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(2013-05-29 - 2013-06-25)
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TRON This has taken much longer than TRON had expected.

The task given to him by Rufus Shinra was deceptively simple. Install protective measures on all of ShinRa's systems, and he will receive the data promised to him--data concerning the digitizing laser and the data needed to use it. What he had not anticipated was how different ShinRa's systems actually are, comparatively speaking.

It's akin to switching between Windows, Linux, Macs, and mainframes with no visual indication of which system it actually is until you access it. Therefore, he has spent most time physically typing and straightening out each system one-by-one (with invaluable and required assistance from ShinRa technicians) before he could even begin the wireless upgrade process.

Finally, a week after beginning his task, he is almost done. In fact, the last system that needs to be protected is the very computer that controls the digitizing laser itself. After the incident with CHIEF using the laser to pull a Grid Tank into Userspace, it didn't take much convincing to put protective measures on that system as well.
Minerva Rufus understood that a selfawre program whose function was security could set up a system that could very well make any human hacker's life pretty darn misrable and that's why he'd asked for such. It wasn't something unresonable he wasn't asking Tron to do something against his eithics or hurt anyone after all and he could have tried to chartge more. Either way the upfrade seems to be under way with one of the Shinra IT guys watching TRON with more than a ittle bit of awe at this point.

"Damn you really are like they say you are." The man comments as he adjusts his glasses again.
TRON TRON has only paused in his work long enough for the work-day cycle to circle back around again, unwilling to work without a ShinRa technician to supervise and give him a hand. His outfit looks a bit worn and dusty yet not terribly disheveled even considering he hasn't changed his clothes since he arrived, but his expression is weary and his brown eyes are noticeably tired.

He smiles wanly to the tech as they make their way into the lab where the ShinRa setup for the laser has been installed. "I wouldn't have even gotten this far without your assistance." He twirls his black chakram Disc between his black-gloved fingers absent-mindedly. "These systems are... very diverse. Very different. I'm running on sole..." He struggles for a moment to find the right word: "...instinct? I suppose the term is close enough."

He does not move towards the computer, instead circling around the digitizing laser itself while studying it intently. The last time he had seen it so closely, it was only once in that initial moment of passing deep in Flynn's Arcade--when he'd first arrived in Manhattan. Casual observation doesn't trigger any differences to how he last remembered its appearance, so that helps immensely...

He nods slowly to himself as if satisfied, then turns his full attention to the computer itself. "This has... changed, from what I last remember. Did ShinRa alter the computer once they obtained custody from LEXUS?"
Minerva The man says "Hey it's a living and damn I learned a few things. You got more of a hand for it than some of the other employees and eh you know what you know." He pauses for a moment "No we didn't want to mess with it, we looked at copies of the data sure but we didn't do anything to screw with it. A system like this is way too Valuable to do anything direct on and LEXUS...I heard about that thing. Sounds like omething you need to blast with the Junon canon several times."
TRON TRON looks down at his chakram Disc, his expression seeming troubled from the praise coming from a true User of all things. "I am just a Security Program." This is most likely a line that has been stated throughout the week.

He taps on the glass-like top of the computer terminal with a fingertip, the upper half becoming akin to a monitor while the lower half took the look of a green-lined keyboard. "I see. Perhaps I am being... overly concerned?"

He types a command onto the keyboard requesting access to the operating system, finding the User method less jarring to his own system than trying to wirelessly activate it remotely. However, the cursor blinks once... twice... then the entire screen freezes in pixelated green, like a frozen Matrix screen.

"What?" TRON stares down at the screen, typing futilely at a few keys that have also become less distinct and quite pixelated. "Sir, has this happened before?"
Minerva The Man seems to be a bit not angry but a bit well? Confusion he's not getting the program thing he gets TRON is not a human but it's hard to grasp when your basically a victem of having no directives at birth.

"Hey your more adept at this than I am an I went to school for this."

he pause at the glitch for a moment "Oh hell that don't look good, that doesn't look good at all. Looks like we got some sort of bad software conflict..."
TRON TRON steps back from the computer and lifts his Disc, holding it flat on the palm of his hand as if holding a plate. "Let me see--" His eyes flare with bluish-white light and images suddenly appear over the Disc, like a projector showing off a slideshow too fast to make out visually. Almost immediately he recoils, almost dropping the Disc even as he curls in on himself for a moment with a sharp grunt of... pain?

What the heck /WAS/ that? It felt like he KNOWS... but he can't access...? Why?! No, don't focus on that right now. There's a job at hand.

He shakes his head harshly and almost visibly forces himself to straighten up, his eyes completely lost in white light. "Nngh... The system's completely frozen. I can't..." He shakes his head. No use explaining it. "There's another... operating system installed.... Should be fine. Can you... reset the computer's power... boot up the secondary operating system?"
Minerva The man looks over at Tron he wonmders wha tis going on and he looks over at it. "WAit there's two? Ya I can try to do so." The man notes "This could explain it." hte man heads ove to reboot the manchine manually and gets to work on doing so. "Code from two different worlds we're lucky both are use binary at the very least." The man is unaware someone in R&D is being stupid and angering something that could cleave though anything short of the TURKs or SOLIDER without skipping a beat. So he works in blissful ignorance "That should do it." he punches in a few more commands as the machine boots up.
TRON TRON shakes his head firmly again, still seeming a little unstable on his feet but by-and-large recovered from the shock. "Yes, at least there is that."

