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(2013-05-28 - Now)
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Katyna It's a warm and sunny day in central park this evening, a day filled with lots of park enthusiasts, perhaps more than usual. Yes...It seems that something or someone is attracting quite a bit of a crowd today.

Upon closer examination, one might notice that there appears to be some sort of friendly tournament going on. People are sparring, albeit with real swords against a certain girl in gold and crimson armour, her long fiery cape fluttering behind her.

It seems the tournament has only just started, but she's already beaten a decent number of folks, and a cheer goes up as she wins her latest bout. Of course, it's time for a break and so the crowds scatter for a bit, and the armoured girl takes off her helmet, revealing none other than..That rascal, Katyna, the (ex) Ember Knight!

...What's she up to, this time?
Vespa Vespa heard about a tournament behing held in central Park. (is that even leagal?) She was curious to check it out and maybe possible particapate. She watches tournament for a seeing the person in gold armor doing pretty well.

"I wonder how that is.. She pretty good!", the gold clad warrior takes off the helmet relaving it's Katyna! Oh boy.

"This just got alot more intersting.."
Avira As Avira makes her way into Central Park, she's immediately confronted with a big crowd. Having not visited Manhattan itself for a few weeks now, this strikes her with surprise and makes her realize just how little attention she paid to the events going on in Manhattan right now. On one level, it makes her feel kind of bad. On another level...well, Manhattan was allegedly safe now. She didn't really have to worry about this place.

As she's come to expect, just setting foot here brings her an overwhelming sense of peace. Those native to this world pause to glance at her as she walks by, looking as if they caught a brief glimpse of someone they knew. Nobody stops her though, as she heads over to see this tournament.

Slowly she frowns when she realizes Katyna is one of the participants. "Well, she's still alive, so that's a good sign."
Maira Maira says, "Huh? What's going on--OH HEY! KATYNA!" she says, moving out from behind Vespa, waving her arms emphatically. She'd decided to go with Vespa to Manhattan for the day, maaaaybe buy a new t-shirt. She'd not expected a commotion in Central Park though!

Maira turns then and looks toward Avira, her gaze inexplicable drawn toward her. Maira smiles warmly then, watching her best friend, the woman who had used her light to save this place. She's part of the world and the world is part of her, she knows it.

Maira waves to her. "Aviiiraaaa!""
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't know there was something going on in the park either. She was just moving from the portal in Central Park, a hand on her red chocobo's reins as she leads her around, with her saddle holding a few boxes and others items that she seemed to be carrying into town. Perhaps toward the next bar she was working on opening. She hmms at the gathering though, moving closer to the group... She decides to let her chocobo go on its own. Its smart enough not to wander needlessly, still carrying the luggage even if its not that heavy for her.

She peeks around the people, she wouldn't want it to be something serious going on, like a Shadow Lord or heartlness after all... no, instead she finds Katyna. She's met her a few times, but she doesn't remember having much of a talk with her either. She hms, and just observes for now.
Katyna "Phew!" Katyna breathes heavily after the last battle. "That was a close one..." She smirks at the guy she just beat, "Sorry, better luck next time!" going to one of the nearby tables, she eagerly grabs a water bottle and starts dousing herself with cool, refreshing liquid before drinking it, pulling off her armour anxiously as she tries to cool down.

"C'mon, cant anybody beat the great Katyna Redsvaren?" Inwardly, she's thankful that she practiced before the tournament. She was starting to get rusty a bit, but now she's feeling pretty good. The practice sessions with Art and Ramza are finally paying off!

It takes her a moment to notice that the small crowd has attracted the attention of a few familiar faces - among them, Avira, Maira and Vespa..VALKYRIE! and of course, Tifa whom she's met from time to time but doesn't know all that well...

