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Don't go into the Bathroom!
(2013-06-02 - 2013-06-02)
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Alma Hyral Lower Archades

While Upper Archades was known for it's opulence, as well as high technology and magitechnology.. Lower Archades was far more humble. It's a world of small triumphs and whispers and extended connections. A place where many people start, hoping to make it to Upper Archades, but most never reach it. While it is well populated by the dregs of society living in their slums.. the Hyral sisters weren't living in that section of town. They'd rented out a rather spacious apartment by the standards of the district.

It required Alma to work frequent double shifts at a local inn as a chef in order to make her share of the rent, utilities, and food budget. This was primarily because she wouldn't charge for healing. In the time they'd been present, she'd put out the offer of her services to the people of the district. Free healing, free medical care, no questions asked, any time of the day or night.

This was definitely taken advantage of, and led to her being less harried by the low lifes of the district... people generally didn't harm those who'd offer such services for free. Even so, the Beetleborg who had become her.. 'guardian' still had to smash in a few faces. She'd then generally patched them up just enough, and sent them on their way.

Today, she was actually back at the apartment, laying down on the couch in a new set of white mage robes with a red triangular trim. She'd apparently passed out there, as her glasses were still on, her hair had stray locks which had become unbound from it's typical bun and she had no pillow or any sort of covers nearby. Her lifestyle choices in Lower Archades gave her little time for actual rest, so she was taking advantage of this time before the next emergency popped up, or it was time for her next shift.
Kyra Hyral Kyra, on the other hand, does charge for potions. Those were things that took ingredients to make, which took time and money to acquire. Not only that, but the alchemy involved was not a skill meant for easily trainable monkies. Lots of schooling went into picking that up.

Kyra LIKED Archades. It was enough like Ramuha without actually being Ramuha (there was too much sunshine, for one), though some of those residing here were decidely snobby. Despite her affinity for the city, Kyra has made herself somewhat scarce lately. Mostly because she cannot STAND that Beetleborg contraption following Alma around. Earning money to afford this place was an adequate excuse to be away.

After an afternoon involving an errand seeking out a certain old man to satisfy a journalist, Kyra steps into their apartment. Right away, she sees that Alma is here and actually pauses, squinting from the door to see if she was awake or not.
Emi Dennou Is Beetle still being creepy and following Alma. It has, at least, generally dealt with thugs and ruffians, but its attitude no doubt left something to be desired. It roughed up the first ruffian a bit too much before Alma stopped it, but after managed to restrain itself. On the plus side, Feige hasn't contacted Alma too much since Beetle's coming. Whether she is watching or not, however...

Beetle is usually quiet. It is sitting in the apartment, either observing or in some kind of sleep mode--the helmet makes it difficult to tell.

"DOUBLE DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE," It says suddenly, standing up. It approaches Alma and reaches down slowly, its purpose unclear.


Emi is coming alone for this, more Dennous may be mo' problems. She has asked around and gotten directions and bribed a few people to find where to go. She is aaaalso making her way to the apartment, and is indeed getting close enough to the entrance to see Kyra, just barely.

Beetle jerks its hand back suddenly. "PAIN, DISTRUST, UNCERTAINTY." It grabs at its head with both hands and stumbles towards the bathroom. "AWAKEN, KEEP AWAY."
Alma Hyral She definitely wasn't awake, and given that her legs are half on, half off the couch, and her awkward position which made it appear as if she'd just toppled sidelong from a seated position, it was likely that she'd just passed out unintentionally.

She mumbles something like, /..why are you quoting Macbeth now? At least it's a change from the nursery rhymes./ In reality it probably came out a lot more incomprehensible. Given that it was always so very /loud/ when it spoke, she was already awake from it.

She'd sit upright slowly, adjusting her glasses, her expression.. foggy. She was definitely exhausted. She only caught the beetle stumbling towards the bathroom, giving it a bewildered look. She'd never seen it actually /hide/ while she was present. She'd always thought Feige wanted to keep it in sight of her at all times.. or at least /imply/ that it was in sight of her. So this was definitely new.

Her gaze swept the room, as she'd rub one of her temples with a hand. Oof, that was a bad headache. An quick Esuna spell only brought down the throbbing, it didn't do away with it.

She'd catch sight of Kyra by the doorframe, giving her a sleepy smile, mumbling once again, "Afternoon Kyra.. or is it afternoon? I've lost track.." A quick glance at the window confirmed it likely was. "How're you?"
Kyra Hyral Kyra scowls. Well, she DIDN'T want to wake up Alma if she was sleeping and had, since spotting her on the couch, been pretty quiet. But that big beetle robot went ahead and opened its mouth (or voicebox, or acuators or whatever the heck it has). Then it starts reachinng for Kyra. The white mage is quickly moving across the floor, her voice low. "Don't touch her." she says harshly.

Then the beetle splits for the bathroom. She's not how to interpret this-usually the only people that do that in her presence, she just fed.

"It's afternoon." Kyra confirms in a tired tone. "I'm fine, though I think I very much don't want to be around the general public at the moment. Ugh." she half-smiles and heads over to a small workstation she's set up-her laptop, mostly, and a few other small materials she's screounged up. "It's a lovely city otherwise."
Emi Dennou Beetle flinches as if struck by Kyra's words, but doesn't answer. Beetle slams the door shut. For a moment it is silent there.