He waits for the computer to finish rebooting, then moves to stand in front of the computer. He taps a command, experimentally testing how much information it already has, and it almost immediately scrolls a small list without so much as a flicker of green light. Very new, not a lot of data... there should be enough room.

"It looks like the problem is localized to the primary operating system," TRON muses to the technician. "I'll attempt a data transfer from the primary OS to the secondary and remove the frozen OS from the system, then proceed with installation of the protective measures into the system."

He kneels, testing an area that looks like it's been battle-damaged, and plugs a device into the side of the computer. This should not be alarming, as he has plugged in this device on other computers as well to assist in the various prior system updates--especially at the end of a long day.

"Alright." He stands up and lifts his Disc once more. "Beginning data transfer... now." Images appear over the Disc, flickering from one snapshot to the next too fast for the eye to follow. The screen on the top surface of the computer scrolls rapidly as each file is pulled from the frozen primary OS into the newer secondary OS, mirroring the visuals above TRON's Disc.
Minerva The man nods and lets Tron doe he his thing's going to get another mug of coffee which is something fairly major he needs as this has been a long haul. "Least this jobs kept me away from R&D all week I owe you a drink for that. Some real crazies down there. Genius sure but wacked." The man notes as he drinks at his copy watching pausing looking at Tron for a moment. "It going all right for ya TRON?" The man notes stll he's got to wonder if this guy is a program then wait are some of his creations doing things when he's not looking?
TRON TRON nods distractedly, his gaze apparently pinned on the images but the irises and pupils of his eyes completely obstructed by the white light making his eyes more like a robot's optics.

"The process is running smoothly." His voice is noteably without inflection, so much processing power devoted to the action at hand, but proves to not be a distraction from conversation. "I will gladly take that drink. Any drink." A thin smile, honest but quite tired, seems to alleviate some of his stoic non-expressiveness. "Any suggestions, sir?"

Meanwhile, the screen continues to scroll as the files continue to be transferred, only for the images to suddenly disappear as the last line of the screen reads, 'transfer complete. xxxx files transferred'. TRON doesn't even pause, reaching over to the digital keyboard to type a command that quite clearly purges the frozen operating system from the computer.

"Initializing system protective measures..." He closes his eyes and quite clearly focuses, "" The monitor scrolls again, faster than before, as the system is thoroughly cleaned and restructured to fully integrate the copied data into the operating system. At the same time, the groundwork for the defense protocols are also integrated. It's a process the technician has been witness to time and time again throughout the week, and there is no visible change from what has happened before.
Minerva The man thinks for a moment and drains the rest of his coffee and he says "Right, I know a few good bars out of town if you want." He has no idea TRON may have been too uit but it's a good one that gets one out of Goug right? Eithe way the man things 'We'llg et something when we get there." He watches Ton do his thing and hopefully fixed the damaged operating system and finish up everything else. "Well this is the last one and then contacts done. This should hopefully shore us up pretty good." With Murasame and Xanantos out there is a darn good reason Rufus made this deal. He darn well knows that those two might be after things he'd not want to share.
TRON TRON falls relatively silent again, his closed eyes twitching somewhat as if reading something scrolling behind his eyelids. "I would hope so." It's why he's here, right? He knows little about ShinRa's practices, but if they employ decent people like this technician, they can't be all bad. Right?

Oh, if only you knew.

Installing the system protective measures is remarkably fast once the rest of the system is set to right, and the text on the monitor half of the screen wipes all text and replaces it with a familiar emblem--a circle with a Tetris-like 'T' in the center. "Done."

He lowers his Disk, slipping it under his shirt to reconnect to the hidden spindle on his back, and releases a long sigh as he taps the power off for the computer. "Let me know if there are any issues, but there should be no disruptions to any of your company's operations." He removes the device and tucks it back into a pocket, pushing his glasses up slightly as he rubs the bridge of his nose with pinched fingertips. "At this point, my part in the contract is complete, and all I need is that promised data... then I could really use that drink." He grins slightly. "Thank you for your help, sir. As cliche as it sounds, I honestly could not complete this job without it."
Minerva The man yawns a bit "Been a long haul least the boss man will be happy with this and his son. Always good in my book there." Well most of the rank and file are not bad people the problem is the people up top. Eithe way the guy looks back to Tron "I'll keep you posted if anythign comes up. Right I'll go get the data." He shuffles off for a few moments likely recovering the dataq from a safe. He goes to confirm the last one is done. "Hey no problem. Here's the data you wanted. Lets get that drink. I actually got some time off coming after this. I think I'll hit up Costa Del Sol."
TRON TRON accepts the disc from the technician and carefully stores it in a seperate pocket. He'll peruse it later to make sure everything is there--though he has no reason to believe it wouldn't be. But just to satisfy Master Control, if nothing else. He'll also check the OS he removed from the original system into the device, try to figure out what caused it to freeze like that...

But that will come later. He's too worn out to concern himself with that right now.

"Sounds good to me. I haven't been to this 'Costa Del Sol' before, and it seems this is a whole week of new experiences." He straightens his clothing slightly, trying to restore a bit of its original appearance so he doesn't seem too disheveled. "I'll follow your lead."

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