"Eh.." she smiles bashfully, waving at them, glad to see that VALKYRI's doing okay since the last time she met 'em all. "Hey y'all, what are you doin' here? Gonna enter the tournament?" Actually that has her a little worried. So far it's been just small fry, and she's not really hoping to fight any of these seriously tough people whom she's seen in action before..Afterall, that might just interfere with her...Other plans..
Avira "Hi Maira." Avira says, peeking over her shoulder as she hears her friend call out her name. "Had a feeling I'd find you hear. You seem to really like the Manhattan clothing lately." Or 'Earth Clothing' as it were.

The last time VALKYRI had met Katyna would officially be when Angantyr came to attack, didn't he? Back when Garland demanded that Avira /personally/ deal with the Shadow Lord traitor. "I just dropped by to check on things. I had no idea they were holding a tournament here."

She actually looks thoughtful, "I dunno, I guess it would depend on how many days it lasts. I've been doing a lot of travelling lately and I don't want to be tied down for a month to deal with a tournament." Good news for Katyna at least, meaning the Ember Knight wouldn't have to fight this VALKYRI.
Maira Maira gives Katyna quite a look, laughing. "Oh sure Katyna, could a borrow a sword?" she asks, obviously joking. That's funny stuff right there! She grins and pokes Vespa and gestures to Avira, smiling widely. "These two though!" she adds.

"It's good to see you Katy. I'm glad you're doing alright," she adds, smile growing. Even Angantyr wanted to perhaps make nice with her? That was seriously shocking!

Maira nods to Avira, shrugging. "Heh, I really like the music here. And the movies!" she informs her. Besides...what isn't to like about Manhattan? Its a bastion of hope for the world that things /can/ be restored.
Vespa "I've been thinking about it.", Vespa says she also waves to Avira as well. "But I do have other things going on.. Depends on how long it going to be on for.", she really tempted but she woudn't want to leave her freinds hanging if anything important happened.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves a hand at that "No thanks, really, not interested in fighting just for show." She already had bad enough experience with that Sabin guy. She shudders even. She looks around. Maira, Avira... She waves to them with a smile "Hey there. Anything new? not too many troubles I hope?" There's been more than enough recently after all.
Katyna Katyna sweatdrops, glancing around slightly nervously. They kinda ended on sorta good terms the last time, but.."Heh, actually, it's...Er....I'm the one who organized it. Hopefully it wont last too much longer..." she has a strange, mysterious glint in her eye as she says that. As if she's up to something. Again. who knows? Maybe it's just a trick of the light?

"It's err..Not too late to join, but I guess you two might just gimme a run for my money." Actually, she's never fought Avira or Tifa before, but back when she was Ember, she did confront Vespa, and found her to be pretty tough.

"I dont have any extra swords, sorry Maira." she smirks at the idea of watching Maira fight with a sword instead of her magic. "But, the prize is of course a very special sword..." as she says that, Katyna pulls out her own ruby encrusted sword, holding it up to the light, "Hopefully I wont lose it to anyone though, because this sword is pretty precious to me.."

Every so often, Kat peers around the fringes of the crowds, as if she were searching for someone in particular..
Maira Maira smiles brightly to Tifa, waving. "Hey, Tifa! Its nice to see you! New? New...oh, lots of things!" she replies, though she doesn't divulge any further. If she starts, it'll all just flood and she'll be yammering for hours, she just knows it. "Always troubles, buuut I think we'll be alright," she says, reaching over to take Vespa by the hand and give her a little twirl for the heck of it.

Maira looks back to Katyna then, seeing her look around the crowd. "Looking for someone? And why did you organize it? Why would you risk your sword when its so important to you? I don't understand..." she says, gazing at the rubies encrusted in the hilt with widening eye. Gosh, that would be so much ice cream.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gets that feeling that Katyna had some plan. Maybe luring someone in particular with this ploy. Of course, if someone was to win over her, she'd lose her sword, probably all part of the plan there. But Tifa isn't really one to interfere with that kind of thing, unless it really had some very sinister purpose... which honestly she's not feeling right now at all. Katyna is being mysterious, but not creepily dangerous or anything it seems like.

