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Minette in Artyomland
(2013-06-03 - Now)
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Artyom W. Valodjn The location of Artyom's room aboard the Ame no Torifune is a subject of much debate among some of the crew. The fact is that the Titan has certain needs- such as sufficient head-space, storage, and a bed large enough to accomodate him. Few people realize that Artyom W. Valodjn, rather than take up space among most of the rest of the crew, instead tends to hiss affairs in a section of the ship's vast hold- one that has been repurposed for being lived in.

The way to Artyom's chambers is frought with danger that lurk in the shadow of shipping crates and supply barrels. That is: Very little danger at all, up here. Artyom's regular coming and going keeps away anything that might want to take up residence in the hold. In a way, Artyom serves the same purpose that a dragon might provide to a bank: He is big, he is scary, and he keeps nosy adventurers away from all the shiny loot.

Also, he scares away the rats.

Minette would eventually find her way to a rather staggeringly large wooden door, built into a vast wooden wall that cordons part of the holds' back end. There is a brass knocker on the door, next to a small wooden ornament that seems to indicate Artyom is in his room.

Does she dare enter!?
Minette Odam There are no rats on the Ame-no-Torifune. For one thing, Souji does not consider them a high-enough class of vermin to reside on his flagship and will tolerate nothing less then an elemental skulking about (though those aren't tolerated either, really), and for another, Minette did not include them in the budget.

Minette reaches up to grab at the knocker. And then gets up on her tippy toes. And then jumps for it a couple of times before managing to get both hands on the ring, but this ends up with her body pressed against the door and no way to actually move the knocker. "Well." She announces to no one. "Here I am."

And then the door swings open, carrying Minette inside with it.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom's door swings open, revealing... Artyom's room!

It's about as roomy as one might expect from a Titan's chambers. The ceiling towers overhead, buttressed by heavy, arcane timbers. But there is much more light in this room than can be found in the rest of the hold. Irregular crystals rest in sconces along the walls of the room, radiating warm torch-like light, illuminating the Titan's furniture. Everything in here is massive- built specifically to allow someone of Artyom's size to live comfortably, without feeling all too cramped.

Nearly everything is made of some kind of heavy hardwood, from the couch, to the bookshelves, the craftsman's table with its stone-dust covered top, to the bedframe peeking out from behind a makeshift dividing wall, with an iron-bound chest at its foot.

Everything that is not wood is iron, brass or stone, and what is soft seems to be relatively practical in make. Artyom lives a very... sturdy existance, it seems.

The colossus rests behind an equally large table, a book cracked open on the edge of the workdesk. His eyes lift over the rim of his glasses, toward Minette as she falls into his room. "Odam," he says, gesturing to a (large) chair across from him, "Please, have a seat."
Minette Odam In a way, this reminds Minette of a time from her youth, when she was five. She got to go on board a big sailing ship with billowing white sails. And do you know what they had on the deck? A /bell/. And so little Minette rung that bell for all her worth because it was fun and got in a whole mess of trouble. And so they took her into the captain's cabin and everything seemed as if it were a giant's room. She was sat down in a chair across from the captain's desk that was too big for her, and the captain gave her a very stern talking to about why you don't just ring the watch bell on a boat and about the dangers of doing so. And then after she cried for a bit he sat her down on his knee, dried her eyes, and told her a wonderful story about bells, and how they warn of danger, ward of evil, and scare away the Lurker in the Deep. And then when she got home her father took her over his knee and gave her a right-sore paddling she never forgot.

Minette climbs up into the chair that's too big for her and feels like a five year old again, legs dangling over the edge. Actually, it makes her feel nervous, like she did something wrong. Truth is, she has no idea /why/ Frank called her down here and the lack of that knowledge is making her brain invent increasingly wild fictions to fill the gap.
Artyom W. Valodjn Minette has probably heard this line before. It's the line the preceeds every personal, you-messed-up-style lecture that has ever been told in the history of highschool. "You are probably wondering," Artyom begins in his distinctly reserved manner, "Why I asked for you to come here." He shuts his tome with a solid, heavy 'thud.' It's only when he sets the thing down does it become abundantly clear that they do not create novels in Titan size.

"Minette," Artyom folds his hands over the bridge of his nose. He peers at her from over his knuckles and the frames of his glasses. It's not unlike being stared at by some kind of massive monster- perhaps a behemoth. "You are very defensive about a great many things. I would like to inquire as to why."
Minette Odam Minette flinches a little when the book slams shut. That alone is telling. "Yeah, kinda." Minette replies, about when her brain had come around to the possibility of 'confession of love'. That particular idea is quickly dispelled as myth by Artyom's actions. That's not the face of someone in love (and that suits Minette just fine because Frank's as big as all outdoors and she's a little afraid of him).

"I don't think I'm that defensive." Minette says, defensively, which is her default reaction to most things even vaguely confrontational.
Artyom W. Valodjn Silly Minette. Everyone has their one true love- unfortunately yours is still lost in the darkness. Try again next Prince Charming.

Artyom is neither charming, nor a prince. This is besides the point.