Emi comes up towards the door, pausing to let Kyra and Alma have a moment. She raps lightly on the door and says, "Excuse me, The Network apologizes for disturbing you but inquires if this one can come in?" Emi looks over her shoulder then back inside. "This one can come back later if it is desired."

Emi is presently wearing her visor on top of her head, but hasn't brought any weapons with her or anything.
Alma Hyral She'd slowly rise from the couch, giving her a short look, "The public may be coming on by anyhow.. had a few first time mothers from the slums who wanted advice on prenatal care. And assurance that nausea and vomitting is normal. They'd never heard of morning sickness. It doesn't seem to matter what world you go to. Health education is always lacking somewhere."

She'd traipse over to the kitchen, while trying to tame the few stray locks back into her bun, "It is a lovely city though. Just wish I could see more of it.. that Judge-Cadet I told you about, Riku, wants to get us passes to Upper Archades to check out the library. I'll let you know when he gives us access."

A pause, once in the kitchen, "Are you hungry? I could make you something?"

At the sound of Emi's voice, Kyra might notice Alma's rather.. pale skin, become even closer to a more sickly shade of grey. Alright, that explains why the Beetle fled. She took some time to compose herself, a stutter creeping into her voice. She was obviously nervous, while she's normally comfortable around the network she was /terrified/ of having the wrong thing slip out while Feige could hear it. "No, no, c-come in Emi. Can I o-offer you s-something as well? What b-brings you on by?"
Kyra Hyral Kyra regards the closed bathroom door with curiosity. She can only interpret this action as evasive manuvers because it is a robot and robots don't need to use the bathroom! She's about to go investigate this when a familiar voice speaks up from behind, from the open doorway. Peering over her shoulder, she spots Emi and smiles.

"Oh no, it's alright, you can come in if you want." Kyra says, backing up so she rests her back against her computer table, putting her in a position to look at both of them.

Kyra makes a face, "More people?" she sighs, not begrudging Alma's job but nonetheless a little disappointed she won't be getting queit time this evening. But her mood immediately brightens when she mentions Riku and the prospect of getting into Upper Archades. "Really? That'd be wonderful."

She nods to Alma, indicating that yes, she'd want something to eat. It does well to hide her concern because she's noticed the sudden onset of stuttering.
Emi Dennou "I am sorry to trouble you now," Emi tells Alma.

The bathroom faucet turns on, there's some splashing noises there.

Emi gives the bathroom door a strange look but ultimately shakes her head. "Sorry," She steps inside and glances to the computer and bows her head. "Thank you. The Network heard you were in Archades." She smiles faintly. "Actually I am in the city for work and thought I should drop by. How's your...shardseeking? going?" Emi asks.

She thinks about the question and says, "Ah...sure, I could...I didn't eat before coming, thank you for offering."
Alma Hyral As she starts to busy herself in the kitchen, taking stock of what ingredients she has available to make something, she'd turn and nod at Kyra, "Well n-noone has an appointment, but e-emergencies do crop up, and p-people do still stop by. If it's not e-emergent I just generally t-tell them to drop by at a b-better time. But.. I'm not g-going to turn away someone in need."

Once she'd collected the bacon, eggs, cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cheese she'd start to work at the recipe work, "Y-Yeah, he wants me to s-see if I can f-find any scrap or r-remnant of the s-star charts from his w-world. D-Destiny Island. Since it was an o-oceanic world, I'm r-rather hopeful."

"Y-Yeah, Kyra wanted a place with higher t-tech than Cornelia. I d-don't blame her. Though we s-still need to find a p-place for her with the space for a p-proper lab." And a larger, more well-ventilated kitchen.

A pause, and a glance at Emi, "W-Well, right now we're l-looking into the means to r-restore the first shard we found. We'll need a k-keyblade wielder. I intend to do some t-test runs for Ivalice next, just to m-make sure my m-methodology holds up under f-further scrutiny. Even if we d-don't find shards, if we find /something/ from the t-target world, then I know it will continue to w-work."
Kyra Hyral "Nor do I expect you to turn away people in need." Kyra herself wouldn't do that either. "It's no big deal, I can step out for a while." She seems pretty comfortable travelling alone if she needs to, even without a tank to hide behind. "You need to introduce me to this cadet judge sometime."

There's a shameless smile on her face when Kyra explains that it was her idea to move here. "Oh, I'm sure we'll get it eventually. We just need to save up more money. Baby steps-we're right on track."

Her gaze goes back to the bathroom, where she hears the running water. "There's only so much around about keyblades, as far as information goes. It's a little frustrating!"
Emi Dennou The running water does not shut off, though there is a faint splooshing noise and then the sound of the toilet flushing.

Emi gives the bathroom another look before adding, "You have a friend with you, The Network wonders." She pauses--she's getting offtrack here. Background information. She doesn't think she'll find anything that would trouble Arkie otherwise she might have been more hesitant to take the job, but she should make her effort.

"Yes, but maybe its fortunate. If keyblades were common, the worlds may be in even more danger." She smiles. "We could contact Sora for you, or look for that Mouse King."

They seem interested in moving to Upper Archades. Seems reasonable since Lower Archades, well...

