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(2013-05-28 - 2013-06-02)
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Faruja Senra Lovely, warm, hot, hellish Fluorgis. Hating the weather in the city has almost become endearing to the Burmecian, in what's now become his second slash third home. Today, it's all the worse, for with the city now partially home to a holy site of the Holy Church, Faruja has to look the part. Full armor and robes, the rat is /sweltering/ as he walks into the Shard Seeker's garden. It's only now that he divests himself of his robes, flopping into a chair and leaning back.

For once, he reaches for a canteen of water at his side rather than booze, drowning out the heat. "Oh, Lord bless these humes that abide by this wretched climate."
Zia While most Gargoyles tend not to be too bothered by heat or cold, Zia is a bit of an exception. Her connection to the elements has always made her a bit more sensitive to such things. Luckily, there are benefits that come with it as well.

Not long after Faruja settles down to rid himself a few extra layers of clothing and catch a drink, the air seems to shift, a cool breeze blowing in his direction. A moment later, there is the sound of clawed feet touching down on the stones of the garden path. "Ah imagine it's a wee bit stifflin if yer walkin the streets in full armor, dear mouse." Gargoyles do tend to wear relatively little in comparison to other races, so it's no small wonder that she doesn't seem terribly fussed by the heat.

"They've been keepin ye busy, though, Ah imagine?" She asks, looking at the pile of displaced vestments.
Faruja Senra Cool air, claws clacking on stone, and Faruja smiles. Sitting up a little more properly to face the Gargess, he offers a seated half-bow. "Quite so, never before would I think to envy humes and their lack of fur. Lord bless Zia, how fare thee my dear?" Greets the rat with renewed warmth, tinged with more than a little exhaustion.

Chuckling, the rat shakes his head, standing. "Shall I make thee some tea, hmm? Perfect for such weather. Unfortunately, my dear, cathedrals neither build nor safeguard themselves. If 'twas not for the locals, 'twould be naught more than a foundation at this point." Especially given the incursions of the Heartless.
Zia The pale gargoyle sweeps her wings forward in her own display of a bow in return, chuckling to herself. Formalities were never her strong suit, and they seem a bit silly to her. "Aye, Ah'm quite glad te be wi'out it m'self. Then again, it's the other way around in the winter, Ah can assure ye." Stepping forward, the gargoyle capes her wings, letting the leathery appendages fold easily along her back.

"Be'er in some ways, worse in others." Zia admits, offering a shrug of her shoulders. "Havenae been able te sit down 'n talk te our young squire friend in a while." Though the two of them live together, sometimes they do tend to pass like day and night. "Though there is some good news te report. The good noble werewolf is free from the Gaudium Lords. Avira 'n Ah managed te win 'im back from them. But even tha wasnae wi' out some cost." For now, she doesn't explain just what it might be.

"Been waitin te see if ye'd come around for tha combat trainin ye promised me." She walks over and reaches a hand for his shoulder, intent on pushing him lightly back down into the chair. "Relax. Ah can live wi'out tea for a while, Ah assure ye. Take some time te catch yer breath, good mouse."

Regardless of if she takes his advice, Zia would still tilt her head, seeming curious. "Have ye had any trouble from tha strange lass with the undead followin her? Ah'm afraid Ah havenae been as attentive te tha situation, since Ah was at least somewha involved in makin tha mess for ye and yer Templar."
Faruja Senra Faruja is light shoved back, the Templar reluctantly following her advice. It's been a long couple of days! At least everything now in relatively one piece. "Should I ever be of assistance, Zia, never hesitate to ask, hmm?" comes the rat at the mention of 'worse in others'. Tail going limp, the rat slumping, he lets out a sigh of relief.

"Permanently, and with these 'Gaudium Lords' in a shallow grave, I pray. One might think any survivors may be a touch cross with thyself and the good Lady Avira." A brow rises, concern naked on his face. He doesn't push the 'cost'. No doubt if she wants him to know, she'll come out with it.

"Which, my dear, we are long overdue for. My deepest apologies." Siiip. Mmm, water.

"No time like the present to rectify such a horrid oversight, hmm?" Smile.

The mention of the witch has him scowling. "The unholy wretch is hardly content with a single temple within her grasp. And quite well at that, damned /horde/ from the reports." At least with the current church being built, there's much more of a chance of enough forces being gathered to reclaim it.

