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(2013-06-01 - Now)
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Maira Luckily, Maira happened to be in Traverse. She wasn't often as of late, but sometimes she came back to check on things here in VALK HQ. Someone had to look after the place, and she knew Avira was traveling a lot. So was she, but...really. It is always nice to have somewhere to come back to, even if that place is very often targeted by people who want to destroy it.

It did have a rather amazing bath tub! That's where she'd been when Leon contacted her, so she dragged herself out of the sweet smelling water, put on some clothes, and headed over to the kitchen to prepare some drinks and snacks for his arrival.
If there was a door. Leon would knock on it. If there was no door. Then he would just come on in, while giving a knock on the door frame.

Either way, he would give a knock before he steps into the HQ. "Hello?" Leon calls out glancing around. He walks in carefully looking about the place.

What was the former Dark Knight wearing today? Why he was wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of denim jeans, some cowboy like boots and a pair of mirror shades. He was also hiding something behind his backside as he kept his back toward a wall to keep whatever it was, concealed.
Maira Is there a door? Lets say yes. Lets say poor TRON fixed it once again.

Maira calls for him to come in so she doesn't have to stop what she is doing--preparing SNACKS! She's got a plate with grapes, cheese, and some crackers, which she sets on the table. She then gets two glasses of lemonade.

Maira grins brightly when Leon arrives, waving him further inside. She's dressed in a simple pink dress, her feet bare and her hair still wet from the bath. She smells sweet and citrusy.

"You like lemonade I hope? If not I have some other things...there miiiiiight be beer," she says, peering into the fridge.
"Lemonaid is fine." He says with a grin. "Also not a big beer drinker to be honest. I do like that, what is it in coke? Rum? That is pretty good." He says with a slight laugh. He then walks over to her and brings his hidden hand around which holds several red roses in it, with a beautiful silk blue ribbon.

"I thought you make like these. It is-- appreciation for.. what you have done." Leon states looking down at them then at her. "They are, um, not real, mind you. Since I know real flowers would sadly wilt away and then loose their meaning."
Maira Maira sets the lemonade down then, smiling.

Then he pulls his hand out from behind his back and she almost jumps back in alarm.

She stares at the flowers then, blinking several times as she reaches out to take them, a wistful smile appearing, her gaze far away with memory. "Leon..." she says, examining the flowers. Not real? Ah...are they silk? They are beautiful none the less. "Heh...this isn't the first time you've offered me flowers--but this time I'll accept," she says, stepping forward to hug him then.

"You don't owe me anything, you know. It was the right thing to do."
Leon cants his head to the side. "I have offered you flowers before?" Yes they are silk, they are also scented. "..I guess.. another story of my mystical adventures as the Dark Knight." He murmurs.

He does accept the hug and smiles softly, before he then moves to sit down, though he snaps his fingers. "Oh right." He then reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a few small vials. "These are scenting vials. So when the flowers run out of their scent, you can dash the oil on them and it will give them their fragrance back."

Leon then takes a seat on the couch. His arms spreading out over the length of the back of the couch as he crosses his leg over the other. Now where as Maira seen this before?

"..and it may have been the right thing to do, but it has lead you into a great deal of trouble." The former Dark Knight frowns. "..and perhaps more soon enough."
Maira Maira nods. "Yes, I guess I didn't get the chance to tell you the story....." so, she tells it, before bringing the plate of snack over and sitting down beside him. Yes, she's seen the posture before. SINISTER TEA PARTY!? She chooses to believe that back then, it was an echo of Leon, not the other way around.

She takes the scenting vials, nodding. How interesting! She has flowers that come with their own perfume. She doesn't even own any perfume!

Maira faces Leon, nodding. "Yes, I know it will. I know we'll be walking into the wolf's den," she replies with a small sigh. "But I'll do it, if that's what we have to do."
The former Dark Knight listens to the story as he drinks his lemonade and enjoys some cheese with the grapes. He loved Cheese and grapes. SO MUCH.