"But its a pretty solid leap. We have had to scout shards through more difficult methods before, or just through dumb luck." Emi says. "You are--looking for your home in particular, correct? Have you figured out how to aim for that?"
Alma Hyral She pauses for a time as she works at fixing their meal, giving Kyra a sort of sheepish, embarassed look. "Well a-apparently he wants to v-vouch for me in front of the S-Senate and the Emperor.. but, first I'll n-need to meet with his Judge M-Mentors. I'm not s-sure what to tell them t-though. I've a-always intended to w-work towards the r-restoration of all worlds. Not just t-theirs.. so I'm not s-sure what they'll say. I-It'd be wrong to take f-funding if they e-expected me to w-work exclusively on their own. And I'd be a w-wreck trying to s-speak to the S-Senate while it's in s-session. To c-convince them that I'm w-worth their time." She'd breathe out a wistful sigh, "S-Sure would be nice to get back to seeing the w-whole sky again... there's barely a s-scrap of it to be had down here. R-Riku says its v-very clear up there, even with the l-lighting."

It may have seemed a rather strange notion given the continent of her birth, but she was starting to enjoy living in places where she had a clear view. "I t-think he's i-interested in your r-research too. M-Maybe they can put you in t-touch with one of t-their experts in your f-field."

As she put what looked like... a pie, at first glance into the pre-heated oven, she'd look back over her shoulder at Emi, "Oh c-could you? I'd r-really appreciate it."

And then came /that/ question, and she'd become quiet for a long while before speaking up, "No c-charts from our world s-survived. Every s-scrap of data I have.. is coming from m-memory. And my memory isn't p-photographic. I'll either n-need to find a way to coax the m-memories out, or someone who can.. r-read my mind." She looked to be /extremely/ uncomfortable with this idea, "W-Without the exact position of each s-star, the best I've managed so far is an area within four point six astronomical units s-squared. And that's not g-good enough. It makes our a-area of s-search so wide that w-we'd be c-combing an entire c-country for a single shard."
Kyra Hyral What in the name of Cosma was that robot doing in there? Kyra has half a mind to go over there and demand. "Yes, it's quite curious. A robot joined a recent rescue attempt of Alma and, having survived the mission, has now taken it upon herself to accompany her everywhere. Like a giant...general guardian or something of the like."

She pauses, then tilts her head at Emi. "I'm afraid I don't follow. What do you mean, if there were more keymades, the worlds would be in more danger."

She pauses and turns to stare at Alma. Vouch for her in front of the Senate? And the Emperor? WHAT?! There's a brief flash of jealousy in her eyes as she slowly folds her arms over her chest. "Hmm." Though she does look a little interested when Alma says she /thinks/ they're interested in her research. But thinking and maybes aren't guarantees.

She looks over her shoulder. "Unfortunately, astronomy wasn't one of my interests so what I have on my computer hasn't been much help either. Well, except for maybe a bunch of digital pictures but it'll take forever to pick through the ones that show enough clear night sky."
Emi Dennou The door isn't locked, Kyra /could/ go in and demand answers. The faucets squeak off, there's a moment of bathroom silence, and then the faucets squeak on again.

Emi says, "A robot? Gosh, I haven't seen a robot since..." Her eyes sparkle. "Is it Roboduck? Roboduck is amazing." She blinks twice, awkwardly swinging her arms behind her. "...Or so The Network has heard. A robot would certainly explain the electromagnetic interference..." She squints. "But why is the robot in the bathroom..? Robots don't need bathrooms."

Emi nods to Alma. "In any event, the reason why many keyblades could make mattersr troublesome, is that what can 'open' a door can ultimately lock it. It seems Keyblades extend this to the...metaphorical." Emi frowns a bit upon hearing about the star charts. None survived....Could ADAM have helped? Hrm.

"Astronomically speaking, a country is tiny. Perhaps the world of Cocoon has technology that could help you."

Emi smiles lazily, "I am sorry for all the questions but..." She points to Kyra's Diablos patch. "Is that...Cosma?, The Network asks in an attempt to learn more about Kyra." She pauses. "What are your interests?"
Alma Hyral She'd been trying her best not to listen to the robot, not to draw attention to it's presence.. especially to the Network. That could go.. poorly. She'd just place two fingers at the bridge of her nose, rubbing it as she pushed her glasses up, "Y-Yes. I'm not r-really sure /why/ it's p-protecting me." That wasn't a lie at least.. she had no idea why Feige cared that much. It must have something to do with the fact that if she expired, then Feige's hypothesis would never be proven. It definitely couldn't be that Feige Abramson actually /cared/ about her otherwise, could it? Nah. And then the radio shrieks in her ear, and she'd shudder briefly, before adding quickly, "Uh, m-maybe you'd b-best not d-disturb it. R-Really, it seems like it's q-quite.. well it v-v-values it's p-privacy." ...Just not /HER/ privacy, given that it had followed her into several birthings she'd helped deliver, and into the restroom.

If Alma even felt proud about the idea of going before the Senate and the Emperor, she didn't show it. She'd always been such a horrendous public speaker that it only gave her terrible anxiety to think about it. Plus, she wasn't even sure they'd believe her. She was.. extraordinarily young after all. What cause would they have to believe she could actually deliver?

As for Kyra's research it was likely fair to say they'd be interested.. it's just that Riku.. he had a different set of priorities other than /SCIENCE/. Alma had sensed that instantly, so she hadn't pressed the issue at the time. Judge Magister Zargabaath would likely be far more interested in Kyra's genius in her field.

She'd offer a wan smile towards Kyra, "Yeah and u-unfortunately my laptop didn't s-survive.. else we'd p-probably be well on our w-way to restoring the w-world. T-Thanks though. Any s-small section at least n-narrows down my margin."

