!? Where did she come from!? Why didn't she say she was here? Then there is Sora! Is he even old enough to be here!? And that guy that helped her before with his dark magics (she doesn't even know his name!) and....and a drunken Faruja!? Katyna too!?

Maira guesses a whole bunch of people came for about the same reason she did. Pete picked a bad time. Maira's not sure if that is unlucky or not at this point.

Maira takes a deep breath and clenches her fists, letting the air around her begin to heat up, temperature rising rapidly as the water begins to turn to steam upon her skin. "Everyone be careful!" she shouts. She doesn't want anyone else getting hurt for her.

Alas, here it comes. Maira screams in warning as the Heartless rise and start flinging darkness everywhere.

Pete, he is generally a joke. He shouldn't be. Today, Pete means /business/.

Maira winces, knowing Angantyr is going to protect her. She's already summoning her healing magic, her eyes raking the area to see who else seemed to have taken the most damage.

Sora seems to be another serious target for Pete. The keyblade wielder was important--she couldn't let him fall!

"Uist....go...." she whispers, her ghost dashing forward unseen to heal Sora, while Maira heals Angantyr.

It is also noted when she looks around, that Ulharisk has transformed. OU! DRAGON!
Evja And Chaos. And someone who knows about Keyblades. Wait... how the hell does that oaf know about Keyblades? Who is Maleficent? And isn't is he controlling the hear--WHAT IS FARUJA DOING HERE AND WHY IS THERE A TALKING DRAGON!? Let alone the chaos that's going on. Once those in his immediate area were gone, Chita flicks the fake weapon in his hands a moment before walking casually towards where Pete was. "Enough of this senseless violence. There is no reason for those things to be here, and fighting alongside them will only hurt everyone in the end. Now turn over a new leaf and send them away or I shall be forced to go through you to get rid of them!"

And with that Chita dove straight for the heartless. Falling back onto an old style of fighting that he hadn't used in a long time, save when he was practicing a bit on Daguerreo with the fake weapon, the Viera spun in rather graceful, Fencer-like circles, jabbing out with his fakeblade only to spin around and slam the handle of it down as hard as he could towards the top of the nearest Heartless' head. Then another, and another, as he waited to see if this Pete fellow was going to take his advice. His offer to turn over a new leaf. To save himself from getting a mouth full of foot and fire.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart bounces on Pete's stomach... and bounces pretty badly too. Pete's belly had the opposite effect than she wanted, where putting him out of balance would work for her, instead she just rebounded, and lost her own stepping as she landed back... and just in time for Pete's counter attack, sending swarms of heartless that stampedes over her, and leaves her half-beaten and bruised already.

She rolls back to her feet, grunting with the effort that it brings to her joints. Wow, is she that out of practice fighting these? Maybe that vacation in Hawaii wasn't such a great idea. But not letting herself stay down either, she moves back on the offensive "What is it you want with Maira!? You fell in love with her and are too socially challenged to do things normally like a date?!" She doesn't guess that's the reason, but anything to get a rile out of them, and leaving some openings for her fists to strike in.
Katyna "What's this...Maleficient's chief minion? Hah! That's a joke!" she laughs loudly, shaking her head in disbelief. "So what, you took over from Riku or something? No way you'd measure up to him..Let me show you what a real warrior's made of!"

She starts to advance towards him, ignoring all the chaos around her..Oh, there's that dragon again, but she's pretty sure he's on the good guys' side. "Heey, knock it off!" she glances at the people who throw objects at Ulhi. "He's on our side! That fake fireman's the enemy!"

Then heartless start to swarm around them and she narrows her eyes, rushing through them with a loud battle cry, slashing her sword this way and that as flames spring to life along its edge, seeming to dance with each slash she takes. "Yaaaaah!!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's armor nearly shatters from the heartless. He uses his body to protect Maira, aiming to swat at heartless as they come for her...

The heartless finally swarm over him, bringing him violent to the ground as they claw and tear at him...but then explode all around him as the heartless are cleaved through and generally forced away by Angantyr's power. His mace rushing through the numbers as he glares towards Pete.

"Alright, you had your chance." Angantyr says, motiong for Maira to follow him. He dives towards Pete, mace leading the way as he aims to SHATTER his defenses with a single powerful blow...and then..

The mace glows red as he aims to swing it up once, the blow attempting to knock Pete to the ground as a second swing comes from the opposite way, aiming to litterally CUT him in an X pattern, like a pair of scissors. Angantyr pulls back, once more moving to cover Maira, even as the darkness continues to exhude from him. "I am going to feed you that hose."
Faruja Senra "Mayhap Witch 'tis high time that you have bought spectacles! For ye are BLIND! And irritating! And practically composed of naught but..." Wait for it...


Peer! Is that a dragon over there? One that apparently wants to help destroy the heartless. Fine by the Holy Dragoon! The swarm of Heartless soon prove difficult, generally digging in to our unarmored Templar. He's going to need new robes, even the shield spell he threw up didn't help that much! Ow.