"You waiting on someone Katyna?" She wonders, nodding to Maira "Don't get into anything too dangerous then, if you run into troubles, come and find me, will you?" She smiles kindly, Maira is good friends with Aerith after all.
Vespa "I'll have to pass then Katyna. Al get jealous if I used a melee weapon other than him.", Vespa know about specal weapons she woudn't want to take it away from Katyna.

"Lots of troubles but we handle them fine."

""Some thing are more imporant than any object Maira. ..And as they all said if you need any help just ask okay?", Vespa adds.
Maira Impulsively, as she so often is, Maira reaches over and gives Tifa a brief, friendly hug, touched by her offer. There are just so many good people in the world, truly there are. "Thank you Tifa, you are very kind. Don't worry though--I think I have a good bit of fight in me," she says with a wink.

Maira looks to Vespa then, grinning. "Well of course...I just wonder what Katyna here is up to--I know you must be up to somethiiiiiing...." she sings.
Avira "Tifa, hey!" Avira waves, pleased to see the barmaid having made her way back to Manhattan. Thoughts return to the second location she knew Tifa had been opening up here before disaster struck.

Katyna says the tournament might not last much longer and suddenly, there's a gleam in her eye. "Hm, maybe I should join. We could fight proper." Immediately Avira started to wonder...why organize a tournament and enter it herself? Especially on a world that she didn't come from? It was pretty suspicious. Her enthusiasm fades a little when Katyna says that her own sword is the prize.

Though that too strikes her as further suspicious. "Hmm. Why'd you offer it, though?"
Vespa She awws at Maira not verablly thought just interally. She is always optmistic. She looks at Maira grinning back "Hmm that a good point Maira.", the plot thickens!
Katyna Katyna bites her lip, laughing rather nervously at Maira's questions. "Heh. looking for someone? Me? Of course not! Why would I do that?" she shrugs, looking down at her sword. "Well...Y'know, gotta keep my skills sharp, and who knows? Maybe there's a bigger prize to be won, right? I mean, why would someone want this rusty old sword? Hahaahah....."

Even as she speaks, the crowd parts as a cold, husky feminine voice cuts through the rest.

"That ssssword is just what I had in mind.." Says the robed figure as she strides purposefully towards Katyna. People seem somehow wary of the newcomer's presence as they move quickly out of her way. Katyna's happy go lucky demeanor quickly drops at the sight of her, eyeing her warily and with a somewhat worried look now. Did she just bite off more than she can chew? The sword she carries underneath the robe looks HUGE, and Maira can probably sense the sheer dark power that she possesses.

Furthermore, are those pyreflies swirling around her? Definitely not good.."Erm..Heh...So you came. I knew you would.." Kat quips, trying to appear cocky and over-confident, even taking a step towards the woman as she draws her sword..

But it all happens in a flash, a blast of wind knocks the spectators off their feet, and dark tentacles suddenly sprout from her robes, rushing at Katyna, wrapping tightly around her arms, her legs, her neck, trying to squeeze the life out of her!
Maira Maira's eyes widen as a dark presence arrives. Her eyes turn right toward the robed figure, only her hands catching flame rather than the rest of her. At least for now. Who the heck was /this/!?

Then, suddenly, tentacles. Maira is understandably alarmed by this. As those tentacles shoot out to begin wrapping around Katyna, Maira decides to light the dark thing on fire first, ask questions later.

She slings a small fireball from her hand, careful not to hit Katyna, hoping the robed figure would loose its (seriously creepy) grip on Katyna.
Vespa Vespa turns to look a the suspious robe figure that just entered. She hms frowning a bit looking at the robe figure. Seem Katyna know this person, well not really a peson as tentales comes out of the robes and wrap Katyna!

"Let her go!", Vespa shows her massive axe appear in her hands and she swings in a downward arc trying to cut them to free Katyna.
Tifa Lockhart She blinks... and sweatdrops when the 'big bad guy' appears like that... Okay, so she's not really up to beating up other people, but beating up monsters... well she thinks its a monster at least... Just the aura around her spells bad news (don't ask in which language). She just cringes a bit at the hissing sound, and then at the sword... Well then... guess she'll be fighting.

