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(2013-05-31 - Now)
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Cressida On the outskirts of Mullonde city, several acres of farmland are dotted with small houses and farms that lack the general hustle and bustle of the city proper.

Today however, there is a curious gathering around a large hill that overlooks the city as people stare in horror and wonder at the body of a man, who seems to have been savagely attacked by a creature with claws. It seems the authorities haven't quite come to investigate, but they are most likely on their way, no?
Arkham Fisher You will never get Arkham to admit that she's The Authorities, but even in her Scribe's robes she's drawing enough stares and cries of 'Here, a Sister' that she's forced to come investigate. The /actual/ authorities, likely the temple knights, are most likely 'on their way'. Sister Fisher is what you get for now.

She's pushed through the crowd towards the grisly scene, as though there were something for her to do about it. For this one, there's only one thing.

"Spustijo se, dobrine Velikega Ocheta, in vodijo to telo vrachilo k zemlji. Faram." She kneels at the fallen man's side and offers him his final Rite softly, under the hum of the crowd, and after studying the lay of the body, crosses his hands on his chest, and closes his eyes.

Standing, and absently wiping her hand on her sleeve, she addresses the first townsman she sees; "Who found him, found him here? When?"
Cressida "Aah, it was me!" A sobbing, elderly lady steps out from the crowds, clearly shaken from the ordeal. "I was on my way to the market to sell some vegetables when I came upon this poor man! What sort of monster could do such a thing? This is h-horrible!"

It doesnt take long for another 'Authority figure' to emerge from the shadows. She is dressed as a Knights Templar (Albeit a rather scantily clad one), and she moves with deliberate purpose towards the gathering. "Alright, that is enough. Everyone go back to your business. We will take it from here." She frowns softly, stepping closer to the body as the crowds scatter, kneeling by his side as she examines his wounds.

Hmm, claw marks. Her frown deepens. Reaching out to touch him, she finds his skin is quite cold and she nods. "Must have died several hours ago. But how interesting..This weaponry..These clothes..He looks to be a mercenary."

She peers back at Arkham, "You must be Arkham Fisher, Correct?" She had heard the name here or there, or perhaps they'd met once, briefly..
Arkham Fisher She's done tour on tour with the hospital corps; there's a fair chance Arkham's bound the wounds of any given Templar. She's in the midst of taking this poor woman's statement when this particular example strides on the scene, and she looks worryingly relieved to see her here. She disengages from the woman with gentle words about the strength of the righteous, and joins who she presumes to be the primary investigator at the scene.

"I am, Ser Knight. You were, you were summoned?" But of course she was, you know. "I was, they caught me up as, as I passed." A nod towards the fleeing peasantry. "But you can see there was nothing for me, for me to do."
Cressida Cressida nods, glancing back at Arkham, "Indeed. I am Cressida. I believe we may have met once, briefly." most of the crowd has thinned out, save for one here or there, who continue to watch from the safe distance. The only witness remains as well, still looking rather uneasy.

"Hmm, it seems he was attacked by some sort of monster." She shrugs, "Or a heartless. Nothing we can do about that, except bury the body." Of course that leaves some unanswered questions, such as..Where is the monster now?
Arkham Fisher Arkham has long since learned not to criticize the armor selection of her Knights. Cressida's is not even the worst she's encountered, truth be told. And as for tails, she works for a guy with a tail, he's a perfectly nice guy, okay? She nods quiet agreement with the Templar, and waves their witness into the conference. After a moment's though, she lowers her hood; it's always nicer to talk to a face.

"...It's flat fields for, for miles around, isn't it? Not much place to hide..." Except barns and houses. Irrigation ditches. Mullonde proper if it somehow kept to the road. She shakes her head. "Mother, was there anything, anything else you saw, you heard? Any trails?" Finding one now would be hopeless for Arkham; the hilltop has been so well-trampled it might as well be paved.
Cressida The woman frowns, hugging her arms as she looks visibly disturbed still. "I..I dont remember, only this awful howling in the distance!" She points towards rolling hills in the distance, towards Mullonde. Wait..The creature headed for Mullonde?

Cressida sighs and shakes her head, "A monster in Mullonde? I think we would have seen it if that was the case. At any rate, we should take the body back for further examination and get an ID on him. Arkham, I have brought the chocobo cart over there. Help me load the body onto it.."

They're not exactly TDI but they have other methods of obtaining information.
Arkham Fisher Arkham thanks the woman, quietly, for her assistance, and assures her that the Father watches over his own. It'll have to be sufficient; it's all the more assurance she has herself. "It can't have been but, been but a few hours, Ser..." No Squire would gainsay her knight, let alone a white-robed Scribe, obviously, but the possibility looms. Even the Cathedral responds only so quickly.

She's no stranger to handling corpses, or soon-to-be-corpses; she takes the dead man by the shoulders, muttering 'Rajski Oche, oprosti' to... him, perhaps, and assists Cressida in settling him on the cart. "...Well. If it was bound for, for the city, I suppose that saves us a detour."
Cressida Cressida sighs, as she helps Arkham load the corpse onto the wagon. "Hmm, I am not sure what to think. It is possible the woman imagined it. It's possible it was just a drunken mad man howling at night. It is hard to make an accurate observation of something in the middle of the night. Even these claw marks could have been made with the right weapon."

At any rate, she helps Arkham to load him onto the cart, before climbing onto the seat, waiting for her to join her before they head back to Mullonde. "Do not worry yourself over it however. It could easily have been a heartless as well, as they are known to vanish and reappear without a trace.." And it could have been...Something else entirely, which has her a bit bothered..
Arkham Fisher But, but, is it possible that it could have been Not Her Problem? Despite Arkham's continuing dutiful assistance, Cressida can probably read that attitude on her. "I could almost, almost hope it was. I've seen enough of the, of the front in the last month for another lifetime. You have my unending respect, Ser." Considering her recent experiences, she gives their passenger another look; nothing, thank the Father, that resembles anything she's met lately.

"But, I suppose that, that you're right. I have something to convey to the Library, and then I must, I must return to Ser Senra. Before someone dismantles him. Again."
Cressida Cressida nods, "As I said, nothing to worry about. Just a wild animal. And for all we know, he could have done us a favor. This man looks like he could be a heretic. I am sure I have seen that face in one of our files, but I will be sure to cross-check it when we get back to Mullonde.."

She pauses at the mention of Faruja, "Hmm? Is he at Mullonde as well? Yes, I should be able to take it from here...Dismantle?" A slender brow is arched at that curious word. What, is he a masochist or something?
Arkham Fisher Yes. A wild animal. Nothing more. Arkham can't bring herself to smile in the face of Cressida's implications about the deceased's heresy, but she isn't really expected to.

Oh look, a new topic. "We're based in, in Fluorgis, currently. Ser Senra is embedded with the Shard Seekers." It's the presence of the dead man, she can't stop talking like it's the battlefield. At least she isn't staring at him anymore. "And... no. I will not speak ill of a, of a Temple Knight, and surely not to his comrade. But I am his personal medic, drawn back from the Holy Schools at the, at the, at the direct request of his Order. They feel he needs one." Enough said.
Cressida Cressida nods with a slight frown. She doesnt really care to speak of the dead man and what killed him, afterall, theres a chance it could be herself..If she could only remember.

"I see. Hmmm...Fluorgis, hmm? That is good. So a connection with the shard seekers." she smiles, "It seems he is in need of a medic often, I hope he does not foolishly hurl himself into trouble.."

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