Ear-perk. Someone mentions something about not using violence. Sighing drunkenly, he shakes his head. "These beasts listen to naught else!" Because the rat's totally tried to ask them to leave. Some people just don't speak CLAWS or TEETH fluently.

Drunk or not, the wobbly Templar makes to healing his allies...or at least the ones that aren't on his 'kill them/give them to the Inquisition' list.

This starts with a certain keyblade wielder. After a few moments, a trio of spells will wash over the boy: the healing winds of Curaga, the protective shielding of Protect, and the powers of Regen knitting the boy's wounds.
Sora Oh, this is going to be bad.

"I'm Sora!" Sora declares. "I fight for the forces of good, for princesses about ot be kidnapped, to restore the lights of the worlds everywhere!" Then Pete says that Sora can't use it proper-like, and Soras' blue eyes narrow.

"Oh yeah?! Well, I think you're WRONG!"

However, first off, Sora has to deal with the ... very, very large amount of Heartless that burst out of the ground. The teenager grits his teeth - he has no idea if this is going to become a frequent thing, but - he'll consider it practice for now.

He does, however, get mauled fiercely, eventually letting out a angry noise - almost akin to a growl - before he appears.

Eventually, Sora struggles out of the Heartless.

Sora then lifts the Keyblade. Circles of white marred with red glow around both him and Pete, before Sora launches himself off of the floor -

He rises into the air, launching attack after attack in a combo at Pete, before finishing off by landing on his feet, and a burst of red energy appears from the blade, and rains holy fire on him.

Or at least, that's what it should do...!
Sydney Losstarot Sydney laughs amusedly as Pete takes a moment to rebuke him. "Don't be foolish. My use of darkness has no affect on my...allegiances. I'm not so weak as to bow before the darkness!" Whisps of ethereal darkness begin to radiate from Sydneys position, like small tendrils nipping at his feet. "The Darkness can be embraced with ease. But to control it without losing yourself can only be done through strength of heart and mind, something you fools don't understand!" He remarks disdainfully at the end. Whoa! Sydneys goin' all out! You're in trouble now pete!

And then he went and got his arse royally handed to him by a swarm of gambler heartless.

...Scratch that. Scratch that /hard/. Sydney is a beaten mess on the floor, flaring incredibly violently with darkness as the Blood-Sin does its best to numb the pain, so Sydney may rise to his feet. He wipes a steady drip of blood away from his mouth onto his Metallic arms, shaking his head disdainfully. "You're mistaken, you cat...thing. I fight not with rage. I do not have as weak a heart as yours." He says, his eyes narrowed as an apathetic look takes his eyes. He wants nothing more than to order his heartless to tear his heart out and consume it on the spot. But...that never works. And it looks like everyone else could use a spot or two of help anyways. A whispy tendril of darkness makes its way towards Maira, Avira, and Angantyr, laying upon each of them a buff bursting with darkness. ...And speed, in this case. Why? They simply seemed to be the most competent.
Avira Avira will explain later. She really will! Maybe. It's a little too awkward to hang around Maira when she's dating.

Fortunately, Pete has drawn himself some MASSIVE AGGRO including a face Avira hasn't seen since...well, the restoration of Manhattan. Though Sora might have visited her while she was 'sleeping' afterwards, not that the scarred woman would remember. It's to be expected to hear Pete suddenly getting all up in Sora's business about the keyblade.

"Don't even try it! Sora would /never/ join you!" Avira shouts, shaking her fist at Pete. "In fact, he undid the MESS you created in New York!" Okay, so Pete can't take all the credit. Or really any of it with Maleicent around.

Avira starts for Pete, pulling her left arm back, letting the ice harden up over that fist as well. But before she can reach him, a wave of Heartless crashes into her from behind, burying her beneath clawing hands. "Ahhh!!"

Blue light suddenly blasts its way forth from the pile, sending Heartless scattering everywhere and sharp ice chunks embedded into the ground. Avira remains crouched in the epicenter, two glowing blue gales of icy wind swirling around her. Those that look at just the right angles will see the heads of wolves leading each wind. Avira breathes hard and throws her arms out to the sides, sending the magic spinning outwards and around her, destroying Heartless in their paths.
Pumpkinhead "HAW! I don't see you doin' much fightin'! And you shouldn't make fun of my heartburn like that, Mister, you could get written up for diversity. Punch him some more, eh Heartless for ol' Pete!" Pete isn't very bright. He flat out just doesn't listen to Evja. Even the people who thought for a moment he might be friendly now have a much better idea of what's going on since he summoned the Heartless. At least there won't be much civilian fire. Evja can battle Heartless to his


Heart's content. They aren't especially powerful individually, they're just a swarm. Every so often they lash out to try and catch him while he's off guard but he's some sort of ninja bunny, they just can't grab ahold of him! Maybe it's his lucky rabbit's foot!

Katyna isn't so lucky, she lashes out with her blade but the Heartless swoop around and throw CARDS at Katyna that hurt mildly! She might get a papercut and you know how papercuts are, sometimes they just FEEL worse than normal cuts! OOF You can barely see it but the pain URgh!!