She quickly moves to Katyna's side, wanting to put some distance between herself and that ... thing "... So that's what you were trying to lure in? I'm guessing you won't mind a bit of help then? Because I got a bad feeling about this... care to explain what's the story after this?"
Emi Dennou Shida and Emi are busy at present.

But one Dennou is as good as any other right? Umi and Ami are making their way through central park. While it may not be strange for Ami and Umi to be a little 'dead-eyed' the way Emi typically is, it is pretty rare. But that is their expression until they spot Avira and Maira. They both perk up mildly, but they seem a touch...distracted.

"Avira, Maira." Umi says. "This one is wondering if you have a free moment. Something has come up, if you are not busy, we would like to make some inquiries, The Network endeavours to be a bit insistent...?"

The two look towards the spooky robed figure.

Umi raises an index finger and points it towards the robed figure.

"Bad time?, The Network offers ironically." Umi adds. "...Actually it seems we have failed to solve the case before this happened, on reflection."
Avira Double suspicious. Maybe Katyna is looking for someone since Avira doesn't see why Katyna would offer up something so precious to her as a prize to a tournament. She knows Katyna to a degree and it strikes her as completely opposite of her to part ways with personal effects.

Someone with a sibilant sound to her voice earns the attention of the crowd and Avira looks her way. An unpleasant feeling creeps down her spine as she sees this person. One of her hands reach down to grasp the pelvic bone hilt of the Spine.

Then the situation grows rapidly worse for Katyna. Avira immediately springs into action, drawing her blade with a sharp note of metal throughout the air. "GET BACK!" she warns the surrounding crowd, her voice strong. Oddly enough, most people seem pretty amenable to obeying this! ...rogue wind spell pushing them down notwithstanding.

As she charges, she offers an apologetic, "Bad time, yes. Is it a private thing?" to Ami and Umi before drawing the Spine upwards and bringing it down upon the tendrils of darkness holding Katyna.
Katyna The strange woman cackles now as pyreflies continue to roll off of her. People attack her and she burns and bleeds a strange dark blood. At times she flinches, but seems to have a high tolerance for pain as she continues to attempt to hold onto Katyne, trying to squeeze the life out of her. "That sword, that is all I want. That and the girl's life. You others, stay out of my way!"

Glancing at the others, she lashes out with free tentacles, slicing with dark claws, bolts of lightning and blasts of dark energy.
Maira Maira notices the pyreflies. She knows enough about the world to know what that means, even without her gift for seeing spirits. This ghost was /strong/ to be so solidly in the world though.

Well, fine. Maira calls to Uist. Though he's been keeping his distance, when Maira was in trouble, he was there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he cannot completely protect her from the dark tentacles the snack out to smack her across the middle and send her flying backward. She falls, ungracefully, on her behind, then glares. "No way! That's my friend! Back off!" she says, getting back to her feet now, the flames that shroud her hands beginning to crawl up her arms. Luckily, she's wearing her battle gear! ...Ruffled pink mini-dress and matching boots.

It's all Ivo's fault!

Maira lashes out with her magic, Uist pulling on her to manifest enough to dash forward and begin striking at the robed woman's tentacles, trying to sever them from Katyna.

Vespa Ow. Ow ow. Vespa really dislikes magic. "If you not going to lisen to reasn then I'll resort to violence! ..even thought I already did.. oh whatever!", she swing her axe again at the Heartless mabye whatever oh she just going to try and hit the creature again!
Kim Possible Anyone up for some swing dancing? Because someone's swinging into the area. Someone by the name of Kim Possible, young secret agent with a knack of popping up whenever there's trouble. She happens to swing in at the right spot when she lands, and then spots the enemy. "Oh this is totally uncool!" Kim says as she cracks her knuckles. "Looks like it's gonna get rough!" Kim then fires her grappling hook again, attempting to swing at the enemy and deliver a swift kick, then leap back and check the rest of the situation.
Avira Sadly, Avira's not all too familiar with the pyrefly phenomenon. She hasn't visited that part of the worlds all too much and was only vaguely aware of the involved religion. To her, the spilling light is a pretty interesting effect from someone who reeked of darkness.