She'd nod towards Emi, "A-Astronomically speaking, s-sure. But t-trying to search by h-hand with a group of t-twenty would t-take years combing every patch of e-earth and we might end up with say, a m-magical artifact instead. I can't a-actually /detect/ s-shards. Just p-project where they'd fall. And r-really? What do you t-think Cocoon would have t-that could h-help?"

And then she'd look back and forth between Emi and Kyra and stutter out, "W-What? N-No! Cosma d-doesn't have a-any real icons in the N-Naturalis faith. T-Though some artists took l-liberties in other s-sects... I'll..."

She'd just give Kyra another look, as she removes the now baked Quiche from the oven, "I-I'll let Kyra e-explain that..."

She had a good idea as to why Kyra wore that patch /now/ from their discussions, but it wasn't her place to tell people that.. it was more.. private.
Kyra Hyral "I cannot say I've heard of Roboduck." Kyra says, pushing away from her desk and walking over to the bathroom. Leaning over, she knocks on the door, then reaches for the handle. She doesn't turn it though. "No, they don't. HEY. What are you /doing/ in there?!"

It's an interesting take on why there shouldn't be a lot of keyblades. "The metaphorical as well? That sounds /fascinating/, I would love to see that in action."

The back of her hoodie, where the pretty impressively detailed Diablos patch is displayed. "Hm?" she looks over her shoulder, "Ah, no, no it isn't."

She fights to not roll her eyes. Oh, Kyra knows exactly why that robot is here. "But Alma, didn't you just tell me yesterday this thing would follow /you/ into the bathroom? Turnabout is fair play. But as for the figure on my back, haha, he is almost as far as you get from Cosma herself. The exact opposite of Cosma would be Chaos, which holds true for all sects...and in a way, all religions. Chaos is the enemy of all."

She turns away from the bathroom door. "Diablos is one of the divines-the Second Gods, said to have been born from a piece of Chaos himself that was cleaved by Odin, one of the First Gods. Diablos is said to favor the....ambitious. And those who dwell in darkness. I think it fits me! Well, the ambitious part at least."

Kyra tilts her head at Emi and seems to consider. "Well, my chosen fields tend to extend into my personal time as well. I like to dabble with genetics and create new things. I also like to mix music and DJ."
Emi Dennou Emi is getting some strange signals here. There is a robot in the bathroom, and--

The toilet flushes again.

And it's using the facilities. Is it dumping waste? What's going on here? Emi is stalled from investigating by Alma's words, at first.

"I... suppose. Astronomy is not our field, honestly, though it is a detective's duty to learn everything they can about the worlds and its people." She frowns a bit. "But, ah, I am not sure if they do or not, of course, but they seem highly they /might/. I would suggest checking into that world at any rate. The amount of resources they spend even just on parades is incredible."

Being told that the robot is a private person only encourages Emi. "I am very snoopy, The Network requests to investigate the bathroom especially if it is determined to go into bathrooms." She approaches when suddenly, from the bathroom.


The toilet flushes again. Emi is determined now, will they stop her??
Alma Hyral The look Alma gave Kyra was akin to abject terror, why was she purposefully trying to antagonize the thing? She still mumbles out, "W-Well yes.. but..." And then she trails off without an answer. She had to admit, it was rather creepy, even if the thing didn't /outright/ watch her, and picked a different stall if one was available.

She always had the oddest sensation though that it was peaking when she showered, she'd bought opaque curtains as a result.

She makes no comment on Kyra's small lecture on why Diablos fits her so well... But when Emi brings up Cocoon again she'd state, "W-Well maybe.. I think I'll see what r-resources are available here though b-before going all that way..."

And then Emi made her move.. And Alma's voice was on the verge of panic, "EMIWAITNO!"

The amount of time that actually elapsed for her to reach Emi and block the door could be measured in fractions of a second.. And no she wasn't using any sort of magic, it was just a frenzied rush to prevent her from entering. She was hyperventilating, with a hand against her chest, more from the anxiety than the actual physical activity. She was fairly lucky that she didn't trip over the hem of her robes in the meanwhile. For a time, she was out of breath, and completely unable to give any sort of excuse for this behavior.. she just focused on trying to calm down her breathing. Eventually she managed to gasp out, "S-Snoopy or s-shouldn't b-bother it. P-P-Please?"
Judge Magister Gabranth has been returned to active duty once more after a rather long fight drawn out with Judge Magister Bergan. It is very interesting how sometimes to test someone's stability, you use the most warmonger of Judge Magister's to try and beat down another Judge Magister. Not only that but Bergan was a bit of a mad dog of the Empire. He was extremely powerful and very dangerous.

However, thankfully he listens when Emperor Gramis says 'sit'.

Thankfully no damage to armor and a draw keeps anyone's pride or ego's hurt. Also the public at large unknowing of such tasks or tests. Including even darker secrets.

Now what though would bring a Judge Magister down to lower Archades? Where very few of the Archadian Empire walks and very few even move past the stairs or shafts? Well, this Judge Magister heard from a Judge about someone's free healing works and has decided by virtue of this look into such a line of work.

Also the fact she held something also of great importance. If what he heard is true...

Not only could her life be in danger, but she could be of great importance to the Empire, before time runs out; if they have that time at all left.

So the people cleared the way as Gabranth walked down the streets. His cape barely moving behind him with each calm step he took against the stone ground. That helm of his hiding those blue eyes that laid behind its shadows and the golden shimmering lines seeming to glow against the dark armor that seem to absorb the light from the sun that could make it past the floating city above.