Tifa says something that gets Pete's attention. "W-w-WOAH THERE!" He shouts, waggling his arms up and down. "I'm a married Pete! This ain't about that! She's a Princess, y'see! One of those them Princesses of the Light? Like the Second TIer Ones, dig?" He stomps his foot. "That's why dem Heartless be after 'er! So I'm kidnapping her, it's totally platonic! I'm kidnapping her platonically! She's too young for me so don't you be getting no ideas!" He wags a finger at Tifa who uses the opportunity to beat the ever living stuffing out of him.

Pete falls back, seeing stars.

Avira uses the opportunity to SPIN TO WIN--this leaves an opening for Sora and Angantyr to make their desperate strikes!

Holy fire slams down against Pete, "OW OW OW OW OW!" His eyes bulge widely. He doesn't seem weak to HOLY attacks but he is weak to feeling pain and not liking it very much. Angantyr only frightens him more. Using the darkness might not frighten him but using a mace with a head the size of, what, two Pete Heads kinda sorta does. It's pain Pete can understand.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Pete screams as his face and stomach are beat in by the mace. HIs Fireman's Helmet flies off, A TRULY TERRIFIC STRIKE.

"HELP!! HELP ME YOU IDIOTS!" The Heartless swarm, trying to drag Angantyr and Sora away from him.

Panting and clutching his heart, Pete wheezes and doubles back to try and recoup. "Heartless! You get 'em! I'll finish 'em off once they're tired! Because that's the power of teamwork! And teamwork is the weaponized form of BULLYING!"

The Heartless surge once more as Pete tries to get his bearings. Avira and Evja have beaten up the Heartless around them so they get off easy. THIS TIME.
Maira Maira looks around again, spotting Evja. She is likely the only person to immediately recognize the viera. She mouthes his name in disbelief.

When Angan begins to move she follows him, wanting to stay close not only so he can protect her, but so she could protect /him/. He'd shield her from every attack. She can't let him do that.

To her great relief, Faruja is here. Drunk or no, he has powerful healing magic and it would seem he is eager to use it to keep Sora going. Of course, she couldn't expect Faruja to heal Angan...why must everything be so complicated!?

As Heartless surround her and all those dedicating themselves to fighting against them, Maira's light ignites, flames flickering, shining white, her clothing and hair beginning to float around her as if gravity has suddenly been negated. Magic, it just works that way. She then feels Sydney's magic wash over her as well, making her limbs feel lighter, quicker. It is appreciated. Note to self, learn his name and what his deal is!

Maira then turns her inferno's gaze to Pete. "Why do you want these princesses!? Who is Maleficent!?" she demands, using a bit of air magic to project her voice so that it can be heard over the din.

Security is now trying to evacuate the area, trying to keep the bystanders calm as they rush for an escape, screaming about the Heartless, a dragon, a huge dark knight--nothing about a fireman.

The Heartless swarm her like insects, a few grabbing at her with their shadowy hands, trying to drag her away, clawing at her skin.

But others are in more trouble. Angantyr is tanking a great deal of aggression. Maira yells and reaches toward him, her healing magics flowing forth to settle over him.

Over the radio, she pleads with Faruja to help them. She can't heal everyone!
Avira Avira suddenly slides in front of the Heartless swarm, her weapon finally pulled free of its sheath. It isn't a keyblade or anything, but it is a weapon near and dear to her heart that has served her well thus far. "Not so fast! You Heartless won't be interfering with this fight!"

Avira lunges and...!

...takes what is no doubt a very epic battle between a swarm of Heartless off-screen. She heroically farms some extra MP in the process.
Ulharisk growled and then rushed right at the Heartless rushing at him. His claws sweep out as he charges through. Striking and clawing at all of them. A few trip him over, but he slams his claws into those as well. A few slash into his scales, striking the flesh under which gently drips down blood.

Yet they too were repaid in kind by drake claws.

The young dragon then let out another roar as he starts to make his way over to Maira and Angantyr. "Maira!" he calls over before he comes to a halt beside her. His violet draconic eyes peer at Angantyr and gives a minor nod.%r No he doesn't trust him, but he is protecting his friend.

And no. He doesn't know their relationship. He just knows right now this creepy dog-cat wants Maira and he wasn't going to let him have here. They both seem to be sharing that same idea right now. He also may be bleeding a little from all the heartless assaults.

"Maira. Get up on my back. Quickly." He then turns his attention to beat and snorts softly. "May Xur'shio forgive me for what I am about to do." He murmurs softly and then suddenly flames lick around his maw before he suddenly blasts out several fire balls toward Pete and several of the heartless. Yes. He knows this will create a fire.

He is aware this will create a fire

But he needs to give Maira time to get up on his back so they can escape from here.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney fades out of existence as the heartless who were put aside for him make their attack. He reappers behind them, shaking his head with distaste. And suddenly, his heartless emerge again, having been blown away by the swarm earlier. They're visibly different, each baring the same symbol Sydney has upon his back like an emblem. They leap forth, engaging in combat with the other heartless.

