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(2013-05-30 - 2013-07-10)
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Aeschere Childs Costa del Sol is in fact not doing a bad job standing in for a Levitani capitol, and our poor, innocent dark knight is a reasonable stand-in for a local. Her recent companion is nowhere to be found... too early for her, maybe. Chera herself is out enjoying the sea-breeze in what might be one of her existing outfits hacked up semi-expertly. Look, it's not like she packed a swim-suit before she left, okay?

For the truth of it, Akari might be lying low right now; there was a bit of a brawl the other afternoon, here, and there may or may not still be a few craters visible a few hundred yards up the beach. Aeschere was somehow absent from that turbo-party. The two of them have been living as large as they can since they drifted into town a week ago, so it's definitely getting to be time to think about gainful employment. Chera finds she thinks best on the beach.
Aeschere Childs Lord Bless? M'Lady? Look, Faru, Aeschere is in fact a nice young lady and does in fact know that it isn't polite to stare, but you already had one strike against you, dressed that way. She squints, rather, up at the Templar, and after a moment sits up.

"If you like you can ask away," she agrees, pleasantly enough, after a moment. She seems to briefly consider explaining that she's fresh in town, but perhaps she recalls that it isn't a great idea, and instead holds her peace.
Aeschere Childs Is he... a missionary? Is he a /rat/? Though to be quite fair she's been rubbing shoulders with rabbits and lizards since she showed up here, so a rat shouldn't be especially shocking. Whatever he is, Aeschere is not going to bowed over lying down like she's a dying girl or something. She hops to her feet and returns the gesture; Ser Knight will note that she barely clears his shoulder.

Chera runs down her list of most peculiar young ladies-- it's short, so far-- and casts her glance up the strand to where a few of the larger craters still haven't quite filled in. "But in this town what's odd, anyways? It's a resort, people from everywhere come here to waste days." Just like she's doing. "Aeschere Childs," she returns his introduction finally. Without title or attribution. "What do you want to know about this" she manages to keep a straight face "young lady?"
Aeschere Childs Surely there are enough things about the way the girl speaks to catch any ear, let alone such well-fit ones as Ser Senra's. Her diction denies out of hand the notion that she's local; to Costa del Sol, and perhaps even to Ordalia entirely. Aeschere looks like an islander, but she probably doesn't sound like one of those either.

"That of course would be wonderful," she agrees, following Faruja toward the drinks cart while he elaborates on his request. His pause is quite professional, stretching out a nice, inviting silence for her to throw some fact into. Her decision is... largely hinging on how upset she imagines Akari will be at being ratt-- ahem, given up. That's a dumb thing to agonize over, too; she did the deed in broad daylight, and hasn't been /hiding/ since, certainly. No need to sell it cheap, though.

"I missed the fight entirely, I managed that; You know almost as much as I do just to look at that." She gestures, again, up the beach, with her cup. "Her name, though, is Akari. I stay with here here, for now." Your turn, Ser Knight. "What will you try to offer her?"
Aeschere Childs Aeschere nearly chokes on her lemonade. Ooooooooooooh, she wouldn't miss this for worlds. She sputters for a bit, and wipes her mouth, unwilling to contain either her amusement or embarrassment. "If... if... if that's what you wanted, you just should go knock on her door I think. Or, just, cross a street in front of her, do you know." She stares as Faruja-- yes, he just wrote that-- "With, um, an I. I think, here--" he's going to deliver a formal challenge. That's happening.

Despite her derision Chera does hold a hand out to accept the invitation, on Akari's behalf. "Unless that would be employment in beating up people like you who ask to fight her I don't know if she would want it." Counterpoint: they have about 1.5 days of rent left, between them, and that doesn't include board.

"And for myself, Sir Knight, is it virtuous really to beat up on little girls? Ask Akari if I can fight."
Aeschere Childs Studied seriously, Aeschere does not look /quite/ so unlikely a fighter as a first glance might suggest. This being Costa del Sol, she's made herself easy enough to evaluate; her tan appears inborn, rather than the product of healthful sunshine. She's slim, made of little but whipcord and bone, and her movements are decisive, but somewhat deliberate. The way a soldier moves a month after the battle, when he's not sure if they found all his ribs.

All that stuff Faruja is spouting about offending Akari's honor and the rudeness of provoking her certainly isn't helping, although the templar might wonder if politeness isn't the only reason she's trying not to laugh. In any case, she does, eventually, contain herself.

"Templar sir, I can see that you're telling your truth." She holds the letter carefully, lacking a pocket. "Even from Rabanastre to here we saw enough Chaos to wish for an army. I'll bring this letter to Akari, but I think she would consider the letter a greater insult than if you just met her in the street and punched her. One way or another I'm sure that you'll have your fight. And as for your offer, that is more or less our current field; I'm sure she'd be agreeable unless for some reason she's not." Chera's expression explains better than words can the complications inherent.

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