Though when he comes to the residence he comes to a slowly halts of his steps as he moves in closer. Then he raises up his gauntlet gloved hand, before gently knocking on the door frame. He could say his name and title, but he only do so if he had to do this the second time.
Kyra Hyral MAYBE SHE WAS PURPOSEFULLY TRYING TO ANTAGONIZE THE ROBOT. "Now that's curious, the robot seems to be afraid of you, Emi." Her hand is still resting upon the handle to the door. A crazy Alma all but tackles poor Emi as the Dennou makes her way to the door. Kyra simply stands by, looking terribly amused.

"Alma does have a point." Kyra raises her voice, "It's RUDE to SNOOP on people in the BATHROOM." she half-chastizes the robot within. The bathroom thing had really crossed a line for Kyra!

Looking up at the knock at their door, Kyra abandons the bathroom harassment and crosses the apartment, leaving Emi and Alma to their tangle as she answers the door. Pulled open, she's greeted with the impressive-looking figure of a full Judge Magister which nonetheless draws a startled look from the teenager. Of course, she knew what a Judge Magister was, having done her research of this place. She knew enough about Judge Magisters to know that one showing up at your door isn't the best of omens.

"Hello." she says cautiously, "Can I help you?"
Emi Dennou Emi is just getting more and more nonplussed by all this. She does stop, though, thanks to Alma's sudden movement. She looks at Alma for several seconds and then down at the ground.

The toilet has started to flood, it seems because there's a wet mess leaking out into the main room.

She looks up at Alma again and crosses her arms. She doesn't yet realize a Judge Magister is on the way. "...Your dress is getting wet."

There is a muffled scream from behind the bathroom doors.

"..." Emi continues to give Alma a look.
Alma Hyral ....

The appearance of the Judge, only added to her anxiety. Of all the times that this could happen! Closing her eyes, she'd take several deep breaths, in through her nose, out through the mouth.. Her voice reflected the depths of how perturbed she was by the whole situation, "T-Then I-I'll c-c-clean i-it up l-l-later..."

And then she'd try to usher as /far/ away from the bathroom door as she could manage, her boots sloshing, and the hem of her robe now slightly damp from the experience.

Trying to salvage what little remnants of her shattered dignity that she had left, she'd approach the front door, beside Kyra.. gently taking Emi with her, her voice soft, and suitably anxious, her gaze was demurely downcast, "H-Hello, Sir. I, uh, a-apologize, but I have n-no idea, h-how should one a-address a Judge M-Magister?"

Like Kyra, she'd read up on Archades and Judge-Magisters... but Riku had been suprisingly casual, she doubted that his seniors would be the same way.
Gabranth's helm moved down slightly as he peered right at Alma. Those blue eyes studying her for a moment. "Good Afternoon. I am here on behalf of the Imperial Senate and would like to speak with the individual who does the free healing. There are some questions we would like to ask her." He doesn't state the name.

Though you can bet he knows the name.

"This is the correct residence, aye?"

Then there was a sound of a scream and the Judge Magister canted his head slightly. Kyra may notice his attention is suddenly off her and looking past the door for any details he can make out directly. After all. Judge Magisters were not only general's of the military, but they were also the Judges, the Jury, and the Executioners.

Now he knows why Riku was so pumped on him seeing Judge Dredd. What-- a strange movie.

Judge Magister Gabranth then brought his attention over to Alma. "Hm. You address a Judge Magister by Your Honor and if there are several, Your Honors.. and if talking about them.. Their Honor.. and whatever their title plus name." He explains bring his attention back to whatever was going on behind them for a moment.

"And when speaking to Judges it is simply sir or ma'am." Gabranth add before he tilts his head the other way. "..and is there-- something the matter within the premises?"
Kyra Hyral "...hmm." Kyra actually remains silent for a few seconds before electing to answer the Judge's questions. Another person here to seek out Alma. This apartment was starting to get awfully crowded!

"This is Alma Hyral's apartment, yes." She hears the scream herself and quickly turns around, eyes going right to the bathroom door. Leaving the Judge to stand there and ask more questions, she makes a beeline to the bathroom door, grabs the handle, and pulls it open so she can go inside.

"Enough is enough! What the <goosehonk> is going on in there!?"
Emi Dennou Emi looks over towards the Judge even as she's led away from the bathroom door. She glances over to the door a few times but, naturally, doesn't answer Gabranth's question. She doesn't even know the answer to it. She does, howeve,r give him a small nod--and that's it. She doesn't have anything to discuss with Kyra.

She's gonna just have to wait for a clean moment to gesture and get that door open with electromagnetics---or so she initially thinks. As it turns out, Kyra is stomping to the door herself and with Alma busy, it's a lot easier to get the door open!

Emi can't see through Kyra, however, but when Kyra opens the door she's greeted with quite the sight. The floor is covered in toilet water, the faucets are still going but aren't overflowing the sink. In the toilet itself, there is a great deal of vomit and wads of bloody toilet paper.

Beetle has slunk to the ground, grasping the toilet with both hands. Its body is shaking spasmastically. It isn't facing Kyra, but its visor appears to be up. It's in a great deal of pain.
Alma Hyral Here is a quick guide as to what is making Alma on the verge of a breakdown.

1. A giant robotic beetle guardian which is really her /warden/ is freaking out in the restroom because Emi is here. This includes screaming, flooding the restroom, and otherwise acting suspicious.