"You can't have either. Especially not while here! Not on /my/ turf!" Avira lands in a crouch and spins, positioning herself with the Spine raised. Dark energy and lightning lash out at her, but barely seem to slow her down as she makes another pass at the ghost. "Katyna! Who the hell is this person? Another Shadow Lord?" Shadow Lords after Katyna's life wouldn't be a surprise, but this one wants the girl's sword too for some reason. There must be more of a story.

Ice shoots down the length of Avira's weapon, then suddenly arcs up from beneath the woman.
Katyna "Guh!" Katyna chokes as the unsent creature attempts to strangle her to death. Fortunately, Vespa manages to cut enough of the tentacles around her neck to allow her to breathe. She struggles, reaching for her sword, a bit surprised that these people were coming to her help..But then, they were VALKYRI, and..They were her friends.

She smiles faintly, "Heh, thanks guys..I'll be outta here in a jiffy..Err..." Hopefully..She screams suddenly then as the tentacles start to drain her energy, continuing to squeeze her.

"Guh, get offa me! Lemme goo!" She struggles, still unable to reach her sword. The woman continues to laugh, pyreflies spinning around her as she deflects some attacks with her tentacles, lashing out with more tentacles and dark bombs.

Kat glances over at Avira, still struggling, "Eh, this is Jasmina. She was the daughter of my mentor, the Shadow Lord, Fessner.." she smiles sheepishly, "I guess Sister Felicia, the one who cursed me with the glove in the church, brought her back to kill me..Just as she brought back Lillian to kill Hati, and to bring my sword back to Felicia.." She gets cut off again however as lightning bombards her. "Gahh!! You're stronger than I thought!" She says betwen gritted teeth. How foolish to think she could take it on alone..
Emi Dennou Is it private? Hmm. Not really. "We don't care if strangers know about this, it isn't anything particularly secret, The Network guesses so anyway?" Umi asks, looking towards the strange woman. Tentacles of darkness lash out, spray electricity. Umi raises a hand and catches one of the tendrils, absorbing the stray bolts of electricity and channeling it back into the robed woman.

"The question we have is about relationships." Umi continues as she pours electricity into the woman's body, intending to blast into her a hefty amount of voltage there. She is a bit distracted, normally she'd be a bit more cautious with---well okay maybe not, it IS Umi after all.

Ami just sighs and taps her foot expectantly.

"Namely." Umi continues. "The Network wonders what other members of the Network should be doing while the others are engaged in relations."

Ami reddens deeply.

"Yeah it's pretty strange. But well, that was what was decided. It should be expected anyway. But anyway, we were wondering if you happened to have advice about that."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart got a few answers despite being caught in the fight. Even though she hasn't attacked it, it seems to see her as a treath. Well, that's fine with her. She quickly flip backwards to avoid the incoming magical shots, managing to avoid them just barely, but she's safe. Magic isn't really her strong point, she rather avoid them.

And then, she's going on the offense, following in after Avira. It would look like a practiced choregraphy from the outside, ducking under the Spine as it slices, combining her attacks with Avira for more impact. Maybe she's fought often enough to know Avira's attack pattern, or maybe she just has good battle sense? Either way, her fists and kicks rain on the armored assailant, hoping to dent out its protection.
Kim Possible Kim shakes her head as the enemy's attacks come at her. She twists around slightly, then leaps into the air as she uses her skills to avoid the incoming attacks with great skill. "They're totally persistent, which is totally uncool. But it works for me since I get more practice for my upcoming cheerleading practice," Kim comments to herself as she steadies herself within the air. "Still, I'm just warming up, so I'd better finish that uncool freak!"

Kim attempts to steady her descent enough to be able to fly directly at the enemy and deliver a flying kick, hoping to use the impact to drop to the ground and then launch into a cartwheel, and then round it off with an uppercut.
Avira "FELICIA!" Avira suddenly blurts out, "That's the name I was trying to remember the other day! So this is part of the mess that Hati got caught up in...good. I was hoping to get a shot at someone involved." Avira says, weathering another attack of darkness, this time a faint silvery aura shining its way through. She still has yet to look winded by either.