"She seems to be targeting our holy sites. Looking for something, if I'm to judge. Not a mere anarchist, that one. She has purpose."
Faruja Senra Shaking his head, after a few minutes to rest, he once again stands. "Managed to drive her off, however, and she seems ill desirious of another strike. For now."
Zia "Ah dinnae doubt yer courage, my friend. There may be plenty'a reason te need yer skills soon enough." Zia lets out a small sigh and runs a hand through her hair. She has a tired look about her, even though Gargoyles are known as creatures who are forced to stone sleep. "But it seemed be'ta te go in with a small fource this time rather than a large one." The fight had been close, but at least they hadn't alarmed greater forces.

"Ah'm afraid the ones we faced were jus' underlings. Makes me afraid of wha sort of monsters the real Gaudium Lords are." Her tail flicks against her ankles, knowing all too well what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into. "It's worth it, though, te save a friend." This last word catches her uncertainly though. Skoll really wasn't just a 'friend' anymore, was he? Curse all the confusion that that causes.

Zia's quick to move along after that stumbling block, shaking her head slightly. "Downside of the ma'er is te try te find someone who knows somethin of strange crystals 'n jibberish languages from m'world." She tugs at the crystal at her neck. Faruja is likely to have seen it before, but maybe there aren't many who know much about it.

She ends up going quiet at the news of the strange enemy and her undead horde. Her fingers toy with the crystal absently. "The priests seemed pre'ty excited aboot somethin they found. Ah didnae get a good look at it, m'self. It got left behind in the fightin, though." While it doesn't have all the answers, it might at least offer some insight into what is going on. "Who knows wha she might have found in there, though."

Zia hops up, crouching on a bench, looking the part of the creature she is. "First yer complainin aboot the heat, 'n now ye want te do heavy exercise in it?"
Faruja Senra "Mayhap so. A small team of competents can often harrass and damage a far larger and well equipped force, given that one chooses the target well. Play to thy opponent's weaknesses, thy allies' strengths, and strike when 'tis least expected." Faruja's more than once been in such attacks, the Templar rattling off his advice. A grim nod is given, even as he ponders getting the poor Gargoyle that tea after all. She looks exhausted.

"He is a good man, Ser Ulfang. Born into the wrong age by the looks of him. Should have been a knight." A small smile comes to his muzzle, trying to imagine the wolf as a Templar. "No lasting injuries to any involved? Well worth indeed, however, it shall no do to let the lot of you fall to pieces whilst I can do something about it." This time, the rat looks Zia over more closely, in that mildly suspicious look of a healer. No hiding any pains, Gargoyle!

Glancing to the crystal, the rat rubs his temple thoughtfully. "Best scour Manhattan. Certainly /someone/ within knows of mystical artefacts such as thy mysterious crystal. Otherwise? That 'Merlin' fellow is most storied for wisdom."

"Then mayhap 'tis still there. I...can say naught all, however..." Faruja searches for a bit of wiggle room beneath the litany of orders. "Our efforts as of late here shall give us a fighting chance at reclaiming such an important, historical place."

Smirk. "All the better, one rarely finds themselves fighting in ideal condition. Toughen the both of us to the heat." Finally up again, the rat moves over to their little training area. A small row of training weapons; wooden, but weighted like the real thing, is neatly arranged. "Are you familiar with any weapons at all? Even in the slightest?"
Zia As the Templar gives out his long tirade about battle tactics, Zia's looks on with one of those deer-in-the-headlights looks. "Well, Ah dinnae know tha we were thinkin aboot it tha deeply. The VALKYRI lass 'n Ah were already involved in ma'ers, so at least we didnae drag anyone else inte danger wi' us." It's sound logic in itself, but certainly not the sort that one would use if they were really thinking through a strategy. None of the three who went to face the Gaudium Lords were soldiers. In fact, she and Avira had only just begun to deal with combat within the months since the fall of their world.

And then he has to go and praise Skoll, which has that strange feeling fluttering in her chest again. Grr. Quiet you. "Aye, but ye dinnae have te be a knight te have some measure of nobility." There were people who had claimed her as 'noble', but she certainly doesn't go out of her way about it like Faruja or Skoll. His keen eye checking her for injuries has her attention snap back, but all he might find is a faint bit of color on her cheeks. "Ah'm fine. Stone sleep is damn near miraculous aboot tha 'n Skoll's damn near indestructable. Ah think the dear lady VALKYRI got the least of the damage, but her knuckles might need some rest after poundin' tha monster inte paste."

