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(2013-06-01 - Now)
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Arkham Fisher Arkham doesn't even look out of place here, that's maybe the worst part for her. Big... /cities/ like this set her on edge. Remind her of home.

The trip into Traverse was exactly as easy as everyone promised her it'd be; only another couple of days on assorted ships and wagons, nothing she hadn't been doing for months already. The trip to the Twilight Detective Agency was slightly more harrowing.

However, with a clear and well-known destination in mind, Arkham actually got from the terminal to the building about as fast as anyone might. Why, she might even have been here before close of business! Unfortunately, being fronted by a bar, that likely means a crowd downstairs.

Being on official church business-- that is, she's officially in the church, and this is her business-- she puts on her Holiest look and edges her way around to the Agency's stairs, up which she flees.

And so, here she is.
Emi Dennou Emi and THE WORST DENNOU SHIDA are presently in the TDA Building or, more accurately, The Cloud Nine which is a bar that is right under the TDA building which of course means it is IN THE SAME BUILDING but it's not technically part of the office. Still, Emi prefers to meet people in the bar than up above--though she's certainly willing to go up there for privacy.

But it isn't until Arkie arrives that she's expecting that possible need. She smiles upon seeing her, throwing a wave her way and approaching. Shida, meanwhile, is investigating the ice cream cooler.

"Hello Arkie, The Network is pleased to see you again. Can we get you anything, This one wonders?"
Arkham Fisher Arkham was expecting, you know, that people would be in the place that was their office, rather than chilling in the bar, or thefting icecreams. But the Network doesn't work like that, apparently. Oh well. A full Scribe's habit is an odd enough outfit for this place that nobody's bothering her much, yet, so she joins Emi quickly.

"Some, ah, actually just, just some iced tea. How have you all been?" Do you say 'all' to the Network? Would it be 'How has all of you been?' What kind of question is this?
Emi Dennou "Intense negotiations." Emi says. "That will surely end fruitfully, The Network probably is incorrect with that last half a sentence."

Emi gives a small nod to Shida who squeaks and wobbles over to the counter to get Arkham some iced tea. Emi doesn't actually get many on screen detectiving lessons from Mercade Too Busy Dating Alexander. They don't seem to mind the method of the question though.

"But what brings you here? Did you come to see Mercade?"
Arkham Fisher Dating Alexander sounds like a recipe for tetanus. "I don't, I don't know if I need to see Mercade, but I do, do have some work for you, perhaps?" She finds herself waiting for Shida to join them, both because she would really like some iced tea and because she should wait until she can lay it out to both of them. She's probably incorrect with the latter half of that sentence, herself.

When she has Emi's attention, at least, she explains a bit. "There are a couple of, of girls making some fair, fairly serious expeditions after World Shard. I've been hired as, as, as a medic, with them." That's what she does, after all. "They can't, they can't be older than you, but they've been doing well enough."

"Their names are, they are Alma and Kyra Hyral. I'd like to know more about them."
Emi Dennou "We know of these sisters." Emi says. "We can help. What would you like to know..." it's barely a question but Emi considers for a moment and wonders aloud, "I thought Alma knew white magic, though." Well maybe they want /even more/ white magic.

Shida offers Arkie her iced tea upon her arrival, she beams happily at her.
Arkham Fisher It's Shida! You can tell it's her. Arkham smiles back, a bit thinly. "I'm not a, I'm not a white mage. Actually. Not much of one. And, they both are. They asked for, for a medic, though, so there I was. I daresay I earned my pay that first trip."

But this isn't about handing out free infos to detectives, this is about buying other people's infos from them. "But, you know them, then. Or, you know, you know of them. I don't, only that, that Alma's after world shards, and she can find them. They're..." The scribe searches for a word for a moment. "...newcomers, too, I think. There seems to be a group of them, and who they worship is, is not Faram." This last supplied purely as a datapoint.

"I would just like to know something about who I'm aiding. And it would be, would be impolitic to interrogate them personally."
Emi Dennou "I see," Emi recalls, thinking it over. "Then it is to suppliment their power." but it seems she just wishes to know more about who she is working with. She considers what she can offer. Not much about Kyra, having not seen her as much, but...

