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(2013-06-02 - Now)
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Cressida It's a cool and rainy day on the Baron plains. Not really a day that Cressida would normally want to be wandering around, although it was more pleasant in her wolf form - not that she'd ever willingly transform.

However, there was something else that brought her out here today, something truly..Disturbing. Rumours of a priest who had gone missing for several days had set her on the trail, but what she came across was his dead body, savagely attacked by what appeared to be claws and teeth..What on earth happened here?

She frowns as she walks around the body, inspecting it carefully, and a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach makes her not want to believe what she suspects..
Ramza Beoulve The rain was rather refreshing, though Boco wasn't a fan. The prickly Chocobo would stop every so often to shake it off his feathers.

The young heretic had been taking a solitary ride across the plains when the storm clouds rolled in.

He was wearing his usual armor, and a cowled white cloak, for which the cowl was currently up with the storm. It wasn't long until he came upon the young woman inspecting the dead body, and Boco just stops immediately. Ramza didn't need to pull back on the reins, for Boco was just that in tune with his feelings. Silently observing for a time, he'd finally begin to state, "Well met, M'lady. Mayhaps you'd be willing to tell me exactly what is going on here?"

His voice had an edge to it, perhaps a suspicious one.
Cressida Cold eyes pause from the body to peer up at the heretic. "Ramza Beoulve. And what pray tell, brings you here? It seems someone has murdered this poor priest in cold blood."

She reaches out for the reins of his chocobo as if to steady the bird. "And yet I see you here, in the same place. Is it mere coincidence or..Was this the work of a heretic?"
Ramza Beoulve The young man would simply stare at her for a time, before stating in a voice as hard as iron in response to the accusation, "I was out for an afternoon ride. What praytell makes you think I would have anything to do with his death? No matter what you might think of me, I would have no part in /murder/."
Cressida Cressida smirks, "Really, coming from one who has sworn to bring down the church one way or the other, I find it hard to believe that you were not somehow involved in the murder of this priest. Why, there is no one else for miles around. Besides, it's one less official for you to worry about." she pulls out her spear, pointing it at him. "Give me one good reason why I should not run you through right now."
Ramza Beoulve The young man bristles, regarding her now with a sense of cool disdain and detachment, "Have you not eyes? Look at the wounds on the body. Those were not inflicted by any weapon wrought by human hands. And yet you aver that /I/ did this? Truly, you are reaching."

He'd gaze at her spearpoint sharply, making no threatening movements.. yet. "If you wish to bandy about words, and continue with these tiresome feints, then so be it, but while you do, the true culprit runs loose. Likely it was some sort of savage beast, that brought this man to his gruesome end."
Cressida Cressida arches a brow at Ramza, shaking her head slowly. "Really? It is not so difficult to imitate claws with the right weapons.." Even so..He may be right. Perhaps he didnt do it. Perhaps it was...Her frown deepends, but she relaxes, lowering her spear. "Alright then, prove me that you truly are innocent. Help me to find the real culprit. They could not be far.."
Ramza Beoulve The young man considers this. It could certainly be an ambush... but somewhere deep down, he wanted to prove the rightness of his cause, that he was neither a heretic, nor a murderer. Not truly. And so after a time, he reluctantly states, "Lead the way then. I have no skill at tracking."

This scene contained 8 poses. The players who were present were: Ramza Beoulve, Cressida