The suggestion of scowering Manhattan does at least give her one idea. She still owed the Detectives a visit, and perhaps someone there might be able to figure something out. If nothing else, she could always pay them to track down someone who is an expert in jibberish.

The gargoyle bites at her lip thoughtfully, nodding once, but deciding not to pry into Church matters. It had been bad enough that she got herself involved in the first place. Likely, there were a few amongst those there that day that blame her for what had happened. She's actually about to protest going into training, but this time he's actually on his feet before she can stop him, and there's not much she can do but follow after him, tail swishing.

"Ah tried te teach m'self a wee bit, but Ah' was pretty hopeless if ye ask me. We Gargoyles are more usedte hand te hand." Zia flexes her talons slightly, showing just how dangerous such things can be. "Though, Ah'm nae very good at tha either. Usually, when yer bein kept as a captive, yer warden doesnae teach ye te fight, lest ye try te take yer freedom back."
Faruja Senra Faruja rubs the back of his head upon noting the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look. With all of the adventure, or misadventure, Avira and anyone close to her gets into, he'd not considered the group is lacking in such things! Sighing lightly, he shakes his head. "Lady Avira and thyself have done well so far. However, if 'tis thy intention to campaign against these Gaudium Lords, one must possess a viable long term strategy, as well as what knowledge of the enemy as one can acquire. My, my, my. More and more I think it should be best to have the three of you sat down before a proper strategist and taught a thing or two. No doubt these Gaudium Lords will make use of inexperience now that the three of thyselves are proving a threat. Friends are precious, and we have far too little time for untimely funerals." The Templar peers up at the taller Gargess gravely.

Then, with a wave, he dismisses it. "However, mayhap I am too harsh. You are not soldiers. 'Tis a tragedy that so many must assume the mantle in these dark times."

Color to the cheeks, and further compliments on the good wolf! One ear of the rat's tilts as he looks at the gargoyle. Slowly, a small smile blossoms. "There we are. Red is a beautiful color on thy skin. Mmm...brought on by dear Ser Ulfang, hmmmm?" Lightly teases the Templar, a brow raised. "'Noble' is a term undeserving of our mutual comrade. Should like to show those whom bandy about the title to the good wolf!" The rat can't help but a slight huff there, his own predjudices cropping up.

Another relieved sigh, and they're off to train. Listening, he tilts his head, finally settling on a pair of spears. Offering the longer of the two butt first, Faruja leans his own shorter one against his shoulder. The ends are slightly padded, though the wood underneath no doubt shall still hurt!

"Ahh, never underestimate a pair of good claws! A weapon of last resort, however. /This/ shall suit you, methinks. Tall, slender, and begging the presumption, more easily harmed than, say, our dear Squire. Remember what I said regarding thy operation. Weaknesses and strengths. You have height and leverage over my strength and agility. Strike where I cannot."

Raising a clawed hand, he motions for the gargess to stand beside him. "But first, one must know how to use the thing. Legs apart, one in front of the other. Slightly bent, not stiff." Faruja demonstrates, tail held behind him for balance as he does so.

"Hold it firmly, but do not squeeze. Dominant hand behind, weaker in front. When you wish to thrust, step forward with the hind foot, and thrust with the hand behind. The forward aims." Thrust! The padded front smacks into the center of a practice dummy. Backing away, he motions. "Understand? Try for thyself."
Zia The poor gargoyle goes from 'deer-in-the-headlights' to an expression of worry. Her ears tuck down, blue eyes seeming to carry a measure of sadness to them. "Ah have nae intention te campaign against the Gaudium Lords. M'only worry was te get Skoll free of their power. Admittedly... Ah hadnae really thought if more than tha." Perhaps it's short-sighted, but those who think of the bigger picture would often not bother to put themselves on the line when there's a chance of earning the ire of an enemy.

She lets out a breath, straightening her shoulders slightly, "B'sides, Ah did wha was right te do for someone Ah care aboot. If tha's what it earns me, let them come." Her words might be brave, but the worry in her eyes shows that she the courage doesn't go as deeply as it seems. The fact that the mouse goes on to tease her about the wolf only has her looking away momentarily. "There are many kinds of nobility, my dear mouse, 'n nae all of them have te do with birth."

Truely, the gargoyle has no interest in arguing with his prejudices, so she just focuses on the task ahead. Even though her hand wraps around the spear, it doesn't quite seem at home in her hands. Plenty of people spend their lives learning how to use a weapon, and this is her first time even touching this particular one. "When Ah was young, m'brother 'n father usedte train in the courtyard of the old castle. Though Ah cannae say they ever used weapons like these."