She's also seems pretty capable of actually talking while fighting today, even as she weaves in and out of attacking around Tifa. She too knew the martial artist's fighting style pretty well know, having fought WITH her and AGAINST her before. "So what you're saying is...Emi or Shida has a relationship with someone that you can see and you wonder if you should be involved?"

Man that must be awkwaaaaaard. "It's polite to not watch unless you have permission from both people involved." she encourages. "...if that's, uh, possible?"

Avira twists her way back down to the ground, dropping the Spine down upon Jasmina.
Maira Oh, hey, Umi is here! Maira looks over to her. Questions? "Uh-sure?" she replies, trying to split her attention between fighting an undead crazy person and The Network--The Network's relationship troubles!?

Maira gawks a little. That is the strangest question! "I--I don't know...." she begins, then tries to dive out of the way as another tentacles smashes into her midsection, sending her air bound. Not good! Not good!

The mage channels a cushion of air, pressing against the falling momentum so she doesn't hit the ground so hard. Still, she falls on her knees, wincing in pain. "Hold on Katyna!" she says, then gets to her feet and begins weaving her magic once more, the light of her fire creating a circle of brightness beyond which the shadows dance.

After all, Maira has fought the darkness before.

Taking a deep breath, she lets the fire consume her, wreathing her completely, the golden-red changing to the brighter light of holy. The light reaches out toward the darkness, seeking to burn it away like morning fog. "Holy..." she whispers, then unleashes, her fire flashing in a concentrated beam aimed straight for the robed-figure's heart, hoping to hammer through the darkness and break her hold on Katyna, at the very least.
Vespa "Could we have a talk about relationships later?"Vepsa says. The heartless seem to be ingoring her for now. Big mistake. She bring her axe to her side and rushes foward towards the heartless trying to cut it in half!
Emi Dennou "You are irrelevent." Ami speaks up suddenly. "So why do you care?" It's not like they even know who Vespa is really? Ami is still very red in the face and it only gets worse once she blurts that out. "Watching is not a concern however. We are here, after all, and they are there." They seem more concerned about Maira and Avira's opinions on the matter.

Umi continues to be dealing with the monster in the meanwhile. She spews more electricity at it. She doesn't seem to be really paying much attention to it. It's like something else is on her mind.

"Is it appropriate to give advice in the process? The NEtwork usually allows one or two members of The Network to research a situation when it is a situation they do not commonly find themselves in, thereby allowing for a greater understanding of the situation to be discovered in the process of the situation rather than after it. This allows us to be a bit more competent at dealing with a certain situation even if there is a bit of warmup time. We consider it more efficient? The NEtwork guesses anyway." Umi says.

"We're already involved." Ami says. "Since a schedule has been prepared for the eventuality that the full Network would be insisted upon rather than individual nodes."

"This one likes her, but doesn't like like her," Umi says. "But we're all in this together, this one guesses?"

Ami nods. "Is that adequate information?"

"Or too much?" Umi has a shit-eating grin.
Katyna "Hati..Is she alright? Felicia didnt hurt her again, did she? Thought we killed Lillian.." Katyna quips between gritted teeth as she finally reaches her sword and with the help of the others, manages to break free. "Phew, that feels so much better!" She coughs as she finds her strength back.

"Alright, let's end this already!" Glaring at the fiend, she pauses a moment to peer back at Umi curiously, "wow, seriously? That's totally weird and awkward!" She makes a face, nearly getting caught off-guard by Jasmina.

"Fools, you worry about suck petty things, when the real danger is in front of you. I WILL get that sword and I will return it to its rightful owner!" She's breathing a bit more heavily now, dark blood dripping from her many wounds, and she limps a bit from the combined attacks.