Sydney breathes deeply, and the tendrils begin to move slowly. Unlike most wielders of darkness, who simply radiate it when they areexperiencing negative emotions, Sydney is in complete control of its every movement. He extends his arms outwards, and the aura grows larger as he begins to radiate/absorb as much darkness as his body can possibly handle. (And with the Blood-Sin, thats a /lot/) The darkness begins to dance around his body, like sparks upon waters as Sydney opens a clawed palm towards Pete. The weight of the darkness radiating from Sydney becomes so heavy that it begins to fall like blackened snow. It drifts about gently for a few moments, despite the lack of wind, before finally doing anything. Anyone with an observant eye will be able to tell what they're doing. They're acting as conduits of magic, as Darkness bounces between them, before finally generating a massive amount of force. They begin to vibrate, setting off a chain reaction that culminates in a blinding explosion, like a dark-elemental Ultima spell.

"Taste the power of true darkness, fool. Then perhaps you will understand the pathetic mockery you wield."
Faruja Senra Faruja grits his teeth, speaking lowly into his linkshell. The nearest object gets neatly kicked in frustration, before he suddenly is forced to deal with more heartless. Further clothing, and blood is shredded/shed as the Burmecian goes on the defensive. Leaping away, he lands nearer to Maira, and more importantly the man he's reluctantly going to help.

Truly, it takes all of his now inebriated willpower to not stab the Heretic Angantyr Vespar. But that would not only be stupid, but utterly defeat the point.

Glaring at Angantyr, the Burmecian gives his best scowl and look of scorn. Time to piss the man off.

"Heretic Angantyr Vespar, shall ye truly fall to such depths of depravity and /weakness/ that ye would fall to the likes of this Witch? Hmm? To allow Maira to be stolen from pious, well meaning men to no doubt be twisted and hurt so cruelly? Prove that there is yet a single /ounce/ of worthiness within! That mayhap thyself be worthy of the Lord's forgiveness, and the blessings of the Holy Prophet! CHOOSE! Be thee a craven Heretic, or a wandering knight seeking SALVATION!? STAND! LET NAUGHT THIS DAEMON-LOVER TAKE THIS MOST HOLY OF SPIRITS FROM THIS PLACE!" Faruja pious ranting isn't just filled with zealous vitriol, it's filled with magical enchantments usually meant to embolden the Faithful. Hopefully it'll just further anger Angantyr and get him to prove himself wrong. Angry Angantyr means pain for the man's enemies, and that's just what they need. Powerful spells of healing follow up as the ratling flashes Curagas over the man.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart had the right footing this time, apparently her word struck better than her fists too, but she got a good opening at least, and she isn't fallen to the heartless swarm at least. So she'll take that as a victory. But she's not quite done with the verbal assault, looks like she's struck a chord there after all "Being married doesn't mean anything! You can be charmed, heart set ablaze, then you lose all control, kidnap her and lock her away, saying that if you can't get her, noone else will!" Yeah, she's laying it thick there, but she's read that somewhere. Or was it a song? Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide away from the rest of the world?

She'd feel like singing if she wasn't punching Pete's gut.

Speaking of which, time to lay some in. She moves in for another attack, sweeping Pete's feet off, and before he can get his balance back, shoulder slam him again so he falls on his back. And to finish it off, cheery on top, a charged explosive fist she releases straight down into that bouncy guts, which would impact a small crater under him (if it works at least, sadly been unlucky with that one recently).
Katyna Katyna chances a glance around her, smirking at Faruja's drunken state, noting that Maira is being protected by Ang, naturally. Well, good, she can focus all her strength on the funny fireman guy instead!

When Sora flashes his keyblade, Kat cant help but watch in silent admiration, as always, secretly coveting that glorious weapon as she notes how effortlessly is cleaves through the swarms of heartless.."Seriously? You think a keyblade weilder would join the darkside? Heh..Good luck. That kid's as pure as Reize, from what I've seen."

She smirks at Pete, although her gaze slides curiously towards Sydney, the 'other' dark knight, when he is mentioned. Hmm, interesting. He reminds her very vaguely of Ang and his struggle with darkness. Fortunately both dark knights seem to be strong enough to fight the heartless at least.

And as for Kat, she gave up the path of dark knight long ago..She slices at the heartless but only seems to hit air as they swoop around her, cutting her with cards that do little more than give an annoying, stinging papercut. Darn, she should have worn long sleeves at least! "What the hey..Are my skills really so rusty? Bah! Take this!" And she slashes out again, hopefully with better aim this time, unleashing more bursts of colorful flames in her wake.

Unfortunately, her attack is delayed as the heartless swarm her again, striking out with surprising strength and causing her to stumble back a bit, gritting her teeth as she attempts to charge into them again. Her sword flashes red as she attempts to absorb their energy into her, to heal her wounds.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was hurt more than he let on with the first barrage...he grunts...

