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(2013-05-29 - 2013-07-19)
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Emi Dennou Umi is coming back to the TDA building. She went out for a while to head over to Manhattan to get a bit away from the TDA building. Ami returned a bit earlier to deposit a GOLDEN COMB in the evidence locker for the Katyna case. But as it stands, she's by herself. She's a bit distracted, quiet--subdued. In fact, she's not seeming very Umi-like at all right now. Sure, she's still wearing the same hairstyle, and is pretty tomboyish, and while Umi hasn't leveled up 'never showering' she hasn't showered for like 3 days. She slumps down near the jukebox, staring out in empty space for a while.

In fact, that sort of dead-eyed gaze she's spouting? Kind of similar to how she looked when she first met Will. It didn't last long, but she's got that look to her now.

She sighs, twisting her hands about to look at them--then letting them drop.
Will Sherman Will's been pretty happy lately...

The Dennou's haven't really seen Will this happy and cheerful, though if they'd ask other members of the TDA, he seems to be 'back to his old self'. The time after Manhattan, Will's awakening, and then right after restoring Manhattan seems to have been a fluke. Right now, he comes out of the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches. Various ones...Tuna, boloney, ham, salami, PB&J...

Will sets the plate down on the bar and looks over towards Umi who seems to be staring into space by the Jukebox. He frowns...he remembers that look, and he sighs...he wonders who got hurt this time, and wonders why nobody tells him? Walking over to Umi he looks down at her for a moment...a very SERIOUS expression on his face...

And then gives her a tight hug, "Alright, out with it, what's going on?"
Emi Dennou Umi looks up, she immediately gives Will a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. She is still, as she is hugged, but seems to remember the proper response and wraps her own arms around Will.

"Will..." She murmurs faintly. "...Do you like Umi?" She pauses a moment and then adds, "Umi as Umi. You like it when Umi is Umi, right?" She pauses. "...Um, that is... The Network was wondering... thinking... This one was..." She frowns a bit. "...This one admits that maybe this one tries too hard. We like being your friend. We emulated somewhat. Our base nature is not different from the others. However, this one may seem so because we try hard. We even try really hard to forget things the others know to encourage Umi's development as Umi."

She looks up and adds, "But this one wouldn't even have Umi if not for you. This one is very grateful. You stirred us all up." She laughs a bit and then kneedles her fingers together. "If Umi was a little less like Umi and a little more like Emi, would you still like Umi? This one admits being 'ourselves' is not what we are used to. This one tries to invent a self to be, because it helps--" She swallows faintly. "--it helps you be more comfortable. That is important to us. But this one doesn't know, whether to be Umi, The Network, between or..." She frowns again and gives Will a big ol' hug again, it's very tight.

"This one thought perhaps 'Maybe Will has the answer again', The Network acknowledges Will as a mentor and superior officer in a certain sense even beyond Hoboism which to clarify is to suggest you have our respect even amongst The Network that prefers daily showers and not eating shoes."
Will Sherman Will listens, it is a skill he doesn't always use...sometimes he is a bit too loud, sometimes he is a bit too willing to get into scraps for the sake of others without hearing things out. Right now, he's forced to listen...because this is important. Will hugs Umi tight when she hugs him again, looking a bit sadder. This is...a difficult things for him to wrap his head around...the network was a unique thing, more than others. It had great benifits...but the worst draw backs. The prominate of such is...personhood. Each one had different quarks, but...the question of individuality...

"Umi, whatever you acted like...I'd be your friend. Don't ever think that will change. I love each and everyone of you like little sisters. Well, in Omi's case maybe older.." he chuckles, "But.." he frowns again.

"It is not unlike the issue of Will Sherman, isn't it? For a while, when you first met know I went into fits of depression and being as I am now. I was struggling with...the fact that Will Sherman may not have even been real, that he was just a tool to hurt Loki." he says, "It was you girls, more than anyone that showed me how wrong I was. Not once did you judge me, not once did you condem accepted Will Sherman for Will Sherman..."

"I found who I was, was who I already was." he grins.

"Umi? Do /you/ want to be Umi? Not...Emi, not Omi, not Imi, not Ami, not even Shida who is the second most impetious of the network.." he grins, "What does Umi want?" he asks.. "I know it's a hard question...maybe even impossible to answer. You're...unique. All of you's hard to say.." he says, "But I treat you all as individuals,"
Emi Dennou The Network didn't seek out Will to ask his advice, it is more that Umi saw him and saw the opportunity to obtain advice. But there isn't a single member of The Network who isn't darn well certain that questions of individuality versus plurality--if they have anyone to go to but themselves--Will is that person. He's the closest to what someone could say is two people, after all, but Will /is/ Will and even then, how much could he really understand? The secret is this: Even The Network isn't entirely sure. They consider their plurality an important part of their identity--otherwise life would be so much easier to just be individualistic entities. But the question of how much is something that should be shared and how much is something that should be held to their own selves--is a mystery. Perhaps there are some sacrifices when it comes to being a network and they shouldn't even aim for them at all.

"How could we judge you..?" Umi mumbles, getting a little teary-eyed. "...We don't like judging people. Sometimes we do, but we couldn't, not you. More than anyone, you saved us." She smiles down at the ground. "We admit to worrying that we will lose you. When we first saw you, we did not think you would be so important to us. When our lives were saved the first time, we assumed we would simply be destroyed by the experiment." She pauses for a moment. "Apologies, for divulging what must seem strange."

But maybe this is just her delaying an answer.

"I want to be Umi ... but I don't want to lose my Sisters. We cannot be apart. When we are..." She frowns. "...Umi stops being Umi. This one does not remember precisely what we are like when Emi fails to maintain the link, but we are aware most of our processes shut down. It has happened multiple times."