2. Emi really wants to see it, which will lead to further freak outs, possibly violent ones.

3. Her hair was a complete mess, she hadn't slept properly in days, she looked like a wreck, the hem of her robe and her boots were sopping wet with water from said flooding toilet.

4. Oh and a Judge Magister, the highest ranking official in the Archadian Military, whom has the authority to enforce the laws, judge crimes on the spot, and execute punishment is at her door.

Gabranth could almost see the words /F- my life/ written on Alma's face. The only way this could get worse is if Kyra offered Gabranth a cup of coffee.

If not for the bathroom being occupied, it might have soon had another occupant, as she suddenly felt very nauseated. "Y-Your Honor. To what do I o-owe the h.." ...Oh sweet Cosma was she really going to say that? It was so redundant and lame. Too late to back out now, she already had started, the pause was noticable, "..h-honor of your v-visit?"

And then Kyra entered into the restroom, she'd just shut her eyes tightly, continuing, "We were a-about to have d-dinner. Would you c-care to j-join us?" And then Emi enters behind Kyra. "...W-We're having q-quiche."

Eyes still shut tightly, awaiting the inevitable fallout.
The Judge Magister stands there and just watches what little he can see of the Chaos. Thankfully, he was around six foot, thanks to probably those boots really, but his attention did return to Alma. "Judge Riku spoke of you to me and in turn, I spoke with the Senate of Archadian Empire." He says with a very calm fashion.

"What matters I would like to discuss with you are of great importance, however," His blue eyes hidden behind the shadows of his helm. "Perhaps should be discussed tomorrow when things are not... chaotic."

No he doesn't sound pleased, but he didn't exactly have much reason to really just bardge in. After all. Teenagers. Guests. Probably some drinking. Drinking happens, then so does those who drink to much meet the toilet.

Such is life.
Kyra Hyral Kyra's big black boots slosh through the puddle of water along the bathroom floor though this is ignored in favor of the smell of vomit that suddenly rises in her nostrils. A hand clamps over her own mouth to prevent herself from responding in kind to the presence of the puke. "Don't come in here!" she shouts out, muffled, to the rest of the room. She definitely doesn't want any of their guests to have to see this.

Her foot kicks out behind her, slamming the bathroom door closed.

She can hear Alma talking about dinner and can't help but have her stomach turn. Sure, she loves quiche but there's vomit!! And blood!

Reaching over, the first thing she does is turn off the faucettes because wasting water is bad and makes Leviathan cry.

Onto the matter of the 'robot', though. Kyra moves to it and crouches down, peering up at its face. "Hey. Hey, c'mon, get it together." Robots don't vomit OR bleed-unless they were really cyborgs and had biological components somewhere. And in that case, biological components could be healed, but Kyra had to know which ONES first. "What's going on? Where are you bleeding?"
Emi Dennou Beetle tries to turn its head away from Kyra, but she can get a quick look at the face before Beetle manages to close its visor again. It seems to be a human, though gender is fairly indeterminate--even without the visor, most of the face is hidden by the helmet. But Kyra can clearly see blue eyes and light skin.

"INTERFERENCE." It says unhelpfully. "WANT TO DIE. OR KILL."

Emi hmms faintly. She hasn't gotten a glimpse at all as to what's going on there, but if Alma is just letting her sister go in it can't be something dangerous, she supposes, but it's certainly suspicious all the same. This is the sort of thing she imagines ARkie would want to know about.

"It's my fault." She tells Gabranth. "I was here keeping them from getting properly ready." She bows her head faintly. "Please, I'm sure Kyra can handle it, The Network offers probably but isn't really al that sure?"

She is quiet for a moment before adding, "Do you require us to step out? Is the matter classified?"
Alma Hyral Oh sweet Cosma..

She pushed up her glasses on her nose with a single finger on the bridge. Chatter on the radio made her want to run right into the restroom. But she had to remain calm. So very calm...

She'd give Judge Magister Gabranth an almost serene smile before stating in a carefully measured voice, her gaze lifting to meet his, "I'm flattered that you believe I'm worthy of your precious time, your honor, and I'm chagrined that circumstances have made your first impression an unpleasant one. If you don't particularly mind, then I'd like to reextend the offer of inviting you to dinner. It will take us only five minutes to properly compose ourselves, and I feel that we would waste less of your time if we took care of this matter tonight. Besides, I feel I would be doing you and the Empire a disservice if I didn't properly introduce you to my sister, Kyra, whom is a genius in the field of genetics and bioengineering." She would make a carefully measured pause, "However, if you feel otherwise, then please, give us the time you'd like to return tomorrow so I might ensure your visit goes smoothly.."

She'd place a hand briefly on Emi's shoulder, "No, the blame is mine. Now, Emi, I understand you might have further questions which went unanswered during your visit. Feel free to contact me by radio and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. It might be for the best if you depart for now, yes, but feel free to return in the near future, if it pleases you."

She'd wait long enough to acknowledge Gabranth's answer, one way or the other, and then she'd walk towards the restroom. That was shameful of her, to use that in that way.

Once inside the restroom, and the door was shut.. all of that calm vanished in the space of an instant. "A-Alright, what's g-going on? You w-wouldn't be having this sort of i-interference in r-response to the N-Network unless you were an u-unconnected node." She'd come closer, alongside Kyra, "H-Have you figured out w-what's been d-damaged? W-What needs h-healing?"
Gabranth cants his head to Emi. He met one of them, didn't he? Who was it again? He can't recall the name. Maybe it was this one. Maybe it was another one. There was one in the fight, one who apologized, and the other in the bar. Beyond some personality differences, they kinda-- looked the same.