Pain continues to acumilate, blood runs down the armor, dripping below him, but he still stands. Healing spells flash over him, and he stands barely. Darkness swells again, as he starts to reforge the armor with nothing but his will, as Faruja starts screaming at him. It works, but not in the way the Rat might want, "SHUT THE <GOOSEHONK> UP! SERIOUSLY!" he says, and ROARS as he jumps back towards Pete..

Angantyr grabs the firehose, and attempts to litterally Send Pete to the ground...

Before trying to hold him with one hand, while using the other one to SHOVE his own hose down his throat.
Faruja Senra Watching as Angantyr goes for the kill, Faruja adopts a pleased, drunken smile. "...Always good to see a potential penitent with such /enthusiasm/." Hopefully it's said loudly enough that Angantyr can hear. Needling the man will no doubt help Pete's eating of hoses.
Evja So that was how it was going to be?

Pete was going to respond by making the heartless attack them more?

"Fine. Have it your way." And the Viera took the moment to leap straight up into the air before pouncing down towards where Pete was. What he attempted to do, however, was catch Pete off guard. Off guard in that he swiftly dove behind where Pete was and attempted to use the a sharp point on the fakeyblade to poke the tub of lard right in the backside.


Though it seems others were attempting to deal with Pete too. "Enough! Stop trying to fight these beasts and their idiot in here! Let us roll them outside!" And back into the fray Chita goes, weapon swinging and attempting to knock heartless towards Pete to bounce off him, to knock him away, to try and get them, and him, back out the entrance he came from.
Sora "I don't hold to Kidnapping!"

Sora declares this afterwards. "I don't hold to hurting anyone, and that is the wrong use of the word 'platonic!' Kairi explained that word to me once! We had a platonic friendship!" Sora's cheeks go slightly pink.

Sora, you may not be using the word right either.

He struggles with the Heartless for a few minutes, the blade whirling around as he swings it left and right, before breaking free of them once again.

"And you don't KIDNAP MY FRIENDS!"

Sora dives in again, without a care in the world.
Pumpkinhead Pete is starting to have some trouble here. In fact, the tide of battle is starting to quickly turn against him. No doubt it's because Avira is off in the corner there taking out the Heartless as they respawn, allowing everyone a breather and a chance to really get at Pete.


Pete is thrown back! Sydney unleashes his ultimate technique...! And... ... And Pete punches it away from his body distractedly, sort of like how you'd expect Superman to punch away a laser. Maleficient keeps this bumbler around for reasons (tm). And not all of it is knowledge of the past. Ulharisk unleashes a wave of fireballs, Pete manages to defend himself somewhat by spraying the fire with water--and the fireballs that hit his chest dissipitate because he is wearing RED armor which means he is FIRE RESISTANT. But his helmet DID get knocked off recently so, well, his face is now on fire. He starts screaming and flailing. Katyna has less luck, being blasted away mid assault by the water Pete is sprayin'. Sora dives in and manages to club Pete upside the head before Pete manages to bash him away with an arm. "OI KID!"


"...No, I just feel bad now."


Tifa keeps plowing her fists into Pete's belly. He groans, "URgghh... Don't...feel so good..."


And then Angantyr tackles Pete to the ground. Pete's eyes widen. He shrieks and says, "NOT THE MOUTH NOT THE MOUTH!! NOT AGAIN!!"

The hose goes in Pete's mouth, his belly bloats up as he is filled with water. His eyes water and then--Pete spews some water out, barely clipping Ang, but the bigger issue is that the hose suddenly sends him swinging around through the air uncontrollably!

"FMPHMPHMPHMPHMPMPH!" Pete screams, he's like a giant balloon, and that wild hose--and his big big body--are writhing about, crashing into RANDOM individuals. Except for Sydney who Pete actually swings his body at just out of spite.

Spite, by the way, is a delicious beverage that villains like to drink. Has a taste of lemon lime! Drink some refreshing Spite today!
Maira Oh come on Faruja, did the healing have to come with a lecture!? Most holy of spirits!? Whaaaaat!? Still, Angantyr is alive. That is what matters. Looking around at everyone, Maira is considering that they might not actually win this one.

Maira will fight to the last, as she is sure everyone else will as well.

Maira looks toward Sydney, engaged in a "my darkness is better than yours!" conversation with Pete it would seem. Well, alright. She'd take what help she could get. There may be a lot of duality in the world, but Maira knows that darkness is not inherently evil just as light was not inherently good--they are the forces that make up creation.

Then Angantyr actually moves forward to try to shove the hose down Pete's throat. O-oh my. Angan does not make idle threats!

Maira looks around frantically then, looking for Avira. Had she been carried off!? No, there she is, battling Heartless with the Spine.

Ulharisk charges in, stopping beside her and suggesting she get on his back so they can get out of here. Maira hesitates. She wouldn't run away from the fight--but if she could draw the attention off her friends, she would. If they ran, would Pete and the Heartless follow?

Yes, they probably would.

That plan is scattered to the winds almost as quickly as it is formed, Pete blows up like a horrifying balloon and flails around wildly, attacking people as he goes.