Still, it seems she has some juice left as she goes all out on the heroes, Lashing out with dark blades and dark magic and more explosives!
Maira Maira is visibly relieved when Jasmina looses her grip on Katyna. She's looking pretty hurt, and even a ghost can't fight forever.

Meanwhile, she can't even /believe/ what she is hearing from the Dennous. What in the world have they gotten themselves into!? Was this what all that menage a trois talk was about!?

Jasmina is not down yet, throwing her anger and her darkness at the lot of them. Maira uses another blast of air magic to fling herself away from the attacks, managing to escape unscathed.

It is not so for the others. Maira looks over her friends and chews her lip, immediately calling up her healing to distribute among them, a warmth and light touching down upon them to seek to heal the worst of their wounds.
Avira "I think it's going to depend on what your sister's reaction would be to your advice. Give it...and stop if she tells you to buzz off! I find it odd, though, is whoever...uh, Emi is with-" she's just guessing on the identity of the person having 'relations' right now. "-interested in having ALL of you like that?" Avira keeps herself from thinking too hard about this right now since there is a fight to focus on and the fate of someone who had been close to her hangs in the balance. Jasmina was pretty serious about slaying Katyna here!

"Hati is fine! I-" a blast of darkness blows her backwards and Avira's feet dig a long trench in the dirt as she is pushed away by the impact.

"Okay, that's it-" Silver smoke drifts off of her form, that strange sheen glowing brightly now, "I'm a little tired of you interrupting our conversations with you trying to kill Katyna."

Avira bursts forward, moving far faster than she has before as she unleashes a fast flurry of not only strikes with the Spine, but with her legs and fists as well, shifting her grip upon her weapon fluidly as she unloads upon the undead woman. The final strike comes as an overhead swing with the ice-encrusted Spine.
Kim Possible Once again, Kim Possible shows that she makes the impossible possible as the attacks sail by her as she dodges them completely, and then she lands on the ground in a crouched position. She stands up and dusts herself off, and then spots Tifa, at which point her eyes go wide. "Oh no, I didn't see her there!" Kim says to herself as she rushes over to her buddy, noticing how hurt Tifa looks.

"Don't give up, Tifa, you can do it!" Kim says as she looks at her buddy. "We can do anything, we're one of a kind!" Kim's words seem to generate a special aura around her as she attempts to encourage Tifa.
Vespa Vepsa ingores the lovebirs or whatever kind of relationship there are in. Not really her business and she got way more pressing matters at the moment

"Blah. Blah. Blah.", Vespa says as she blocks the stirkes and lighitng with her huge axe. Vespa's axe stats to glow with a black light and she bring it up gripping it with both hands .

"YOu talk to much.", and she swings it down on the Heartless with all the force she can muster.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart feels... compressed. That's the effect of hte gravity. Its like a ball of darkness surrounds you, the gravity not even letting the light escape, like a black hole, as it squeezes down on her... until it explodes out, releasing the pressure, and the pain just in time or the tornado to lift her up, and sends her crashing down with a loud grunt. Not a good landing there. Yet, Kim's cheers keep her on this side of conciousness at least, flipping back to her feet quickly. She shakes her head, cracking her neck a bit... just enough for the opponent to get striken down by the others. Well, she wasn't too useful for more than a meatshield this time around it seems, but at least they got it.

... She's still not sure what she was fighting for exactly, she wasn't even going after the citizens after all. And she doesn't even know why Katyna was intending on baiting her out either.

So, waiting for answers now, she crosses her arms.
Emi Dennou The Network seem pretty resigned.

"Hello Kat." Ami says, because Katyna's name has a Kat in it so obviously she's going to use Kat. "Is it...that weird?" She asks, nervously. She actually DOES know Katyna so her opinion counts a bit higher than total stranger. Paradoxically, when Vespa stops caring like they requested, they are now wondering why Vespa doesn't care?????

Umi ends up getting blasted away before she can properly counterattack, crashing into the ground roughly. She's a bit bruised up by that, but not significantly hurt. Ami remains solid and jogs over to help her up rather than to keep up the assault. They're not interested in FINAL STRIKING this entity.