Shifting herself, Zia tries to emulate his stance, but her own isn't quite as balanced. It's the sort of thing that takes time to get used to, and she isn't a natural fighter. Even so, she does focus, looking intensely at her hands, trying to duplicate the grip and the way that he attacks with the weapon. "Ah think so..." The response comes just before her own attempt at hitting the dummy, but as she strikes it, it causes her hands to slip.

The girl frowns, and wipes them off on her loincloth. Apparently, she's just a bit nervous about starting this combat training.
Faruja Senra Those brave words earn the Gargess a smile. "Good! 'Tis fire within, stoak it well, dear Zia. It shall sustain thee in troubled times." Returns Faruja, nodding in a pleased manner. Even if it goes so far, she still has gone to quite a length to help the man.

Faruja rubs his chin thoughtfully as he watches. Hrrmn. "Now, now, not so timid. A touch tighter on the grip. Once you've a few callouses upon the hands, shall be much easier." It's only now dawning on him just /how/ new to this fighting thing she is.

"What /did/ thy sibling and Father have you use?" Questions the rat. Pondering, Faruja's ears perk.

"Mayhap 'tis best to start with what you know best, hmm? I may be a touch biased." Comments the Templar, setting down his spear.

This time, after a few moments, the rat wiggles out of his armor and gauntlets, left with a shirt and trousers. "Show thy skill with those claws. Mayhap it shall give us insight into what will feel more natural."

The rat settles into a stance not too far removed from the one he dropped into with the spear, though with far less weight on his front foot. "Ladies first."
Zia "Well, fire hasnae really been m'strong suit." Zia admits, but then a puzzled look crosses her features. It seems like months ago when she had the first dream where she called fire to her whims. It wasn't quite the same as the natural way that she could summon the winds, but it still felt like a part of her. Such a strange thing, to dream time and time again about something that has always been out of her grasp. The thought only takes hold of her for a moment, though, and she shakes it off, trying to focus.

The gargoyle shifts her grip a little on the spear, tightening her hold before trying again. It's still not exactly a good strike, but at least she manages to hold onto it this time,

As Faruja switches gears, Zia tilts her head slightly, "Well, m'brother 'n da trained with swords mostly. Da figured tha if someone was te take the family sword, it'd be his son." She shrugs then. "He mostly taught me aboot magic." Her parents had come from a different age, and while gargoyles had more gender equality than some, it doesn't mean that a father wouldn't be a bit overprotective of his only daughter. "He taught me a wee bit'a self defense, but tha's it."

Seeing him set down his spear and start taking off his armor, the gargoyle just stares for a moment, and then sets her own back onto it's holder. The fact that gargoyle claws could rend metal and stone seemed to be something that would work against fighting without armor. Then again, with Faruja's considerable skill in matters and Zia's lack there-of, perhaps it won't matter, either.

It's not easy to get herself into a fighting state of mind, especially when it's a friend standing across from her. It's hard to remember the way that her brother and father used to fight, or to call upon her own instincts. For now, she drops into a stance that seems more beast than fighter, though, crouched low. Unfortunately, the uncertain look ruins the effect, and it doesn't look fierce in the least. One small grace, at least she doesn't choreograph her movements like some beginners might. So when she does move, it looks like a lunge, that quickly shifts into a snap of her tail which comes out towards the mouseling's feet.
Faruja Senra Gender inequality is something Burmecia's never had a problem with. Ripping a life out of an area where constant rain threatens to wash away everything you've built is a great equalizer.

"Smart, teaching to one's forte. Still, 'tis a start." Swords it'll be! Faruja can't say he's some prodigy with the weapons, but like any Burmecian soldier, he at least knows how to handle the thing in a pinch. More than enough to give the woman a leg up in defending herself!

Given his fights with Percival, Faruja may just be a touch reckless here. But Zia is a /Lady/ as far as he's concerned. Fighting her with armor on would be /improper/.

Lunge! Even the feint almost hits the ratling, the woman proving better than estimated. Stepping aside, baring a new scratch on his cheek, the Burmecian makes a small hop. This ends up being about a foot in the rat's case, managing to get away with only a slap on the toes from the gargess' tail. Leg raising, he'll aim a light kick towards Zia's midsection.