Several fall. Sydney goes down, Tifa, then Angantyr. " no no," she says. She can't go. She rushes toward Angantyr, dropping down beside him sending wave after wave of cure spells into him. He'll get up again--he will! "Angan you can't fall, no no no get back up so we can get out of here!" she says. She won't leave without knowing her friends would be taken care of.

Everyone is hurt badly. What can she /do/?

As Angan begins to stir, Maira turns here eyes on Pete. "You want me!? Come and get ME!" she yells, then begins to run away from everyone else, hoping the Heartless will follow.
Faruja Senra Yes, Maira. That lecture was utterly necessary. The best allies are /angry/ allies.

Tifa and Angantyr go down, and the Templar is right on top of it just as Maira gets into the act. "/UP/ with ye, knave! UP!" That, of course, is offered to Angantyr. Come on, Dark Knight, stay alive so you can punch the annoying rat in the face later! Faruja'll abide by that if it means Maira lives. Tifa gets a much gentler bit of encouragement.

"'Tis hardly time to fall yet, M'Lady Lockhart! Let us destroy this wretch!"

And then Maira goes and pulls a Jasmine. The string of curses that Faruja lets out is enough to make a harlot blush. Leaping behind the woman as she retreats, the rat attempts to bodily block any heartless going after the woman!
Evja Suddenly, Angantyr's plan backfired.


Chita is bounced backwards just as he lashes out with his sword, bouncing a bit before standing in time to hear Maira try to play the sacrifice. "No you idiot! Do not run off by yourself!" he shouts towards Maira before leaping into the fray towards Pete, directly this time, attempting to rectify this situation. "Time to go." he announced before spinning around with his sword and smashing into Pete as hard as he could, or at least trying to, before the weapon glowed brightly and he leapt again before coming once again at Pete, and again, and again, trying to repeatedly beat the living tar out of the rolly polly fellow and Team Rocket him right the hell off into the distance(and back out the entrance to the poker hall).
Ulharisk notices Maira suddenly not only bring Ang back to life, but he also notices everyone else who has fallen to the ground. He closes his eyes and then inhales deeply. Maira needs to escape. She needs to get away.

Ulharisk Charges after her, but then turns himself around letting out a roar and then acting like a roadblock to any heartless that tries to get around him. Ready to protect her escape at all cost. So there was only one way to do this. "Everyone! Clear way!" Is the only warning he will give.

He rears up his head, his eyes glowing brightly before he suddenly lets out a mighty roar as flames suddenly flare out in massive streams from his mouth, covering it over the area like an arch to pour it out on the Heartless who dare get in close; maybe even Pete in his wild flying around.

Thankfully the area is wet now, so things catching on fire may be hard. Then again. This is dragon fire. Dragon fire does have a tendency to give the middle finger to typical world physics.

But if he goes down. He goes down knowing that Maira is safe.
Avira Hold of the Heartless so the others can finish off Pete! That was the plan, at least in Avira's mind. After going through several cycles of beating the things in the ground and carefully strafing around them so she doesn't get surrounded, Avira gives a glance over in Pete's direction, just in time to see Angantyr smash into the oversized Shadow Lord. Yet in spite of the incredible power Angantyr unleashes and Pete's comically expanding water-filled body, Pete was still functioning?!

Aha, FIRE RESISTANT RED ARMOR. He clearly came prepared to deal with Maira. But more importantly, out of control water-spewing bad guy! Avira ducks for cover behind some slot machines. "SORA!" she calls out, ducking just in time, but hopping back up to perch on the slot machines shortly afterwards. She watches Pete fly around, then, when he nears her again, she swings mightily with one of the flat sides of the Spine.

"BATTER UP!!" A faint light aura overcomes her as she swings and the force behind the blow seems to be much greater, despite her size.
Sora Sora gets knocked away and rolls, before he pops back up to his feet, glancing back at Pete and the Heartless for a few, long moments. Then Sora, angrily, says, his voice loud and strident, "C'mon, don't give up!"

"We can't give up, right?!"

It is a callback to anyone that was Manhatten, that Sora has ever helped before. The young man braces himself again, before...

He dives right back into the fray, bracing himself even as the Keyblade leaves behind a series of pink slashes as he bounces Pete back towards Avira, before darting it to finish off the event with another fire-based combo.

DUAL TECH: Skull & Keyblade Bounce! (This needs a better name.)
Tifa Lockhart Pete's counter attack hits hard. She was out of position after attacking, and that tantrum... surprised her to say the lease. She wasn't expecting that kind of move, and it sent her flying, and skidding on her back against the polished rocks of the plaza. Darkness would claim her, if it wasn't for the rapid intervention of Faruja. She grunts as she gets back up instead "Thanks Faruja." She shakes her head. Well yeah, she's being mean to him because it seems to be working. Those that know her know that she's not like this usually either, she's actually pertty kind, but she doesn't take lightly to people attacking her friends either.