Something he can honestly relate too more deeper within. "Ah. I believe we have met once, or-- I met one of your sisters." He says to Emi before moving one of his free hands to rest on the hilt of his sword, though the grip was loose and it was on the butt edge of the hilt. Not a motion to even draw it really.

"This is slightly a private matter, yes, but not a classified one." He says glancing over to Alma. "However, she does not look well and that perhaps could be a greater concern. Perhaps the doctor should go see a doctor?" Yes, it was a rather quick comment. One with a hint of some concern in his voice.

He then looks back at Emi. "I would also suggest that if you do plan to return to Archades more often, miss, that you also brush up on proper decorum of the area. There are some Judge Magisters who would not be so easy going on guests nor the lack of use of proper titles."

"Some Judge Magisters would see it as a charge to place you in prison for a day due to it, though I am not-- exactly-- one of them." The dark knight Judge Magister then looks to Alma once more. He then listens to what she has to say while he reaches into a side pouch and then hands her a link pearl. "I will have to decline from the offer. However, be it tomorrow or another time, I would the be honored to speak with you and your sister." There was then a slight pause. "This a pearl to my private link. When your guest is better and you have gotten some rest, please do contact me so we can speak further."

The Judge Magister's echoing voice in the helm almost takes on a rumbling tone. "Though we have patience, time does not. This is something the sooner we can discuss this, the better."

He then turns about and starts to make his way back to the street. "Till then." He says simply and back off the Judge Magister goes. Probably a good thing; seeing someone bleeding may rise some horrible suspicions on her practice. Even more with her sister being into Bioengineering.
Kyra Hyral Kyra would agree now that, yes, maybe Emi should take her leave for a while instead of be within the vicinity of the Beetleborg. Or Beetleandroid as it were, because she just caught a glimpse of eyes and skin underneath that visor. More and more she is starting to think 'cyborg' or at least 'someone in some seriously wicked power armor.' Alma says something to her over their own private linkpearl and she narrows her eyes.

Her sister might be right. "Just calm down, I'll make sure everything's okay." she says soothingly, reaching out to place a hand upon the 'robot's shoulder. She raises her voice so everyone outside the bathroom can hear, backing up Alma's words, "IT'S ALRIGHT, I'VE GOT THIS!" Please deal with the Judge Magister, Alma. Please ensure that they didn't get arrested!

Through her contact, she tries to heal, imagining that there was a full body beneath that robot shell for lack of better understanding as to the Beetle's specific anatomy. It was bleeding somewhere, that's all that mattered.

"I don't know." she tells Alma, "I'm flying blind here."
Emi Dennou Emi says, "We apologize, we are distracted, Your Honor." Hm, not using a title is considered something of an offense? She'll have to remember that. She doesn't care about being rude, usually, but she doesn't want to get a /record/. It would make her job more difficult. But she IS distracted, that seems evident enough.

Genetics and bioengineering, Emi thinks. "That must be difficult without proper facilities." Bioengineering isn't exactly a casual science. For most people, anyway, as she understands it. Is Kyra interested in her because she wishes to experiment on her? It didn't seem like that, but she supposes she should be cautious.

"It isn't that I do not trust you, but there was something..." She frowns. "No, nevermind. The Network shouldn't be a bother at this point in time. We will trust you to handle the situation."

She bobs her head and pauses, considering snooping around the main room for a moment while Alma and Kyral are busy--but no, she better just depart, though she does wait for Gabranth to get some distance before stepping out on her own.

Beetle seems frustrated. It is struggling to stand up. Where she's bleeding isn't immediately obvious which means she must have coughed up the blood that went into those tissues. The armor is full body otherwise--if there's any specific injuries that aren't internal, you'd have to get the suit off to see them. It seems to calm down, however, once Emi has departed.

Healing helps. It might work better if they knew precisely what the issue was, but this would certainly explain why Alma couldn't heal the SUIT--it's just a suit. Healing doesn't work on armor. It seems to be some manner of power armor, maybe cybernetics. This close, when it's not moving, it actually wouldn't be too difficult to remove the helmet entirely--though Beetle might protest at that. It's not exactly an ideal patient.


It struggles to stand up.
Alma Hyral Alma would take the linkpearl before she departed to the restroom, offering a smile to the armored man, "Thank you, your Honor, I appreciate your understanding. I'll contact you in the morning. Farewell."

/Back in the Restroom/

Alma would examine the consistency of the blood, then at the cyborg, visualizing something in her head...

"I-Ignore the m-machine, t-treat it like a h-human. The m-machine parts were probably causing the t-trauma and now that the N-Network is gone it'll just r-readjust. You f-focus on stimulating the e-erythropoietin to start r-replacing the blood loss, and t-try to h-have coax a l-little bit of potassium out of the c-cells to r-replace the i-imbalances from the v-vomitting. J-Just a little, we d-don't want a dysrhythmia." She knew Kyra knew all of this, a lot better than her, and she wasn't condescending her. But sometimes it helped to just talk it out. Kyra's knowledge on this was second to none, it was just her control of her magic that needed some coaching.

She'd place her hands directly on the beetle's neck, very gently. "I-It's probably an upper GI bleed and hemoptysis from a hemothorax at once. I-I'm thinking s-something about how the p-parts interact with it's p-physiology went haywire, and c-caused a bleed in both o-organ systems." While she couldn't visualize how the machine parts interacted with it, she imagined it as a mixture of the insult to the lung combined with the stomach and esophagus, so she focused on those systems, a soft white glow spread over it.