Unfortunately, Faruja's had Dragoon training. 'Light' is extremely relative.
Zia "Ye should've met m'brother. He was quite the swordfighter. After a while, M'da wasnae really good practice for him anymore." Zia's laugh is light as she recounts the story, the quick trip down memory lane only lasting as long as it takes to get herself prepared for the spar that the mouse has in mind. Though her brother has been missing for years, there is a part of her that still refuses to believe he's gone and that she's the only one left.

Luckily, the moment that the two of them are in motion, other thoughts leave her mind and she does at least make an effort to focus. She's not particularly good at anticipating, or at telling her own strength, so the moment her claw grazes him, Zia is left looking concerned, "Are ye alr-oof." And that's when the kick hits her squarely in the stomach.

The gargoyle is knocked onto butt by the relatively 'light' kick, coughing once from having the wind knocked out of her. "Ah... shoulda blocked tha." She admits, raising one finger to get a moment to catch her breath.

Getting to her feet takes a bit, but then she actually raises her hands in some attempt at blocking. "How do ye handle it when there's lots of enemies? Ah always tend te get a wee bit confused." Maybe if she could get him talking, it would make things a little easier on her, but that's probably just wishful thinking. This time, Zia tries to aim a swipe towards his shoulder, but it's slow. She's still a bit distracted.
Faruja Senra "Mayhap the Lord shall one day grant such an honor." Faruja responds quietly. People turn up all the time, after all. Who's to say Zia's dad won't just pop into Traverse Town one day?

"Not bad. At least thy opponent shan't see it coming at first. However, you over extend thyself. An unarmed strike needs to be relatively short, lest thy opponent decides to use thy own movement against thee." Frown.

"Monks in particular are good at that." The rat's had personal experience.

Faruja chuckles lightly as Zia gets back up. "More than anything else, 'tis like any other skill my friend. Practice. When someone beats thy skull in enough times, you learn to beat back. Or how to not break thy legs when kicked off of rooftops." Wince.

Swipe! Faruja catches the Gargess by the wrist this time, leaning down and attempting to demonstrate an over-the-shoulder throw just as he explained. "Remember the rest of thy senses. Hearing, smell, peripheral vision...learn to scan the battlefield. The smallest of glimpses can tell thee much. More than anything else, experience. Even in a world such as this, there are only so many ways a person can move. Ahh, what would Hati suggest...mmm...hunting, mayhap? Hardly could I suggest going out to an actual battlefield." Really, the rat doesn't want the woman hurt!
Zia "Aye, would be nice." Though she wouldn't attest the movements of people in and out of nowhere to anyone's 'Lord', the prospect of it is something she holds on to. It's a fine line to walk between not giving up hope, and being too hopeful that you end up disappointed. Not everyone walks out of the darkness when a world falls, afterall.

As she's trying to think about her next mode of attack, the gargoyle takes in his lessons and his suggestions. She may not have natural talent, but at least she's an attentive listener. "Ah think Ah understand, but wha do ye mean by usin moment--" Grab, flip, thump. Zia ends up on her back, looking up, her wrist still in Faruja's grasp. "Oh, tha." Clearly, she's figured it out.

Wiggling her wrist, the gargoyle slowly rolls over, shaking her head. "Most of the time, Ah tend te stay away from melee if Ah can help it. Ye see why?" At least she's smiling though, shoving herself back up onto her feet. "Ah've tried te keep m'wits aboot me when Ah'm fightin, but usually it ends up bein a bit overwhelming."

This time, she doesn't try to get into a stance before moving. Instead, it's the hope that she can use him being distracted or not expecting it. Even so, she's probably a bit slow as her hand swipes out, making sure to swipe, then turn her body into it to maintain her balance and avoid being flung if he catches her hand. Either that, or she's likely to ungracefully pirouette right into him.
Faruja Senra Letting the poor gargess' wrist go, the rat looks away briefly to avoid getting a glance of /too/ much of the Gargoyle. She's a Lady, and a friend. No sneak peeks for this rat. He's not a certain member of the Zodiac Braves, after all!

"Quite. Unfortunately, my dear, without much focus I cannot see thee becoming a Temple Knight in thy future. A Temple /Wizard/ however..." Faruja can't help it, she at least deserves the offer, even if he knows she won't accept.

Smirk. "Truth be told? 'Tis still overwhelming at times for myself. The trick is, learn thy own capabilities. If there are too many to track, track as many as one is able, and rely on thy allies to deal with the rest. Barring that, manuever so that one may be able to fight them in limited numbers; an allyway, a canyon, a bridge...a chokepoint, as they are known."