"You're denying it so strongly, there might be a line of truth to it after all!" And then she moves to attack again, using what strength she has left, which isn't all that much right now, Pete has taken much out of her. But there's strength in numbers, even when weakened.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's plan slightly backfires on him...he was already on death's door, so when Pete counters with CARTOON PHYSICS...

Angantyr goes down in a heal from the pure force of Pete's cartoon like nature.

Not yet..

Maira's ghost revitalizes him, forcing him tos tand once more, but so does Faruja, screaming at him again...

Angantyr's desire to use him as weapon grows, but he stands. "That's it, you pile of crap." he says, and holds his hand up. Darkness channels through him as he looks towards The flying Pete and the remaining heartless. "My name is Angantyr Vesper, minion. Mark it well. I am the twilight that protects the light." he says, and the mace remateralizes. Darkness surges, forming the weapon...but it starts to glow darker and he burns with a heat haze as he starts to run. The weapon seems to grow, darkness stretching as he swings the mace upwards towards Pete and the remaining heartless.

And then a MASSIVE explosion of darkness follows, probably tearing through the front of the building, but also aiming to remove the remaining offenders.

Angantyr stands, outside, bloodied and barely on his feet, as the dark mace burns out the last of it's energy.
Faruja Senra Somewhere along the way, Faruja is thrashed by the bowling ball that is Pete. "Lord in heaven, my spine!" Some in the building might enjoy the rat's yells of pain.
Pumpkinhead Goofy and Donald walk by in the background.

"Gawrsh." Goofy says. "You think we'll find Sora here?"
"Why would Sora be in a Casino, dummy!" Donald says.
They walk back off screen before anyone realizes they're there.

Pete is gonna have trouble dodging while flying through the air like that. Tifa manages it and gets bopped by Pete's flailing body for her troubles. It nearly takes her out AGAIN. MEANIES don't prosper, Tifa! Ulharisk's fire manages to ruin the casino even more ... but only bounces off Pete's RED armor. It's a fireman's uniform. It's definitely FIRE RESIST. Look at it. It's RED. You're lucky it doesn't ABSORB fire.

Evja bunny hop lops and cleaves Pete away from his own firehose. He swings around through the air before splooshing down to the ground, near the exit. As his belly hits the ground, he spews water everywhere, knocking out a roulette table as Diablos ravens circle around his head dizzily.

"Ooogg..." He says. "Ha ha ha... you made a mistake, bunny! You freed me from that infernal contraption and--"

Angantyr is speaking.

Pete blinks twice.


The Heartless are utterly dissipitated. Pete remains, his body covered in charcoal comically. He starts laughing nervously to himself, especially as Avira and Sora approach.

" listen. I'm...I was just kidding about that 'platonic' stuff, truth is I don't know what platonic means, so if it was a wee bit impolite, I'm sure sorry about that, eheheheh... I'll just... I'll just see myself ou--OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWT!!!"

Avira bashes Pete into the air with a mighty blow and--


Sora bashes him out the door, rolling around like a bowling ball before crashing into a firework display that just happens to be there.

"Oogg... I'll remember you, kid! You won't get away with makin' a fool outta Pete!!"

A stray spark from one of Ulharisk's fires lands on the fireworks' fuses.

Pete is launched through the air before a firework erupts into the knight, casting a pretty sheen in the night sky.
Maira Turns out her heroic/idiotic maneuver was completely unneccessary. Her heart was in the right place, at least?

Maira turns to see Ulharisk covering her retreat with dragons fire, suitable /impressed/ by this display. Maira knows fire. That

Many things may be on fire now, but this does not stop Maira from running back toward then, watching as Pete sparkles off into the atmosphere, all the Heartless gone.

But for how long?

That question settles over Maira like a wet blanket. That's it. It's true. She'll be hunted.

Now what?

First things first, Maira runs to Ulharisk, casting a cure spell on him, continuing on toward the rest of her friends, panting, her fire growing dim as she spins out the rest of her energy on those who look like they need it the most.

Maira slumps down then, placing her hands on her knees, eyes wide. "I...I have potions...somewhere...we...we should all get out of here--I can heal more if I had my ethers..." she says, looking between them all.

"Thank you...everyone. You all keep protecting me--" she says, her eyes filling with tears that quickly stream down her cheeks. "....thank you."

"What do I do /now/?"
Faruja Senra Faruja turns to Maira, a small smile blossoming upon his muzzle. "My friend, while I cannot speak for the others..."

Gasp, pant. That Pete wretch hurt! He may be an idiot, but he can cause great destruction.

"Even more than the gift given thee by Holy Faram, thy presence has made my life enriched for knowing thee. To allow a kind woman, a /truly/ kind woman whom lacks the great malice or hate within that we may possess be taken, or slain? 'Twould be to allow a precious thing beyond any gemstone to be lost. The light of thy compassion is healing beyond any magicks. Besides, 'tis what friends do, hmm?" Smile. Smile!