"Ouch ouch ouch..." Umi mutters. "Well yeah, though that's just 'cause they happened to be there. It could've been any of us, really." She dusts herself off, looking back to MAira and giving her an encouraging thumbsup!

"It is impolite to try and kill a sort-of sibling." Ami agrees, bobbing her head at Jasmine. "Sisters shouldn't fight. Sisters should share." She frowns. "...Though this one admits sometimes it can take some getting used to."

"Well they're not our kind of Sisters," Umi reminds. "The Network is a bit unusual."

Ami nods back. "Still, this one thinks Imi should have gone first. She's the one that likes Leida."

"Well we all /like/ Leida." Umi counters. "It's just a matter of like like."

They both pause for a moment before nodding and then together they look towards Jasmina.

"Be kind to your sister!" They say together. "And follow our lead perhaps if it proves neccessary for you?"
Katyna More attacks rip relentlessly into Jasmina, and it seems that with the heroes' combined might, not even the unsent fiend can stay alive for much longer. Still, she seems to laugh madly even as blood sprays everywhere. "Fools! Even if you destroy me, she will only send others! Katyna, you will never be a replace ment for me...Or her....Die!!!" She unleashes one final attack upon Katyna, rushing at her madly with hundreds of dark blades even as she falls, collapsing into a pile of pyreflies..

"Gah!" Kat yelps as she is bombarded by blades of darkness, doing her best to deflects as many as she can, although she still gets slashed pretty badly, stumbling to the ground..

As Jasmina - or what's left of her - fades away, a strange, golden comb drops on the ground, sparkling as if with magical energy..
Avira "Leida???" Avira sounds shocked. She's seen her in the company of Reize in the past so she kind of assumed she was part of that whole Reize fanclub thing! Though the last few appearances have been decidedly Reize-less. Interesting-the little princess prefers girls then?

"So Leida wants....all of you?" Wow, Avira thinks. She's trying not to judge! She really is! But still. Wow! Since it's obvious not all of them want Leida in the same way-

She really need to stop thinking about it now. Avira moves to intercept Jasmina before she lays into Kat, but doesn't make it. After the ghost has faded, Avira knees beside the Ember Knight. "Hey. You alright?" she's already motioning over Maira for some healing.
Maira Someone else can pick up the comb. Maira lets her fire extinguish, rushing toward Katyna with another healing spell already in hand. She reaches out to support her friend, the warm breeze of a cure spell washing over Katyna. She smiles to Avira. Maybe they can have that VALKYRI rejoining talk!

Then Maira hears the name Leida, and tilts her head. It takes her a few moments to understand what is happening.

Wait. WAIIIIIIIT. Leida is in love with the Network!? And she wants ALL of them!?

Maira's jaw just....drops.
Vespa Ooh the heartless droped a shiny! But she got other things to worry about like Kat. She looks to Avira. "Is she okay?", proably not after getting stabbed like that, and however or whatever is behind this is going to send more? Great... and WHAT with the NETWORK? Just what?
Emi Dennou Nobody else seems to be picking up the golden comb. Emi, who is not here but does have a mental link up, instructs the Network members HERE to pick up said golden comb in spite of the obvious natural reaction to lend a hand. Ami performs this act.

Umi looks Kat over but she's not really a healer. "It seems she is gone." She tells Kat. "Are you alright? The Network inquires and apologizes for the distraction."

Ami gives Avira a nod to her question, then glances to Maira, then back to Avira.

"Yes." She says.
Maira Maira is still speechless, her jaw still slack, her eyes wide.

She can't even fathom.

"Wh-whaaaaat...." she finally says, stammering. "How can she want all of you? At once? And if you don't all like her like that then you can't just--well you can if you want I guess but--won't there be--jealousy? I could never share--" Buuuuuh!?!
Vespa "Great you broke Maira's brain.",Vespa deadpans. "I hope your proud."

This scene contained 50 poses. The players who were present were: Tifa Lockhart, Katyna, Avira, Maira, Vespa, Emi Dennou, Kim Possible