"Kyra, I know not much of, but she seems to have a negative opinion of MurasameCorp." she scratches at her cheek. "Alma used to work for that company as well, but no longer does. Their world does not seem to have a Faram but that is not so unusual, Alma seems to worship an entity known as Cosma, but we know little of her edicts. We could inquire for you, however." She looks to Shida for a few moments and adds, "Alma is moral, if not always wise, is our interpretation of her behavior."
Arkham Fisher This is not the correct forum to address the cosmology, nor indeed the correct people with whom to address it. Arkham merely nods; MurasameCorp is a new thing to her, but the rest of it, now that she hears it, she might have already known. "You're already a very, a very big help. But, what I need is a little, a closer look. If you can do it."

She still smiles, but it's somewhat less pleasant. "I'm going to be with them myself, with or without Ser Senra; I just think that with more people asking I might get more answers. You /can/ do this, right?"
Emi Dennou Emi isn't sure what Arkham is asking for precisely.

"Are you asking us to strip them, The Network bluntly wonders if this is not what it initially appears to be." Emi says thoughtfully. "It will help us if we have some manner of focus to investigate, lest we could talk to them for days and learn very little, focus will help with greater clarity, but we can certainly ask anything or everything."
Arkham Fisher Arkham is not especially amused by the suggestion, not this instance of her. She waves it off, mildly annoyed, but there's no point getting angry at Emi for asking how to give her what she wants.

"I need to know about what they're doing, and I need to know why. I don't mean to be short with you, I'm sorry." Her smile is really getting iffy at this point. She's just tired, we hope, maybe. "I may have decisions to make, later. So. Specifically, Alma's shard hunt. Anything else that springs from that and looks relevant. Can you work with that?"
Emi Dennou Emi wasn't joking. ... right? Maybe.

Emi nods. "Well, my initial impression, is that they are looking to rebuild their home. There are /many/ of them here, you understand, it makes concerted and organized effort in that vein a lot harder. I imagine that's what she wants, her home back, she is not that great at deceit, The Network gives their impression noting that if Alma is giving an act, it is a very good one. But yes, we can ask about their hunts, if you'd like."
Arkham Fisher "I would like. Yes." Among the things that Arkham would like. "I can offer a retainer, for a bit. I won't have much of an advance for you, though. That I might have to discuss with Mr. Alexander. I'd like you to see what you can get out of Alma about her hunt. Or out of anyone else handy."

She doesn't mean to badger Emi; she came to the Dennous because she knew their name(s), even if it meant a trip all the way out into Traverse. "We can compare notes afterwards."
Emi Dennou "Advances should be discussed with Mercade," Emi says. "I'm not very comfortable about taking payment in advance, The Network admits that they are not nearly as experienced as Mr. Alexander in that regard." They're honest detectives, really, and Emi isn't entirely sure she can find what Arkham is hoping to find. She's not sure it's even there. But she can look into it.

Though she wonders, Alma has been strange lately around her. Not related to this case, but it may make it tricky. "Do you mind if I bring a friend along to look into it with me?"
Arkham Fisher Of course it will be tricky, that's why Arkham's hiring the best. "No, I don't think that will be a problem. Try not to leave anything pointing at me, of course." The matter appears to be more or less settled, other than munny. That part doesn't worry her, much. She seems to relax a bit.

"You know some, someone else with an angle on this?"
Emi Dennou "At you? Well, certainly not. Client confidentiality." Emi says. "I don't think she's even aware we know each other, so it would be difficult to do." Unless she reads the log at least!! "But I don't know anyone with an angle persay, she's just been a bit odd around me lately. On reflection, I don't think that will be an issue, since I have an inkling as to why." She mulls a bit on the matter.

"She is rather shy, and sometimes that compounds, however."
Arkham Fisher Arkham nods. "I ran, I ran into that myself, actually." Now that she's calmed down, you can see where that might be amusing, two clerics apologizing at each other for an hour or whatnot. "I won't tell you how to, to do your job." Except if you ask her to, like you did just there.

"...Especially not in this state. I should, I should be finding an inn. Will Mr. Alexander be around in the morning?"
Emi Dennou Emi thinks about that. It depends on if his player is around in theory though his player has also been sleepy lately. Eventually Emi decides that making assumptions is the better part of conversations.

"Most likely." She says, despite not consulting him. "Would you like an escort there?" She asks. "This one wouldn't mind."

"I could too, Shida of the Network reiterates her present existence in this location!"

Emi thinks about that and nods very slowly (to the worst Dennou ever).

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