Thud! Faruja's face hits the floor, alcohol, wounds and battle fatigue catching up. That drink really /did/ knock him out cold.
Angantyr Vespar "<GOOSEHONK>ing lightweight." Angantyr says, turning around and falling to a knee...he's lost a lot of blood from this...he's going to need some healing.

The mace fades, and does the armor. His own clothing battered. His shirt, destroyed.

"We need to leave, Traverse seems to be the best option.

Sora Sora looks over at Avira. "Good job." He murmurs, waving a hand as the keyblade disappears, gone into that other space where it maintains itself until Sora has total need of it. He then turns to look at Angantyr and Maira, giving the Dark Knight a thoughtful look. "Keep her safe." He says, grinning slightly, before the Keyblade Wielder wanders off, delivering a hefty 'i'm sorry we blew up serendipity' fund to the manager of the place.
Avira Avira will take a moment to give Sora a fistbump of victory for that nicely executed reaction command. The fireworks are nice tonight and Angantyr is shirtless. Things can't get any better!

Well actually, they can get better. Avira looks over at Maira from afar, a concerned look on her face. Obviously she's under a lot of stress-stress that Avira can actually understand. Hopefully Faruja's words will comfort Maira a little. But as she listens to them, she pauses, and slowly frowns.

Casually, she sheathes the Spine and turns for the door, "That's what friends are for, right?"
Ulharisk watches as Maira comes back, heals several people. The heartless are gone. Pete is gone. Now Ang talks of going back to Traverse Town. The Dragon moves up carefully and look at everyone here. "Please gather who you can and take them to Traverse Town for medical care." He says calmly, ignoring his own pains.

Though the cure did help some.

He rumbles softly. "Maira. Go with Avira back to Traverse Town. I will carry him," being Ang. "Back on my backside. I wish I could carry you both-- or more..but.." He gives a sheepish dragon grin with a pouting rumble. "I am not that big."

His violet eyes glance around. "..and I also suspect will not be welcomed back here again either.." He reaches over with his tail carefully and pokes Faruja. Poke poke.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as she's beaten down and tired... but still standing. She smiles to Maira "Don't worry about it, like she said, friends. And you'd do the same for us if it happened, right?" She pats Maira on the shoulder, reaching to her belt to get some potions for herself and the others.
Maira Maira reaches toward Faruja, her gaze one of warm affection--until Faruja faceplants. Oh dear.

She checks his vitals and decides that he will be just fine. She knows he knows more healers. Surely someone will call someone to come get Faruja. He has many friends.

Maira glances over toward Sydney, chewing her lip. "In my bag...I have to get potions into bag is...over there...somewhere," she says, gesturing. Hopefully, someone who can still move around fetches it. Maira will then move over to Sydney and dump a few potions into him with as much delicacy as she can. He'll live. She'll find out more later.

Maira passes out what potions she has, finding an ether and downing it so she can use her magic again. Angantyr is still in pretty terrible shape, and apparently they are going to need to travel. Maira looks back to Angantyr, noticing as his armor disappears that he's shirtless. Bliiiiiink. Blush.

Maira turns then toward Avira. "Avira! Don't go...come, I can heal again." Why is her best friend walking away? Is it because of....things with Angan?

With a sigh she looks to Ulharisk, nodding.

Then, to Tifa, Maira nods, smiling through her tears. "<GOOSEHONK> right I would."
Faruja Senra Poke. Twitch. Squeak. Hic! "GrrarmHeresymmmmgrrrmmLoveYouHatimuttermutter" Cling! Faruja latches onto Ulha's tail, hugging it tightly in his drunken/wounded/half-asleep state. He'll be okay, though the hangover will suck. At least he won't have to pay for those damages!
Sora Sora cranes his neck around, peering at Faruja from nearby.

Love Hati?

Maira "Take care, Sora!" she calls. She wishes he'd stay too!
Ulharisk huffs softly as his tail is latched onto. Thankfully Faruja is hugging onto the 'fin' parts and isn't getting poked by the spikes that jet out to make the fin. Its a rather dangerous tail, but what do you expect from a dragon, right?

The drake peers over to Maira, waiting to see if she is ok with this, then to Ang. He narrows his eyes slightly before giving a gently huff of smoke in his direction. "I don't trust you fully, but you helped Maira and she seems to care deeply for you. I have not forgotten what you did.. but for the action of today. I forgive you, even if you don't care to have it."

The Dragon then attempts to carefully move his tail free from Faruja. "Now come on. I promise I wont barrel roll and dump you off into the middle of the ocean somewhere." He says with a slightly warm smile to Ang. At least as warm has a dragon can smile.

He may even be slightly making a bit of a 'purr' sound with those words. Really. He is trying to be friendly, ok. He doesn't want to eat /anyone/.
Avira Why indeed? Avira doesn't seem to clarify. But she does slow and turn around. "Well...go ahead Maira, I didn't get it too badly." Avira gives Maira a thumbs up.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr accepts the help because he doesn't have much choice.

"Tch." he responds...he doesn't explain his actions, because as far as he's concerned this has already been explained. Instead, he relaxes, he can rest for now.

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