"I mean-- other things as well. It seems, since you met me. Saved me. Trouble has only found you." Leon says softly. He then looks at the cheese and grape in his hand. "You know. In Fynn. To eat these two together was only a noble thing or if you got lucky and you knew the right people." He then pops them in his mouth.
Maira Maira tilts her head slightly, popping a piece of cheese and a grape in her mouth. "Really? They go so perfectly together...though I guess I never got fresh fruit too much either," she said with a shrug. Nice to have it now.

Maira sighs. "Leon, its not just you. I was finding trouble waaaaay before I met you, don't worry," she replies. Wait, is that suppose to be reassuring!?
Leon chuckles and puts his foot down, before resting an armor on his leg and leaning in her general direction. He picks up a grape and just griiiins. "I'll make note of it." He says with a smirk before popping the grape in his mouth.

Yes. He knows she is 'taken'. No. It doesn't stop him from having a little bit of fun.

The former Dark Knight then leans back, before taking another sip from the glass. "But-- it is getting worse. Like right now, when I look at you. Your-- features are hard to make out." He frowns at this. "..its like.. I can see your eyes.. and your mouth.. but the features..features are hard.. I know you are wearing a dress."

He then sighs before taking another sip of the glass of lemonade. "So, I don't know how much longer I have... but by the virtue of what is starting to happen. I am guessing not very long."
Maira Maira blinks as he leans in, curious as to what he's up to. But then he sits back again, and the more troubling talk ensues.

The young woman takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly through parted lips. That is very disturbing indeed. "You're seeing the light again?" she asks, pressing a hand to her chest. She then reaches out to try to sense the darkness in his.

"Leon it think it has to do with the mark on your back...we have to find some way to remove it. Angantyr says it is something the Shadow Lords do to keep you under control."
"What mark on my back? I don't have a mark. Just a massive scar that goes from shoulder to lower back." Leon explains as he finishes off the glass of lemonade. Yes. His darkness is there, but its always been there with that slight touch of light. Though it is perhaps, a bit more-- wild? Stronger? Hard word to pin down; yet it was under control.

"And yes. I can see your light, sorta. Its bright. I'll say that much. Its kinda like-- looking at a firework up close. Very bright, yet-- very attractive." He the picks up another grape with cheese, before he eats that.

"You know. If you were not dating that guy. I actually may kiss you." He says with a smirk. "Just to see what it is like." Nice and forward Leon.

Nice and forward.
Maira Maira begins to protest that he does have a mark on his back, and she'll have to explain it, perhaps find a couple or mirrors...well, he knew it was there, but not what it was.

Of course, then he goes and gets embarrassing. Maira flushes a deep pink, her eyes widening. She sits up very straight, frozen in place as her thoughts swirl.

Then, Maira shakes her head. "...that's not you talking, is it?" she asks. He said her light was attractive. Her light. He wants to possess it.

That's it, isn't it?

"What about Rena?"
"One. It is me talking." He says picking up another grape and cheese. "Two. Like I said. Rena and I are friends. Nothing more. Nothing less. I-- kinda wish we were more, but given circumstances.." He hand wobbles with his free hand before he eats the grape and cheese.

He finishes eating before he speaks once more. "Yeah. No can do on a hard core relationship. Nothing new there. Same story of my sad life." He then glances over at her, over the bridge of his shades with those red eyes. "..and don't be scared of me Maira. I am not going to reach out and pull out your soul." He then eats another grape and cheese.

Soon there may be no more!
Maira Maira flushes deeper. "I'm not scared! I know you are not going to do that. Just--you've never talked like this before," she comments, reaching for a few grapes before he eats them all!

"There will be a time when things are not so crazy...when you're free to really live your life again, okay? Then things will'll be happy. We all will be," she says. She sounds a little like she may be trying to convince herself as well. But she /is/ trying.

"There is a mark on your back. Do you understand? Angan was Garland's apprentice for ten years. He knows these things. He saw the mark on your back and he has seen it before. He knows what it is...its not just a scar. You can't remember getting it?"
Leon then goes to stand up and walks over to her. He places his hands behind his back as he leans down. A smile on his face. He is still looking directly at her. "No. I don't remember getting it. I am pretty sure if I do, it would have been rather painful, by the way."