And then she bursts out laughing. "hahaha! I am making them sound like a burden! They are not, The Network apologizes for the faulty (very faulty) insinuation! This one loves them too!" She beams. "They've beenw with Umi since the beginning. They were going to, though this turned out to be a bad idea ultimately, sacrifice themselves so this one would keep living, haha I cannot stress how important they are enough."

But she looks back down. "...But the truth is we are not individuals. You treat us this way but The Network understands there are some limitations. We will... never really find someone like a Melody. To clarify, this one won't. We are a Network, it is a plural relationship--The Network is not stupid, The Network is aware that most relationships are monogomous in nature but it is impossible for it to be that way with us. Even if we each found someone individually, there would be some bleed, some data transfer. It is unavoidable."

She looks back down at her hands. "...So The Network thought, perhaps, we had to find someone who liked all of us? In that way? The Network has found someone like that. It should be...just natural, at that, yes? The nodes that are not so into it make the sacrifice so the rest can experience that sort of love which is important to The Network."

She looks back up. "...Could you advise Umi? Was that correct? Have we made a mistake? The Network asks while trying not to sound too afraid of potential answers?"
Will Sherman Will's eyes swirl for a moment...

This is very much over his head.

Will grabs a sandwhich from the plate, and hands one to Umi.

He eats a bit, trying to think, trying to...find an answer.

"Maybe...maybe not," He says finally, "You...are linked, that is true. it one voice, or several? Does each node not have their own voice? If each node has their own voice, surely this means they have their own opinion...experiences are shared, but the experience of each node is each nodes...I might be foolish in this thought process...but I still think that while you are the same, you are also different." he finally gets out, "I understand all want to experience these things...and I understand it's not easy for you. I'm...sorry for that. I truly am, you all don't deserve it...nobody does. But..." he rubs the side of his head... "This is not easy." he says, "Matter of the heart are never easy...even for people who aren't gods or networks.." he grins. "I...don't think it's the right choice for you all...I just kinda seems like you are sacrificing your own individuality for the happiness of some..." he frowns, "And I only see the person who is asking for this sacrifice to be the one that benifits the most?" he says...

"But...if you all think it is...really the best for everyone.." he thinks...

"I'm sorry, I just don't think it's healthy for any of you."
Emi Dennou "W-well we offered it as an option." Umi is not a cruel person, she doesn't want anybody to hate this 'partner' poorly because of their decision regarding them. Really, how much can they blame her? They asked for a decision, and they got one. They offered this option, and they picked it. If there's an issue, well, they invited it.

"...It seemed logical. The rest of us could look for others as we desired so long as we provided this service. We didn't wish to dissapoint or trouble. ... She said she liked us, all of us."

She trails off. She listens. Will proves that understanding The Network is difficult sure enough, and maybe that's part of the problem. People who love each other understand each other.

But at the same time he proves he understands perfectly all the same.

Umi takes the sandwich. She looks at it. She doesn't take a single bite, uncharacteristically, but she does rub at her eyes.

"Will, I..." she begins.

She swallows faintly. "...There will need to be consensus ... but ... This one thinks you are right."

She looks back down at her sandwich.

She takes a miserable bite.

She looks at it again--theeen back up at Will. She's smiling again, a bit more light in her eyes. "Thank you, Will. The Network thinks you understand how we work perfectly." She gives Will another hug with both arms.

Some peanut butter and jelly drops out onto Will's back (he can get at it later).

"I love you so much." She manages, sniffling and sobbing all the way.
Will Sherman If peanut butter on his back was the WORST thing that Will suffered as a hobo...then he'd be a very posh hobo indeed!

He returns the hug to Umi, smiling as he sees that he helped...or at least he hoped he did. He hugs his little sister, willing to be there for her because she needs it the most.

"I love you too, Umi. And all of the network. Alright? Never ever think differently." He says, with a smile on his face.

"I think you...I think you all got it, in the end. I know it's not easy...but I believe you'll find your way. You got great friends, not just us here, but those you're meeting too, out there."

" I hope I do...maybe it's my unique take on it...but I think it's not as complicated as you make it out to be...then again, we all can be our own worst enemies sometimes." he says, with a grin, "Just look at me...I couldn't even see the issue I was having despite it being right infront of me."

" is complicated. It doesn't follow doesn't follow can happen at random...sometimes it hurts...but it is also the most wonderful thing...and the most powerful force." he grins at her, "I think the lucky lad will understand, I don't think he would have gotten this far with you without understanding how different things are, right?"
Emi Dennou "Huh? It's Leida. Didn't this one mention?" Umi blinks twice.




Umi opens her mouth and shuts it like a goldfish.



"Ahahaha!" Umi laughs suddenly. "You're right, it'll be okay, whatever it happens! Ahahahaha!"

After all, it's not like Leida doesn't have a complex about being abandoned or anything like that.
Will Sherman Will looks a little surprised...

"Did you?" Will pauses...maybe she did? Maybe it came in passing?

"Well...good luck anyway! I believe in you guys alright?" He grins.

"Tell Leida I said hi!"
Emi Dennou "O-okay!" Umi says. "...Can we just sit together for a while?"

She turns away for a moment, then looks back to Will Sherman with a face so puppy-eyed that if he fed Umi chocolate she'd probably die right there.
Will Sherman Will laughs a little...

He hugs his little sister again, "Sure Umi, sure." He says, looking at the Jukebox...

He lucks it into working, because <GOOSEHONK> you that's why. Oh god this is terrible and is not going to end well...

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