Her expression looks confused once it started to look a lot better, and stated that it wasn't of the Network, "If y-you're not of the n-network, then w-why does it cause such i-interference?"
Kyra Hyral A thorough inspection of the Beetle's body doesn't reveal any skin. The only glimpse she got was beneath that visor and Kyra doubts it'll be opening up again anytime soon. But she'll continue with imagining that there is a biological body of some kind beneath that armor. And that somewhere in that biological body, there was bleeding. Maybe from the mouth? Since that's the only skin or area that was possibly exposed.

"Then what exactly are you? A different experiment altogether?" Kyra removes her hand, sensing that she's done all she really can as far as healing goes, even with Alma's detailed suggestions. It was an interesting approach, to go down to the cellular level to bypass not knowing the larger anatomy. But without a better knowledge of the way this thing's body works, there wasn't much else she had to offer.

"My guess is 'for the lulz', Alma." she looks to the Beetle, "Maybe they want the network to avoid you now. Emi herself seemed pretty uncomfortable back there so maybe she was experiencing effects of her own."
Emi Dennou The healing seems to have helped. Or maybe it's just that Legion is gone. Beetle doesn't seem inclined to take off the armor, but at least it is answering some questions.

"LIKE IT'S HUMAN. HA HA HA." Beetle says, intentionally abusing the TTS-sounding voice to sound as dry as possible.

"IN SHORT, THERE ARE IMPLANTS THAT REACT BADLY." Beetle says. This is obviously not the full truth, but it's about as much as it's willing to give right now. It is also rather intentionally avoiding using its real voice.

It listens to Kyra's answers. For the lulz--it might actually be correct.


It seems to consider this next one carefully.

Alma Hyral For the /Lulz/. She knew the concept of trolling. Cosma only knows how often a girl this gullible had been trolled on nearly a daily basis back in school, and on Mognet.

She had no concept of someone doing something so sadistically cruel to another being just to troll /her/. She is silent for some time, her hands trembling, her expression quite sad. She'd take a deep breath, allowing herself to calm down. And then she'd just stare at the Beetleborg.

"I think I'm beginning to understand." A short pause, as she'd lift her gaze up to the Bettleborg, then leaning forward, she began to whisper to it, "I think I knew all along. This sick experiment isn't about the Network at all. It never has been. I'm the test subject, not Legion. It's about how much I can take, how far that she can go before I'm willing to waive my moral code, and slip into /acceptable levels of cruelty/. And so your mistress keeps changing the variables, on a whim, seeing how long I'll last before I cave from anger, or despair. So now she's added on the variable of your suffering as the price of my continued resistance... And while you may not care...I'm apologize that you're having to suffer for that reason."
Kyra Hyral From what Kyra had understood the vulnerable Alma was being trolled quite hard by EVIL SCIENCE. Right now, even! Naturally, she will not come out and say it with the Beetle standing right here and likely installed as an alternate way to keep an eye on Alma. "Human or not, you have enough fleshbag bits inside of you to make it matter~" Kyra singsongs.

She pauses at 'I like you', looking briefly shocked for a moment before adopting a more neutral look on her face. "Well thank you. Pretty spot on." Well, not entirely spot on, but Kyra will not be correcting that data.

Casually, she leans over to flush the toilet and dispense of the bloody toilet paper and vomit. She looks around at the wrecked bathroom and inwardly sighs. "Alright, everyone out. This is our only bathroom and it needs to be working." She only catches snatches of the whispering, but she hears enough to get the gist of what she was saying and confirms what Kyra had expected all along. That it was Alma she intended to target this whole time, not the Dennous. Omega Dennou might not even be a thing!

Kyra pushes the bathroom door open and gestures for everyone to get out.
Emi Dennou Beetle turns its head to Kyra and then stands itself up. It stumbles out of the bathroom. Feige hasn't sent a message the whole while. Did she miss it? Or is this something she'll have to review later? Either way, even if not, it's just a matter of time. Something will give. And maybe that's Feige's plan, to make another things 'give' to force Alma to make a call she can't take back.

But Beetle does say one thing. "YOU AREN'T CORRECT." And it seems, perhaps, to try to be nice about this in its own way. "IT IS NOT THAT YOU ARE THE TEST SUBJECT."


It rests a hand lightly on Alma's head, patting it twice, it's tired and recovering and can't quite manage the rage that it really wants to bring out.


And then it stumbles off to the bedroom, intending to collapse on there and pass out.
Alma Hyral Alma walks out of the restroom as Kyra bids her to. "Judge Magister Gabranth gave us a linkpearl. We can call him whenever we're ready for the meeting, Kyra. He's interested in speaking to you as well."

And then she'd just stare at the Beetle, as it pats her head, she'd respond with four words in a soft voice, "Then I pity her."

Alma doesn't even make it to the bedroom, when Kyra comes out, shed find her collapsed on the couch. She didn't even remember to take off the soggy boots...

She's probably going to miss her morning shift... unless another emergency pops up in the middle of the night, then she'll just end up going tired.
Kyra Hyral "Oho, good to hear." Kyra says in regards to the Gabranth news. So that's who that was at the door. Kyra leaves the bathroom for a moment to retrieve a mop. On her way back, she pauses at the line about pity.

"Me too." she murmurs before stepping back into the bathroom to clean up the mess.

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