He leans in a tad closer, before suddenly glass with a more pleasant smile. "More lemonade, please?"

Like he would honestly /DO/ anything. He can be a flirt, he can be also a jerk, but he would never force a woman to do anything against her will. Besides, Maira reminded him just a bit of his sister really.

"I'll show you the scar once you get the glass filled up. Its-- pretty deep." He explains with lopsided frown.
Maira Yes, she can imagine it would have been. Probably best he doesn't remember it, but...that's what Mateus would want.

Maira blinks, then takes the glass, smiling. "Sure! Okay, I'll take a look at it. Maybe...maybe I can figure something out," she says, wandering back to the kitchen.

It is unlikely the mysterious of the heretic mark will suddenly appear to her--but it is worth a try. Anything really, is worth a try. He's counting on her.

She returns with the refilled lemonade and hands it to him, moving over to turn on a few more lights so she can get a good look at the mark. Maybe it would have a certain...feel to it, that might give a clue to its nature? She had no idea.
Once Maira returns the Lemonade, he places down the glass and does a silent thank you. He then turns his back to her and then goes to remove his shirt. Which as she remembers from the Spa. He is a pretty well built guy for someone who has a swimming like physical body.

The height probably also helps in this factor.

There was the mark indeed. Running from shoulder to lower back. Cut into the surface of the skin like an old battle scar that was perfectly branded. One could even touch it and felt how the skin was grooved in slightly from the location.

"Like I said. If I remembered it. It would have been painful." He then tosses his shirt to the couch.
Maira Maira has two modes. There is embarrassment mode when it comes to these things, and trained Healer mode. She is in the second mode as Leon takes off his shirt. "Have a seat will you? You're tall. Why is everyone so darn tall," she grumbles.

Once she can see better, she frowns deeply and examines the mark, eventually reaching out to touch it gently with one finger, tracing it, opening herself and all her senses to try to get some /feel/ for it.
There isn't much a feel to it. Its just a mark, like a branding. Problem is, with his own darkness, it is hard to determine if his darkness is radiating out just from his skin or-- from the mark. They both sense exactly the same.

Thankfully, Leon did sit down and he chuckles softly. "What can we tall men say. We are just born this way." He glances over his shoulder at her. "Trust me.. it can be a curse."
Maira Maira sighs, shaking her head. Nothing. "Its just a mark...I can't sense anything different about it--just your heart," she says.

Maira raises her brows then. "Oh being tall must be /such/ a curse, yes. Of course..." she says. Sarcasm alert!
Leon then smirks at Maira and then laughs gently. He suddenly spins around and goes to snatch her playfully, before he actually moves to tickle her. "Its such a curse. That is the king of cursing curse!"

Leon chuckles, before he realizes what he is doing and suddenly move back from her. "" He stares at her for a moment and then reaches over for his shirt. "I am sorry. That was.. not right."
Maira Maira lets out a high pitched sound, followed by extreme amounts of giggles--completely going limp as a ragdoll as she's tickled. She can't take it! She just throws herself down to try to escape, but she's held fast. She flails and wiggles madly.

When he lets go, she falls over, flopping back onto the couch at least. Maira stares up at him, eyes wide.

Her brain is generally doing this; mchiohiofbpwiugbriuwprbupwbrwuibr!?!?!?
Leon then puts on his shirt, before he actually finishes the glass of Lemonade. Rather quickly and then ahems softly before glancing around about then.

"I should.. go ahead and take my leave." He then places down the glass. "Thank you Maira for the drink and.. for the snacks. It was.. a pleasure to see you as always." The former Dark Knight states before he starts to head out.
Leon glances over his shoulder as he starts to walk out. "I told you I was taking you with me didn't I?" He gives a sad smile. "So yeah. It is a promise." He then continues he way out.
Maira "Okay! Good! Um...bye!" she calls, then just flops over.

What the <GOOSEHONK>!?

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