"There you go again," Artyom says, heaving a long sigh. He reaches down toward somewhere in the vague vicinity of his feet, retrieving what appears to be a small, electronic water heater. He deposits some of the scalding liquid into a pot, which is presumably full of tea- because Artyom drinks lots and /lots/ of tea. "You said things that nearly had Helena take your tongue from your mouth, and I do not think that it is the first time. It is somewhat... Problematic, these outbursts- but I would like to help you if I can."
Minette Odam Minette makes a small, choked sound. "Are you..." She goes a little slack jawed and wide eyed... or so her raised eyebrows suggest. It's hard to tell what her eyes are doing on the other side of those thick lenses. "Are you suggesting that it's /my/ fault that Helena's a confrontation, catty witch?!" Minette frowns, distinctly and sourly.
Artyom W. Valodjn "...No." Artyom replies in what is easily the most deadpan manner this side of the Restaurant Graveyard. "I am suggesting that you are perpetually seeking to take the last word in everything- and can turn nearly anything into a competition that exists only in your head," the Titan elaborates in his usual stoic manner, "It is my experience that this behavior suggests that you believe yourself to be threatened by... something."

"We are not going to throw you into the streets for making a mistake, Odam," The Tian pours himself a cup of tea. It smells of Haunted Mint. "That would be barbaric."
Minette Odam "I haven't made a mistake!" Minette says, again, defensively. She folds her arms in an almost petulant manner, lifting her chin and turning her face away. "So then, what, I should have just sat there and been abused? Or are you saying that the mistake was defending myself?"
Artyom W. Valodjn "The mistake was haste." Artyom looks upon Minette like a man regarding a particularly unruly bonsai. There is much work to be done here, "You spoke without thinking, and likely would have regretted the outcome had Helba decided to press the issue. Like a mouse being pressed into a corner."
Minette Odam "So I /am/ supposed to just sit there while she insults me." Minette replies with more then a little sourness in her tone. Now she's not even looking at Frank.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Not at all," Artyom shrugs, and is most certainly not fighting the urge to reach over and pat Minette's head. "I just do not think it is particularly healthy, the manner in which you defend yourself."

"Besides," the Titan says, "The more frantic the defense, the weaker the defender appears."
Minette Odam "Yeah well maybe if I could get five minutes to catch my breath without having to defend myself all the time, then maybe it wouldn't look so frantic." Minette is practically pouting, now.
Artyom W. Valodjn "The only one rushing you is yourself," Artyom suggests, quietly restraining his urge to reach over and fluff Minette's hair like some kind of upset puppy. "If you would stop and take a breath to collect your thoughts before speaking, maybe you would find yourself in less trouble?"
Minette Odam "Well that's a load of malboro burps!" Minette replies. "I speak just fine! Discrimination is an ugly thing, Artyom! Ugly! Ooogly even!"
Artyom W. Valodjn "I do not think you're using that word properly," Artyom rubs at the bridge of his nose. "Discrimination, that is. The point, Minette, is that you need to think before you speak- and I am wondering just what it is that drives you to be so hasty."
Minette Odam Minette slams her hands down on the desk, leaning forwards, face reddening with the suddeness of her outburst. "BECAUSE PEOPLE TREAT ME LIKE *goosehonk*, YOU STUPID ROCK-CHEWING MOSS-COVERED okay that got a little out of hand there." Minette's face reddens again, but this time in a blush of shame and she looks away not wanting to meet Artyom's eye for a very different reason.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom says nothing at all. He simply sips at his tea, peering knowingly at Minette and her... Rage issues. "You see," Artyom explains, "I was not threatening you at all, and you snap. You are over-stressed, I think. Makes you jittery. Jumpy at everything, every percieved slight." Steam drifts up from the ghost tea, misting up the slight curve of the Titan's glasses, "For the record, I do not eat rocks, and moss infection is a serious illness, one that I have only contracted once."
Minette Odam "No, but you were being a jerkface." Minette grumps. "Didn't mean any of that moss stuff, and all the rest. That was just... bleah. I wouldn't be overstressed if people would just back off. You're too /this/, Minette. You're too /that/, Minette. Don't be like /this/, Minette. Don't be like /that/, Minette."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Minette," Artyom asks, peering right through Minette's forehead, "When was the last time you had a day off? An honest to goodness vacation from all the... Accounting. And the company."
Minette Odam "I get days off all the time." Minette replies. "Why does everyone think I'm chained to my desk? Ugh."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Days off that didn't involve you being around anyone, or anything," Artyom says, frankly.
Minette Odam "F'meh." Minette declares, slipping down off of the plus-sized chair. Her expression flat, she imperiously declares, "Well maybe I should take one right. Now." And then turns and walks out of the room.

It takes her three tries to get the door open, stupid Titan-sized rassafrassen...
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn, you would need to get Souji's approval first," Artyom sighs, rising from his massive chair with the sound of a boulder slowly loosening from where it was wedged in between two particularly sturdy mountain peaks. He wanders up to the door and...

...Pats Minette's head. His palm flattens across the whole of her skull. "We also need to speak about the... Narshe issue, Minette. But perhaps you need rest first, mmn?"
Minette Odam Minette... bristles when she's patted on the head. That was probably not the most respectful thing to do to another human being. She slaps at Artyom's hand with both of hers in a windmill of ineffectual swats. "Issue? There's no issue with the deal in Narshe. Everything's moving along smoothly and the deal will go cleanly. There is /no/ issue!" And with that, Minette slams the door behind her.

On her hand.

"SHARKFARTS!" Minette exclaims from the hallway. And then a moment later, "NO ISSUE!" from further down the hold.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom cannot help it if, from his vantage point, everyone looks absolutely adorable! It's just a fact of life when you're a Titan of Artyom's size. People look small and fragile, and that inspires all kinds of protective feelings in a big man's heart.

"Put ice on that," Artyom calls after Minette. "And watch for moving boxes."

That girl, she has so many problems. So many.

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