Gargess sneak attack go! Faruja can't dodge aside this time, and once more captures her wrist. The rest doesn't go as planned; he's no real martial artist, the surprise catching him off his footing! Tumble!

Squeaking, the rat does his own little twist, crashing into the gargoyle. Head, meet chest as they both go down, the rat dizzy and unresponsive for the moment. At the very least, he has a soft landing.
Zia "Ah cannae imagine tha it just comes naturally. Battle focus, tha' is." It's not as if Zia is really itching for a chance at becoming a Temple Knight. The fact that she's a heretic pagan probably wouldn't help matters in that regard. "Ah've been gettin a wee bit be'ta at it, but it isnae as easy as all ye trained knights make it look." As much as she has a high reguard for knights, squires, and other trained warriors of the realm, she isn't trying to join their ranks.

"B'sides, all Ah'm tryin te do is find a way te defend m'self be'ta. Tha' way Ah dinnae take one good hit and go down like a pile of bricks." Get it, gargoyles? Stone? Bricks? Okay, it's probably reaching. The advice about using her surroundings is sound, though. "Usually, Ah try te minimize how many Ah'm dealin wi' by taken te the air. Unfortunately, there's a surprisin amount of people who can sling spells, 'n it's a wee bit harder te dodge in the air."

The off-balance tumble seems to end up with Zia making a squishy landing place for a certain mouse, but even she's a little dazed to figure out exactly how that happened. "Err..." She blinks, and then flushes, "Sorry, dear mouse. Normally Ah dinnae have so much trouble wi' m'balance." This is her, giving him time to get up, while she kind of just looks away with an embarassed sort of expression on her features. "Then again, Ah'm nae really usedte sparrin hand te hand, either."

Cough. "Maybe Ah'd do be'ta if Ah studied some fighting techniques or somethin first." It's an excuse, but it's clear that she's struggling even at the basics just now. Then again, her idea of 'studying' probably includes rolling up a barbarian in her favorite MMORPG.
Faruja Senra "/Admittedly/ 'tis much easier when one's ability to continue to live is predicated upon learning such a skill. It comes in time." Leeean. The rat whispers.

"We knights hath learned something most valuable; presence. Even when confusion reigns, one must /seem/ as though they are in control of the situation regardless of how aware one truly is. Otherwise, those around thyself lose confidence. Armies scatter and flee, and men are cut down."

Ahh, spellcasters! Faruja smiles. "An entirely different breed. Most oft, one cannot tell visually how a spellcaster shall attack. Knowing of various magicks, and from whence they strike, and how best to utilize them...entirely prediction. As a mage thyself, 'tis a skill that shall no doubt be of greater heights than my own."

Some part of the rat doens't want to get up. Blast it, he's /comfy/. But he'll save his cuddly face-planting for a certain wolfess.

Ignore the nose bleed Zia! And the blush. " deepest apologies my friend! fault entirely, 'tis as though I've the grace of a Bangaa."

Faruja's pretty darn embarrassed too, though he tries to look dignified. "Yes. Yes, my dear, you are correct. For now, tea methinks after that little display on both our parts. Next lesson, it shall be upon defensive swordsmanship." Pause.

Mutter. "Cold tea."
Zia It comes as no small comfort that such skills come with much practice, and for Zia, it means that she's got a very long road ahead of her. "Well, Ah havenae been killed yet, so Ah must be doin somethin right." Either that, or she just so happens to have a couple of friends who are more than willing to haul her arse out of the fire. Truth is, sometimes friendship can be just as valueable a tool in battle as skill.

"Though Ah must say, Ah owe some of tha te good friends." She notes, her tail reaching out to nudge him in the shoulder. The advice about at least trying to act in control doesn't fall on deaf ears. Acting the part might help her start to /feel/ the part sooner or later. "Nae sure tha Ah'll ever really be fighin as part of an army, though."

When he finally does get off of her, Zia sits up, rubbing at a few spots that will liekly feel a bit sore later. It's hard to truly injure a gargoyle, but she's certainly a bit squishier than most warriors. She doesn't seem too bothered by it as she gets up, dusting herself off. "Ah'll see if Ah cannae work on it a bit in the meantime. It's nae as if we're at a loss for Heartless te fight out there."

She chuckles at his muttering, and reaches for his arm. "Come on, then. Let's go make some fresh tea then. Ah'll fill ye in on the rest of wha happened Ah the fight in the Fens, so maybe ye can give me some sage advice on battle." With that, she leads on towards the kitchens, content to share her story and see if there are any other lessons she might take away from it.

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